Chapter 35

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''His diary was one of Horcruxes.'' Mused Hermione.

''Yes'' confirmed Bellatrix half asleep.

''Harry destroyed it with Basilisk's fang'' Hermione said, ''that means we can do it to.''

''That's great.'' Bellatrix turned around to finally get some sleep.

''Get up!'' Hermione said in raised voice. ''We need to enter the Chamber of secrets!''

''Oh, alright'' growled Bellatrix getting up.

''Shit!'' said Hermione, ''I don't know parseltongue. Harry said that when he entered Chambers he commanded it to open in Parseltounge'' she fumed.

''Well, thank Merlin I know it.'' Bellatrix mentioned casually.

''What?'' asked Hermione shocked. ''You know it?''

''No, I just said that to get your hopes high.'' Bellatrix replied getting dressed.

''Hurry up! We need to go!'' Hermione demanded.

''I should've said that in the morning.'' Bellatrix mumbled.

After finding their way around the Chamber they finally found the remaining skin of huge reptile.

''Okay, lets get that bloody fang.'' Hermione said marching towards the snake's skin.

''No!'' Bellatrix grabbed her arm ''It's poisoned. It's dead, but never the less, poison stays.''

She stepped in front of Hermione and pulled out her wand '' Diffindo.'' A fang was ripped away from the skull of the snake.

''Do you have some sort of cloth?'' Bellatrix asked. Hermione conjured piece of cloth.

''Mobiliarbus'' commanded Bellatrix and placed the fang on the cloth.

''Let's go.'' Hermione said. ''This place gives me the creeps.''

After closing the chamber Hermione and Bellatrix apparated back and slowly and quietly entered the bedroom not wanting to wake Iris up.

''Bellatrix,'' started Hermione ''I wanted to ask you something.''

''Go ahead.'' said Bellatrix.

''What would you do if I...'' stammered Hermione '' and Bella die? Would you hide Iris, or...''

''I would protect Iris, yes.'' Bellatrix said sternly. ''How can you even ask that?''

''Well, you are who you are and I just want to know my daughter would be safe.'' Hermione shot back.

''Tell me one thing'' said Bellatrix walking around the bed to stand in front of Hermione. ''I've been here for almost two years.''

''Hermione look at me!'' Bellatrix commanded seeing Hermione looking at the floor. Hermione looked up and into the older witch's eyes. ''I am here to protect you and Iris.'' Bellatrix continued ''Everything I am in exchange for you and Iris.''

''Why?'' asked Hermione curious.

''Why?'' Bellatrix repeated sarcastically. ''Because it's right thing to do. Iris is my daughter, you are my...you are the woman who gave birth to my child.''

''So it's just responsibility?'' asked Hermione in soft tone, trying to get the confession out of her mind.

''No!'' said Bellatrix immediately ''I...'' she swallowed ''I love you. Both of you.'' she said looking away and adding ''I've made every mistake I could've have done, took every wrong direction possible. Now, I'm doing something right, for the first time in too many years. I'm the last person you should be with, but I'm here for you and Iris, Hermione. Any way you want me.'' She admitted knowing Hermione would never love her as she loves Bella.

''Ron, Salazar Slytherin's Locket is in possession of Umbridge.'' Harry said.

''How the hell are we supposed to get it?!'' asked Ron surprised to hear it's location.

''I have no idea.'' Harry said ''Where the hell is Hermione when you need her?''

''C'mon mate'' said Ron ''We're two smart blocks, we can figure it out.''

''Stab it.'' said Bellatrix impatiently.

''Alright, alright.'' said Hermione raising fang she hold in her hands. ''Here goes nothing.''

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem broke under the hit Hermione had inflicted releasing bright blue light that spread in the room, destroying few thing on the way.

''Nothing, huh?'' commented Bellatrix.

''Maybe this wasn't that bright of an idea!'' yelled Ron with Locket in his hands as he ran down the halls of Ministry.

''You think?!'' Harry yelled back ''We should've talked to Hermione first.'' he turned left dogging spells being thrown at him.

''If we survive this, I swear I'll start to study various things" Ron said. ''I'll become male version of Hermione.''

''No you won't.'' Harry shot back. ''Ron, this way to the exit.'' he pulled Ron in some hallway.

Minerva stood in the dungeons. She heard many footsteps approaching as she waited restlessly. Those last week's really took a toll on her. She couldn't wait for this all to end. She knew that last battle was days away and she wished for it- for life in peace or peace in death. Either way worked fine for her.

''Minerva'' she heard Kingsley greeted.

''Kingsley'' she nodded ''Is the tunnel working?''

