Perfect time

Chapter 13

Here it is. A new chapter and a little note. I'm going on a vaication yeey :D I'll write a lot and I'll publish it as soon as I come back. Thank you for reviews :**

First love is dangerous only when it is also the last. Branislav Nusić

4 years later

Maura Isles found a flat 4 years ago and moved away from her parents. For 8 months all she have known were books and classes. Garret was asking her out every week and she kept saying no, but then she talked with Catherine who said that he's not that bad. So she went on some charity dinner with him. Of course reporters made big story about it calling them 'The golden couple'. So she started dating Garrett, she couldn't say anything against the man, he was perfect gentlemen. But with time she just grew more numb, and after some time she started asking herself if she could ever love again.

''Maura do you love me?'' asked Garrett

''I care about you Garrett.'' smile Maura. He knew she didn't love him back, but he never found out why. He wanted so much to make her love him.

''Marry me, Maura. We finished college last week, we have our life's in front of us. Spend your life with me.'' said Garrett

''I can't Garrett. I'm sorry.'' Maura said

''Why? I don't understand, look at me at least and not that window. Why Maura?''

''I don't love you. And I can't be with you anymore, it wouldn't be fair to you.'' said Maura turning to him

''What? You're breaking up with me?'' yelled Garrett

''Yes, yes I am.'' confirmed Maura

''You don't love me?''

''No Garrett, I never did.''

''And who do you love? Ha Maura? Who?''

''Jane.'' whispered Maura

''Who?'' Garrett asked

''I love Jane, I'll always love Jane.'' said Maura louder

''She's dead Maura! You love a ghost! She's only a memory! ... Maura, I'm here in front of you, flesh and blood and I'm loosing you because of a ghost!''

''Garrett how can you lose something you never had in the first place? But let's put it your way, yes Garrett you're loosing me to a ghost.'' said Maura and walked out of the room

''Hello officer Rizzoli.'' greeted Korsak

''Detective Korsak, Clark.''

''What do we have?'' asked Clark

''A murder, shot through the head, small calibre. Don't worry I made sure that the boys don't mess up the evidence.''

''Thanks Rizzoli.'' said Clark

''Not a problem''

''Rizzoli, come here.'' called Clark 10 minutes later


''Walk me throughout the scene.''

''There aren't any signs of force entry, the man is bound, his hands and legs are duck taped, there is a teaser mark behind his ear and of course the cause of death is perfect sliced throat. There is a cup on the floor, spilt liquid, brown, coffee or tea. That means that the victim had a cup of something or it could be the way killer got in. Maybe victim invited him in for a coffee?''


''A nice, charming person in trouble or maybe a person who sales something.''

''Where is the wife?''

''We need to make some calls, her family and then friends, but we can't rule out that maybe the killer took her.''

''Thanks Rizzoli.'' said Korsak

''Not a problem.'' said Jane and walked out

''When will you tell her?'' asked Korsak

''Tell her what?'' Clark asked playing a role of an idiot

''That she'll be taking you spot in homicide.''


''Good day .''

''Good day Dr. Green. How are you today?''

''I'm very well thank you for asking. I've heard you'll become a new medical examiner here In New York and that Dr. Newton took you as his protege.''

''Yes, that is true, I can't wait. It will be new learning experience for me and I'm looking forward to work with such expert in this field.'' said Maura and nodded leaving the elevator

After Garrett fiasco she ran away from Boston, she sold her apartment and moved away. Road took her to New York, she got an offer and she took it. It's not every day that is taking a student and she was proud to be one. The truth is that hadn't had a student for 12 years, he claimed that no one is good enough to be taught by him and then came Maura. Dr. Newton was a great doctor and even better professor in Maura's mind and the work environment was very good.

After some time (few months-let's say)

''Do you have a boyfriend?'' asked Alex Newton suddenly

''No, no I don't.'' said Maura to Dr. Newton

''Why? Don't get me wrong, but you're beautiful young lady with a brain. Not something that can be found every day.''

''I go out on dates. But most of them don't get to second date and the ones that do further than that are extremely rare.''

''You must have high expectations.'' commented Alex

''You find that I'm not worthy those expectations?'' asked Maura with smile

''No! I think you are probably more worthy, but tell me Maura did anyone ever lived to those standards of yours?'' asked Alex looking up from the liver he was examining


Maura told Jane that she wanted to dance under the stars and Jane took her to a roof of her house and turned off all the lights around the house. The lights of the city hadn't allowed the star's brightness to shine in all it's magnificence, but it was close enough.

''One day, I'll take you in the desert and we'll dance under those stars. Without the lights and noise of the city.'' Jane said pulling Maura closer

''I can't wait for that day.'' Maura said kissing Jane on the cheek and resting her head on Jane's shoulder


''Maura! Hello...'' said Alex ''Where did you go?''

''I'm sorry, I got distracted.'' Maura apologised

''So there is someone who lived up to the standards.'' grinned Alex

''Are all old people noisy, I know my grandma is and now you.'' Maura said with a smile

''I'm 65, not a fossil and stop dogging the question. Spill it out.''

