Chapter 32

Well, I'm back from my trip to Tibet and I'm ready to start writing again :) So here is new chapter and I hope you'll like it :)

Minerva watched both Hermione and Bellatrix as they explained where they had found all 4 signs.

''Alright, I'll alert the boys.'' Minerva said.

''They can't come here!'' said Hermione quickly.

''Of course not Hermione, we have to find Horcruxes first and to prepare for battle. Voldemort has many followers and we have to be ready to stop them.'' Minerva assured Hermione.

''So, we'll have to try and find them.'' started Bellatrix ''We can't do that with Iris in our hands, we must stay unnoticed.''

''Iris will be in safe hands with me and Madam Pomfrey.'' Minerva dismissed them.

''What are you doing?'' Andromeda questioned.

''Going to see Hermione.'' simply said Bella.

''You can't do that Bella.'' argued Andromeda.

''Why not? I'll find her, talk to her and make sure Harry and Ron don't see me.'' said Bella getting ready.

''Hermione is not with them.'' Andromeda swallowed hard.

''What?'' yelled Bella ''How do you mean she's not with them? Where is she?''


''Why is she at Hogwarts?'' asked Bella confused.

''Trying to find Horcruxes.''

''Bellatrix is there doing the same thing.'' Bella said bitterly.

''Yes.'' Andromeda confirmed.

''My daughter is there.'' Bella said slumping down ''Hermione, Bellatrix and my daughter.''

''Bella...'' started Andromeda.

''Pretty little fucking family, don't you think?'' Bella spat out.

''Please calm...''

''Don't tell me to calm down!'' roared Bella getting up ''Who's behind this?''

Andromeda didn't say a word.

''Answer me!'' yelled Bella

''Minerva thought it would be easier to control Bellatrix...'' Andromeda started.

''If someone was sleeping with her?'' asked Bella harshly.

''Hermione did not sleep with her!'' yelled Andromeda even if she couldn't know for sure if she is right.

''Yet.'' said Bella ''It's my own fault. I left her, I was too focused on everything but her and I know that she feels something towards Bellatrix.''

''That doesn't mean she'll sleep with Bellatrix!'' said Andromeda.

''I'm going to Hogwarts to see what the hell is going on!'' huffed Bella.

''You can't go to Hogwarts Bella. The school is crawling with Death Eaters!'' yelled Andromeda.

''Well watch me!''

''We've been here for three hours.'' said Hermione ''Maybe we should try to look elsewhere.''

''No.'' said Bellatrix sharply.

''I've had it!'' yell Hermione moving towards Bellatrix who was standing next to a wall examining some painting.

''Excuse me?'' Bellatrix raised her eyebrow as she turned on her heel.

''You've been treating me like shit! What's with you? Not attractive enough to look in my direction? Too pureblooded to answer me properly or consider my opinion?'' Hermione yelled.

Bellatrix grabbed Hermione and slammed her against the wall pinning her arms above her head.

''Now listen to me.'' started Bellatrix in low and warning voice ''I'm not your Bella and I will not tolerate behavior like this. I don't care who you think you are or who you have behind you. I am here risking everything I have for you and Iris, so you better start having respect!''

Hermione gulped and shivered at Bellatrix' position and warning tone. That didn't go unnoticed by Bellatrix, but trying to focus on the situation Hermione didn't notice that predatory look Bellatrix got.

''You enjoy being this close to me.'' mused Bellatrix.

''Don't flatter yourself, you remind me of Bella.'' Hermione defended and tried to wiggle out of Bellatrix' grasp.

''Let's skip this part, you've already said you are attracted to me. Now, I'm just close enough to see your body react.''

''Bellatrix, let me go...''Hermione said but Bellatrix just started to kiss her neck slowly.

''Now, now'' Bellatrix said while kissing her neck ''be nice and let me make you feel good.''

''Bellatrix'' Hermione moaned her mind on overdrive ''You're not Bella...I can't cheat...'''

''Hermione look at me'' commanded Bellatrix and Hermione looked up immediately ''Look into my eyes...''

Hermione did and saw so familiar pair of brown eyes staring back at her.

''She will forever be part of me'' whispered Bellatrix as she kissed her and released her hands. Hermione knew she should push Bellatrix of off her, but she didn't. She put her hands on Bellatrix' shoulders and pulled her into her body knowing where it would lead. For the first time she decided not to do what was right- she was always good daughter, friend, student, wife and mother. She decided to let go and to look for comfort of this seemingly never ending sensation of chaos that is Bellatrix Lestrange.

Andromeda paced through living room waiting for Bella to come back. She couldn't believe she was stupid enough to let her go to Hogwarts alone! Just when Andromeda decided to go to Hogwarts and alert Minerva of Bella's presence she heard loud crack.

Bella apparated into living room but marched straight to her room. Andromeda hurried after Bella and found her pulling her suitcase out of the wardrobe.

''What happened?'' asked Andormeda.

''I'm not needed anymore.'' Bella said continuing with her work.

''Bella listen to me...''

''No! I'm tired of listening to people who lie and cheat! I need to go away and think things through.''

''Bella war is almost here'' pleaded Andromeda ''We need you.''

''Well, I need to think!'' said Bella grabbing her suitcase, backing away from Andromeda and apparating.

Hermione woke up feeling familiar body behind her as well as familiar feeling of soreness. But then she remembered that even though body behind her is the same as her wife's, Bellatrix was no Bella. Feeling of regret flew through her leaving heartache and pain deep in her chest. She turned around and saw Bellatrix was still asleep. While sleeping Bellatrix looked almost exactly like Bella, her posture, her lips, her smell- everything was the same on the outside and yet it wasn't the person.

Hermione snuck out of her room and into bathroom, falling down sobbing.

Bella came to conclusion that Oslo was a beautiful city. She entered the pub she liked to go to and ordered whiskey, perhaps it would help to forget images of her wife kissing Bellatrix. Maybe it would exile the moans, passionate touches out of her head.

Maybe, Bella thought as she drank another glass.

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