Chapter 6

I'm very sorry for not publishing past 2 weeks, I wasn't home I'm affraid and tomorrow I'm going again but I'm going on vaication so I promise to write at least 5 chapters and in 10 days, when I get back, I'll publish them. But for now, you just read this one :)

Bellatrix walked out of her room and found Hermione looking around kitchen.

''Hey, so I guess we're roommates.'' said Bella

''Yeah, we are. When did you get here? I didn't see you at dinner.'' Hermione asked

''I got here this morning, but I had to do something so I wasn't able to be at the dinner.''

''Yes, I spoke to professor McGonegal and she said you have other obligations and that I must be prepare on you coming late at night.''

''Yes, that's right.'' Cocky, arrogant and with an ego size of whole France- Bella remembered her sister's words ''Try and not worry to much about me, sweetheart.'' grinned Bella

''As if I would. I have better things to do than worry about some, some arrogant and noisy person like you.'' Hermione said annoyed

''Yes, books are such better company than me.'' mocked Bella

''Well, there is at least something intelligent in them.''

''You don't know me, so don't judge my intelligence.'' Bella said moving closer to Hermione

''Ha! Intelligent person would have respect towards books.'' said Hermione backing away but kitchen counter stopped her from moving away completely

''I have respect towards books, but I have so much higher respect for myself. And what I said was the truth. Hermione, being with me is soo much better then being with books.'' said Bella putting her arms on kitchen counter, Hermione's body trapped between those strong, delicate arms ''Maybe one day, I'll show you how better then anyone else I can be.'' whispered Bella on Hermione's ear and then backed away

''Good night, Hermione. Sweet dreams.'' said Bella and then disappeared in her room

'Good thing she doesn't have any effect on you.'

Oh shut up. She just caught me of guard.

'Sure she did. She caught you off guard, but in all those minutes you couldn't pick up your guard?'

It was too fast. And it wasn't minutes but a minute or two.

'It was little more then three minutes, but who's counting?'

Just shut up. Next time...

'Next time you'll again think of all the things you want her to do to you.'

Next time I'll kick her ass and I'll stupefy her into next week

'I don't think you'll ever be able to kick her ass.'

I'm sure I'd be worthy challenge for her.

'I'm not so sure. Do you know who is she?'

'Oh for the love of Merlin! Yes, I know who she is! Why are you asking me this again?'

'Because you're blind in front of perfectly healthy eyes.'

Bella walked out of her room and interrupted Hermione's thoughts

''I'll be back later, bye Hermione.''

And before Hermione could say anything, Bella disappeared.

Where the hell is she going?

'What? Do you now have a memory of a gold fish?'

God I hate you.

'You'll forget you said it in 12 seconds.'

I don't have a memory of a gold fish!

'Well then I'm sure you remember what McGonegal said.'

I do, but she didn't say what she does when she's absent and I want to know.

'Then find out.'

Easier said then done.

'You could ask.'

No way! That would mean I'm interested in her, which I'm not, and that would cause her enormous ego to multiply, which would only make my life worse, and it would make her insufferable.

'You are interested in her and her enormous ego is what attracts you to her. The only thing insufferable for you is that she's not in your bed and showing you the reason for that enormous ego of hers.'

That's preposterous. I don't want her at all. Not even a little bit.

That night Hermione was awoken by the sound of footsteps going in bedroom next to hers. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. 3 am.

Where the hell was she? Well, starting tomorrow, I'm going to do my best to try and find out what she's doing.

''I'm glad to see that your necklace is working.'' said Moody seeing Bella coming his way

''Did you doubt it?'' asked Bella

''Me? Never.'' said Moody sarcastically ''Tonks is waiting for us down the street.''

''What is this all about anyway?''

''We're gonna check one house, we believe it's headquarters for one part of Death Eaters.''

''What part?''

''She's not here. She's still in Azkaban, even though we think they are planing to get her out''

''That's not what I...'' Bella started

''Yes it is. And it's okay. Pull on your mask.''

''Yeah. I can't be discovered.'' said Bella pulling her wand and with quick sway of wand black mask appeared on her face covering it from her forehead to her lips

''I'm glad you found your way, I was beginning to worry.'' said Tonks

''Oh don't worry Nymphadora. We're fine.'' grinned Moody

''Don't call me Nymphadora!'' said Tonks sternly but quietly, hair hot red

''Hey, can we just do this?'' asked Bella

''Nervous?'' asked Moody

''You weren't before your first time?'' Bella questioned

''That really depends on what you mean.'' Moody smiled

''I didn't mean on that. Merlin!''

