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Step forward, step backwards

By orionsshiningstar

Romance / Drama

Only a slip up

Hello everyone :)

I had no idea where I should publish this story, so I decided to do it here. It's Chenzel story and it's definitely AU story. It's just my take on what if...

Disclaimer- I do not own anything related to Broadway show Wicked, actresses or the cover photo (found on net).

Note- English is not my first language and there will be mature content.

This is first chapter and if you'll like it, I'll gladly continue writing it :)

''I do not understand you at all.'' said Jack ''You're with the man for 8 years, you've been married for three months and you still haven't told him about vital part of your life.''

''Look, I don't want him to be involved.'' replied Idina looking at her best friend

''I think...'' started Jack

''Don't think Jack! You're not good at it.'' Idina cut in, grin on her face

''Fuck you!'' laughed Jack ''Seriously, what do you tell him?''

''Jack, I went to school in London, I've lived there for eight years. I just tell him that I need to see my friends and family I lived with while I was there.'' replied Idina as she packed her bag

''He buys that?'' asked Jack doubtfully ''He never wanted to go with you?''

''It doesn't matter what he wants!'' replied Idina harshly this time ''Jack, I'm late. I have rehersal, I'll see you later''

Jack watched his best friend rushing out, knowing that she couldn't forever avoid the conversation with Taye. He was a good man, but Jack knew that sooner or later he'll ask Idina where she's been going for years. He sighted not wanting to even imagine fiasco what will take place when that happens.

Idina rushed towards the theatre, her conversation with Jack still replaying in her head. She knew she should have told Taye about her life in England years ago, but she couldn't let the words out, even though she tried million times before.

''I can't believe you're always on time.'' Steve smiled ''Always a minute before.'' he chuckled

''One day Stevie'' Kristin said ''One day she'll be late and we'll have field day.'' she smirked

''That won't be happening'' grinned Idina

''Wanna bet?'' asked Kristin

''Make it good and I'm for it.'' smiled Idina

''I don't have enough paint '' mumbled Steve ''Ladies I'll be back in a second.'' he said and left the changing room

''Okay, if I win you'll be my slave for a week.'' smiled Kristin

''I like it, so I'll make you do the same.'' Idina replied ''So, there should be some sort of time period for the bet.''

''Agreed, three weeks.'' smiled Kristin ''If you arrive on time in next three weeks, starting Monday, I'll be your slave for a week.''

''I like that.'' smiled Idina ''All the things I can make you do.''

''We need to hurry, rehearsal will start in few minutes'' Steve interrupted Kristin before she could reply.

''Excellent ladies.'' smiled Stephen ''Your voices are perfectly synchronised.''

''Thank you'' said Kristin while Idina just smiled ear to ear

''Well that's it for today everyone, I'll see you Monday morning.'' everybody went towards the changing rooms. Whole cast was tired, which was not surprising giving that they had rehearsal every day for 9 hours. Big primere was only a week away and everything needed to go smoothly.

Kristin and Idina stayed behind, avoiding crowded backstage.

''Kristin, what on earth are you doing?'' Idina asked as she watched Kristen climbing big ladders. Kristin pulled her big, puffy dress up to her knees climbing up.

''I want to see how the theatre looks from up there.'' Kristin replied finally reaching the end of scaffolding ladders. She took few steps, there wasn't a lot of space for walking but three persons could easily stand on the platform without getting crowded.

''You should come up here. We could use few more minutes to kill, considering that we are avoiding all the backstage rush.''

''I don't know about that. I'm much safer down here, with my feet firmly on the ground.''

''Don't be a sissy and climb up.'' Kristin rolled her eyes ''And take that bag when you're coming up.''

''Why are you so sure I'll be coming up there?'' asked Idina, hands on her hips as she looked up

''You can't resist me'' winked Kristin

''Please'' Idina said ''I'm coming because I want to see the view.'' grabbing bag and climbing up

''I knew you couldn't resist me.'' Kristin commented and when Idina looked away from her feet and finally moved on the platform she found Kristin sitting on the edge, her legs hanging in the air, while she rested against safety rail.