''Yes, there was one person who fulfiled all my standards.''

''What's his name?''

''Her name was Jane.''

''A girl? I didn't know you're batting for both teams, even though that would explain a lot.'' said Alex looking like he was deeply in his thoughts ''So if that Jane is the one, why aren't you with her?''

''She was killed almost 5 years ago.'' Maura simply stated looking down at the corpse lying in front of her

''Well congratulations! Detective Clark is retiring and young miss Rizzoli is coming to be my partner!'' announced Korsak to Jane, George, Adams and few officers

''Yeah, well kid it looks I'll see you more often around here.'' smiled Murry, the owner of Dirty robber

''Yeah, you will'' grinned Jane

''Hey Jane, don't you have a date with that Jack guy tonight?'' asked George

''Yeah, I do. At 8, why?'' asked Jane

''Kid, it's 7:43.'' smiled Korsak

''Oh shit! I gotta go, bye guys'' yelled Jane already at the doors, guys just laughed

''She'll be one hell of a detective.'' smiled Adams proudly

4 years later (so they're 26 now)

''Jane we've been dating for 9 months.'' started Mark ''And I think we should move in together. So what do you think?''

Jane just looked at him not knowing what to say and then it started again


Maura was lying in her arms on the grass beneath the old willow tree.

''Where would you like to live?'' she asked Maura

''You want rational place or the place from my dreams?'' Maura asked smiling

''How about both?''

''Well I want to live in a house surrounded with woods on one side but with beautiful meadow, so green, and with shore. It doesn't need to be the sea, it can be a lake or something. And for grand finale, horses on the meadow, I just adore horses.'' Maura said dreamily

''Okay, I now for that dream house.'' grinned Jane, Maura slapped her lightly

''And rational house- any decent house that has you in.''

''Jane?'' Mark ended her memory

''No, I'm sorry Mark.''

''Why not? I thought we're doing very good.''

''We were Mark, but I don't think that we should see each other anymore.''

''You're running away from commitment. Why?'' asked Mark persistant as always

''Because I really want to commit to only one person. And Mark, you're not that person.'' said Jane, the words-the truth kicked her. She still loved Maura, it caught her by suprise. She tried so hard not to think about her, not to dream about her but it was always there, deep inside of her heart.

''Well, then I guess we're really forever over. Goodbye Jane.'' said Mark and left her apartment with a slam of the doors

What the hell? Will I ever be able find her? Should I find her? She's probably married to that Garrett guy. Oh shit! I could kill him, maybe then...I could be happy with her. Kill without a reason? Right. Maybe it could be consider a good reason?... I wonder does she still smells the same? Does she look the same? Probably not, she grew up.

Her further musing was interrupted by mobile phone. Work calls.

''I've thought you everything I knew. I'm glad you're taking this job at Jeffersonian institute with .''

''Yeah I'm glad too. And I'm glad you're seeing my grandma.'' Maura grinned, her mother is going crazy because of this

''Well, she's wonderful lady and I can only hope that I won't be too boring for her.'' said Alex

''Well Alex, it was a pleasure. And thank you for everything, I mean it. The knowledge you gave me is truly priceless. And I know I'll be seeing you soon. Grandma will come and visit me next month and I'm expecting to see you there as well.''

''Oh, I'll be there, don't worry. But I do have one question for you. Why are you running?''

''I'm not running.'' defend Maura

''Yes you are. You ran from Boston here and now you're running to Washington. There is a pattern.''

''What pattern?'' asked Maura even though she knew what he's talking about. Maybe she needed to hear it from someone else

''You lost Jane and you ran away from the house you lost her in. You got close to people around you and you were dating Garrett so you ran here and now you have few friends and a lot of colleagues that like you very much so you're running to Washington knowing that you'll work with Bones. And you and I both know that Bones is well... quite cold and dissociated from the rest of the world. And you think it'll be easier not to attach to people there.''

''True and I know I'm doing a mistake thinking that all people there are like Bones, but I'm still going. If nothing I'll be able to learn new things.''

After saying goodbye, Alex and Catherine were looking as Maura went to that long hallway that leads to a plane

''Why do I have a feeling that she'll never stop running?'' Alex asked

''Because she will be able to stop only when she'll have peace. That would be with Jane and since Jane is dead, the only peace she'll get will be when she'll be with Jane again. Long after her heart stops beating.'' Catherine said sadly

''Maybe she needs closure. Did she ever see her grave and had a chance to say goodbye?''

''No, but do you have a plan to get her in Boston? She hadn't visit her home from the day she left Boston.''

''You have a point there. But maybe, just maybe her path will bring her back to her home.'' Alex said turning away and starting going back

''Oh I'm sure it will. Life will bring you to Jane again my little one, I just wish it could be in any other way. Death is a great price to pay to be happy again''

And that's it, and a little spoiler for next chapter- they will finally see each other again. :DD

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