''Everybody is nervous the first time they do anything.'' Tonks gave Bella reassuring smile

''Okay so, let's do this. The plan is: Tonks up, me on front door and you on back door. Got it?''

''Yes.'' Tonks confirmed, Bella nodded

''Bella, I trained you and I know what you're capable of. You'll do just fine. You know what to do.'' Moody gave her a pat on the shoulder

And then it all began. She barged in with raised wand, everything was quiet but that changed in heartbeat.

''Crucio!'' Bella heard coming from her right

''Protego'' yelled Bella ''Stumpefy!''

''Protego!'' male voice yelled, Bella jumped behind the wall of kitchen. And then everything went to hell. She saw Moody in living room fighting two Dark Eaters and through window she saw Tonks landing in the middle of back yard. And then it began- feeling inside of her, so raw and angry screaming KILL THEM ALL. But she's been taught not to kill, she can't really kill them, can she?

The moment of thinking was over. Do what you came here for! Do your job! inner voice said

''Stupefy'' Bella screamed jumping out of her hiding place

''Protego'' two male voices said

And then fight started, Bella jumped around protecting herself and attacking them she managed to hit one very good, he was unconscious on the floor, but the other one used the moment to send strong Crucio at her. Pain was severe and she screamed out laud, but she didn't drop her wand. She fell on her knees because curse was so strong, but in that moment she remembered what Albus said to her 'Older Bellatrix and you are the same, you have the same power and strenght.' and Moody's words ' Every time we interrogated her, she played with us.'. She was strong enough to do this and so she squeezed her wand harder and used every atom in her body to raise her hand and to scream:

''Bombarda Maxima!'' and the man behind the mask was thrown on the wall by massive explosion

Bella was so tired and she just closed her eyes.

''Bella! Bella!'' yelled Tonks

''What? Where am I?'' Bella asked opening her eyes

''You're at my mom's place.'' said Tonks

''Glad to see you're up.'' said Moody getting in the room ''We have job to do.'' he added looking at Tonks

''Wait until I get a glass of water.'' said Bella getting up

''No, no. You're not going anywhere.'' said Tonks

''Of course I am. Just let me get a glass of water and I'm ready.'' argued Bella

''Alastor! Say something, she just regain conscious.''

''You up to this?'' asked Moody


''Good, we're waiting downstairs.'' said Moody giving Tonks the look and in return Tonks' hair became hot red

5 minutes later they appareted in front of a house in Muggle London. They could see sparks and flashed of light caused by a wand. All three of them barged in. Arthur Weasly, Bill Weasly and Kingsley were there fighting against 6 Death Eaters. Bella wanted to show Moody and Tonks that she's capable fighter and that she won't faint again. The fight once again started and in the middle of it Bella saw Bill Weasly on the floor with Death Eater coming his way. She ran towards Bill and stood in front of him, she yelled:

''Sectumsempra!'' the man ended up on the other of the room with very serious injuries

''Thank you!'' said Bill getting up, after Bella looked at him he asked ''Who are you?''

She didn't answer as ran towards Death Eater that was coming from Tonks' back while she was fighting. Moody and Kingsley were duelling with two Death Eaters, Arthur and Bill were fighting with one Death Eater in kitchen now.

''Stupefy!'' Bella yelled and then

''Expelliarmus!'' man shot back. Bella moved aside but not before the spell injured her shoulder

''Expelliarmus!'' yelled Bella, but he successfully protected him self

After a few attacks, Bella finally managed to hit him right on chests. He lost conscious, 3 Death Eaters disapparated while they captured 3.

Bella came to Moody and said she's leaving before Bill started asking question, because only senior members of The Order knew who she was. She appareted in front of Hogwarts, and she heard a crack behind her.

''Shouldn't you be taking Death Eaters to Azkaban or something?'' Bella asked Moody

''You didn't disappoint.'' Moody said


''I saw that look in front of that Muggle house. I know only three persons that resisted Cruciatus curse. Albus, Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestange.''

''You mean me.''

''No you're Bellatrix Black. She is a part of you, huge part yes, but not you. You did great tonight. I'm glad that Tonks and I have such fighter to stand in the battle beside us. Good night Bella and here take this'' he gave her a potion ''It'll be easier in the morning if you drink this before bed. We don't want you collapse in class.'' with that he disappareted

When Bella walked into her room it was already 3 am- Only 3 hours of sleep, great.

You'll have new chapters in few days, have fun :) And once again thank you for reviews :*

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