''You think highly of yourself.'' grinned Idina

''Am I wrong?'' Idina just rolled her eyes on that

''Here is your bag, oh irresistible one.'' she bowed retrieving chuckle from the blonde. 'Only if I were irresistible to you'

''Good, now we eat.'' smiled Kristin as she took the bag and tapped on the place next to her

''You have food in there?'' asked Idina surprised sitting down on the place Kristen tapped

''I wish it was real food. It's only juice and Skittles, my favourite snack.'' laughed Kristin

''Your mother never told you about healthy food?'' teased Idina

''Of course she did, that's the reason I was so happy when I moved out.'' Kristin replied ''Look, if you don't like my junk food...''

''Oh no, no. I love your junk food- it's my favourite snack when I'm in the hurry.'' Idina smiled sheepishly

''Oh yeah?'' smiled Kristin as she passed the bag of skittles to Idina ''I though you like healthy food''

''Shut it.'' Idina rolled her eyes and then added ''I like it up here.''

''Yeah, it gives you a new dimension of things.'' commented Kristin ''We rehearse here everyday and we never notice how it really looks.''

They sat in comfortable silence for few minutes eating Skittles until Steven interrupted them

''Do you think you two can come down here so we can get rid of that make up? I have a hot date with George from my yoga class!''

''Sorry, we'll be there in a minute.'' Idina said

''You better!'' he turned and went backstage

''I guess we have to go.'' Kristin said disappointed that her time with Idina was short

''I was thinking, my friend Jack and I are going out later, maybe you could come with us?'' Idina asked

Kristin heart jumped ''I don't know. Where are you going?''

''A club Kristin, we're going to dance.'' Idina said as she started to climbing down

''That means Taye will be there as well.'' said Kristin and hoped that her voice didn't reveal her anger

''No, Taye is in LA until Thursday. It'll be just you, me and Jack.'' Idina said looking up

''Alright, I'll go.'' said Kristin climbing down fast ''I hope you can dance.''

''You'll see'' smiled Idina watching Kristin getting down. Kristin's big, puffy dressed got stuck and she lost balance

''Kristin!'' Idina yelled and jumped forward just in time to catch Kristin. Both of them fell down with loud thump, Kristin turned around while she was falling wanting to brace herself on her hands so when she fell down on something soft she knew Idina was there to catch her. Kristin propped herself up on her hands looking down at Idina and then catching up to their position- her right thigh was between Idina's her face above perfect face of beautiful brunette.Idina moved a little bit, her thigh pressing against Kristen's centre making blonde's breath hitch.

''Are you okay?'' Kristin asked

''Yeah, I'm fine.'' replied Idina opening her eyes to find blonde smiling down at her

''Thank you.''

''Not a problem, I'd hate to see you hurt.'' Idina smiled

''Girls...'' Steve started but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the scene in front of him. He smiled wickedly and said ''Don't worry, you just do your thing and I'll wait.''

''Oh my God, did he think...'' Idina started

'I wish it was what he though.'

''He's just pulling our leg.'' replied Kristin

Jack and Idina were waiting for Kristin in front of the club.

''Why are you so nervous?'' asked Jack ''It's not like your going on a date or something.''

''I'm not nervous.'' denied Idina only to be met with Jack's cocked eyebrow ''I don't know why, I need alcohol.''

''Aha.'' Jack commented but before he could continue Idina said:

''She's here.''

Jack turned around and saw beautiful blonde moving towards them. She wore fitting dark blue jeans, white shirt tucked into her jeans, mighty high heel leather boots as a final touch. His mouth went dry

''She's hot as hell.'' Jack said turning his head to Idina he asked ''Is she single?''

''What?'' Idina asked ''You're not asking her out!''

''Hi, I'm sorry for being late.'' said Kristin

''Not a problem, we arrived 5 minutes ago.'' Idina smiled ''Kristin this is Jack, my best friend. Jack this is Kristin.''

''Nice to meet you.'' Kristin said shaking his hand

''Pleasure is all my mine, believe me.'' Jack grinned

''Shall we?'' Idina interrupted, almost growling at Jack 'What the hell was that? Why would I care if Jack and Kristin started to date?'

''Yes, we shall.'' smiled Kristin giving Idina ten thousand volts smile

After ordering few drinks, they went to dance. Idina's head spinned around as always after shots of tequila, she could feel Kristin's and Jack's presence but she closed her eyes, leaning her head back. She snapped out of it as she felt pair of hands on her hips, opening her eyes she found tipsy Kristin in front of her. Idina smiled pulling Kristin against her body, starting to move in rhythm. Idina ran her hands up and down Kristen's sides, stopping just above her ass. Kristin moved so Idina's thigh was between hers and as rhythm started to change their movements went from dancing closely to grinding against each other. Kristin rest her head against Idina's shoulders moaning loudly as Idina pulled her against her thigh harder deliberately pressing against blonde's centre.

