Step forward, step backwards

By orionsshiningstar

Drama / Romance

Take my advice

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I want to thank you for your support regarding this story. Also I would like to apologise for not updating sooner. I'm hoping you'll like this chapter :)

Note for a person who sent me message asking why I'm writing this story when it's not true- because I want to and if you don't like it feel free not to read it. Also, look up for a word fiction in dictionary.

Kristin sat down on grass feeling the spring wind crashing against her hot body. She took few deep breaths trying to get more oxygen in her lungs after running.

''That cold you avoid last time might come back now.'' said familiar voice

''You following me?'' asked Kristin as she turned around to greet Kate

''I feel like it's my duty to keep you from injury.'' smiled Kate ''Breath through your nose, it'll warm the air and there will be less chance of you catching that cold.'' she said and sipped her coffee

''You sure you're not doctor?'' Kristin narrowed her eyes

''I think I would remember getting my PhD.'' smiled Kate ''How's your ankle?''

''Good, thanks to your assistance.'' said Kristin '' You always walk by early morning?''

''Yes, my biorhythm is different- I sleep by day and I'm awake by night.''

''What, you go to sleep at 8 am?'' asked Kristin

''More like I go to sleep around 2 pm and get up at 10 or 11 pm.'' smiled Kate ''How about you, who are you trying to forget?''

''What makes you think I'm trying to forget something?'' asked Kristin challenging Kate to elaborate

''I said somebody, not something. You are fairly good clothed, manicure done, body in good shape which would indicate that you don't have financial problems. That means it's not work problem, which leaves personal problems- family problems don't usually make people run at'' she glanced at her watch ''5 am; there is no ring on your finger which means that you are not married so you don't have problem with your spouse. So you have problem with the person you're in love with.''

''You gathered all that from looking at me?'' asked Kristin surprised

''No, I gathered it by the way you stopped from your sprint saying: 'Fuck love!'.'' Kate grinned and added ''But if I tried, I'd probably picked it up by all the signs I said minute ago.'' giving Kristin smile making sure she knew it was a joke

''You really had me there.'' smiled Kristin and sat on the bench Kate was sitting

''I bet. Care to spill your problems to the world?'' asked Kate

''I don't even know you. I'm not telling you my problems.'' said Kristin in disbelief

''Fine. Think of solution on your own.'' Kate responded ''C'mon, I'll buy you a cup of coffee so you'll get to know me.''

''One cup of coffee? I'm not that cheap.'' Kristin said with smile

''But I come with the coffee.'' Kate winked

Kristin laughed and said ''Fine. You know coffee shop that works at 5 am?''

Kate and Kristin walked into small coffee shop near Central park and ordered their coffee.

''This is the part where we do small talk so we could get to interesting part. So fire away.'' Kate started

''How old are you?'' asked Kristin

''Younger than you.'' smiled Kate and cut Kristin who was about to reply ''I'm 19.''

''You got to be kidding me.'' said Kristin shaking her head lightly

''I don't see anything to laugh about, it's only age.'' smiled Kate

''Well, you won't ask me what is my age?'' asked Kristin

''I know how to behave and not ask ladies what's their age.'' Kate winked and added ''Also, it doesn't matter in my book.''

''Where do you live?'' Kristin asked

''Nowhere and everywhere. Hard to explain, you'll get it with time.''

''Where do you go to college?''

''I'm taking a break.''


''I need to think about few things, if my heart isn't in place then I can't do my job.''replied Kate

''Where are your parents?'' Kristin asked and Kate flinched

''Dead.'' Kate responded simply

Kristin liked the girl for some unknown reason, her presence making the pain Idina left bearable.

''Is that the reason you needed a break? Why you're wearing black?'' Kristin asked in much softer voice

''Yes and no, I almost always wear black clothes.''

''Okay, it's your turn now.'' said Kristin

''I don't mean to be judgemental and I don't believe in stereotypes, but are all people from south crazy?'' asked Kate with smile

Kristin laughed out loud and answered ''No, there are many normal people.''

