Step forward, step backwards

By orionsshiningstar

Drama / Romance

Plans for future and talks of past

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Note- Yes, I know that originally Wicked was premiered 30th of October, but I put it in different time of the year- the spring. But time frame in which Idina and Kristin had left the show will stay the same. Also, I have no idea what Kristin's brother do in life, even though I will mention him in this chapter.

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Kate was awoken by loud banging at her door, she glanced at her watch on night stand- 8.30 in the evening. Who the hell could it be? she mused as she hurried towards the door

''Kristin'' she said as she opened the door ''What happened?''

''Nothing, why?'' asked Kristin ''Why are you sleeping?''

''I've told you I sleep during the day'' mumbled Kate ''Come on in'' she ushered Kristin in

''Let me come to my senses, please feel free to take whatever there is in the kitchen, okay?'' Kate said as she slumped on the couch

''I'm sorry Kate, I forgot.'' apologised Kristin

''It's alright'' said Kate with her eyes closed ''What's going on?''

''Easter break is next month.'' said Kristin excited ''We must find a place to rent! If Idina and I are going away for holidays, we must rent some cabin in the woods or something.''

''Kate!'' yelled Kristin as Kate started to doze off ''Listen to me!''

Kate jumped to her feet ''I'm listening! I'm listening! Cabin, rent, forest.''

''I'll get you a cup of coffee.'' said Kristin ''You look like you need one.''

Kate grumbled as she dragged her feet towards kitchen ''Kristin, everything is taken care of.'' she sat at kitchen table, her head falling on wooden surface of the table

''What?'' asked Kristen confused as she pushed buttons on coffeemaker

''Cabin is already ready, don't worry about it.'' Kate said

''Are you crazy?'' asked Kristin in raised voice

''I had many outcomes in my head, but this wasn't one of them.'' Kate mentioned confused, her head still resting on the table, eyes half closed

''Snap out of it'' ordered Kristin putting cup of coffee in front of Kate ''Why did you do that?''

Kate finally started to coming back to life ''I don't understand why you're mad at me.''

''I'm angry because I'm not a charity case'' accused Kristin furious ''Why would you do that?''

Because I want to see both of you happy!

''Kristin, think of it as Easter gift'' she offered

''Kate!'' said Kristin ''I'm serious!''

''I am too!'' said Kate ''You better get me something nice!''

''You wouldn't believe it Jack!'' Idina moved around kitchen upset ''Just coming my way, catching me off guard! While taking a drink! Woman has no sense of dignity! Telling me all those things!''

''What kind of things?'' asked Jack with smug on his face

''Pass me the carrot!'' Idina commanded looking at him rather annoyed

''Alright, alright!'' he laughed passing the bloody carrot ''You know what's really weird?''

''No, what is weird, Watson?'' asked Idina mocking

''You're bottom.'' he smiled

''Excuse me?'' asked Idina confused

''Well, whenever guys and I look at lesbian couples'' started Jack

''We're not a couple'' Idina interrupted him pointing at him with knife she was holding

''As I was saying'' he continued moving on opposite side of kitchen isle ''We try to determine who is on top and who is bottom. So, you see, one night we started discussing our friends and wives or girlfriends. I said that you'd be a top. But, I guess I was wrong. So wrong.''

''I can be top!'' Idina replied ''I am top!''

''Well, usually you are dominate in everything you do but Kristin pinned you against club wall and against door in changing room.'' he stated ''So, my dear, you ain't top in this relationship.'' he grinned

After 10 minutes of discussing, Kristin finally gave up and decided she needed to buy Kate awesome present.

''So where is that cabin?'' asked Kristin as she sat down next to Kate with her own cup of coffee

''Sanarac Lake.'' replied Kate

''I've heard that's beautiful place.'' commented Kristin ''It's far, though.''

''Don't worry, you'll have a driver.'' Kate said

''What?!'' Kristin almost yelled on Kate's ear

''God, here we go again'' mumbled Kate

Idina and Jack were sitting on couch after dinner, when Idina ended comfortable silence

''I could be top''

''I know that.'' Jack said ''It just seems you forgot that. Also, it seems Kristin doesn't know because you never showed her that.''

''I'll show her!'' replied Idina

''I thought you said that you will not give into her.'' he commented throwing magazine he was reading on coffee table

''I...I know what I said.'' said Idina sipping her vine

''You know, though?'' he questioned ''I don't think it's fair.''

''What's not fair?'' asked Idina confused

''You aren't fair.'' he said seriously ''You're worse than any man I know- that girl fucked you twice! And you never returned favour!''

''I didn't have a chance!'' said Idina quickly ''We were in club and people would notice and second time she hurried out!''

''So you want to return the favour'' he smiled

''I hate you.'' Idina got up and went to kitchen, Jack on her tail

''Tell me you don't want to'' he challenged ''It's not sense of duty and paying back, don't even try that shit. You really want it, don't you?''

Idina leaned on sink, bowed her head as she found something interesting in limescale that started to accumulate on the edges of sink.

''You need it.'' he continued ''You just want to fuck her, just like she fucked you.''

''Shut up!'' she said sternly ''I know what I want.'' she looked away ''You're my best friend, you should be helping me! I'm throwing away my marriage, my reputation, my life! You're the one who should be stopping me at that.'' she turned around and pierced him with her angry look ''Why aren't you stopping me?''

