Chapter 29

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Sirius walked into the kitchen at 6 am to find Hermione looking through the window with cup of coffee in her hands.

''Good morning'' he greeted.

''Morning'' said Hermione turning around.

''What's going on with you Hermione?'' Sirius asked taking her in. ''I can see something is bothering you.''

''This whole situation is bothering me. Staying here is only an option for few more days Sirius and you know it. We'll have to run and hide and we won't be able to see people we love.'' Not to mention I have no idea how I'll tell Harry and Ron I know what Horocruxes are.

''Who do you love Hermione?'' Sirius questioned ''I've always thought it'll be either Harry or Ron, but something tells me I've been wrong.''

''You have been'' confirmed Hermione. ''We all have our lives Sirius and our secrets. Some things are best left unsaid.''

''Perhaps'' Sirius replied eyeing the girl.

''The cup is in Bellatrix's vault'' said Minerva. ''Three are already destroyed and if you manage to destroy the cup, then there are only three left.''

''Alright, so how do we get to it?'' Harry asked.

''That I do not know I'm afraid'' Minerva sighed.

Hermione was very thankful to Minerva at that moment. She asked Minerva to tell Harry and Ron about the Horocruxes because she couldn't make up good enough explanation for her knowledge of them.

''Can we even destroy them?'' asked Ron.

''Obviously we can Ronald'' snapped Hermione. ''Harry and Dumbledore destroyed Ring, didn't they?''

''With the sword!'' exclaimed Harry. ''We need Gryffindor's sword!''

''We have it Harry'' said Hermione. ''We have the sword we just need to get into the vault.''

''Do you have a plan?'' asked Ron.

''No.'' Hermione shook her head ''Maybe?'' She closed her eyes thinking.

''C'mon Hermione, spill it. Your ideas are usually brilliant, so let's hear it'' encouraged Harry.

''Polyjuice potion.'' Hermione said. ''If we have to come into the bank and take the cup we must look like her.''

''She's right'' said Minerva. ''To retrieve something from the vault, there must be some sort of verification. Not only will one of you have to look like Bellatrix, but will have to have her wand.''

''Can we fake the wand?'' asked Harry.

''We could try'' responded Minerva.

''We can't make Polyjuice without Bellatrix's hair'' said Harry.

''Well, there is that too'' sighed Minerva.

''Why does this sound like an impossible plan?''

''Hermione, this is very bad idea!'' said Harry.

''Do you have any better plan for getting her wand and piece of her hair?'' Hermione questioned and after Harry shook his head said, ''I thought so.''

''So now we just wait?'' asked an angry Ron. ''And let them take us to meet our death?''

''It'll be okay! Harry's face is unrecognizable, which means they won't call Voldemort! That gives us time to take the wand and get the hell out of there! You have your fake wands in your hands and real ones hidden. We'll be able to get out of there!''

''If this fails...''started Harry.

''Then we die and Voldemort wins'' finished Hermione. '' Harry, it doesn't matter if we make it, but you have to.''

''I won't...'' started angry Harry but was cut off by Ron.

''They are here!''

They were dragged into the manor and tossed on the floor. Hermione found herself on her knees in front of Bellatrix Lestrange and looking up she could see distant panic in her eyes.

''Is that Harry Potter, Draco?'' asked Lucius.

''I can't tell'' replied Draco. ''His face is too puffed!''

''Put them into the cellar!'' Bellatrix ordered ''This one and I are going to have a small talk'' she grinned ''Girl to girl!'' She pulled Hermione up by her shirt and moved her, pushing her hard towards the doors on the left.

''Hermione!'' she could hear Ron scream before the doors slammed shut.

''What the hell are you doing?'' asked Bellatrix after she shut the door and put a strong silencing spell on it.

''I need your help'' Hermione said.

''Why aren't you with Bella?''

''Harry, Ron and I are being hunted by the Ministry. I couldn't stay with Bella and Iris.''

''Where is Iris?'' asked Bellatrix.

''She's safe'' responded Hermione.