'How long I wanted this...'

'Idina! You have husband! Stop it!''

Kristin decided that two could played that game so she backed away and turned around, pulling Idina against her back. Idina growled at contact as she gripped blonde's hips trying to control her movements and stop delightful pressure on her centre.

''What are you doing to me?'' Idina whispered against Kristin's ear making the blonde shiver

''I'm dancing Idina, what are you doing?'' Kristin responded as she turned around looking into Idina's eyes. Idina could clearly see lust and desire in blonde's eyes

''Something I'll regret afterwards.'' said Idina as she pulled Kristin into heated kiss, moving towards the dark corner of the club. Club was dark as it is, but there were few corners obviously meant for making out and dry humping or quick fuck. The moment Kristin's back collided with wall, Idina broke the kiss moving to blonde's neck.

''Kristin, I...'' Kristin knew what Idina was trying to say, trying to back away remembering that she has a husband. Kristin didn't want any of it so she pushed Idina and slammed her against wall, successfully changing their positions. She pushed her thigh against Idina harder then she intended, but receiving loud moan of pleasure. Kristin knew that this was possibly her only chance with Idina, so she didn't want to miss it. She undid Idina's trousers, pushing her hand into brunette's underwear.

''Kristin, we...oh sweet god'' Idina tried to resist

''You're soo wet, Idina'' moaned Kristin ''Please, let me...'' she kissed her neck

''Yes, Kristin...I need...''

''Let me show you how this is done.'' smiled Kristin kissing Idina's body

Idina's eyes opened and she looked down only to see Kristin getting on her knees, she groaned at the sighed. She never had anyone going down on her, but that was obviously going to change. Kristin looked up and saw Idina watching her every move- she smiled pulling Idina's pants and underwear lower getting first glance on Idina's perfectly trimmed pussy.

''Kristin..'' was Idina's strangled plea. Kristin locked eyes with Idina as brunette froze at the first touch of Kristin's tongue.

''You taste good.'' Kristin murmured but before Idina could respond, she lashed her tongue over Idina's bare clit, feeling the now-erect little nub under her tongue. Idina's head fell back, her hips moved towards sweet pressure, her hands dig into wall. Her tongue slowed, giving Idina gentle, luxurious licks until she felt her shudder again whimpering:

''Please...Kristin...I need to cum...'' hearing that Kristin ran her tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side, exploring every part of her pussy, finding sensitive spots that made Idina's breathing even harder and that caused her gasping out of pleasure. She let her tongue slide deep inside Idina, almost moaning again at the sweet flavor of her, Idina's scent filling her mind, and then swirled her now-slippery tongue over Idina's clit, slowly accelerating the motion. Her lips gently sucked as her tongue vibrated on the tip, and she felt Idina's hips lift off the wall before she let small scream of pleasure as she came:

''Kristin!'' Idina grabbed blonde's head against herself letting Kristin licking her while her the waves subsided

Jack went looking for Idina and Kristin who disappeared while he was getting another drink, but when he found them he was shocked. His best friend and Kristen went to dark, secluded corner of the club and he could not see clearly everything so he went closer. They were so lost in the moment that they didn't see him approaching, he stopped few feets away and saw perfectly what was happening. Kristin was on her knees in front of Idina, whose body was rigid- her eyes closed, her head leaning against wall, her legs spread for blonde between them, one of her hands in Kristin's hair , other digging into the wall. He stumbled backwards, leaving them in quasi privacy.

Idina arrived at theatre an hour early waiting for Kristin

''Good morning.'' greeted Kristin ''Somebody is trying not to lose the bet.''

''We need to talk.'' said Idina

''About?'' Kristin asked even though they both knew what she was talking about

''What happen on Saturday- it can never happen again.'' said Idina 'What did you think? That she will leave Taye for you?'

''Alright, if that's what you wish.'' Kristin replied ''We'll just forget about it.'' Kristin felt her heart cracking a bit

''I think that's for the best, after all it was only a slip-up.'' Idina said

Well, I would really like to hear your opinion and thoughts about this. Please review and tell me if you'd like me to continue this story :)

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