Chapter 3 and half

This really isn't a chapter. I like to see it as a bridge between the time when Bella and Hermione didn't meet and the time when they met. This story is consisting from different situations that take place during the summer.

P.S. Since this isn't a new chapter it was not corrected by my beta. And thank you for all reviews : )

It was little before noon when Albus and Minerva appareted in Sirius' house. Bella was still asleep and since Tonks was on shift and had to leave for work soon, Albus decided to take next shift.

Nymphadora Tonks was on her shift. She was watching over a clone of her aunt. She never met her aunt and did not have any desire to do so, but now she was stuck with 17 year old version of her aunt. Bellatrix Black, Tonks had to admit, was very beautiful. She was very well built, she had long black, curled hair, the bone structure of her face was very beautiful too. But what she wanted to see were her eyes, she always wanted to see 'the mirrors of the soul' in people. She wanted to see if that woman lying in front of her had a soul.

''Good day Tonks,'' greeted Albus

''Good day Dumbledore.''

''I came to take your place for a little while.''

''Alright, I'll go and see if mom needs help with anything.''

Half an hour later, Bellatrix Black awoke.

''Good morning Bellatrix, it's good to see you awake.''

''Professor?...'' Bellatrix mumbled trying to wake up ''What happened?''

''It's a very long story Bellatrix, but first tell me, do you recognise this place?''

''Yes, yes I do. It's my aunt's house. Why am I here?''

Bellatrix Black made her way down the stairs after a shower and breakfast McGonogall brought her. She noticed that they both were looking older and that house wasn't in good shape. When she arrived in the kitchen she was met by 4 people sitting at the table. Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonogall and a man and a woman, who were strangely familiar to her.

''What is going on? Where is my aunt,uncle or Sirius?''

''Bellatrix, we'll explain everything. I have a question for you, though. What time is it? Month, year?''

''It's April of 1967.''

Half an hour later

''Wait a minute, I'm a duplicate?''

''No, you're you. But now, there is two of you. Older one and younger one.'' answered Dumbledore

''And why is there me and well...me?'' Bellatrix asked

''Because we need your help.''

''And my older version can not help you because...?''

''Because older version of you isn't on our side.'' simply answered Albus

''So, let me get this straight, you are my sister Andromeda'' she pointed on dark-haired woman sitting at the table, ''and you are Sirius?''

''Yes'' they both said

''Andromeda, you are my younger sister and now you're older than me, that's confusing. And you, you look like you need a bath.'' Bella said pointing at Sirius

''I'm glad that your attitude and humour are still here.'' said Sirius

Bellatrix Black sat on the bench in park. She watched kids oh playground jumping and smiling. Andromeda followed her sister and when she finally found her, went to sit next to her.

''Do I have kids?'' Bella asked

''No Bella, you don't''

''Why? I know I never said I wanted them, but you know...one kid would be good for me.''

''Well, you decided to do something else.''

''That's why ended up in Azkaban?''

''Yes. But you have a niece and nephew. I have Tonks and Narcissa has a son named Draco.''

''Did I marry?''

''Yes, you married Rodolphus. Mother and father arranged it.''

''And who did you marry?''

''Ted Tonks. I was disowned and you haven't spoke to me for last 25 years. Well, not you, but you know...'''

''Older version of me, yeah I get it.'' Bella cut in ''Do you remember when you took Cissy's candy bar and then you blamed me for it? I was in detention for 3 days, this summer I decided to revenge that.''

''Get me drunk and throw me in lake filled with fake sharks? You did it, I thought they were real. Your magic, even then, was impressive.''

''So that is who I am.'' said Bella

''No, that is who older you is. You can still make a choice.'' Albus stated

''You just showed me my whole history. I'm a monster, you should kill me. And what help can I possible be? She is so strong, powerful. I don't have skills like that.''

''Your older version had became a monster. You, you are not a monster.''

''How can you know that? I..I...there is a reason why I became who I did. I don't mind hurting people. I like blood and chaos. They thrill me.'' said Bella looking at the ground

''Did you ever killed anybody?''


''Do you want to kill?''

''I don't want to kill, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so.''

''I know. You see, I know very well who you are. Your parents were obsessed with Black magic. And in your life so far you never met Tom Riddle?''

''No, I've never met him.''

''That is why I chose that moment to make two of you and took you to future. I knew you still weren't obsessed with all of that. And older Bellatrix and you are the same, you have the same power and strenght. What is different is your heart and soul. You still haven't lost your soul or your heart.''

Bellatrix Black found herself, yet again, on the ground. She was pissed now.

''C'mon Bella, Bella. Get up.'' Moody mocked her

Bella jumped on her feet and started to throw various curses at Moody. Moody blocked them all and then send one strong one and she was once more on the ground.

''It's enough for your first training. See ya tomorrow.'' said Moody and appareted

''Wrong, wrong, wrong... You can't attack with emotions! You have power and strenght, but you're lost because you're angry.'' said Moody

''Well, you piss me off! How can I possibly attack calmly when I'm boiling inside?''

''Aaaahh, so you finally figured it out. That is our job here. A person can't be an good Auror if his or hers emotions are in the way. We need to figure out how to bottle them up. We need to hide them, our minds need to be clean, so we could never gave a enemy our weak point.''

''Can anybody do that? I mean just hide everything.''

''No, we can not. But older version of you could. Every time we interrogated her, she played with us. It was rather frustrating. You need to learn how to fight better and your spells still need a little more precision. That is my job. Your mind ,however, is Snape's and Albus' job.''

''Well then, I must try harder.''

''Albus'' greeted Moody

''So how was practise? '' asked Dumbledore

''It's only our second practise, but as you were right. She is damn good, at the end of summer she will be one of the most skilled witches around. How is Occlumency going?''

''Her brain abilities amaze me. She blocked Sevrus last night and it was only their third training. In a week or two I expect to take full charge of that part in her training, because I believe that more experienced wizard will be needed.''

''Well, we have whole summer to make out of her the Auror we need.''

Like I said I haven't send this to my beta, it's not really whole chapter so sorry for mistakes, just ignore them. I do hope you like it. R&R

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