Perfect time

Chapter 14

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3 years later

But Maura Isles didn't have to wait for her death to be happy again, like her grandmother foresight.

''Dr. Isles?'' asked a man in a suit

''Yes? How can I help you?'' asked Maura looking up from dead body on her table.

''Can we take this somewhere else, please?''

''I need to give my report to agent Booth, I'm just finishing this. You can wait for me in lab, I'll be there in 20 minutes. Would that work for you?'' Maura asked

''Yes. I'll be there.'' said man and hurried out

''What was that about?'' asked Cam when man nearly knocked her down

''He wants to talk to me about something, but he couldn't stand to be in here so he's waiting in lab.''

''Do you know who that is?''

''No. I have never seen him. Why?''

''He is right hand of Governor.''

''Well, what does he need me for?'' asked Maura confused

''Go and find out woman.'' Cam said

''Oh alright.'' said Maura and went in the lab

The man was still there, sitting and talking with Booth

''Excuse me, but you need to talk to me?'' Maura cut in

''Yes. Dr. Isles I would like to offer you, in a name of our Governor, the position of Chief medical examiner in Boston.''

''Wow, that's great position Maura.'' commented Booth

''I'm not sure...'' Maura started

''We really want to see you in that position , with your record and your knowledge we would be more than happy to have you.'' man cut in

''When can I call you back?'' asked Maura

''You need to tell me in next two days, if you don't call me back, I'll consider it as a no.'' said man visibly disappointed

''Well, it was pleasure to meet you and I'll get back to you by tomorrow.'' Maura said

''Thank you . Have a good day.'' man turned and went away

Booth was about to comment on that, but Maura was already disappearing behind the corner.

''What was it about?'' Cam asked Booth

''Maura was offered to be Chief medical examiner in Boston, but before I could ask anything she was gone.'' Booth shook his head



And indeed, as they both thought, Maura was standing on the roof watching over Washington.

''The first time I saw you here I though you'll jump.'' commented Cam

''But I haven't. I'm not really suicidal, too much of a coward for that.''

''What's up Maura?'' asked Booth

''Well it seems my running from the past is over.''

''Ahhh, so Maura Isles has a dark history. I knew it.'' teased Booth

''You know, you never told us what's up with that. Why are you running? What kind of evil is in Boston?'' pressed Cam

''Nobody is in Boston. No dark or secret past. But there is nothing for me there.''

''Your parents are there. You grew up there, there must be someone there for you.'' said Booth

''Oh, my soul mate and the love of my life is there. Waiting for me in New Calvary.''

Cam tried to shut him up ''No, Booth, no.'' but he already said it

''Well then why are you here and not in New Calvary ?'' asked Booth and seeing Cam asked ''What?''

''New Calvary is Boston's seminary.'' Cam said

''What? Oh my...I'm sorry Maura.'' Booth apologised

''There is nothing to apologised for. It was long time ago, 12 year actually.''

''You were 17?'' asked Cam

''Yes. I was 17 and I had the world. And it slipped away. Forever.'' said Maura looking at the view in front of her

''I'm sorry Maura. We never thought...'' Booth started

''I know. I understand, I'm sorry you never met me before I was way much better person then.''

''What are you talking about? You're one of the best persons I ever met. And you can handle Bones intellectually.'' Booth said

''I was different. I was nice and good to people, I mean closer to people.''

''What was his name?'' asked Cam not wanting Booth pressure Maura more

''Her name was Jane.''

''Her?'' Booth asked surprised

''Booth...''Cam warned

''Just asking.''

''I doubt that I can go back.'' Maura cut off future discussion

''What does your heart tells you?'' asked Cam

''Ran to Europe or further because I'll break-that's what my heart says. My brain says it's a good opportunity.''

And that evening Maura got and advice from a person she least expected from


''Bones.'' said Maura walking into an elevator

''I heard about your story.''


''He's not very good in hiding things from me.''

''That's good. It's a good thing in relationships.''

''Yes it is. You need to have an ending. Take a week and go to Boston, visit her grave and give yourself and ending. Maybe you can decide then.''

''I was thinking of going to London.''

''Or you can run. It's an option.'' said Bones while they were walking down the parking lot ''You know I've read that some people talk with grave stones just because they feel that a person can hear them. Even though science tells us it's not possible, nobody knows if the soul really exist. If it does maybe it can hear you.''

''You telling me to go and talk to a stone?''

''I'm telling you to stop running. What do you know? Maybe in Boston you'll find you peace.''

Two days later Maura announced that she's going in Boston. She bought a house and her things were already on the way. And with Monday the new chapter in her life was about to begin. And she had no idea what kind of chapter that would that be.

''Welcome back Rizzoli.'' said Korsak hugging her.

''It's good to be back.'' said Jane. Jane was badly hurt 2 months ago by Hoyt and she needed to go on physical therapy's because of her hands but here she was now.

''So what's new boys?''

'' is retiring. New doctor is coming on Monday.''

''Is he any good?''

''She is the best, they say.''

''And who is she?''

''Don't know the name yet.'' commented Korsak

The week flew bye very quickly. Jane had new partner and that needed some working on. Frost was good cop, but he needed to find something else to be in homicide. And so Jane walked in the building and into elevator with cup of coffee.

''Good morning Korsak.'' she greeted the man in elevator

''Good morning, Jane. I need you to go down in the morgue to pick up some results.'' said Korsak

''Yeah not a doctor here already?''

''Oh, yeah she's here.''

''What's her name?'' the elevator stopped and Korsak headed out

''Korsak! Her name?'' asked Jane and Korsak turned around

'' Dr. Maura Isles.'' said Korsak and the doors of elevator closed taking Jane down in the morgue

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