Chapter 4

This is real chapter 4. Thank you for all your comments :* They keep me going. To my beta, Rose

Flash of blue light. Flash of red light. Shield. Flash. Shield. Jump and flash. Duck. Flash of blue light again, wand in the air, hands in air in sing of surrender. Wand pressed at one side of the neck.

''Very well, Bella. I'm impressed, it seems that training hard this summer was worth our time.'' said Moody. Bella lowered her wand, picked Moody's of the floor and gave it back to him.

''Yes, I guess it did. I can disarm you, that counts for something, doesn't it?'' Bella asked.

''Hey! It counts for a lot of things and since I'm very proud of your progress I've decided to arrange something for you. You'll duel tomorrow with your niece and Kingsley. That should be fun to watch.'' said Moody with smirk.

''Yeah I bet you'll enjoy it.'' said Bella and then glanced on her watch '' I have to go, Dumbledore is expecting me. I'll see you at dinner tonight. Bye.'' Bella said and apparated.

''Good day, sir. You wanted to see me?'' Bella greeted.

''That's right, Bellatrix. Please sit down.''

Bellatrix noticed that the Headmaster's office was still the same.

''I have to tell you that you impressed me this summer. You were dedicated to cause and I've heard you beated Moody today. I know that is very difficult to do. And you can shut me and Severus completely from your mind, which is excellent. And now I do believe it is time to officially welcome you to The Order of the Phoenix.''

''Really? I'll be a part of Order?'' Bella asked.

''Yes, you are ready. And you will continue to work on your skills, of that I'm sure. I want you on the meeting tonight.''

''I'll be there, you can count on it.''

The meeting that same evening

The dining room was full. Arthur and Molly Weasley, Severus Snape, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black, Andromeda Tonks, Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore were all sitting at the table when Bellatrix Black entered the room.

''Good evening Bellatrix, please take a seat.'' Albus said, pointing at the only available chair.

''Thank you.'' Bella said, she had not seen half of the people at the table.

''Introductions are in order. Bella meet Arthur and Molly Weasley, Severus Snape, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Remus Lupin. They are part of The Order and your new colleagues.'' Albus nodded to all of them

''And now let's begin with the meeting. First of all I want to welcome Bellatrix in the Order, but I know there ought to be some questions regarding this. So speak up.'' Albus started.

''Isn't she a bit to young? I mean I know what Bellatrix Lestrange can do, but can Bellatrix Black confront her?'' Molly asked

''Bellatrix spend her entire summer training and working. She's been taught how to close her mind and how to fight. I've been handling Occlumency lessons and I can confirm that she is as good as the older Bellatrix. As you once said yourself Molly, she is the same Bellatrix. That means she has the same power, and with time her skills will be a match with the skills of the older Bellatrix. Any more questions?''

''Yes, I have one. What will be her mission?'' Severus asked.

''Good question. Next week she will be taking all the final tests in Hogwarts, after passing them she will officially start her Auror training, under the supervision of Moody and Tonks.''

''But how is that possible? She will drawn attention and therefore she'll alarm authorities that The Order is function again. And you and I both know that in our Ministry there are rotten eggs, so to speak.'' interrupted Lupin

''Yes, I'm aware of what the complications can be and that the Ministry is certainly not on our side. However, this plan isn't a new one and I assure you Remus, I've thought this through. Kingsley will make sure that Bella's identity will stay safe. As I was saying, she will go back to school again. She will be sorted into Gryffindor and look after Harry, Hermione and Ron. She will have a unique necklace and when Moody and Tonks will be on a mission she will join them. Do you all understand that plan?''

''Yes.'' they said in union.

''Very good, now Molly did you make sure that Ron doesn't contact Harry?''

''Yes Albus, they haven't contacted eachother whole summer.'' Molly answered.

''Same goes for Hermione.'' added Minerva.

''Excelent. I'm sure you all have your duties and obligations and I believe that the smartest thing would be for you to go back to them. School starts in two weeks and we have a lot of things to do.''

