Perfect time

Chapter 15

Here is the new chapter :D My grandma always said that in love you must forgive and that love is not easy, it's full of compromise and understanding. And in the name of love I didn't drag forgivnes through 5 chapters :) But I'm not saying everything will be smooth

Any person who knows Jane also knows that Jane Rizzoli is never, ever speechless. But that she was when she stepped outside the elevator. Her legs didn't listen to her brain, her brain screaming for her to stop, but her eyes wanted to see her. She walked into the morgue and saw a little woman in ugly green shirt with very dirty dark hair. Maura?

''You must be looking for Dr. Isles. She's in her office, she'll come in soon.'' said a woman, cleaning lady- Jane could see by that green shirt. Woman left the morgue and Jane looked towards the door of Maura's office. And then the doors opened and lady walked out looking into some file she was holding. She was petite, still few inches shorter than Jane, her hair was not brown anymore, it was the colour of the honey. Her body has developed and the dress she wore show it perfectly. Dress showed the curves of her body beautifully but with dignity and of course high heels. Jane always thought Maura would be high heel woman.

''The results of the tests are negative detective, I'm very sorry...'' Maura said and then looked up and stopped. The file fell on the floor and she stood there with her mouth hanging in the air. Woman in front of her looked like older version of Jane Rizzoli, but it couldn't be...

''Maura?'' Jane asked

''Jane? But that's're...'' and then Maura Isles started to faint

''Maura!'' Jane jumped and catch her before she fell down. Jane picked her up and carried to her office. She looked around the morgue, took some water and went into Maura's office.

''Maura...Maura...sweety wake up.'' the voice called Maura, it was so familiar

''Jane?'' asked Maura opening her eyes ''Am I dead?''

''No sweety, you're very much alive.'' Jane said

''But, you're dead. I saw it.'' Maura said

''It was only a show.'' said Jane

''What?'' Maura jumped off her table


''Don't you Maura me! 12 years! 12 bloody years Jane! For 12 years I've thought that you're dead, that the love of my life was dead.'' yelled Maura getting closer to Jane

''I know. I couldn't do anything Maura.'' Jane backed away but her back hit the wall

''Nothing? A call maybe? A letter? A mail? A visit maybe?'' Maura started hitting Jane, tears streaming down her face

''Listen to me!'' yelled Jane catching Maura's hands ''Listen to me!'' Maura struggled but stopped then, tears still running down her face

''I didn't have a choice! I tried everything Maura! And then they said you're getting married to that Garrett boy, so I stopped trying to get to you. Thought you'd be happy with him!''

''But I didn't marry him! I couldn't ! Why didn't you come to me then?''

''Do you really think I kept searching after? I never knew you haven't married him. It would have hurt too much to see that, so I just stopped watching. I couldn't see that.''

''Excuse me...'' Frost came in the office ''Oh, doc are you okay?''

''What do you want?'' Jane growled

''We have a case, you're both needed. I'll text you an address.'' said Frost and got out.


''We have a case and I need to get together. Please just leave an address on the table.'' Maura said and went in direction of a bathroom

Maura's heart was pounding in her chests, her emotions in turmoil. Jane was alive, the whole time. And she cried because of her!

That...that...cruel, heartless...

'She said she couldn't do anything.'

Oh of course and everything she said was the truth. She was alive for 12 years and she lied about that.

'Maybe, just maybe you should listen to me.'

I always listen to you. I never followed my heart, only my brain. Well this time I'll listen to my heart and get away from Jane.

'Give her a chance to explain.'

I'll give her a black eye. I have a case

'Yes, by all means hide behind the case. Go!'

''Hey Jane what happened to the doc?'' asked Frost

''What happened to doc?'' now Korsak asked Frost

''Nothing Frost, go and check the rest of the house.'' Frost went away ''You couldn't give me heads up?''

''I found out this morning. But I'm not sure what could you do anyway.''

''I could prepare myself for this and not...''

''Prepare? How do you prepare for this kind of thing?''

''I don't know.''

The further conversation was ended by arriving of ME.

''Good day detectives.'' greeted Maura without looking at Jane

''The ligature mark show the signs of suffocation. Time of death would be 10-12 hours ago.''

''Is that blood?'' asked Jane

''I can't confirm that. I'll take a sample and take it to lab and then we'll find out if it's blood.''

responded Maura refusing to look at Jane

''I'll have more information's after the autopsy. I'll page you when it'll be over.'' Maura said

Maura's team picked up the body and took it to the van. She also disappeared in her Mercedes.

