Perfect time

Chapter 10

Like I promised, new chapter is here

Maura went back inside and sat quietly in the living room when Elizabeth and Catherine walked in arguing.

''I can't believe I spent my whole day picking out flowers.'' stated Elizabeth

''Flowers? It's not about flowers'' said Catherine

''You said it was matter of life and death and I end up in garden centre picking a rose.''

''English rose. Not the same.''

''It doesn't matter. Can you believe this Henry? I spent last 12 hours in garden centre.''

''It didn't kill you, dear.'' Henry answered and Catherine smiled

''What did you said?'' asked Elizabeth in high voice

''Nothing dear.'' sighed Henry and at that Catherine laughed. She did love her son in law, his apathy only made Elizabeth more agitated.

''And what's with you?'' Elizabeth asked Maura

''Nothing mother.''

''Oh please, what happened now?'' Elizabet pressed

''Jane's gone. She's testifying tomorrow so she had to leave.'' Maura responded truthfully

''Good, it was time. Thar girl brought nothing but trouble in this home.'' Elizabeth stated. Catherine and Henry looked at each other and then Maura, they knew what will happen.

''Home? What home mother? This is a house, house is not a home. Home is place where you feel at ease, a place where your heart is, where the happiest things in your life happened. A place in which you love to come. This is not a home. This is a house and my home, my home is where Jane is.'' Maura yelled

''Don't you yell on me. I'm your mother and you're defing me because of some,some criminal.''

''Criminal? Since when are witnesses criminals? And since when you are my mother? You haven't looked at me like I'm your daughter since the day I found out I was adopted. For you I'm barely an object for showing off. To keep you company on stupid dinners and charity events. And Jane, I love her and I'm in love with her and you, you... I don't care what you think''

''Love? You don't know what love is.'' Elizabeth laughed

''Look who's saying.''

''You little heartless, rude, foolish child. What did that devil girl do to you?''

''She opened my eyes. She made me see that her love towards me has nothing to do with money and luxury but with me and who I am, that the love her parents have towards her doesn't come from expensive cars or vacations but through their care and sense of belonging. That is love,... love is giving all of yourself to someone and it's not expressed with thousands of dollars but with keeping someone safe, letting him or her know that you will forever be there for them. But you, you wouldn't know that. You threw me into this world without any warning, you willingly sent me to another continent so you could be free and you didn't had decency to come to me on the most importing day of my life so far. I graduated at 17 and immediately got a place at BCU and you didn't come. So you know what? You know nothing about love and therefore you ought to be quiet when it comes to me and Jane.'' said Maura

Elizabeth was red in face and angry and raised her hand to slap Maura, but Henry was quicker and stopped her yelling:

''Elizabeth, enough!''

Maura froze and than ran out of a house.

Jane came in detective office and saw Korasak and Clark.

''Hey kiddo.'' greeted Korsak ''How are you?''

''Hey Korsak. I'll be better when this will be finished.''

''I believe you.'' said Clark

''This is officer Davis.'' said Korsak ''He will look after you with George and me''

''Cool. Now what do I need to do?''

''Well, it's like this...''

Maura wasn't sure where she was. She ran for 30 minutes without stopping and she found herself in the park. She sat on the bench, lowered her head in her hands and started to cry.

''Are you alright?'' asked a voice. Maura looked up to see 30 plus year old man standing in front of her. He looked though but his eyes were saying that he was harmless.

''No. I hope I will be soon.'' answered Maura

''Can I sit down?'' man asked pointing next to her. It wasn't smart idea, but there were people around so Maura nodded

''What happened?'' asked man

''Don't you have better things to do than listen to whining of some teenage girl?'' asked Maura surprised that man cared

''I don't want to do something else. I'd like to help you if I can. Let's say it's my redemption day.''

''Redemption day? What did you kill and steal?'' asked Maura with smile

''I don't think you want to know answer on that.'' said man and then seeing Maura's face added ''I'm kidding, relax. Now tell me what's wrong, maybe I can help you. If nothing more with an advice.'' seeing Maura's still not sure, he added ''You won't see me ever again, use me as punching bag for all that anger I can see in your eyes.''

''Yeah, you're right I won't see you ever again. Well I fell in love. That wouldn't be bad if everything was normal, but of course it isn't. My mother wanted to kill me because I found someone 'below' me and who clearly won't ever be able to love me. We, our relationship isn't always accepted.''

''Why would she said that?''

''Because she's bitter and angry on whole world. She and my dad, she never loved him. He, he adored her, it's clearly to see that he still loves her . And I, well...I'm not their daughter. I found out when I was 8 by my cousin. And ever since then, we just grew apart. My mother, in that moment stopped being my mom. Like she just found out that she's not my biological mother. And I always listened to her but now, now I just can't.''

''Why? What is that special about this boy?''

''It's...It's not a boy. It's a girl, Jane.'' Maura said and looked at this man to see his reaction

''That is okay. Please don't look me like that. I'm not going to yell or think anything less about you just because you're in love with a girl. Don't be silly, any normal person will accept this. And those who won't are not worthy being near you. You understand?''

''I understand, thank you. I'd like that my mother thinks like you.'' Maura said looking at this man with a strange feeling. She would like to have someone like that near on every day basis.

''Well, your mother doesn't know what incredible daughter she has. And now, tell me about this Jane. Is she good to you? Do you love her?'' Maura wasn't sure why she had feeling that she can trust this man, but it was simply there

''Jane is unique. And she's the love of my life. I know you can say that I'm a fool for thinking that way because I'm only 17, but this is not something I do usually. I always think before I do anything, but with Jane that's not really an option. She's so passionate and nice, she made me feel safe for the first time in my life. And I live in a fortress, so that should say something. But most of all, she makes me complete, my other half, you know?''

''Yeah, I know. I can see this is hard on you.''

''Yeah, it is. But she promised that she's going to come back as soon she can. And I believe her, but I have this bad feeling. I have a feeling that I saw her for the last time today and I can't do anything about it.'' Maura said and man could easily see tears in her eyes.

He took a handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Maura. Maura smiled, took it and wiped her tears.

''Thank you very much. I don't know why you are so kind to me, but I really needed it.'' said Maura with a smile and then seeing handkerchief added ''Are you from Ireland?''

''My family is from Ireland yes. That handkerchief was made by my grandmother.''

''Brotherhood?'' asked Maura seeing the words interweave on the handkerchief

''You know Irish?''

''I do not speak it, but I understand it to some level.''

''Well it was sure nice to meet you, but I have to go and I'm sure you are expected.'' said man and got up

''Well thank you, Mr...''

''It was my pleasure, believe me. Good night, banphrionsa, sweet dreams''

''Good night.'' said Maura and started to go back towards her home

''Hey'' said the man and she turned around


''Don't worry Maura, everything will come in time if you only wait for it. Believe me.'' said man starting to walk away and when Maura wanted to ask him, he was already turned left and disappeared

''But how do you know my name?'' said Maura to no one looking at the ground where man had stood

Patrick went to his car, Joe opened the door for him

''Tony drive to Adams' house. We have a witness to protect and we must know where she is, also Joe call David I need some information's.''

banphrionsa*-princess on Irish, I don't speek it-google translate does :)

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