''That doesn't answer my question!'' said Bellatrix moving towards Hermione.

''She is safe.'' Said Hermione backing up until her back collided with the wall.

''Is she?'' Bellatrix was only an inch away from Hermione. ''Where is our daughter Hermione? I need to protect her!''

Hermione saw a determination in Bellatrix's eyes, the same Bella had when she talked about Iris.

''She's with my parents'' Hermione told her. ''There are spells around the house and if any witch or wizard comes close Bella will know.''

''What if she is too slow or unable to go to your parents? What then Hermione?''

''I don't know!'' screamed Hermione starting to cry. ''I don't fucking know!'' her cries became hysteria and she started to punch at Bellatrix. After two or three tries, Bellatrix managed to catch both of Hermione's wrists, pinning them to the wall behind Hermione and moving so that she was pinning Hermione with her whole body.

''Stop it!'' she said with raised voice, but Hermione when didn't stop she yelled ''Enough!''

Hermione stopped resisting and slumped against Bellatrix. ''I can't know everything, I can't know...'' she sobbed.

''I know honey, I know.'' Bellatrix released her hands and held the young woman as she cried.

After a few minutes Hermione calmed down and looked into Bellatrix's eyes. They were full of sorrow, fear and love? Hermione moved her hand to Bellatrix cheek and lightly caressed it.

''Hermione'' warned Bellatrix.

Hermione ignored Bellatrix and pulled her down for a kiss. Bellatrix kissed her back, pushing her against the wall again. Kiss grew more passionate as their hands began roaming each other's bodies.

''This can't happen'' Bellatrix said pulling away.

''I know'' Hermione said trying to sound convincing but failing. ''It's not happening Bellatrix, we're not moving any further than this.'' She said and then kissed Bellatrix again with raw passion. Bellatrix kicked Hermione's legs apart pressing with her thigh in her center, Hermione moaned at the contact.

''Why do you play games with me?'' asked Bellatrix pressing harder against Hermione.

''I don't know.'' moaned Hermione moving against Bellatrix.

''You'll hurt Bella.'' Bellatrix said and that worked like a charmed. Hermione pushed Bellatrix away immediately as Bellatrix knew she would.

''I can't believe I almost cheated on my wife!'' Hermione said putting her head into her hands.

''No you didn't.'' Bellatrix said softly. ''I am your wife, I am her. You wouldn't cheat on your wife, ever.''

''I don't know what the hell I'm doing Bellatrix'' admitted Hermione.

''Tell me your plan.''

''Ron, Harry!'' yelled Hermione opening the cellar.

''Hermione!'' exclaimed Harry.

''Luna?'' asked Hermione surprised to see blond there. ''C'mon, let's go! We don't have much time!''

Hermione, Harry and Ron sat around the table looking at the cup in the middle of it. The evening was grey and cold even though spells kept the tent warm. They all missed their families and homes.

''We have to destroy it'' said Harry slowly.

''I know'' nodded Hermione.

''Hermione you came up with the plan, you should be the one'' Ron said.


The trio went outside and placed the cup on a rock. Hermione swallowed hard and smashed the cup with the sword in her hands.

''You should be asleep'' said Harry.

''I know'' Hermione sighed. ''I just can't. There are so many thing in my head right now and my brain can't stop thinking even for a second.''

''I understand.'' Harry replied as he sat next to her. ''I miss Ginny.''

''I figured as much'' smiled Hermione.

''Who do you miss Hermione?'' Harry asked.

'My daughter, my wife, Bellatrix, Hogwarts, my parents...'

''What do you mean?'' asked Hermione.

''You know what I mean. I told you long time ago Hermione, I know something is going on. Whatever it is, with whoever it may be, if you're happy- I'm happy.''

''Harry, Hermione!'' Ron exclaimed as he got out of the tent. ''I've just heard on the radio! The Ministry has fallen- there is new minister!''

All three of them ran back in tent and surrounded the small radio.

''And the good news doesn't end here. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has a new Headmaster- Severus Snape. We don't need to remind you of tragic death of former Headmaster Albus...''

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