''Well that went well.'' was Korsak's comment

Three hours later Korsak was paged by Maura . Frankie was at Jane's desk talking about something

''Hey Jane. The autopsy is over, you should pick up the results. I can't, I have to go and talk to Mr. Abzi.''

''You found him?''

''Police patrol did.''

''Okay, I'll pick up results.'' sighed Jane and left

''What's up with her?'' Frankie asked Korsak

'' Dr. Maura Isles is up with her.'' said Korsak as he left to investigation room

''Maura Isles? Never heard of it. Maura Isles? Maura...Maura...oh my God...Maura!'' Frankie said out laud as the realisation hit him

''What Maura?'' asked Frost as he walked in the office

''Nothing! I gotta go!'' Franke announced

Jane walked into the morgue.

''Detective Rizzoli'' Maura said seeing Jane

''Maura this is...''

''The cause of death is suffocation caused by a rope. Other than that, nothing. The man was in perfect shape, I still wait on toxic report, but that's it. Underneath his nails was some kind of substance. I've send it on analyse, it could be a DNA of a murderer if our victim fought.'' cut in Maura

''Thank you . Maura...''

''Don't. Just don't. Not yet anyway.'' said Maura as she gave the file to Jane.

Seeing that she lost this fight, Jane turned around and left.

The case was difficult one, one dead lead after another. She haven't been in morgue since autopsy, Maura still didn't look at her when she passed by and nightmares were gotten much worse.

''Sis you look terrible.'' commented Frankie when they met on coffee before work

''Thanks, you're lovely as ever.'' Jane sarcastically responded

''Do you get any sleep?''

''Drop it.''

''Okay. Maura Isles- is she your Maura?''

''She was my Maura. Now she doesn't want to speak with me.''


''Because I lied for 12 years. I pretended to be dead and I don't think she'll ever forgive me.''

''Well why didn't you tell her?''

''I couldn't. I was forbidden to tell anything and later I thought she married Garrett. I just stopped looking after that.''

''I gotta go,'' Jane said after her beeper went off

'' Dr. Isles this is officer that will be staying with you while you're doing autopsy on senator.'' said Korsak pointing at Frankie

''Alright. Thank you Korsak.'' nodded Maura and Korsak left

''Are you related to detective Rizzoli?'' asked Maura seeing some similarities in bone structure of the face

''Yes, I'm her younger brother Frankie.''

''Oh okay. Well Frankie you can sit there.'' she point on the chair in front of a laptop next to a examine table

''Why didn't you married Garrett?'' asked Frankie after 10 minutes of silence

''Excuse me?'' Maura looked up

''I was wondering why you never married him.''

''I couldn't.''


''It's not your business.''

''I just need to know did you do it because you loved Jane?''

''Yes. I couldn't because he wasn't Jane. Happy?''


''I was a fool for thinking that she loved me.'' Maura muttered

''What? Hold on a minute here, she loved you. She still loves you.''

''Pretending to be dead for 12 years isn't really a prof.''

''Hold on.'' said Frankie ''Will, you there man?''

''Yeah.'' said the voice on other side of a radio

''Go to my locker and take a DVD. Please just bring it here.''

''Yes master.'' teased voice

''Listen to me , she loves you. She came home happy to see us but she was sad at the same moment. She didn't tell me or Tommy anything but she said it to mom. Mom told us to let her be. Korsak and Clark came to our house and said something to Jane. She told me later that they forbidden her to contact you.''

''Why would they do that?''

''I don't know. But believe me, she suffered. And then one day she got home and said she has a plan, but since she never got to you I guess it failed.''

''She tried to get to me?''

''For 9 months she was in her room, studying and calling and doing who knows what to get to you. But then she saw a report on TV, they said you'll marry Garrett and she just became depressed. That evening, after she saw report she went out and when she got back she said she is going to be a cop. Later Jane and Tommy had a few drinks on the beach and she admitted that she had fall in love with you, but that she would never have you. After that, nothing.''

''Oh my God. I thought she did it on purpose. She was hurt because she had though I'm going to marry Garrett.'' Maura said sitting down

''Hey man, the DVD you asked for.'' officer said and gave a DVD to Frankie

''Thanks man.'' he said to Will and turned to Maura after Will left ''I'll show you this after you finish with the autopsy.''

