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Lost in El Alamein

By orionsshiningstar

Other / Romance

Chapter 1

Hello everyone, I'm back with this new story and I hope you'll like it :D

Note #1- English is not my first language and at the time being I don't have beta, so all mistakes are mine. If you don't like to read fics with grammar mistakes my advice is to skip this one.

Note#2- I don't own anything. Not the tv series and not this cover photo. Except this story and my laptop.

Note#3- it's AU story. Different situations, time and place. The characters are the same though with few new ones. Since I have to go to my classes and all of that, my updates will be little slower, but I hope I'll update once a week.

Well, that's it. Enjoy :D (oh yes I forgot- this is history story and all the data's I use are real.)

December 2020.

Claire Rizzoli-Matters considered herself one lucky lady. She had two sons and 3 granddaughters who were currently running around her backyard. She looked through the window and saw her sons laughing about something while their wife's were sitting on the couch drinking coffee. She the thought about her late husband, who died two years ago- she believes that he's smiling at them somewhere from the heaven.

''C'mon children, let's go inside. The rain will start any minute.'' Claire said and kids jumped on back porch and ran to her.

Later that night, her sons and daughter in law left, leaving her with her granddaughters and Jenna, her other daughter in law.

''Grandma! You are old.'' 9 year old Abby said

''Abby!'' Jenna scolded her daughter

''It's alright my dear'' Claire laughed ''I am old, but I'm not that old. I'm only 60.''

''Yes, but you must know a lot of stories.'' Abby said

''I do.'' confirmed Claire

''Well tell us a story.'' 10 year old Angela said

''A love story grandma!'' exclaimed Abby ''The greatest love story you know of.''

''Well, I don't know. I think that the greatest love story I know of isn't for your ears. It's not traditional kind of love.'' Claire said looking at Jenna asking for permission.

''Is this about your aunt?'' asked Jenna

''Yes, it is.'' confirmed Claire

''Well, I think that kids are never too young to start accepting people around them.'' Jenna smiled and added ''And I would love to hear the great love story between Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles.''

''They are both girls.'' said confused Abby

''You can love both boys and girls Abby.'' Angela said ''It doesn't matter.''

''Angela is right.'' Claire said ''Now, do you want to hear the story?''

''Yes!'' both girls exclaimed and Abby added ''This will be the best Christmas break ever.''

''It all started in 1980. My grandmother Angela Rizzoli died and my dad Frankie and I went to clear the attic. Looking through the boxes I found a locked wooden chest...''

April 1980.

''Dad! I found some kind of wooden chest.'' yelled Claire

''Well look what's in it.'' Frankie said

''It's locked dad.'' Frankie approached his daughter and when he saw chest he stopped.

''What is it dad?''

''It's Jane's chest.''

''Aunt Jane's chest?'' Claire questioned

''Yes. I haven't seen it in years.'' Frankie said with tears in his eyes ''Go to your grandmothers room and you will find a key for the chest.''

They opened the chest and saw a lot of objects-letters, photographs, few notebooks that Claire presumed were diary's and some small things as souvenir's or personal affects.

''Dad, can I keep it? I would love to know more about her.'' Claire asked

''Yeah, you can keep it. You live on your own anyway so I don't have anything with it.'' her dad said ''Just read them before you get kids, because kids will never let you finish those in peace.''

''Are you saying that Tommy and I never let you read in peace?'' Claire joked

''Read in peace? Ha! You never let me read. Period. I'm so glad that you're grown up, now I can actually know the score of matches.''

''There is a TV dad, you can watch it.''

'' You kids and your technology. I like newspapers more.'' smiled Frankie

December 2020.

''Granpa Frankie sounds funny.'' Abby said

''Oh, he was funny. He always had a smile on his face.'' Claire remembered

''And what happened then?'' asked Angela

''Well I took the chest home with me, I pulled diary's out of it and started reading. And this is where our story begins.'' Claire said

December 1941.

''Mom, have you seen my coat?'' Jane asked

''Why? Where are you going?'' asked Angela

''Outside for a walk. Tommy and Frankie are coming too, we're going skating down on the lake.''

''Oh Jane, when will you start acting like a proper lady? No one will want to marry you and you're not getting any younger, you're 21 already.'' Angela scolded

''I will mom, don't worry.'' Jane smiled

''Be careful, all three of you.'' Angela yelled as her 22 year old Tommy, 14 year old Frankie and Jane hurried out of the house. It amazed her how her kids still knew how to act like 5 year old kids.

''Angela, I'm home.'' Frank Rizzoli called from the door

''In the kitchen.'' Angela called

''Good evening sweetheart.'' Frank greeted and kissed his wife on the cheek ''I brought someone with me.''

''Good evening Angela.'' captain Jack Hunt greeted

''Jack! I haven't seen you in ages, how are you?'' Angela asked hugging Jack ''You're staying for dinner Jack! And I'm not accepting no for an answer.''

''Alright, I'll gladly stay. There is something Frank and I need to talk to you about.''

Dinner went by fairly quickly and Angela sent kids do the dishes while her, Frank and Jack went to living room.

