Chapter 36

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Hermione's world crumbled down the moment Harry's body touched the ground. In the distance the sound of explosions and the last screams echoed through the walls, but quiet crying was much closer- she could almost hear as single tears fell to the ground. Her body shut down completely, leaving her feeling numb and cold among those who felt nothing but pain.

She watched at Harry's body lying between dark and light, so hypnotized that she almost missed Neville swinging Gryffindor's sword and killing Nagini. Voldemort's yell brought her back to reality

''You little filthy bastard!''

''We'll fight till our last breath!" Neville shot back.

''Give up and I'll spare your pathetic lives'' said Voldemort, ''Or I'll kill everything you love.''

''Never'' said Minerva.

Voldemort's laugh erupted chilling blood in the veins of people around him ''I'll show you now, how all of you will feel for the rest of your short lives. I will make sure you lose everything you love, everybody you love. And I'll start with Harry's right hand!'' he finished confusing everybody as he turned to his Death Eaters.

''Bring her here!'' he commanded and one Death Eater stepped out from the mass holding a child.

''Iris!'' Hermione's scream echoed the as she ran in front of the rest of members of the Order.

''Stay right there!'' said Voldemort as he kept his wand pointed at Iris ''Or I'll kill her before you have a chance to raise your wand.''

Death Eater passed Voldemort by and put Iris next to Harry's body, Iris's eyes were filled with tears as she looked towards her mother.

''Is this your child, filth?!'' he asked.

''Yes'' She nodded. ''Please don't hurt her.''

She could hear gasps behind her but kept her eyes on Voldemort.

''Tell me, is the Finally Dead Boy the father?'' Voldemort smiled mocking. Hermione shook her head.

''What was that?'' he asked again.

''No!'' Hermione barked now. ''Harry is not the father.''

''Well then, who is?'' asked Voldemort. ''Who fucked you, filth?''

''There is no father.'' answered Hermione as tears fell down her face.

''Now, now'' said Voldemort in sweetly mocking tone. ''I know who the other parent of this child is!'' he paused ''It must be that Weasley moron!''

''No, he isn't.'' said Hermione.

''I know that!'' He roared. ''You stupid slut! Don't you think I know how to recognize a Black's child when I see one!''

Hermione swallowed hard, knowing she couldn't do anything because he would kill Iris. Members of the Order stood a few feet behind Hermione, some in shock, others relieved that the truth was finally out.

''Child of Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger!'' he yelled gloating over the horror that showed on faces behind Hermione.

In the moment he turned around wanting to show his glory, Hermione jumped grabbing Iris and holding her close.

''Avada Kedavra!'' he yelled, but she successfully ducked it.

''Bombarda Maxima!'' she yelled but he easily protected himself. The duel began and no one had dared to come between them; spells deflected and hit protective shields, but most of all the duel itself brought amazement to everyone- Hermione could fight Voldemort.

After a few minutes, Voldemort managed to disarm Hermione and she fell to her knees still holding Iris.

''Well, I can see why Bellatrix fucked you'' he laughed rising his wand.

''No!'' Minerva screamed along with Ginny and Luna, but Death Eaters were quicker creating a wall between them and Voldemort and Hermione.

Hermione had nowhere to run, chasm behind her and Voldemort in front of her raising his wand.

''Mommy loves you'' whispered Hermione as she turned around wanting to protect Iris. Nobody noticed two black smoking apparitions approaching from the sky, heading right towards them.

''Avada Kedavra!'' Voldemort yelled and green light rushed in Hermione's direction.

The two black apparitions landed in front of Hermione and successfully shielded Hermione from certain death. But only one black clad figure fell down, dead.

Harry opened his eyes and saw the Order in front of him, their faces in pain as they looked to the right. He looked up from his position, only to see Hermione holding a child and turning away as Voldemort cast a killing curse. He tried to do something, he wanted to jump in front of them, but knew it was a lost cause. Or it was until two figures came between Hermione and the curse.

He looked towards his wand and grabbed it, starting to get up. He looked in Hermione's direction, one figure was on the floor dead and other was holding Voldemort back with protective spells.

''Voldemort!'' Harry yelled finally standing up.

Voldemort turned around and looked at Harry ''You!'' he growled.

''Let's finish this'' Harry challenged and disapparated. Voldemort went after him in instant and the two began to fight in the air.

Since the show was over and the fight back on both Death Eaters and Order members started to duel once more.

Hermione watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes. Bella or Bellatrix was dead, the other was protecting her, and Harry was alive. Fighting started again as Death Eaters rushed the Order. Iris was crying in her arms and clinging to her for safety.

''Bella?'' she asked slowly and the dark figure turned around.

''I'm so sorry.'' Bella said kneeling next to Hermione and Iris. ''I'm so sorry for leaving you alone.'' She hugged them tightly.

''Bellatrix...'' Hermione whispered as tears rolled down her cheek.

