Chapter 5

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The Italic letters are the thoughts of Hermione. And she's mentally bickering with herself.

(I'm learning too much of psychology lately).

Hermione, Ron and Harry sat in compartment and talked about Harry's hearing. But after a while the conversation subsided and they were left in silence. Harry was thinking about Sirius, his parents and The Order. Ron was thinking about lunch and Quidditch.

Hermione on the other hand tried not to think about a certain person. Isabella Noire was soo...irritating and arrogant and full of herself and, and she had an enormous ego.

'And she's hot '. added voice in her head.

No , she's not. She's...average.

'Ha, Ginny is average, Isabella is hot. Like the real deal.'

Shut up. She is arrogant and she's really getting on my nerves. And I'm sure she doesn't have anything that would made her this arrogant.

'She has her body.'

That's not something. I value skills and knowledge. I don't care about looks.

'I hear ya. That's why you had that dream last night. It was all about her skills.'

''Hermione?'' Ron brought her from her thoughts.

''Hmm? Sorry I was thinking.'' said Hermione.

''Yeah, obvious.'' Ron said.

''What's obvious?'' asked Hermione little to quickly.

''That you were thinking. I called you three times. What got your knickers in twist?''

''Nothing got in my...never mind. What is it Ronald?''

''I asked where Isabella is? Sirius said she would be at Hogwarts this year, but I haven't seen her on the trainstation or in any of the compartments.''

''Why would I know where Isabella is? I haven't seen her since yesterday. And I didn't see her this morning, so I don't know. I'm sure she's gonna show up somewhere.''


I did not lie. I haven't seen her since yesterday.

'True, but you know what she said about coming to Hogwarts. So why didn't you share?'

I don't see a reason for telling Ronald that she'll be at Hogwarts. He knows that.

'But tell me something. Do you know who is Isabella Noir is?'

Of course I do. Part of Sirius' family and a 7th year at Hogwarts.

'Are you sure?'

Before she could think about it more, the train stopped and all the students were starting to get out.

''Good day Bellatrix'' said Dumbledore as Bella walked into his office

''Good day Dumbledore. You wanted to see me?''

''Yes, yes I did. This is Dobby, he will show you to your room. You'll be sharing your room with Hermione Granger. You will be named Head Girl and Hermione will be named Prefect. So you'll have your own room above all the other rooms. Your hall will be charmed and no one beside the two of you will be able to enter it. The same goes for the room itself. We thought that would be the smartest thing to do, that way you'll be constantly with one of 'The Golden Trio'.''

''I understand sir. I'll be glad to watch over them and look after Miss Granger.''

''Very well Bellatrix. Minerva will explain everything to Hermione when she gets here.''

Bella nodded and went to see her new room. It wasn't a room, it was whole damn apartment. It had two separated rooms with huge beds and a livingroom with a little kitchen. It wasn't too big but it had a fireplace and in front of it a couch and coffee table. There were two roof windows on the right of the little kitchen. In the middle of the kitchen there was a high table with two bar stools. Bella had to admit that it was very cosy and it looked like a small home. She went in her room and with a few flicks of her wand all of her things were in the wardrobe and in a bathroom cabinet.

''Living here with Miss Granger could be though I'm not sure how happy she'll be once she founds out that I'm going to be her roommate for a whole year.''

A woman of her age should not wear pink. It just ruins the colour.

'She's gonna ruin more than just a colour. I know you can sense it.'

Sense is only a sense. When there'll be something concrete...

'And there it is. She's interfering...hm...see you should listen to me and not that big brain of yours.'

''What does that mean?'' Harry asked Hermione

''It means that Ministry is about to interfere in Hogwarts.'' answered Hermione

Ron, Harry and Hermione exited the Great Hall only to be stopped by Minerva.

''Good evening professor.'' they greeted

''Good evening, Hermione I need to talk to you, please follow me in my office.''

''Hermione I have some news for you, please sit down.'' said Minerva pointing at the chair in front of her desk.

''Thank you.'' said Hermione while sitting down.

''Hermione the school council decided that this year you will be Griffydor's Prefect. From this year on, there will be a new rule. You and the Head Girl will have private chambers only for yourselves. There are spells placed on the chambers, no one but you and the Head Girl can go inside. Do you understand that?" Minerva asked.

''Yes, don't worry. And professor, who is Head Girl this year?''

''Ahhh...that is the second thing I wanted to discuss. The Head Girl this year is Isabella Noire. Isabella has additional functions she needs to perform, so if she comes back to your chambers later than she should, do not worry. Also, you can not mention this conversation or additional functions of Miss Noire to anyone. Are we clear?''

''Yes, professor.''

''Very well then, I don't want to keep you from getting rest. Good night Hermione.''

''Good night professor.''

Hermione walked into her new chambers and she was stunned. This was a small apartment and she loved it. It looked more like a home, like a part of some small house. And then she heard a noise behind one of the doors. She moved closer to them and saw Isabella getting dressed. She was shirtless and her back were turned towards Hermione, her long black hair was such a lovely contrast against her porcelain skin.

This will be long, long year. Hermione thought.

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