Perfect time

Chapter 11

Here we go :D And to RizzlesForever23 it was great and I met a part of a family that I never saw in my life. Apparently my grandma's cousin who lives in USA. It was fun :D and thanks for asking :) And of course to all of you who are reading this, thank you for your lovely comments :*

Henry and Catherine were in living room waiting for Maura.

''When did she stop being my little girl?'' Henry cut the silence

''I believe it was when my daughter decided that Maura needs to socialise. Probably then.'' answered Catherine

''I have videotapes in my office. I watch them when Elizabeth isn't home.'' Henry said looking in the fire

''I don't think I want to hear about it.'' Catherine teased even though she herself watched tapes dozens times before

''No! I mean...Oh Catherine stop teasing me.'' said Henry with the smile but then his face dropped and he added ''I will never forgive myself for letting my daughter go. She's so far away from me and Elizabeth that I wonder will I ever see her again when she moves away.''

''On these tapes are only you and Maura. Elizabeth is nowhere to be found.'' Catherine stated

''She was busy at the time.'' defend Henry

''Why did you marry her? I never figured it out.''

''I love her, Catherine. Correction, I loved her. I fell in love with a beautiful, young woman with big dreams. I didn't even know who she was at the time and she slipped away. When I met her few years later I asked her on a date and she said yes. I was still seeing that woman I had met few years earlier, but she wasn't the same girl. I saw that much later.''

''She wasn't the same girl because I told her that my husband wasn't her father.''

''Grandfather isn't my mother's father?'' asked Maura from doorway

''Maura you're back! Are you okay?'' asked Henry

''Yes, I'm fine dad. Thank you.'' said Maura but then looked at her grandma expecting an answer

''No he's not her father. Do you remember Julio?''

''Oh yes, I do. He worked for you, he was an accountant.''

''Yes he was and he was also the love of my life. Your grandfather knew about it and supported me just like I supported him and Charlotte.''

''But why is mother acting this way if she knows that you and grandpa had happy relationships?''

''Because she's ashamed of who her father is. She believes that Harry and I had disappointed our family. That we tainted our aristocratic blood. I never thought I would see my daughter becoming a monster, but I did.''

''That's awful. She should be happy for you and not angry about it.''

''I know sweetheart, but look at it this way, you have your father and me for support.''

''Yeah, you have me. I'll back you up whenever I can.'' said Henry with smile

''Thanks dad. I'm glad I have you two.'' she said and hugged them and then added ''I'm going to bed, I'll see you in the morning.''

'' What can I do for you Doyle?'' asked Adams when he got in the car

''Where is Jane Rizzoli?''

''You and I both know that she's not near your daughter so you can relax.''

''I'm not relaxing because I need to protect her. She means a lot to my daughter and I'll protect Jane. So tell me what's going on.''

''Korsak, Clark and officer Davis are only ones who know who Jane is. Trial is tomorrow morning, Jane is testifying in 'the box' so that her identity would be protected. After testimony she will be taken to precinct. Car that will drive her is going to leave precinct without Jane. And if anybody will follow the car the we'll know. Jane will just walk away from department.''

''Fine, but Adams I'll be close.'' warned Doyle

''Davis, will plan work?'' asked voice on other side of receiver

''Yes, it will work. The only shot you have is after the trial while she's in car. I'm staying behind after she's in the car. After she exits the courthouse I don't know what will be with her. They never told me.'' said Davis

''Do you know her name?''

''No. I told you before, they didn't tell me. ''

''Well, find out. It'll be bonus.''

''I'm satisfied with half of a million.'' grinned Davis

''Yes, but you'd be more happy with million, now wouldn't you?''

''I'll see what I can do.'' Davis said and then hung up

It was 6 am and Jane did not sleep whole night. She was working on the case with Korsak, Clark and attorney.

''Okay, so we covered all our options and Jane is ready. Whatever you do, don't say anything that could link you to your school, neighbourhood or your family. To anyone but the three of us. And Adams.'' said attorney

''Alright, I understand.'' responded Jane, attorney nodded and left the room.