''I am.'' he simply said ''I'm stopping your average life. You should be happy not content, you should be in love not stuck in habit. So I'm stopping it, yeah.''

''I'm fine.'' retored Idina

''Fine, but not good.'' responded Jack ''I have to go, okay? I'll call you later.''

''Are you joining army?'' Kristin asked Kate as they ate

''Why are you thinking I'm joining army?'' asked Kate

''When I went to get cell from my purse, I noticed latter on the desk.'' she answered ''The same envelope my brother got when he had been recruited.''

''It's an offer, not a recruiting letter.'' Kate responded ''And I haven't decided, it's decent offer- I'm just not in the mood for fighting people who aren't really enemies. More civilians die there than soldiers, I don't like that.''

''Your brother was in UN?'' Kate asked before Kristin could question her any longer

''Yeah, UN Peacekeepers.'' said Kristin

Idina knocked at Jack's door.

When the doors opened she found Jack standing with somehow angry expression

''Why now?'' she asked ''I've been with Taye for 8 years. Four months ago you watched me walking down that aisle and you kept quiet. You didn't say a word before ceremony or after ceremony, you haven't said a word for 8 years! So, what the hell Jack?''

''Come on in, you'll wake up my neighbours.'' Jack said

''I still want explanation.'' she fussed as she entered the apartment

''I got a wake up call.'' he responded

''Yeah, who called?'' Idina said sarcastically. Jack knowing he had promised Kate he'd be quiet said:

''My brain.'' Jack said ''Idina, I like Taye, he's great guy, but he does not make you happy.''

''Neither is Kristin.'' said Idina

''She makes you feel'' said Jack ''You said it yourself- you're in love. Give her a chance to make you happy Idina and I'm sure she'll do better job than Taye. Whether you want to admit it or not.''

''Shit!'' Kristin exclaimed as she broke a plate

''What did you do now?'' asked Kate from living room picking up glasses

''I've broke a plate.'' she responded trying to stop bleeding on her hand

Kate walked into kitchen, put the glasses down on table and turned to see Kristin.

''My God, Kristin'' she rushed to Kristin who was holding kitchen towel on her palm. She took away the towel to have a better look at the wound, Kristin admired the gentleness Kate's eyes hold while she was inspecting the gash.

''That will need stitches.'' said Kate

''I'm fine.'' Kristin said trying to pull her hand back, but strong grasp around the wrist made it impossible.

''No, you're not.'' said Kate sternly ''You need a doctor, I'm taking you to ER.''

''No, I hate doctors.'' responded Kristin trying to find her way out of the iron grasp

''They won't eat you Kristin.'' Kate rolled her eyes with no intention of letting go

''Still'' Kristin pouted

''What if I stitch you up?'' asked Kate ''Will you let me? Without complaining, since I don't have strong pain killers.''

''So you are a doctor.'' Kristin said accusingly

''Yes, I finished medical school. But I'm not doctor yet.'' said Kate

''Fine, I'll let you stitch me up, but I'll kill you if you scar me!'' said Kristin

''Sit down.'' said Kate as she went to get first aid kit

Kristin observed Kate's work- she did it with ease, she seemed so natural doing it. Kristin couldn't help to notice some moves and gestures Kate had, they reminded her of Idina so much. She was certain her brain is creating something that isn't there to help her cope with situation, but still Kate's eyes were almost the same as Idina's, only darker. But Kate's character was so different from Idina's- in moments when Idina would back down Kate pushed stronger, where Idina was afraid to make a change Kate took control and spin her life around.

''You are very good looking woman, how come you don't have anybody?'' asked Kristin

''I'd say you are the first girl who ever hit on me while I was treating her, but I'd be lying.'' Kate chuckled ''Why do you think so?''

''Please don't avoid question- if you don't want to answer it, okay, but play around.'' said Kristin seriously

''Alright,'' Kate agreed ''I'm not good in them, all my life I moved from a place to place. I've met lots of people and only handful of them are worth homo sapiens title. The more people I let in, the more I'll get hurt when they leave. Also there is a fact that I'm not very monogamous person.''

''It's better to love and to lost than to never know love.'' Kristin said

''Well, if we're on quotes, Bette Davis said- ''Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, pain of love lasts a lifetime." '' Kate responded

''Right.'' said Kristin too tired to argue even though she wanted to

''I'm only honest.'' said Kate putting bandages on the wound ''I'll get you pain killers and then you're going to bed.''

'' I need to get home first.'' said Kristin

''You're sleeping here Kristin. I won't take no for an answer.'' she said quickly seeing Kristin wanted to say something ''It's comfortable bed, you'll sleep well.''

''Where will you sleep?'' asked Kristin

''I woke up few hours ago remember?'' Kate chuckled giving Kristin painkillers and water

''I want to know one thing though.'' said Kristin and took the pills ''When you said, you aren't monogamous...''

''I knew you wouldn't let it slide.'' Kate smiled ''I had a boyfriend for three months, but we broke up when he found me in bed with his sister.''

''That was the longest relationship I ever had, actually.'' she mused

''My God, you're terrible.'' Kristin said in half-shock ''For how long did you cheat on him?!''

''Two months and three weeks.'' answered Kate grinning.

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