Chapter 28

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Bella, Hermione, Ron and Harry ran to the common room.

''Harry, Ron pack your things and meet us here in 10 minutes. Take what is necessary and hurry up, we don't have much time!'' commanded Bella and pulled Hermione towards their place.

''Bella, I can't leave Iris!'' said Hermione as they entered their rooms.

''Hermione, you cannot take her with you. She'll be fine here.'' Bella replied as she started to waving her wand putting Hermione's stuff into a waiting suitcase.

''Bellatrix Black!'' yelled an angry Hermione. ''I do not know what the hell is wrong with you, but I am not leaving my daughter here!''

''Your daughter?'' Bella asked.

''I am not leaving without her.''

''She's our daughter! Not only yours! And since when you don't trust me enough to leave her with me?'' a furious Bella asked.

''I trust you with my life and with Iris' life! But I know you'll be on missions and now I won't be here either! She'll be alone and unprotected!'' Hermione yelled back.

''She has the whole of Hogwarts behind her! We'll protect her! I'll protect her! I'm her mother too, Hermione and I would give everything to protect her life!''

''I know you would Bella, but what if you won't be there? What then? What if you'll be on some mission and her protection will depend on the Order? Bella, can't you see that they cannot protect us?'' asked Hermione desperately. ''Can't you see that we have to run from Ministry. That Order isn't strong enough to protect us from the people who are supposed to be on our side as it is?''

''Hermione...'' said Bella not knowing how to comfort her wife.

''Bella, how can I leave my daughter here? Knowing that she could be at risk?'' Hermione questioned, tears streaming down her face.

''I...I don't...'' said Bella as she hugged Hermione close.

''We'll take her to my parents'' said Hermione backing away from Bella so she could look her in face. ''They'll take care of her. Most people don't know about Iris as it is and this way they won't find out while we're away.''

''What if someone is monitoring their house?'' Bella asked.

''Put spells which will alarm you if wizard is nearby.'' Hermione said ''Bella, she needs to live through this! I won't bury my child, do you understand me?''

''I do, I'll take her there this evening'' said Bella. ''Let's go to Madam Pomfrey, so you can say goodbye.''

Bella and Hermione apparated in Hospital wing where Madam Pomfrey was currently played with Iris.

''I haven't expected you this soon'' said Madam Pomfrey but when she looked at them she quickly added ''What's wrong?''

''Long story. Hermione, Harry and Ron have to run.'' Bella said quickly.

''Hey baby girl.'' Hermione said as she took Iris in her hands'.

''Mama'' small girl replied with smile. Hermione smiled as tears once again began to fall down her cheeks.

''Mommy loves you Iris and I will always be here for you. Whatever happens, mommy will be here for you'' she murmured in little girl's ear. ''Mommy will make sure you're okay.''

''Hermione, we don't have time for this.'' said Bella, her eyes filled with tears.

Iris sensed the situation and started crying ''Shh, you'll be okay baby girl.'' Hermione said and gave her to Madam Pomfrey. She stepped back and allowed herself to be pulled in Bella's arms, followed by a loud crack.

''Hermione, I know it's hard. But it will be over soon and everything will be alright, we'll be together again.'' said Bella kissing Hermione's forehead.

''Bella, I love you.'' said Hermione.

''I love you too.'' Bella replied kissing her wife.

Harry and Ron were waiting impatiently when Bella and Hermione came to common room.

''We're going to apparate to 12 Grimmauld Place. There you'll have time to think this through.'' Bella said as she waved her wand creating blue circle on the floor ''We are able to apparate now.''

They apparated to 12 Grimmauld Place, Sirius, Tonks and Moody were already there waiting for them.

''Are you alright?'' asked Tonks.

''Yes, we're fine. Little shaken with the situation.'' responded Harry.

''Let's continue this in the dining room.'' said Sirius and the group went to dining room, leaving Hermione and Bella alone in living room.

''This piece of paper will allow us to communicate.'' said Bella as she gave small papyrus to Hermione.

''Let me know when you take Iris to my parents.'' Hermione said.

''I will'' promised Bella and kissed her wife again. ''We'll survive this Hermione.''

Bella apparated to Hogwarts again. She was walking through the halls when she heard a yell from the Minister of magic: ''Find them! Find them and stop them from spreading lies! This can't get out of hand!''

Bella turned around and took detour to Hospital wing.

''My friends,'' Voldemort started ''Dumbledore is dead!'' The whole room cheered but they went silent as their master put his hand in the air.

''This is half of our victory!'' he roared. ''The Ministry will fall within days and then Severus, my dear friend, as a reward you will become Headmaster of Hogwarts.''

''Thank you my Lord.'' Severus said.

''Now, let's put our plans into action.'' He smiled and went on, ''Harry Potter and his friends are already on the run, the Minister of Magic has foolishly decided to ignore our presence and is trying to convince the world we aren't here.'' He laughed. ''And now, they will fall!''

Bella finally got Iris to sleep, after failing miserably for two hours. She was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. After she had packed Iris' things, she took sleeping baby into her arms and apparated in Muggle London.

She knocked on the front door of a very plane looking house and waited.

''Bella, is that you?'' asked a confused Elizabeth as she opened the door.

''Yes Mrs. Granger, its me.'' she said quietly.

''Come on in.'' Said Elizabeth rushing her in, ''Oh my, you brought my little angel.'' She smiled at the sleeping little girl.

''Dear, who is it?'' asked William.

''It's Bella and our perfect little granddaughter'' said Elizabeth as she walked into the living room.

''Bella, what are you doing here?'' asked William smiling brightly.

''I came to leave Iris here'' said Bella and seeing confused look on Hermione's parents explained, ''The war started.'' She spoke quietly, her head slightly bowed.

Andromeda Tonks was not a woman who spent a lot of time resting, but even she took the time to enjoy a cup of hot tea and good book. This evening however, her relaxation was interrupted with loud knocking on her front door. She grabbed her wand and opened the door meeting her older/younger sister.

''What happened?'' asked Andromeda shocked as she saw Bella.

''Hermione...Iris...'' sniffed Bella, Andromeda pulled her in strong embrace while Bella continued to cry her eyes out.

After 15 minutes Bella finally calmed down and explained everything to her sister.

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