''You okay kiddo?'' asked Clark

''Yeah, just tired. I need to sleep.'' Jane said rubbing her eyes

''You can have all sleep you need once this is over.'' said Korsak with smile

''Hey you two, I need you for a second.'' said Adams from the door

''Okay, Jane don't move.'' said Clark

''I wouldn't dare.'' laughed Jane

Davis was behind the corner and seeing Korsak, Clark and Adams leave the room decided to go in.

''Hey kid.'' greeted Davis

''Hello officer.''

''So little more to go and your free.''

''Yeah. That I am.''

''Looking forward to see your mom, dad and rest of family?''

Whatever you do, don't say anything that could link you to your school, neighbourhood or your family. To anyone but the three of us. And Adams.

''I live with my grandparents. My mom and dad died in car accident.''

''Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that...I'm sorry I don't know your name.''

''Catherine.'' said Jane, ''My name is Catherine.''

''Hey kid, we're ready. Let's go.''

Maura just like Jane, spent her night with eyes wide opened. Around 5 am she finally gave up on sleeping and went to kitchen. She was making coffee when Rose walked in

'' You're here in 5.30 am, that can't be good.'' Rose commented

''Jane's testifying this morning. I didn't sleep at all. I'm too nervous and that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach aren't really good combination for sleep.''

''I hear ya. On what case is she testifying?''

''I don't know. She herself didn't know because they didn't tell her any information's, they said it would be much safer for her.'' said Maura

''Well then we'll search on the news if there are any important courts today. I'll turn the TV on.''

''Yeah, that's good idea, you do that and I'll get you a cup of coffee. Mark said that court starts at 9.30 am.'' commented Maura as she poured Rose's coffee

''Oh my God.'' Rose said putting hand over her mouth

''What?'' asked Maura taking their cups and walking towards Rose. She looked at the screen and in the next moment a sound of two cups hitting the floor could be heard through the kitchen

''She's testifying against the mob? Donegal family?'' Maura screamed

''I'm sure they'll protect her.'' said Rose

''No, no they won't. They can't protect her from them, I need to go there, I need to protect her.'' said Maura and ran towards the door but she was stopped by Mark

''No! You're not going anywhere''

''No,no I need to go, Mark let me go. I know something bad will happen, I need to see her and I need, I need to be there...Mark!'' struggled Maura

''Maura no! You can't go!'' Mark yelled at her

''No, no, no let me go.'' she started punching him

''Stop it! Maura stop it!'' yelled Mark shaking Maura ''Listen to me! If you go there then you'll help them and not Jane. You being there can only result in them finding who she is and then they'll kill her and her family. Do you want that? Ha?''

''No, no, just not my Jane.'' Maura fell down on her knees crying, Rose rushing to her

''He's on the phone.'' said Joe to Patrick

''Thank you Joe'' said Patrick and took the phone

''I need an information and you own me big time. So, is there a leak in PD regarding the trial?''

''Yes, officer Davis.'' answered the voice

''What is the plan?''

''Doyle, c'mon man...''

''What is the plan?'' Patrick cut him

''They gonna blow up the car after the trial. After she'll testify, she is going to be moved to precinct. She will never get there.''

'' After the testimony?''

''Yes, it's impossible to do it before. They can't stop it but they can send message.''

''You just cleared your debt.'' said Doyle and hung up

''Jane you are next. You know what to do. Remember, they can't see you and don't say anything that you think is potential threat to your identity.'' said Korsak

''Okay, well here goes nothing.'' Jane said and walked out of a room and straight in 'the box'

''Do you swear that you'll tell truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth?'' asked officer in front of 'the box'

''Yes.'' answered Jane but her voice was different, modified by computer that was connected with microphone

''Hello?'' answered Adams

''She's gonna be hurt.''

''Doyle what are you talking about?'' asked Adams turning her back to others

''Officer Davis is a leak. They'll blow up the car up in courthouse.''

