Chapter 7

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The morning arrived to soon for Bellatrix. She got up and after changing into her uniform she went to the kitchen/living room.

''This really is an advantage of this.'' Hermione said eating her breakfast at the kitchen counter.

''Excuse me?'' Bella asked confused.

''We are able to eat here. That means that if we don't want to, we don't need to go to the Great Hall for breakfast.''

''Oh yeah, that's good. So do we have anything to eat?''

''There is toast and jam if you want.'' Hermione said pointing at plate next to her.

''So you do like me. I knew it.''

''Excuse me? Why on earth would you think that?'' Hermione asked annoyed.

''Because you made me breakfast. I wonder what you'll do when you'll actually have me in your bed.'' Bella grinned.

''I didn't make this breakfast because I like you, I did it because I know you only slept three hours and I know you need the energy.''

It was true, well part of it anyway.

''You waited for me?'' Bella asked.

''No, you woke me up.''

''Sorry, I'll be quiter next time.'' Bella! Don't put your guard down!

''No, it's okay.'' said Hermione picking up her books and before she closed the door on her way out she turned to Bella ''I want to hear you. It means that you're alive and safe.''

So you do care.

Bella's schedule was everything but full. She only had a few subjects because she alreaddy passed all the test. And her education was officially already noon she was back in her ''apartement''. Her rest was interrupted when Hermione walked in and slammed the door behind her.

''You always make this kind of entrance?'' asked Bella amuzed, startreling Hermione.

''Only when I'm furious like I am now.'' Hermione answered.

''Why are you furious?'' Bella asked sitting up.

''Did you have DADA today?'' Hermione asked sitting down on the couch next to Bella.

''Yeah, I slept through it though. Why? What's up?''

''Well that confirms my previous statement. You don't respect books or knowlege. Never mind, the most important thing is that Umbrige has forbiden us to use magic durting that class. How are we supposed to learn to defend ourselves without magic?'' Hermione said and threw herself down on the couch with a sigh. Bella saw an amazing opportunity in that.

''Do you want Bella to help you forget?'' Bella asked as she put her hands next to Hermione's hips and leaned forward so that her body was above Hermione's.

'Yes, help me forget Umbrige. Help me forget everything else.'

Stop it you're not helping.

'Oh yes I am. I'm helping you to get what you want.'

Hermione didn't say anything, her breathing became harder, Bella was so close to her lips. But she stopped only an inch away from Hermione's lips and brought her mouth to her ear.

'' You are a sight to see and as much I'd love to take you right here and now, I have to go.'' Bella said, got up and went outside.

Hermione was left panting on the couch with a lots of images running through her head.

'Thank God you hexed her into next week.'

I was confused. You confused me. Why can't you just stop?

'Because I'm here as a leverage to that big brain of yours. I'm your guts and even though you'd like me to be gone, sorry sweetie not happening. And you weren't confused, you were horny.'

I was startled.

'Right. And I'm Einstein.'

I need to shower. Immediatley.

'Among other things.'

Stupid job. Why didn't they summon me an hour later. It would only take that much to rock her world. Her body beneath mine, her chests would rise and fall because of her hard breathing... But no, stupid job. Stupid Death Eaters.

Bella walked around, without looking at anyone who passed her by. But she did notice Harry standing in the hallway looking over the grounds of Hogwarts.

''What happend to you Bond?'' Bella asked.

''Excuse me? Oh it's you Bella. Sorry I didn't recognized the voice'' said Harry spining around.

''Is it the DADA class?''

''How did you know?'' Harry asked.

''I live with Hermione. She came in yelling and cursing about Umbrige.''

''Oh yeah, you and Hermione share a dorm room. Yes, it's about the class. How can we protect ourselfs if we don't cast spells and defend ourselfs? I know most of the people don't believe me, but he's back.''

''I know he is.'' Bella said shortly.

''You do? I mean you trust me?''

''Yes Harry I trust you. And of the record, if they won't teach you, maybe you could learn on your own.'' Bella smiled and left.

After showering and other things Hermione went to the Gryfindor common room.

''Well look who decided to come down and socialize with the commons.'' Ginny teased.

''Oh Ginny please.'' laughed Hermione.

''So how is your new room?'' Ron asked.

''It's not excatly a room.''

''What do you mean?'' Ron asked.

''Well, it's more like an ampartement.'' answered Hermione.

''A whole apartament?'' Ginny said in shock.

''Yes Ginny. We have a living room slash kitchen and two bedrooms with two bathrooms.''

''You have a kitchen?'' Ron asked, Ginny just glared at him.

''Out of the whole apartement you just heard the part about the kitchen.''

''Oh c'mon Ginny, they have a kitchen. Do they bring fresh groceries?''

''There is a little board on the fridge. And whatever you write on it, appears in the morning.''

''Why don't I have that kind of room? I have got a plain and simple room.''

''Who knows why.'' answered Hermione, even though she knew it was all about Bella.

''So how is it with Bella?'' Ginny asked.

''How's what with Bella?'' Hermione asked way to quickly.

''Being a roommate, of course Hermione. What else?'' Ginny grinned.

''She's a good roommate, but we'll see, I mean we've only been roommates for a couple of days.''

''That is enough to give you some kind of experiance with her.'' said Ginny eyeing Hermione.

''My expiriances are just fine Ginny.''

''What are you talking about?'' Ron asked.

''About food Ronald.'' answered Hermione sarcasticly.

''Yes Ron, we're talking about eating and stuff.'' grinned Ginny.

Hermione was hot red in her face in the next moment

''Yeah, cool. Hermione can you bring me something to eat?'' asked Ron looking at Hermione. ''Hermione are you okay?''

''Perfect. What would you like me to bring?''

''Why don't you bring him something you want to eat Hermione.''

''I would but what I want to eat is not available at the moment.'' Hermione decided to play the game.

''Do you have fun eating?''

''You have no idea.''

''Okay seriously. What are you talking about?''

''Would you like sandwich Ron?'' Hermione said.

''That would be perfect. Thanks.''

''Not a problem.''

After a chasing Death Eaters and then fighting them and not capturing them Bella was tired, sore and pissed. She came back to Hogwarts around 11 pm. Whole damn day I spent in a forrest, mud and muggle London chasing those idiots. I mean honestly, next time I'll just Avada Kedavra all of them.

''I'm going to start Dumbledore's Army. I will teach you defence if they won't.'' Harry said.

''Right behind you Harry'' said Ron.

''I'm here for you.'' Hermione said.

Hermione, Harry and Ron were the only ones in the Gryffindor commonroom, but Bella didn't know that so before she entered the room she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head. When she entered the room she could see The Golden trio but she did not stop and went straight upstairs.

''Was that Bella?'' Ron asked.

''Why is she looking like a...a...Death Eater?'' Harry asked.

''I don't know but I'm going to find out.'' Hermione said and went after Bella.

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