45 minutes later, Maura was sitting in front of her laptop as Frankie was setting the movie up

''This was originally on the tape but Jane decided to throw it away. I took it and made a copy on DVD. I put it in my locker because that is the only place where she can't get to it. I know she would want to watch it one day. Well here it goes.'' said Frankie and pressed play

Jane singing the song she wrote. The song she wrote about her. Tears started running down Maura's face.

''I thought...I really thought...where is Jane Frankie?''

''Upstairs I guess.''

''Okay. Well I'm going up then. You have to be here until the family comes to pick up a body?''


''Will you be able to do it alone?''

''Yes, of course.''

Maura took her belongings and went upstairs. She didn't see Jane, but she saw Korsak and Frost

''Where is Jane?''

''I sent her home. Doc can I talk to you?'' asked Korsak

''Yes of course, I wanted to have a word with you anyway''

They went to a Dirty Robber. Korsak order the beer but Maura didn't want anything.

''You worked on Jane's case.''


''Why did you order her to stay away?''

''Because I was following the orders I had been given.''

''Who gave the order?''

''You don't want to go there.''

''Yes, yes I do. Why?''

''It goes that way. Tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye.''

''You don't make any sense. This isn't about teeth.'' said Maura confused

''Look, your parents agreed to help out Jane. Mark asked them if he could protect her there and they said yes, right?''

''Yes, I was there.''

''Well they protected her and then it was time to pay the debt. Your mother found out that Jane isn't dead and she demanded to make Jane out of your way.''

''My mother?''


''But Jane didn't give up, Frankie told me that she kept searching.''

''I don't know about that. I told her that she can't contact you, but if she ''accidently'' met you later, that Elizabeth couldn't do anything about it. 9 months later she came to me with hollow look in her eyes telling me she's going to be a cop and that she wants my help.''

''That's it?''

''Yes. That's whole story.''

''Why did you send her home today?''

''Because she almost collapsed on the job. Her nightmares aren't improved and this week, with you here, it's must have took it's tool.''

'' Nightmares?''

''Two months ago serial killer, Hoyt, tortured Jane. She was on physical therapy for almost 2 months. Nightmares are still here.''

''Where is she now?''

''I'll give you address.'' said Korsak and wrote it down on some paper

''I'm going there after I visit my parents.'' Maura knew it wasn't good idea because grandma is there with Alex but she didn't care

''Good evening ma'am.'' said Charlie, he looked older but in a way the same

''Charlie, it's me. Maura.''

''Maura? Oh my...I wouldn't recognise you.'' Charlie said and hugged her

''But Charlie you are exactly like I remember you.'' Maura smiled ''Charlie are my parents here?''

''Yes they are. They are with your grandma and Alex in living room.''

''Excellent. I need them all there.''

''So tell me Alex, what was it like to be there?'' asked Elizabeth sitting opposite of Alex and Cathrine

The door opened and furious Maura stormed in, slamming doors behind her

''You bitch!'' yelled Maura pointing at Elizabeth

''Maura!'' Henry said

''Oh no. Not this time father. You knew it, you knew it and never said anything. You let me suffer and you knew what it's doing to me, but you were still quiet. Only to have your big master plan work. And it still failed, I never married Garrett.''

''Maura what are you talking about?'' asked Catherine getting up

''Jane is alive and well and this, this cow forbidden her to contact me''

''What?'' yelled Henry

''Her death was a show and my dear mother found out and made sure that Jane doesn't contact me. Right mother? You did treat that you'll tell Donegal family?''

''You didn't? Elizabeth tell me you didn't...'' said Henry

''I...I'm sorry...I ...just''

''Can you imagine my surprise when I came on my new job and saw Jane alive? She's a detective and you know what mother? If she'll have me I'll be with her again. And if you say to anyone that she was that witness I swear to God you'll regret it.'' Maura said and rushed out

''Charlie, Rose, Mark.'' Maura said to three figures standing in front of the door ''I'll come one day and have a little chat, but now I have to go.''

''You go kid! Get your girl!'' cheered Rose

There was a knock on the door. Jane wasn't expecting anyone so she took her gun and looked through the peeping hole-Maura?

She opened the door and looked at her. She thought her mind was playing tricks on her but the woman in front of her door was real.

''I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I never knew that she...''Maura was cut off with a kiss

I know it's of the character that Maura is swearing, but if she ever would this would be a situation to do so. :)

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