''Well then it's time for plan B''

''No. It's not, it's time for my plan.'' said Doyle

''Korsak, Clark I need you for a moment.'' said Adams

''Davis, stay put. Maybe she'll exit now.'' said Clark

''Yes, sir.''

Outside, Adams dragged Korsak and Clark away from the door, but close enough of Davis decides to run away

''Davis is a leak. I got a call from Doyle.'' he said looking at Clark

''Doyle?'' Korsak asked

''Be quiet junior.'' said Clark using nickname Korsak had when he first joined homicide. Korsak took it as a sign to be silent and unnoticed

''What did he say?''

''He has plan. Take this sneakers and make Davis put them on. Jane will leave in different car and Davis will be Jane for the moment.''

''Alright, Korsak take this sneakers and coat.'' said Clark

Korsak and Clark walked in room

''Everything alright?'' asked Davis

''Oh yeah, the best. You know, we don't like dirty cops and now you'll see that.'' said Clark

Jane finished with testimony and walked back in room where Korsak, Clark and Davis waited for here.

''Oh my God! What the hell?'' said Jane seeing Davis on the floor with blood on his face

''The plan changed a little. Davis is a bad cop and he'll pay now.'' Clark said

''Bad cop?''

''Jane did you tell him who you are?'' asked Korsak

''I told him my name is Catherine, that I live with my grandparents. I had a bad feeling''

''You'd make good cop kiddo'' said Clark

''Let's go. We need to hurry. Get up Davis.'' Clark yelled pulling semiconscious man up

They walked through corridors and finally getting to parking lot exit.

''Jane you wait here.'' said Clark

Korsak put coat over Davis that the only thing visible were his sneakers. They ran towards the car and put him in and backed away. The car moved away. Jane was pulled in security room, the car was exiting the building when it blow up.

''Oh my God!'' exclaimed Jane

''Your car is waiting Jane, it's going to exit on other side.''

Maura was sitting at the kitchen counter along with Catherine,Henry, Rose, Mark and Charlie. They all watched the news about trial. It was of course the special program dedicated to the trial and it was to last whole morning.

''The main witness has finished with testimony. The identity of witness is held in secret and we don't even know is the witness female or male.'' reported young reporter Kitty Young

''As we already said, Roger, this trial is closed for public and only attorneys, Michael Donegal, state prosecutor, journey and employees of the court can be in courtroom. So for all us, reporters the only thing that remains is to wait here, in front of a court for any new information's.'' Maura didn't like the reporter and scientist in her was telling her that she doesn't know her and that all of her dislike towards this woman is pure irrationalisam

''We just received new information Roger, the police decided to immediately escort witness to a police station. We'll get back to you when we'll get to the main gate of court's garage.''

With that information Maura got up and stood in front of big screen in kitchen waiting to see if everything will end smoothly. On TV was some report about criminal committed by Donegal family. The silence in kitchen ended the moment when Elizabeth walked in

''Rose! Charlie! Where the hell are you?'' seeing all of them looking at the screen ''What the hell is going on here?''

''Elizabeth be quiet! We're in the middle of trial.'' said Catherine

''Stop hushing me in my own home, mother. And all of you, don't you have better things to do? Why do we pay you?''

''Ma'am, we're just trying to help Maura.'' Rose said

''Elizabeth dear, we're just being supportive...'' Henry started

''Suportive to what?...'' all eyes were upon Elizabeth and her outburst until the moment they heard the scream

''NOOO!'' they all looked towards Maura who was falling on her knees screaming

Their eyes on Maura and then on TV, the image was full of fire and smoke and Kitty screamed on her microphone

''The car just blew up! Oh my God, the witness was inside the car! It just blew up!''

''Maura say something! Maura!'' yelled Henry, but Maura already lost conscious

No driver was harmed while writing this chapter, it was James Bond's automatic car :D Did you like the chapter? I promise it'll be a happy end, but there is a need of little drama.

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