One week and few days after

Bellatrix and Andromeda were walking down Diagon Alley, since Bellatrix' mission was to watch over Harry, Hermione and Ron in school Bella needed to prepare herself for a new school year.

''Here, I brought you some ice-cream.'' said Bella.

''Lemon and vanilla. My favourite, you remembered.'' Andromeda said smiling at her sister.

''You're my baby sister, well you know what I mean, of course I know your favourite ice-cream. Now we have all the books and my uniform. I can't believe I'll be Gryffindor. Yuck.''

Andromeda laughed out loud : ''I thought that would be your reaction.''

''Oh c'mon. Like yours would be any different. We are Slytherin for a reason, we know what we want and we always get it. Whatever way, we always get what we want.''

''Maybe, and don't kill me, but maybe now there is something Gryffindor in you. Something brave and heroic. Something you didn't have before, but now you have.''

''Oh and what would that be genius?'' asked Bella sarcastically.

''Purpose. This time it won't be about blood and killing. You have a purpose and your life has a meaning. And stop pushing and punishing yourself.'' answered Andromeda

''Punishing myself? What are you talking about Dromeda?''

''Oh please, don't give me that crap. You eat less, you don't enjoy anything, you push yourself to be better and better, but you're forgetting that you're already great. You try to redeem for the deeds you have never committed. You are not her, believe me.''

''I love blood and chaos. I would torture humans because it could be fun. I control myself, yes, but if you think it's easy then you're wrong. And when I start fighting, I'm not sure that I'll be able to stop myself.''

''I'm sure you'll find that line in yourself and that you won't allow yourself to cross it.''

After a few moments of silence Andromeda spoke: ''C'mon Bella, let's find you something to wear.'' and then she dragged Bella in some store.

Later that afternoon

''The Weasley's, Hermione and Moody are coming. Harry used magic in the muggleworld when Dementors attacked him'' said Sirius to them.

''Oh my, is he alright?'' asked Andromeda.

''Yeah, he's fine. Tonks, Moody, Kingsley, Emmeline went to see him.''

''Alright, they are on their way here and I'm tired, I'll be in my room, alright?'' said Bella

''Yes, that's fine.'' answered Sirius

''And it's time for me to go home.'' Andromeda added.

Bella went to her room and unpacked all the things they bought. Everything was black. Andromeda tried to pursue her into buying something with more colour, but of course nothing came out of it. Black is always Black and at least she could still stick to family dress code. She decided what to wear and went to the shower. By the time she was finished she could hear a bunch of voices coming from downstairs.

She decided to stay put and voices disappeared when the doors of different rooms closed. Bella thought that taking a rest would be the best, but she was awake after only an hour of sleep. She heard those damn voices again but this time their words were full of Harry. She smelled dinner and her stomach responded, so she got up and got dressed. She stood in front of dining room and heard an argument between Sirius and Molly.

''He's not James, Sirius. He's too young. What are you thinking?'' Molly asked Sirius.

''He's ready Molly. He can do this.'' responded Sirius. Moody caught Bella and gave her a signal to get in this discussion. And Bella had a mission and knew exactly what to do.

''No he can't, he's still too weak. Sirius you shouldn't push him into this too early.'' Bella said.

Every head was turned in her direction. And she stood leaning against the wall, wearing black jeans, black boots and a black leather corset with only two straps on her shoulders. Her wild black, curly hair was partly in clumsy ponytail, but since her hair was very long it still felled over her shoulders down to her full breasts. Every male in the room had his mouth open, except Sirius and Moody.

''Thank you Bella.'' said Molly and then turned to Sirius

''Listen to her, she's right. Everything comes in time.''

''Does anybody want to know how I feel about this?'' asked Harry.

''Not really.'' said Bella.

''And who are you?'' asked Harry.

''Isabella Noire.'' Bella offered.

''And why are you here?'' asked Harry.

''I live here. This is my home, you on other hand don't live here so please do not raise your voice on me. I'm hungry and I decided to grab something to eat but instead of eating I'm forced to speak to you Mr. ...'' Bella said, Moody smirked-she's perfect for this mission

''Potter. Harry Potter.'' Harry said

''Very James Bond stile Mr. Potter.'' said Bella and grabbed herself a plate.

