Step forward, step backwards

By orionsshiningstar

Drama / Romance

Step by step

Hi everyone :)

I want to thank you for your support, you're awesome. I am sorry but I was in Tibet and I hope you'll understand my delay :) My next updates will be more regular (I hope)

In this chapter I'm mentioning bad neighbourhood in New York. If anyone is from there, please do not take offence, I took basic information from internet- which as we all know, may be correct as well as it can be incorrect.

Kate's London experience is actually my own experience. (but I'm not from London or UK while Kate is)

Enjoy :))

Kristin was feeling like completely insane person at the moment. It was two in the night and she was walking around Central park in search of Kate. She knew that somebody could kill her, rape her or god knows how many other things.

''Hello little lady.'' man's voice said making her jump. It was clear that the man was drunk and even though his suit showed he wasn't homeless, the dirt on him clearly showed his pig like personality.

Kristin moved away from the man, but he kept on approaching her. ''C'mon little lady, I'll show you good time.'' he smiled

Kristin bumped into somebody and went stiff until she heard Kate's voice ''Why do you always get into trouble?''

Kate moved in front of her and said ''She's not interested in your love offers.''

''That's between me and blondie over there.'' he said

''Well blondie over there is with me so you can forget about it.'' said Kate

''All good ones are pussy lickers!'' he said eyeing both Kate and Kristin and turned around mumbling something

''I think now would be a good time for me to give you the number of my mobile phone.'' said Kate turning around

''Yeah, that would be wise.'' Kristin smiled

Idina opened her door and found Jack in his PJ's on the other side.

''You're not dying'' he eyed her ''This better be good.'' he growled as he entered the apartment

''I had sex with Kristin.'' Idina said quickly

''It is good.'' he grinned

''Not funny!'' Idina scoffed

''Well, can I at least get some dirty details? I mean, I did come to your rescue at 3 am in the morning.'' he smiled

''You can be a pig sometimes, you know that?'' Idina asked as they moved towards living room

''I'm a man! It's in my DNA, I can't help it if you choose to see me as robot without sex needs at all.'' he responded

''I see you as best friends you moron.'' Idina said and slumped down on couch

''Yeah, I just said that.'' he said and seeing coffee table ''Honey, it's called coffee table, not 'tequilla, handkerchief and god knows what that white thing is' table.''

''Shut up!'' Idina said reaching for tequila

Jack saw that as his golden moment ''So tell what happened. I can take it all, just lay it on me- everything.''

''You're not going to drop this.'' said Idina shaking her head ''Fine. She pinned me against looker room door and then pushed me down on couch and fucked me senseless.'' seeing Jack's reaction she added ''It was very pretty sight- her going down on me.''

''Pass me tequila please.'' Jack managed to say

''C'mon'' said Kate ''Let's go. We'll have a drink or two, you look like you need it.''

''Charmer.'' smiled Kristin ''Where are we going?''

''My place.'' smiled Kate

''Just to tell you- I'm in love and not easy. Even after few drinks and no matter how good looking you are.'' Kristin said with hands on her hips

''I'll have that on mind.'' laughed Kate ''But, lets be honest. If I wanted you in my bed, we'd be at it long, loong time ago.'' she winked

''So sure of yourself.'' said Kristin ''I don't like that.'' Kate just laughed at the tone of Kristin's voice

''So where is that place of yours? I hope you don't live in Bronx or something. If you are, you are bringing me back here- I'm not going alone!'' said Kristin

''I have no idea where Bronx is.'' Kate responded ''But, why does that sounded like bad comment?''

''I have never been there and maybe it's a little lousy to judge before I go, but when I got here they said to me to avoid few places if I want to live. And I want to live god damn it! I have to get Idina.'' Kristin said

''Well I grew up in London and my family's situation is specific one, lets say. Anyway, I was pretty mad one day and hurried out of the house and went on first train I saw. After getting off god knows where, I walked for hour or so. After some time I heard music and I decided to go in the direction of music. I got into poor neighbourhood, the one I was warned about so many times before. All those people who warned me about it, never went near that neighbourhood. They were poor yes, but they were happy. I can not explain it, they were struggling with money, bills, how to put food on the table for their children but they were singing and playing music that evening. They looked at me and offered me seat among them, but they didn't judge me. I mean it was clear I wasn't from there, but they never made notice of it, in fact they just embraced me in the moment when 'my part of society' didn't.'' Kate said