''So what did you want to talk about?'' Angela asked

''The war.'' answered Frank

''You're thinking about going to the war?'' asked Angela

''I think I'll have to Angela. It's only matter of time when United States will have to interfere.'' Jack said

''I don't think that president Roosevelt will let that happen. I mean we all know he doesn't want Hitler to win, but he knows he doesn't have support of American public and I'm sure he doesn't want to lose voters.''

''You are completely right Angela.'' Jack said and added ''But what do you think would have to happen for public to support the war?''

''Attack of Central forces.'' Angela answered

''It's only matter of time, trust me, when they'll attack us.'' said Jack

''I hope that won't happen.''

''We also hope it won't'' said Frank ''but if it does, then what? We have Tommy and Jane...''

''What with Tommy and Jane?'' interrupted Angela

''Well, they are the right age for military.'' Jack said

''You gotta be kidding! My children, my daughter will not go in war!'' Angela raised her voice

''Angela, you and I both know that when they'll knock on that door'' Frank pointed at the house door ''They'll ask for Jane first. She's one of the best pilots around and she'll be first.''

''We don't know what will happen, maybe nothing will happen and US will never enter the war!'' cried Angela


''This is your fault! Why couldn't you let me raise her like every other girl? To play with dolls and other girls?'' Angela pointed at her husband

''Because she wouldn't be happy, she didn't want to.'' Frank said calmly

''Look, Angela. The only thing I want to say is that I want Jane with me in combat if US enters the war.'' Jack said ''I'll do my best to protect me.''

''You will fight for US?'' asked Angela

''Of course not.'' Jack answered ''I only fight for the king and my beloved England. Jane will be much safer with British army then with American one. America doesn't have army that good yet.''

''If we do enter the battle, Jane...'' Angela started

''Jane will most certainly be dragged away to fight in a war.'' Frank said

''And I'll take her with me to the British army, where I'll make sure that she'll be safe.''

''Nothing is safe on battlefield.'' Angela responded

''You're right.'' Jack admitted

''Very well, if we enter the war, I'll let Jane go with you.'' Angela said and sat down sobbing. Frank put his arm around her and pulled his sobbing wife closer

Three adults never saw three kids standing in the hallway, hearing everything.

''We'll be a laughing stocks Dianne!'' William said

''William, dear, you know she'll do it. With our consent or without it.'' Dianne sighed ''She's so damn stubborn. Just like you.''

''She's 22 Dianne and she'll get herself killed in that damn war.''

''William, the only thing that I am saying is: she'll go. You can accept it and make sure that she is sent somewhere safer or you can yell and she'll just go away and we'll never know where.'' with that Dianne walked out of the room


''Yes father?'' Maura asked looking up from her suitcase

''Your mother says you're stubborn just like me.'' he sighed sitting down on bed '' I guess she's right. You are always the one who breaks the rules, your sister got married and is having her second child, your brother is in the army and is stationed here in London and he's also getting married. They did everything we asked from them. But you,'' he chuckled ''I told you find yourself a suitor of your choice before I have to choose for you, but you went and finished university. All those doctors have more respect towards you then towards me. I tell you alright now settle down and you decide to go to the war.''

''Father, I am sorry'' Mara started

''I'm not. Lady Walters asked me if I'm disappointed in you and I answered that you are the only one on who I'm proud. I am Maura, you did what no one thought you will, you are respected doctor and you want to save lives. I respect that and I could forbid you to go in the war, but you would went anyway. That's why I'm only asking you one thing- to go where I tell you to. I contacted general Auchinleck who is now in North Africa and told him about you. He will be honoured to have you in his army. I want you to go there, there is at least a little less chance for your death.''

''Yes, father. I will go to North Africa, I give you my word.'' Maura smiled

7th December 1941.

''I can't believe it.'' Jane said as she heard the news on the radio

''What can't you believe?'' asked Angela walking in the house

''It's Pearl Harbor. Japs bombed Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt is bound to announce our...'' Jane started

''Don't say it! We'll not enter this war.'' Angela said

2 hours later it was official. USA entered the war and it became known as Word War II. It was 11 pm when Rizzoli family gathered in the living room with Jack.

''Jane, you will be going in North Africa with me. We will be under the command of general Claude Auchinleck. We leave in the morning.'' Jack said

Jane nodded and went to pack her things. When she was halfway through, Tommy and Frankie entered her room

''Mom is crying.'' Frankie said

''I know,'' Jane sighed ''I'm sure I'll come home soon. The war can't go on forever.'' smiled Jane

''Why you get to go and I can't?'' asked Tommy

''Are you serious? Do you think I want to go to the war?'' Jane looked at him like he's gone mad

''It doesn't matter. You shouldn't go to the war- you're a woman.'' he said as he left the room

''C'mon Frankie, let's go down stairs and talk with our parents. I want to be with you, who knows when I'll see you the next time.''

December 2020.

''What happened next?'' asked Abby

''Maura is so brave and Jane too.'' Angela said

''Yes, they were very, very brave. Well, that's it for tonight, you have to go to bed, but we'll continue the story tomorrow after breakfast.

So, this is the first chapter. Should I continue the story or not? The future of the story depends on you so R&R!

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