''Like a charm'' he smiled.

''Good. How many?'' she questioned.

''Enough'' he assured her. ''Are the dungeons charmed?''

''Yes, they cannot enter them or see the entrance'' she said.

''How long are we supposed to stay here?'' he questioned.

''Until Arthur beings Harry and Ron back.'' Minerva answered.

''The judgment day is approaching.'' said Bellatrix.

''I'm scared'' confessed Hermione glancing towards Iris who played with her toys oblivious to the whole situation.

Bellatrix sat behind Hermione and hugged her knowing it would be one of the last times she would do that.

Three days after members of the Order snuck in and hid in the dungeons Arthur and Sirius managed to bring Ron and Harry back to Hogwarts. They missed death for only a hair's breath and knew it was only a matter of minutes until Voldemort would find out.

''Harry and Ron are inside.'' Minerva said as she apparated just outside Hogwarts.

''Alright.'' said Bellatrix pointing to the sky and with enormous amount of magic created Dark Mark.

In matter of moments, dozens of black smoke figures flew out of Hogwarts.

''We have to get in before the protection spells are restored'' Minerva said.

''I'm going to Oslo.'' said Bellatrix.

''Bellatrix...''said stunned Minerva.

''I'll get her back, you won't win without her. Hermione and Iris will be better protected if we're both here.'' said Bellatrix.

''Come back soon,'' Minerva said. ''We need you back. Both of you.'' She finished with a stern look and hurried back to the castle.

Bellatrix apparated to Oslo desperately needing to find Bella. She entered the first bar she found.

''Hey, if I want to find someone around here, who should I ask?'' he asked the bartender.

''I have no idea...''he started but Bellatrix grabbed his collar and pulled him on the bar.

''I'll Crucio you till death little man'' she growled.

''Guy in the corner, Gus.'' He squeaked, ''Gus. Ask Gus.''

''Thank you so much.'' She rolled her eyes and pushed him back.

She walked to the corner and found an old man sitting there, he may be old as bloody Flammel, but the eyes gave away his ability to defend himself, revealed the strength he still held. Bellatrix saw this kind of look many times before and knew better than to start something as she needed information badly.

''Bellatrix Lestrange, his most loyal follower looking for someone in Oslo?'' he questioned.

''Yes, a young girl, almost 19 looking a lot like me.'' she said.

''You mean exactly like you.'' he stated.


''What's in it for me?'' he questioned.

''Life,'' she stated ''When Dark Lord wins.''

''Oh well, that's quite a bargain as well as risk.'' he said thinking.

''Take it or suffer the consequences.'' Bellatrix threaten.

Man looked at his options and even though he was skilled wizard, he knew he was no match Bellatrix when angry.

''Two streets down, hostel on right. Room 31.''

Bellatrix marched down the corridor and blasted the door with number 31. Bella jumped at the sudden sound and pointed her wand towards the door.

''You!'' growled Bella.

''Yes, me!'' Bellatrix shot back ''What the hell do you think you're doing?''

''I know what you are doing!'' yelled Bella ''I've seen you! Did you really think I wouldn't check on my wife and daughter? Imagine surprise I got when I did.''

Bellatrix was taken back but said ''She loves you, not me.'' She sighed when she saw the disbelief in Bella's face. ''What she sees in me is you. That part of me is the only thing she likes, everything else, everything I have become she despises.''

''It didn't look like that to me!'' Bella yelled.

''She loves you.'' said Bellatrix ''Not me. No matter how much I'd love to delude myself. You have a wife and a child, they need you now. The battle is starting as we speak and your duty is to be there.''

''What do you mean battle is starting?!'' yelled Bella.

''Everyone is in Hogwarts, Death Eaters have that place surrounded and it's only a matter of time before they enter Hogwarts.'' explained Bellatrix.

Fear gripped every part of Bella's body as the burden of the situation and her foolish stubbornness came crashing down on her.

''I need to get Hermione and Iris!'' she said desperately looking at Bellatrix.

Hogwarts protection spells had crumbled under the first attack. Battle was waged on every floor, every tower. Blood was flowing down cold stone floors and soaking once green grass.

Voldemort marched to the front entrance of the castle throwing down the body of young man that stood in his way. Minerva explained to Harry why he must be the one to confront Voldemort and why he himself has to kill him, but knowing about it still didn't prepare her to see him lying lifeless on the floor. She trusted in Albus and in his words, death isn't the end- but it still hurt her deeply as tears filled her eyes.

''The Boy who lived is dead!'' Voldemort said with glee. ''Now what will you do?"

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