Chapter 8

Hello, I'm sorry for delay. I was on a seminar I called 'Kill me seminar' and when I got home, my laptop die and I had to buy a new one and so on...You get the picture. But here I am now and I'm presenting new chapter. Enjoy :)

Bella stormed through living room/kitchen and went to her room. She pulled her cloak down and looked at the damage. Her pants were ripped at few places, she had scratches and cuts all over her legs and arms. Her corset was damaged, but thankfully, it protected her from getting any serious injury in the stomach area. The door of her room flew open and Bella jumped and grabbed her wand pointing at the person who came in.

''I thought we've been through this. Don't sneak up on me without any sign.'' said Bella lowering her wand

''I wasn't sneaking up. I was coming to see why the hell you stormed through common room looking like Death Eater.'' said Hermione and for the first time she lowered her gaze to Bella's body

''What the hell happened to you?'' Hermione asked and crossed the room

''Nothing, I was in a little fight. That's all.'' Bella said turning around

''Little fight? This looks like you fought a giant.'' Hermione pointed at gash on Bella's left side

''I didn't duck properly.'' said Bella and went to bathroom

Bella walked out of a bathroom after she showered and took care of her wounds. She didn't heal them completely, she left them in a state in which they would live a scar (some of them) but would not become infected. She was hungry and went to kitchen only to find Hermione there drinking her tea.

''I made you something to eat.'' Hermione pointed to a plate in stove

''Thank you, but you don't need to do that.''

''Ron is prefect too. He got new room, but only a room. You and I were the only ones who got apartment.''

''You complain?'' asked Bella putting her food on kitchen table

''No, it made me think. The day I found out I was prefect, McGonegall called me in her office. She told me you'll be absent sometimes and that you are able to break the rules. She said I can't ask questions, but I'm sure she knew better than that. She knew I would. So Bella what do you do around here?''

''I don't do anything Hermione. I'm taking care of some family things.''

''Family things got you this injured?'' Hermione asked

''Yes they did. We train dragons and I got carried away today.'' Bella said

''Why would McGonegall gave you free pass from the school just because your family train dragons?''

''Because the school owes us that, last year, Triwizard tournament?'' Bella asked

''Those dragons were yours?''

''Yes, they were. We trained them for that occasion, it wasn't easy.'' Bella lied, she was good liar

''How can you concentrate on school if you work every day? And if I may add, very exhausting job.''

''It's not easy job, that's the truth, but I already passed all my N.E.W.T's. I'm here because of formalities.''

''You passed them?'' Hermione asked shocked

''Don't be so shocked. I've told you that I respect knowledge and intelligence. You just didn't believe me.'' said Bella and continued to eat

''I'm sorry, you are right. I judged you before I knew you and this evening I made a mistake of seeing you as a Death Eater, when you are everything but one. I'm sorry.'' Hermione apologised

Bella don't make a mistake by getting close to this girl! When she finds out who you are, she will hate you! Play the game!

''Aww, cute apology. But what I really want is for you to apologise with your actions not your words.'' said Bella getting up and walking towards Hermione

'I'm down for that'

Hell no, I have a comeback this time. I practised!

''Why do you always do this?'' Hermione asked

''I always do that?''

''Everything that happens you turn into some game of yours. You play with sexual energy that's always around you.'' Hermione said

''Would you like me to stop?'' asked Bella stopping mearly a step from Hermione

''No.'' Hermione said before she even register it

''Then what would you like me to do, Hermione?'' Bella purred

''I want you to stop play around and to kiss me. Now.'' Hermione said

''Bossy, I like that.'' Bella grinned

Bellatrix put her arms around Hermione and pulled her close. She cupped Hermione's face and kissed her.

Morning came soon and when she woke up, Hermione remembered what happened last night. Their talk and then the kissing part and the awkward moment when she said she's tired and she needed to sleep.

'Sleep my ass.'

I went to bed. What do you want?

'Nothing Oedipus. I'm just saying- liar. Because if I remember correctly, you my dear have gone to bed because you needed release not sleep.'

Fine. I needed a release because she's been driving me crazy with double talk and all this...


I wouldn't call it like that.

'I would, but never mind me Oedipus. I never know anything.'

Okay, what's with this Oedipus thing?

'Well, I'm sure that that big brain of yours knows the answer to that. I mean that is the reason you listen to it and not to old, plain me.'

Facts don't deceive, instinct does.

'You hurt my feelings.'

You don't have feelings. You are me, so my feelings are your feelings.

'You little masochist! You hurt your own feelings.'

I'm not masochist!

'Anyhow...Your brain knows the story about Oedipus, I'm sure'

You know that I know the story

'So how it goes?'

Laius and Jocasta were the king and queen of Thebes...

'Boring, let's skip to the chase here. What they shouldn't have?'

Son. Oracle said that if they had son, he would kill his father and married his mother

'And what Jocasta did?'

She seduced her husband and gave birth to a son.

'Bingo! And then blah, blah, blah. Fate is above everything, Oedipus kills daddy and marries mommy and then they found out and kill themselves. But the point it, do you remember what were Oedipus' last words?'

By healthy eyes I was blind.

'Ahhhh...yes. You are, you have healthy eyes and you're blind. So that's why I'll call you by this name until you allow yourself to see.'

A loud thud could be heard through apartment. Hermione got up and ran to kitchen. What she saw surprised her very much.