''You're not one of them, are you?'' that earned her slap on the shoulder

''Ask me real questions!'' said Kristin

''What is your favourite colour?''

''Brown, most of the things I wear, for example, are in different colours but if I had to choose it would be brown.''

''Music you listen?'' Kate questioned

''Country, jazz and blues.''

''Favourite book?''

''The Catcher in the Rye.''

''Who's breaking your heart?''

''Idina.'' Kristin said before she could realise what was the question.

Kate looked at her surprised, but after recovering she asked ''Why is she breaking your heart? Is she in relationship already or what?''

''She's married. To a nice guy.'' Kristin replied quietly

''Does she love you?'' Kate asked

''I don't know, she says I make her feel alive but...'' she trailed off

''Try it.'' Kate said simply

''Excuse me?''

''Forget what your parents thought you and go after the girl.'' said Kate simply

''It's not that simple...'' started Kristin

''Yes it is, it really is. Not breaking other people's marriages and cheating is in top 10 things you mustn't do being Catholic, right?''

''Yes, in 10 commands.'' replied Kristin

''Well, screw it. People are usually too busy to make everything work by some rules that they forget to be happy. Fuck the rules of proper behaviour, it's what controls people. TV, magazines, newspapers, religions-they bomb us with pictures of proper behaviour and how we should act. People are sheeps who are ready to accept social patterns, even if that makes them unhappy.''

''What are you saying?'' asked Kristin

''I'm saying that if she makes you complete, if you love her and you know you have a chance- go for it. Make her see what she can have, fuck rules because if you two are happy together then you should be together.'' Kate finished

''You make it sound easy.'' Kristin said

''Believe me, it only sounds simply. You'll have to work your ass off to pull it off in reality.'' smiled Kate

Idina was drinking her morning coffee, her mood still hadn't improved. She was at Kristin's apartment four days ago and her mind kept replying moments of their kiss- mixing memories from both encounters. She sighed and shook her head

''You okay?'' asked Taye as he walked into the kitchen

''Yeah, I'm fine. Only headache.'' Idina simply answered

''I wanted to ask you something.'' said Taye

''Okay.'' said Idina turning to her husband

''You remember that role I was talking about other day?'' Idina nodded even though she couldn't recall a word of that conversation

''Well, I got it, but shooting is in LA. I wouldn't be here for at least 3 months.'' he sighed

''It's fine Taye.'' Idina said immediately ''Don't worry about it, it seemed you really liked the part so you should do it. I will be here 3 months from now.'' she smiled knowing that time from Taye was the worst thing that could happen.

''Really?'' he asked smiling

''Yes, really.'' smiled Idina

''I need to make few calls.'' Taye said kissing Idina on cheek and hurrying out of the kitchen

''Did you two have chick fight or something?'' asked Steve as he mixed green colour

''No'' they both said

''Why would you think that?'' asked Kristin

''In last 5 days you barely spoke 10 words in here.'' he replied ''This pent up energy between you two is making me sweat.''

''There is no pent up energy between us.'' denied Idina ''We're tired from all the rehearsals.''

''Exactly.'' Kristin confirmed

''Right.'' Steve mumbled

''Okay, I'm out of here.'' Steve said as he picked up his things at the end of long day ''Bye ladies, have fun.''

''Bye.'' both Idina and Kristin said

After few minutes they changed into their regular clothes and started to pick up their things without saying a word. Kristin remembered Kate's words and as Idina walked to the door wishing Kristin good night, Kristin stood up and hurried towards Idina. She grabbed her hand, turned around and slammed taller woman to the door.

''Kristin what are you doing?'' asked Idina surprised

''I'm done pretending not to like you, not wanting you and I'm tired of you denying what you want.'' said Kristin as she locked the door

''Kristin...we can't. I have husband...I love him...'' Idina said

''If you love him so much and if he gives you everything you need why did you had sex with me?'' asked Kristin whispering against Idina's ear ''If you love him, why are you trembling now?''

