Chapter 3

Chapter three : ) Thank you all for lovely comments

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 1967.

Bellatrix Black was a pureblooded witch. Black, her name only got her the respect she always loved. Bellatrix had all privileges when she was a kid, yes she had toys, house-elves, a nice bedroom and she was send to a excellent schools before she entered Hogwarts. She had it all, but she never had her parents.

She also had two younger sisters; Andromeda and Narcissa. Bella herself was in her 6th year, Andromeda in her 4th and Narcissa was a 1st year. Since her parents were never home, she always took care of her younger siblings. And now, when they were all here at Hogwarts, she found it was a great way to keep her eyes on them and to make sure they wouldn't be in trouble. Now, that didn't mean she couldn't get in trouble herself.

She was very good at that, she was thickheaded and pretty much the best in everything she tried to do. School was never a problem, all the spells that they learned up to 3rd year she already knew. So she just kept reading new stuff, difficult spells. With time they became easy to her and by her 5th year Belltrix was long finished with the spells that they had thought at school. Of course, she only knew all spells and attended classes that were interesting for her. She was known for being fearless dualist and in that area only few tried to stand up to her and they all failed.

Headmaster Dumbledore found her very interesting. He found her a few times in the Forbidden Forest practising spells, and all of her spells were very strong and her motion during her 'imagine' battle was confident. She would make an excellent Auror, he thought. But he feared that she would never get there, he was really rather sure she wouldn't. Black family was very well know for strict rules, their bloodline must be pure and the Dark Arts must be a part of every member of that family. And that night, from his office, Dumbledore could see young Bella coming back from the forest. She was covered in mud and sweat and he already send a word to her to come to his office.

Bella walked into the Slytherin's common room and all she wanted was to shower, but was stopped by a kid- Lucius Malfoy.

''What do you want blondie?'' asked Bella

''I...I... The message was left for you. They said you need to go to Headmaster's office.'' Lucius answered clearly scared of Bella. He tried to play arrogant 'I'm a Malfoy' card when he first got there. After what Bella did to him, he knew never to play that card again while she was still in Hogwarts.


''Yes, they said you need to go to his office when you got back.''

Bella turned around and went to Dumbledore's office wondering what the reason for was that sudden call. I wonder what they figured out. I hope it isn't about shoving Snape in the snow, in only his underpants. I mean, like he didn't ask for it.

Headmasters office, still 1967.

Dumbledore expected to see Bella in a few minutes and just on time the bright light filled the room. After the light stopped, he removed his hand from his eyes and then his glare was met with an older Albus and a much older Nicolas.

''Just on time, as always.'' Smiled the younger Dumbledore.

''Well, we figured if we'll be too early, a dramatic entrance would be ruined.'' older Dumbledore smirked.

''Albus, why are we picking this moment?'' Nico asked

''Because, this is the time when we can take what we came here for without altering the past that much. I hope. '' answered the older Dumbledore.

''And Miss Black was not yet introduced with brainwashing of her family, there for this is your best shot for this plan. I must add, not an entirely strong plan.'' added the younger one.

''Did you, by any chance, talked to your dear wife?'' asked older Dumbledore

''A little.'' The younger answered

''Yeah, I can see that.''

''Anyway'' Nico cut in ''when will she be here?'' and in that moment, the stairs of the headmasters office started to open.

''Well please, gentleman, hide somewhere until I do my part.'' The younger Dumbledore said.

Nico and the older Albus hid behind a wall. As Bella walked into a room she was stuck with a strong Stupefy spell, casted by the younger Dumbledore.

''You really don't wait, do you?'' asked Nico

''No. Now, do what you need to do.'' the younger one said.

''Okay, lets move her in the middle of the room, we'll need space.'' Nico said.

''What will you do?'' asked the younger Albus.

''Are you sure you want this, Albus? This is our last chance to back down. If this succeeds, we'll have two identical persons. Are you sure we want to have two Belatrix Blacks on our hands?'' Nico asked the older Albus.

''Yes, I am sure. We've been through this. We need a strong and smart warrior on our side.''

''Merlin, help us.'' Added the younger Dumbledore hearing about what would happen.

The unconscious body of a young woman laid in the middle of room. The older Albus and Nicolas were standing at her feet with their wands drawn and pointing towards Bellatrix.

''Albus, are you sure you translated this spell correctly?'' asked Nico

''I am. Well, hope so. I was always good with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Are you sure you translated the Latin part correctly?''

''Yes, I'm sure.''

''Well then, we can begin.''

Divine Chromos, we ask you ,the keeper of time

To let us change history

And take away the time from you

Divine Osiris, we ask you, the ruler of dead

To let us create the new body

And take away the dead from you

Divine Athena,we ask you,the goddess of war

To let us take the soul of this warrior

And take away the soul from you.

With the ancient spell casted, two wands flashed in a beautiful purple colour. The light in the room was strong and all three man wete standing, covering their eyes with their hands. And than, just as it came, the light disappeared and in front of them were lying two identical bodies.

''We did it. Our mission was a success.'' said Nico

''Yes, it was and now it's time to go back to our time.'' said the older Dumbledore

''Yes, it's time for you to go. I'll ObliviateMiss Black, so she won't remember any of this.'' said the younger Dumbledore

''Yes, oh and Albus, don't eat that sweetes tonight. You'll only get sick.'' said the older Dumbledore smiling.

In a flash of light all three figures disappeared in front of the younger Dumbledor's eyes.

12 Grimmauld Place

Andromeda Tonks fell on her knees in front of her sister's body. She couldn't believe it. She was staring at her 16 years old sister.

''Mom? Are you okay?'' asked a purple haired girl.

''I don't know. I don't think so.'' answered Andromeda.

''We prepared a room for Bellatrix, we need to take her there.'' said Minerva and Andromeda moved away from her sister. Minerva used Wingardium Leviosa on Bellatrix and floated her to a room.

''You brought her back and I still say it wasn't smartest idea, but what now?'' asked Sirus

''Now we wait for her to wake up. And we'll see where we'll go from there.'' answered Dumbledore and then added '' There will be shifts, we need to be there when she wakes up. We don't know what her first reaction will be. I think the best thing is that Andromeda, Sirius, Minerva and I keep watch, since she knows Minerva and me, and since you two are her family you know how to act around her. The rest of you will get another note about the next meeting. This is our headquarters, atleast for now, until we won't need it anymore."

If anyone had doubts or objections they didn't show it to anyone. The members nodded to Albus, wished each other a good night and apparated home.

''Do you mind me doing the first watch Albus?'' asked Andromeda.

''No, I don't. Minerva and I still have a few errands to do in Hogwarts in the morning, but since the school is finished we'll be back by noon. You two need to coordinate yourself with Tonks because she still has a job to do. After you schedule your shifts tell us when you want us to jump in, okay?''

''Yes, that won't be a problem.'' said Sirius.

After saying good night, Albus and Minerva went back to Hogwarts and Andromeda sat down on bed next to her sister waiting for her to wake up.

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