''What are you doing?'' asked Hermione

''What do you think I'm doing?'' asked Bella looking at Hermione as she was nuts ''I'm finishing breakfast.''

''Why?'' asked Hermione walking towards Bella

''Because I owe you. This doesn't change a thing, just for you to know. I just don't like to be in debt and I'm repaying your last nights dinner with breakfast. So there is your coffee and pancakes.'' Bella said with a smile

''Thank you.''

''Your welcome, Arthur Weasly had told me when we were at Sirius' place that Muggles often eat pancakes for breakfast. So I made you pancakes.''

''You never seemed as a person who knows how to cook Bella, let alone Muggle food.'' Hermione said taking a bite ''This is really good.''

''I'm not very fond of kitchen and truth be told I never tried pancakes in my life.'' Bella admitted

''But how did you make them?'' Hermione asked, Bella knew she had to admit

''I went to main kitchen and asked one elf to help me and guide me through procedure of...well making pancakes.''

''You got up, went downstairs to ask for help and then brought an elf here to show you how to make pancakes. And then you made them for me.''

''Yes, why is that so odd to you?'' Bella asked

''I'm surprised. Bella it's 6.30, when did you get up?''

''4 am. I couldn't sleep.'' Bella said

''I need to tell you that I'm against of elf labour. Because they work for nothing, with no benefits or paid vacation. And that is very wrong.''Hermione said, Bella was processing that pile of words Hermione said in less then 30 seconds

''But what you did for me is very thoughtful and I want to thank you.'' added Hermione

''Like I said, I'm only paying back.''

''You are lying right now, but okay. At least have a taste of your work.'' Hermione said taking piece of pancake on fork and bringing it to Bella's mouth ''It won't bite you.'' smiled Hermione

Bella took a bite and Hermione was right, it was very yummy.

''It's good.'' said Bella ''I can see why Muggles like it.''

''If you'll be for it, I'll gladly show you what else we like.'' smiled Hermione

''Will it all be connected to food?'' grinned Bella

''I highly doubt that.''

''So Hermione, what had caused that smile on your face?'' asked Ginny as they were walking down one of the corridors

''What smile, Ginny?'' asked Hermione

''Oh c'mon Hermione, you're grinning like cashmere cat.''

''It's beautiful morning. It's not too cold and sun actually shining. So why wouldn't I grin?'' asked Hermione

''I know you have Potions for first two periods. I had to listen to Harry and Ron whining about it during breakfast. Where were you by the way?''

''I ate in my room.''

''Do I dare to ask what?'' grinned Ginny

''Pankecakes.'' smiled Hermione avoiding subject Ginny was constantly bringing up

''That's boring, Hermione I'll get it out of you. I can't wait.'' Ginny said

''Ginny I'm not hiding anything and there is nothing for you to find out.''

''We'll see about that. Well this is where our paths divide, I'll see you later.''

''Bye Ginny.'' said Hermione heading towards the dungeon

''Hermione!'' she heard two familiar voices shout. She turned around and saw Harry and Ron approaching her

''Good morning,'' greeted Harry

''Good morning boys.'' smiled Hermione

''Hermione are you alright?'' Harry asked

''I'm just fine. Why?''

''Well you went after Bella yesterday and when you didn't come to breakfast this morning we were little scared that something didn't happened to you.'' Harry explained

''I'm fine guys, really. Bella was out doing her duties as Head girl and she wore a cloak. It's cold outside during the night. And you remember her at Sirius' place and that she wore black so it's normal that her cloak was also black. Relax guys, she's on good side.'' Hermione said

''Yeah, you're right.'' Harry said as they walked in the classroom

'You are right, she did wear black at Sirius' place. Black is an interesting colour, isn't it?'

It's not even a colour. And you're distracting from my class

'That is very discussable. But let's say it's not a colour, let's look at it like a word and it's meaning. When I say black what do you think about?'

Sirius,Harry, Tonks, death, mystery, beauty.

'I get it, you think about Black family and Harry as it's small part. I understand death- it something your parents put in your head. But tell me where does mystery and beauty comes from?'

I don't know, I like black clothes and it's classy.

'Whatever you say Oedipus. But think about it.'

''Good morning Bella.'' greeted Albus Dumbledore

''Good morning professor.'' Bella smiled

''I see that you still haven't change your get away place.''

''No sir, this lake is beautiful and peaceful so I find it to be perfect as a get away place.''

''I'm sure it suits. I wanted to congratulate you on job very well done.''

''Thank you sir.'' Bella looked up at tall man from the rock she was sitting on

''Disillusionment Charm isn't the best way to cure your wounds.'' Albus noted looking at the lake

''I need a reminder of who I am and why I'm here fighting. I made sure they don't cause me any trouble, but I also let them heal naturally. Charm is precaution for wandering eyes.''

''Alright Bella, I'm glad you handling it. And if you need anything, do not hesitate and ask.'' Albus said and turned away heading back to castle

''Professor?'' Bella called

''Yes Bellatrix?''

''Who's idea was to put me in the room with Hermione?''


''Why with her?''

''Because she's a girl and very close to Harry and Ron. And your job is to take care of them.''

''I know what my job is. But would you tell me the real reason now?'' Bella asked

''I had hoped Hermione would be good for you. She's very determined and beautiful young woman and I thought she would be a good match for you. Like roommates of course.'' Albus said, giving Bella the look that clearly meant that he hadn't thought the last part seriously

''I appreciate your honesty sir. And thank you.'' Bella said

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