''I can't help it.'' Idina swallowed hard

''You said I make you feel alive'' said Kristen kissing Idina's neck ''Let me make you feel alive.''

''Kristin...'' was quiet try of stopping what was about to happen. Kristin pushed Idina's thin jacket off and onto floor and started unbuttoning her shirt while kissing and sucking on Idina's neck. Idina moved her head to left giving Kristin more access to continue her assault. Kristin smirked as she opened Idina's shirt and removed it from Idina's body.

''Kristin,we shouldn't do thi-" Idina stopped mid-sentenced and gasped loudly as Kristin pinched her left nipple, which stiffened further under her touch. Their eyes locked, and Kristin smirked as she thumbed Idina's right nipple, causing her eyes to roll and her mouth to fall open. Idina was enjoying this as much as Kristin was, and when Kristin pinched her nipple hard, she let out a squeal followed by deep moan.

Kristin pulled Idina off the door, unbuckled her belt and started unbuttoning Idina's jeans. She started to kiss Idina again the moment she pulled her off the door successfully killing any objection that threaten to get out of Idina's mouth. After pulling Idina's jeans to her mid thigh, Kristin pushed her on the couch that was next to the door.

''Oh fuck...'' Idina breathed as Kristin mouth closed on her left nipple as she sucked happily. She replaced her mouth with nimble fingers, and started to lick and suck Idina's right nipple, lightly nibbling with her teeth, which caused even more moans to escape Idina's lips.

''Kristin...god...more..''moaned Idina. Kristin wouldn't end Idina's sweet misery but she knew that her time in backstage room was limited so she janked Idina's jeans down and threw them somewhere. She began by kissing around Idina's knee and slowly made her way further up the sexy long leg. Idina's chest still thumped away, even more so as she felt Kristin's soft lips making their way along the inside of her left leg. Idina's breathing became more ragged and shallow as Kristin got to her inner thigh and was licking as well as kissing the soft skin of her upper leg. Idina closed her eyes, moaned and threw her head backwards when felt Kristin's warm breath against her centre. Kristin placed her tongue just above those pussy lips and lick all the way up to Idina's navel and finished with planting a firm wet kiss just above the place where Idina needed her the most.

''Idina, open your eyes'' was Kristin's quiet command as she slid two fingers into Idina. Idina's eyes opened wide as she arched back

''Look at me.'' Kristin said stilling her ministrations. When Idina looked at her she continued:


''What? Kristin...'' started Idina

''Beg.'' repeated Kristin

''Kristin, please make me come.'' moaned Idina. After a minute, Kristin only continued to tease near orgasm Idina without serious indication to make Idina come soon

''God...Kristin please...fuck me, make me come.'' Kristin smiled wickedly at that

The two digits went further and further into her body until they were as far in as Kristin could get them, then they were withdrawn slowly all the way back out again. Next time three fingers were introduced, the added thickness made Idina gasp, her body tingling as the gentle fucking was dragging her to climax.

''Ahhhh...god...''Idina half screamed as she felt Kristin's tongue on her highly sensitive clitoris. Kristin's tongue in combination with fingers that were penetrating her drove Idina to orgasm

''Kristin! God...fuuuckkk'' Idina's pussy gripped Kristin's fingers and, even though Kristin knew she'd done enough, she kept on licking that sweet clitoris and fucking the hole as she still persisted in her full assault on the hot pussy. Quickly enough Kristin drove Idina to another orgasm

''KRISTIN!'' screamed Idina and slumped against couch, breathing hard, her body covered in thin layer of sweat. Kristin looked at Idina, memorising every detail in case they never get to it again. She felt the tears coming, but decided to play it all the way so she leaned and whispered to her ear

''This is why he isn't enough. Because you screamed my name, because you needed my touch, because you fell apart in my arms.'' finished Kristin, took her bag and marched out of the room leaving Idina behind

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