Perfect time

Chapter 12

Okay here is new chapter and this is more Jane's side of a story, in the next chapter you'll see more of Maura's (and I mean on the time they were apart). Also lyrics I used in here are from 'The Maura Song' written and played by Apricot. It's a great song, listen to it :D

Futhermore I've been receiving the same question from a lot of people, so to teriyakiskater and all of you who want to know we speak Croatian :D

And no, it's nothing like Russian. Russian is East Slavic language and Croatian is South Slavic. Big,big differece. (but because of our History-Yugoslavia and all that terrible crap, some of our grand grandparents know little bit of Russian- because they were sent to yail in Siberia when they have said they want free Croatia. but other than that we don't know Russian and they don't know Croatian)

I must say that I'm very glad you want to know something about my country :D

I hope you'll enjoy reading :)

Angela Rizzoli screamed and cried on her living room floor. Frank Rizzoli held her in her arms, silent tears running down his face. 13 and half years old Frankie sat next to his 15 year old brother Tommy. They sat in silence their eyes not moving off the screen.

''My baby girl, no my baby girl!'' screamed Angela

''Angie, sweety, I know, it'll be alright'' comforted Frank

''Tommy call the doctor!'' said Frankie seeing his mom loosing conscious

20 minutes later the doctor came and gave Angela some medications to help her calm down.

''She's in shock, she needs to lie down. I can see that she won't sleep that easy, but if she won't be asleep in next hour give her these medication. She'll be asleep in minutes.''

''Thank you doctor.''

''I'm glad I could help.''

10 minutes after the doctor left, the man and two boys were sitting in living room, in silence crying or thinking. Loud knock came from the front doors. Frank opened them, Korsak, figure beneath the cloak and Clark came in. Cloak came down

''Jane!'' exclaimed Frank and both Tommy and Frankie jumped to see their sister

''Dad!'' Jane said hugging him and then her brothers.

''Jane'' said Angela coming down the stairs ''You're alive, thank God, you're alive!''

Angela hugged her daughter and started crying, but this time because of happiness

Maura awoke in her bed. Her grandma and dad were sitting beside her

''Hey sweetheart.'' said Catherine

''Hey grandma, what happened?'' asked Maura and then it all came back ''Oh no, no, no, please tell me that she's me she's okay...'' tears started to stream down her face

''I'm sorry sweetheart...she's not among us anymore.'' said Henry

''Oh my God, no...'' Maura started sobbing and her grandma hold her close

Jane slept in her room with addition of two younger brothers who decided to sleep on her floor that night.

''Get up! All three of you! Breakfast is ready!'' came the voice that startled all three sleepers

''Well, it's good to know that some things will never change.'' Jane grumbled

''Yeah, we're glad to have you back sis.'' said Tommy

''And today you can shower first. It's our present to you, but only today.'' Frankie added

''Gee, thanks guys. You're so generous.'' said Jane and went to shower

After the breakfast Frank, Tommy and Frankie went to work and Jane and Angela stayed in.

''So, how was it? What did you do? Where were you?'' Angela asked

''I should've known that you'll bomb me with questions. Very well, I was in fancy part of Boston with very wealthy family. And it was nice, Mark was a marine and he protected the family and me there. I met a lot of people and the family. I was nice and I behaved good.''

''Do they have kids?''

''Yes, they do.''

''And which one of the kids is responsible for that smile?''

''What smile?''

''That smile and daydreamed look.''

''I don't think you want to hear it.''

''Of course I do. You know you can tell me everything.''

''I'm telling you, you won't be happy after we'll have this conversation.''

''Oh my God, you're pregnant!''

''NO! Mom no. I couldn't get pregnant believe me. I fell in love, that's it.''

''That's it? Oh hell no, tell me more.'' said Angela sitting next to her daughter

''Don't kill me, please.''

''Of course I won't kill you. Why are you saying that?''

''You're right I fell in love with their kid. Mom, they only have one child- a daughter named Maura.''

''You fell in love with a girl?''

''Yes mother, I did.'' Angela sat in silence thinking about it

''Why do you think I would kill you? I'm your mother and if you're choice is to be with a girl, then I'll support it. I need you to be happy, whether that is with a boy or with a girl. That is up

to you.'' Angela said and kissed Jane's forehead

Just as Jane wanted thank her mother for understanding the knock interrupted her

''Good day detectives'' said Angela ''Please come in.''

''Good day , we need to speak with Jane.'' said Clark

''Hey guys'' said Jane coming in living room

''Hey kiddo, you okay?''

''Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?''

''We're pleased that the world thinks that you're dead and nobody will ever hunt you down.'' said Clark

''Yeah, I'm glad too. I just, you did tell Maura that I'm fine? Right?''

''That is the second thing Jane, we had a visitor this morning. Elizabeth Isles.'' said Clark

''She thinks I'm dead.''