''Sirius who is she?'' asked Harry looking at his godfather

''She's family. Never mind that, she's a 7th year at your school. You'll be seeing her a lot this year.''

''Bella, you should eat something concrete, not cheese. Sit down here, next to Hermione. And eat with us.'' Molly pushed her on chair.

''I'd rather stick with cheese and vine.'' Bella tried.

''Nonsense.'' Molly responded

''You won't win, you can as well stop trying.'' said Arthur smiling.

''Yeah, I can see that.''

''I'm George and this is my twin brother Fred.'' smiled George.

''Nice to meet you.''

''I'm Ron.'' he said and extended his hand. Bella shook his hand and nodded.

''And who are you?'' asked Bella smiling.

''I'm Hermione Granger.''

''Is that cat yours?'' asked Bella.

''Yes, that's my cat. Why do you ask?''

''No reason, just wanted to know.''

''What house are you?'' asked Fred.

''I'm in Gryffindor.'' said Bella with a very very fake smile.

''We are also in Griffyndor.'' added Hermione.

''Oh I know you are.'' said Bella smirking.

Later that night when everybody was asleep, Bella had trouble sleeping and went to the back yard. She could feel somebody coming behind her so she jumped on her feet and pushed the stranger against a wall and her body pressed tightly against her enemy's, her wand pointed at her enemy's neck. And then she saw who it was.

''Are you crazy? I could have seriously hurt you.'' said Bella and lowered her wand but didn't move away.

''Well how could I've known you'll react like this?'' asked Hermione.

''You couldn't have, but you should have said something so I would recognise you.''

''Do you mind letting me go?''

''I do.''

''Excuse me? What do you mean you won't let me go?''

''How many definitions of 'not letting go' are there?''

''Let me go.''


''You're impossible.''

''No, I'm teaching you a lesson.''

''What lesson would that be?''

''Lesson of good behaviour. Now, what did you learn today?''


''Are you deaf or stupid?''


''Well then what did you learn?''

''That I shouldn't sneak up on you.''

''There you go, not hard at all.'' Bella said and released Hermione.

''Why do you act like that?'' asked Hermione.

''Like what?''

''Arrogant and bossy.''

''I'm a B..Noire dear, it's in my blood.''

''Let me guess, in your pure blood?''

''Purest as it gets.''

''Why are you sorted in Gryffindor? You are obviously Slytherin material.''

''Probably, but I didn't sorted myself there, the hat did it for me.''

''Whatever, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow we're leaving for Hogwarts, I suppose you're going with us.'' Hermione said.

''No, I'm afraid I'll have to meet you there. Try and not miss me too much.''

''Like I would.'' and with that she went to her room.


Bellatrix apparated in front of her sisters home. Tonks opened the door.

''Bella? What are you doing here?'' Tonks asked.

''I need to speak with my sister. Where is she?''

''I'll get her for you, just wait in the living room.''

''Bella? What happened?'' Andromeda asked, walking into the room.

''I don't know if I'll be able to do it. The mission I mean. What if I'll screw up?''

''You'll be fine, believe me. Listen, I know it's hard to find the original Bella inside you, but you just need to be yourself. Cocky, arrogant and with an ego of whole France. You need to protect them and do your job. Whatever doubts you have considering who you are or who the older you is, will have to wait until you're alone or with Albus, Minerva and me. Okay?''

''Yeah, I forget about that and concentrate on being the bitchy me. Get it. But I have another problem: Hermione Granger...I don't know how to say this, but I want nothing more than to...'' Bella didn't know how to finish, maybe it would be the best not to finish it.

''Nothing more than to throw her on the bed and have your way with her?''

''What? No!''

''Oh please, you forget who I am. Do you really think I don't know about all those girls you slept with while we were in Hogwarts?''

''You knew?''

''Of course I did. You picked the smart, beautiful ones. Just like Hermione Granger is.''

''She frustrates me. And you're right I don't want anything else then to shut her beautiful lips up.''

''Yep, that's my sister. You know I think that you'll get back in your routine very easily.''

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