Bella's heart cracked a bit, but she wasn't sure whether it was because of Bellatrix' death or the broken look on Hermione's face.

''We need to protect Iris.'' said Bella getting up. ''C'mon.''

''Wait.'' Hermione said and pulled her wand, placing a protective spell around Bellatrix' body.

''We'll come back for her.'' assured Bella. ''C'mon.''

Hermione took Bella's hand and the two rushed inside the castle.

Hermione and Bella fought off various Death Eaters, making sure Iris was fully protected in Hermione's arms. The rest of the Order recognized mysterious Auror in instant and thankfully helped both Hermione and her. Voldemort and Harry crashed through one of the windows falling in the middle of Great Hall.

''Avada Kedavra!'' yelled Voldemort and in the same moment Harry yelled ''Expelliarmus!''

Their spells once again connected and a flash of blinding magic took over the hall for a moment. When the light faded and everyone regained their vision they saw Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, had won once again. Voldemort was dead, Death Eaters ran at the sight, making a mad dash in order to save themselves. Survivors looked around themselves, searching for their loved ones and running to then as soon as they were spotted. Hermione put away her wand, looking at her daughter and kissing her forehead.

''Everything is over, little one'' she whispered. ''Everything will be alright.''

''Hermione...'' started Bella.

Hermione turned around to her wife. ''Take off that bloody mask. I want to see my wife's face.'' She said knowing the sight would calm her.

Bella listened to her and took off her cloak and mask.

''Mom!'' exclaimed Iris reaching to Bella.

Bella took Iris into her arms, kissing her cheek. ''Hey beautiful girl'' she smiled.

Harry, Ron, Ginny and the rest of Weasley's stood feet away looking at them confused.

''Hermione, what is going on?'' asked Ginny first.

''Bella is the mysterious Auror?'' asked Harry.

''Since when did you have a child?!'' Ron added.

''Members of the Order,'' Kingsley started, ''I know you are tired, but we must finish this. Our friends who have fallen need to be taken care off.''

People nodded and with heavy heart started to check the deceased for friends and family with a small flicker of hope that there were still more survivors in the massive castle.

Kingsley approached the group and said ''Maybe we should continue this in headmaster's office.''

''I need to...'' Hermione started.

''I'll take care of it.'' Tonks said. ''I'll make sure she's safe.''

Hermione reluctantly nodded and followed Kingsley.

Once all of them were in office Dumbledore's portrait said, ''I'm glad to see you all and congratulations on the biggest victory our world has ever seen.''

''Thank you, sir.'' responded Arthur, pride ringing clear in his voice.

''I'm glad to see you live as well Bella.'' Dumbledore said ''Iris has grown, Hermione. You must be so proud.''

''I am sir.'' nodded Hermione.

''Can you please explain this to us now?'' asked Ron nodding in direction of Hermione and Iris.

''Yes, we can.'' Minerva nodded. ''This is Bellatrix Black; she is a 19 year old version of Bellatrix Lestrange.''

''Wait, they are the same person?'' asked Ginny confused.

''I am a copy of her.'' Bella started to explain. ''Dumbledore went to the past and created me out of Bellatrix. We were identical then,'' she paused ''we still are biological identical and with time I'll look like her. But we do not share the same experience so we can never be the same person.''

Dumbledore smiled at Bella's explanation- she finally understood who she was.

''Okay, so who is her father?'' asked Ginny ''Bellatrix or… Bellatrix?'' she shook her head. ''I mean her!'' she said pointing to Bella.

''I am Iris' mother and Hermione's wife.'' Bella said.

''So you had a wedding and a child without bothering to tell us?'' asked Harry.

''I'm sorry, but I wasn't allowed to tell you anything.'' sighed Hermione.

''You should've.'' said Harry. ''This kind of things you don't hide from your friends!''

''Harry...'' started Hermione looking into his eyes.

''You went through all this alone, when we could've been there for you.'' he said ''Helping you, protecting Iris.''

''You're not mad?'' she asked.

''Of course I'm angry'' he said, but moved closer and hugged her. ''But you're my best friend and I love you. I'm angry for not being there to help you.''

Bellatrix' body was laid down on a table in Great Hall. Hermione went closer and removed her hood, revealing her face. She'd seen her this way before when she was sleeping. Bellatrix looked calm, finally in the world where she could live her life again, maybe more peaceful than it once was.

Iris looked towards Bellatrix reaching out. Bella moved closer and Iris touched Bellatrix' face ''Mom? Mom?'' she looked into Bella's eyes questionably.

''She went away baby.'' said Bella ''You'll see her again. Someday.''

Even though she couldn't understand what she was being told, Iris could felt what was going on so she sadly planted small kiss on Bellatrix' cheek and then rested her head on Bella's shoulder.

Hermione kissed Bellatrix for the last time. ''Thank you for loving me, Bellatrix. I'll never forget what you have done for us."

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