''Yes and Elizabteh Isles wants it to stay that way. She made silent threat telling us that she's able to tell the world and Donegal family that you're still alive.'' said Korsak

''I can't believe it.''

''But'' started Clark ''She did say that you can't contact her, which means that if you end up in the same place as Maura she won't be able to do anything about it. And you two will be able your stuff''

''But I promised her I'd come back. I promised I'd never leave her. I gave my word.''

''And you'll come back to her, but only little later than intended.''

Maura Isles wasn't on any charity events or on dinners with her family for the rest of the summer. She became a ghost said Rose. She ate once a day, just enough not to die, only people she spoke to were Catherine, Henry and Rose. Elizabeth was tired of it

Maura was in the garden when Elizabeth approached her

''It's enough Maura! Enough with wearing black, with eating like a mouse. You are going with us on dinner next Friday.'' stated Elizabeth, Maura sighed, got up and went in the house.

That same evening, Maura went to living room where her parents were having tea.

''Good evening.'' she greeted

''Good evening Maura.'' said Henry

''I need to speak with you.''

''Yes, please sit down honey.'' said Henry and Maura smiled at him

''I'd rather stand, it won't take long. As you know in few weeks I'll start my first year at BCU. You promised me that I'll be able to move away from you when I start with college.''

''You want to move away?'' Elizabeth asked shocked

''Yes, I want to go move away. I just want you to give me what you had promised. And with your approval, I'd like to start flat hunting.''

''Yes, you can start looking for apartments. When you'll find one that you like, I'll get lawyer to do the deal.''

''Henry, what are you thinking?'' Elizabeth stood up

''Elizabeth, we promised and we'll fulfil our agreement.''

''Thanks dad. Good night.'' Maura said kissing her dad and nodding to her mom ''Mother. Good night.''

School year started and Jane was miserable but she had goal and for full 9 months she worked and studied and she ended up at the top of her class. She applied for scholarship and was invited on a meeting.

''Good morning Miss Rizzoli.'' greeted dean

''Good morning Head-master.'' Jane shook man's hand

''Please sit down.''

''Thank you.''

''Miss Rizzoli, I looked at your application and I'm happy to tell you that you got scholarship and your parents will have to pay only 5000$ a year.''

''That's great, I don't know how to thank you.'' said Jane with the brightest smile on her face

''You don't need to thank me dear girl. This was your work, not mine.'' smiled older man

Jane was so happy when she got home, with letter in her pocket she entered living room. Her parents were looking TV

''Hey mom,dad. What are you doing.''

''Hey sweety'' greeted her mom and added ''We're watching some report on some charity event.''

''I have great news.'' said Jane and looked at TV

Maura Isles came with her long term boyfriend Garrett Fairfield, the rumour is that the golden couple will marry when they'll be over with college and we'd like to see that. Kitty Young, she hated that woman

''What news Jane?''

''Nothing, it's not important.'' said Jane ''I need to go somewhere, I'll be back soon.''

So she forgot about me, so much for being the love of her life. Aghhh, I hate this, I'm nothing but a fool. I applied for BCU because of her, well now there is nothing for me there.

20 minutes later Jane saw Korsak walking in BPD headquarters. She walked in and asked for him

''Please tell me you didn't see a murder.'' Korsak said with smile

''I didn't see a murder. But I need to ask you something.''

''Shoot kid.''

''During all those events, you, Clark and Mark said to me I'd be a good cop. Would I? Do you think I'd be a good cop?''

''You wanna be a cop?''


''Kid, you won't be a good cop, you'll be better then good.''

That night Jane said to her parents that she wanted to be a cop and after long bickering about danger, they accepted it.

Knock on her door made Jane wipe away her tears, Tommy peaked inside

''Hey sis, got any plans? Frankie and me are going to the cinema.''

''No, I don't have plans. But I don't want to go in cinema, wanna go and drink with me on the beach?''

''Yeah, cool.''

''Okay, but tell Frankie that he won't get anything except the juice, he's too young.''

Jane, Tommy and Frankie got on beach with blanket, vodka,camera and guitar. They were laughing and making jokes, but then Jane became silent

''Hey sis, what's up with you?'' asked Frankie

''Nothing. I'm sad and mad and miserable. But I'll be okay.''

''C'mon it's your turn to sing.''

''Well then I'll sing my song.'' said Jane, took a guitar and started playing. Frankie took camera for the first time that evening. And then Jane started singing, and Tommy and Frankie knew they'll enjoy because Jane has beautiful voice

I've too much to lose to stare like a fool at you

I feel like a kid when you look my way

If we could go sideways out of the life's we'd lead

I'd swallow my pride and here's what I'd say

Maura, I'm a fool

Maura, I'm confused

Maura, Maura you're everything I lost and never knew

You're holding him close, do you ever think of me?

''It's not done, but I wrote it today.'' Jane said

''Sis, who is Maura?'' asked Frankie

''The love of my life.''

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