''What happened then?'' asked Kristin

''I had to go home.'' replied Kate ''They were kind enough to escort me back to the train station as I had no idea how to get there. I've met some very smart people there and it pained me to see them on the bottom of the society chain when I knew how many arses were on top of it. Look, I know it was just one good experience and I know that there are a lot of bad neighbourhoods and let's be honest I probably got lucky. I'm just saying that there is always more than it meets the eye.'' smiled Kate

''I know'' smiled Kristin ''Now where to?'' asked Kristin as the exited Central Park

''Across the road.'' said Kate

''You live at Plaza hotel?'' asked Kristin

''What? You don't like?'' Kate laughed as they crossed the road

''Evening Jeremy.'' Kate smiled

''Evening madame Black.'' he smiled ''How are you this evening?''

''Very well Jeremy, in Superman mode.'' Kristin rolled her eyes ''How is your family?''

''I got a son this weekend.'' he smiled proudly

''Congratulations Jeremy!'' said Kate and hugged big man

''Congratulations'' Kristin smiled warmly

''Thank you.'' smiled Jeremy

''Well, we'll leave you to feel proud and all.'' Kate said ''Have a good night Jeremy.''

''Will do ma'am.''

As they walked in, Kate went straight to reception.

''Good evening madame Black.'' lady at reception greeted Kate

''Good evening Beatrice, please note that this lady'' she said looking at Kristin ''is allowed to come and visit me. Just let her up without any problems, all right?''

''Not a problem.'' responded Beatrice ''But we have to have her name.''

''Kristin Chenoweth.'' Kate said and walked towards elevator with Kristin right behind her

''So what now?'' asked Jack

''I have no idea.'' Idina responded

''I got that'' he chuckled ''I meant, will you continue it?''

''No!'' Idina said

''You don't have enough willpower to stop her!'' he remarked

''I know.'' slumped Idina ''The moment she wants something...''

''You'll be there and get it.'' finished Jack for her ''You know, you weren't like this when you started dating with Taye.''

''What are you talking about?'' Idina scoffed ''I was! I was totally and madly in love with him!'' she defended ''The way I was in love with him then is the same thing I'm in love with her now!''

The moment she said that she clasped her hand over her mouth.

Jack smiled and said ''Like one smart ass we both know would say: In vino veritas!.''

''Top floor in Plaza hotel?'' Kristin questioned

Kate laughed ''If you have problem with it, we can always take the booze and hit park again.''

''No, no. I'm not complaining, just saying.'' Kristin smiled

''Now, tell me what happened with Idina.'' Kate said ''That is probably the reason why you were looking for me.''

''Yes, we had sex.'' Kristin said ''I took your advice. I took the charge and decided to at least try to get what I want.''

''What did she say after it?'' asked Kate as she handed Kristin her drink and started sipping her own

''She didn't have power to speak after that much screaming.'' Kate coughed after her drink went wrong way

''You okay?'' asked Kristin as she punched over her back

''I'm okay, thanks.'' Kate replied ''So you were saying?''

''She didn't say anything and frankly I didn't give her a chance.'' Kristin said

''What cards do you have in your hands? I mean, you shouldn't have left, Idina isn't really type of a person you should give too much space. She'll back off and get into her scared persona.'' Kate said

''How do you know what kind of person is Idina?'' Kristin asked

''Well, you talk about her all the time. I got a picture in my head.'' Kate responded

''Oh, yeah..sorry.'' Kristin laughed ''Well there is that bet...''

''I'm going to die.'' Idina said

''Yeah well, bottle of tequila does that to a person.'' Jack said massaging his temple

''Fuck you! What kind of friend are you? You should've stopped me and tell me that I'll be dying in the morning.'' whined Idina

''I'm going outside, I need a bagel. You want one?'' after hearing roar under pillow Idina put on her head he said ''I'll get you one, then.''

Jack walked in coffee shop, his head throbbing and his vision slightly blurred. He was standing in the line when he heard a voice he hadn't heard in few years:

''Rough night?''

He spun around and met familiar dark brown eyes: ''Caitlin!''

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Don't be shy and leave your comment ;)

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