Perfect time

Chapter 16

Long chapter, haven't finished it yesterday, but here it is today. Your reviews are great thank you soo much :* And to all of you who have a problem with my grammar- I said I was sorry, I'm not from England/USA/Australia and I've been learning english few years not my whole life- and beta reader? If you'll find one who can keep up with me, sure I'll take one. I like to publish every day or every other day and most of people don't have time every day to correct my chapters. And I'm not really patient. And I understand them, but I sleep 4-5 hours a day, so even after everything I have to do, personaly or not, I still have time to type. Anyway enjoy the chapter.

Jane finally released Maura, both trying to catch their breath.

''I talked with Frankie and Korsak. I know what happened. I'm so sorry, my mother had no right to do what she had.'' Maura said

''It'll be fine. We're here now and if you'd like, maybe we could give us another chance.'' Jane said with a smile

''I would love that Jane.''

Jane woke up at 7,15 am and found someone beside her. She looked down and saw Maura. And then she remembered last night- Maura insisted to stay with Jane because of her nightmares. And once again, Maura was Jane's magic cure. Maura awoke only few minutes later

''Were you looking at me while I was sleeping?'' asked Maura

''Yes, yes I did. And I remembered when I had you working in my arms every day.''

''Did you watch me sleep then?''

''Actually yes. You look peaceful and calm while you are asleep. And I must add that you are lovely blanket.''

''I'm glad I can help.''

''We should get up and get ready.''

''Jane, it's Sunday. We don't need to go to work.''

''Sunday? Oh yeah Korsak said he's sending me home because it was Saturday anyway. Well then, what would you like to do?''

''Can we go and play basketball?'' asked Maura

''You don't know how to play. We established that last time.''

''That was 12 years ago!''

''Yes it was.'' said Jane looking away

''I'm sorry I didn't want to remind us on that.''

''No. We need to talk about it.''

''So let's talk.'' said Maura sitting up ''Frankie said you had a plan to come to me.''

''Yes, I had a plan and it failed. And then I saw you on TV with Garrett and decided that it was over. I became a cop.''

''He was asking me out for 8 months, so I finally said yes and you had to see it on TV. Unbelievable. He proposed to me.''


''He proposed me a week after we finished college. I said no, he got angry and asked me why. He started yelling on me, demanding an explanation. So I gave him one. I couldn't marry him because I loved you. 'I'm losing you to a ghost.' was one of the last things he said to me. I hadn't seen him since then.''

''I would say that I'm sorry, but I'm really not. You would have been married and I would never met you again.''

''Were you serious with someone?''

''I had few relationships. Only with guys and they never could fill you shoes. Most serious one...would be with Mark. He asked me to move in with him and would you believe me that in that moment I got flashback about you. So I said no and broke it off.''

''I would say I'm sorry, but I'm absolutely not. I missed you Jane so much, you have no idea how many nights I cried myself to sleep.'' said Maura, tears rolling down her cheeks

''Shhh, no, no more crying. I'm sorry I made you cry. I promise I will never do it again.'' said Jane hugging Maura

''I wrapped myself in work for 12 years, I forgot how to feel, Jane.''

''I know, believe me. I've done the same.''

''But Jane, I know one thing. Even in deepest moments of my numbness, I only could feel one emotion. My love towards you. Only you.''

''I never forgot about you and no matter how many times I tried to say that I don't love you and that I forgot about you, I knew it was a lie. A lie to get through the day. I've never stopped loving you.''

''I love you Jane.'' whispered Maura resting her head on Jane's shoulder

''I love you to Maura more then anything.''

''So about that basketball...'' started Maura wiping her tears

''Why do you wanna play basketball so much?'' asked Jane

''The last time we played it, do you remember it?''


''And do you remember the shower after playing?'' smirked Maura

''I'll get you some sweatpants and we're ready to go.'' grinned Jane

Someone was persistent and Jane finally awoke and answered her phone


''Do you know what time it is?''

''No mom, I don't. I was asleep. What do you want?''

''Asleep? Why? Are you sick? Why are you in bed?'' Because I spent last 4 hours having great sex. But instead she said

''Because I was tired and went for a nap.''

''It's family dinner, get your ass over here.''

''Mom, I'm on call as it is. I'll be there next weekend...''

''You have an hour to come here Jane Angela Rizzoli.'' and with that she hung up

''Now I know on who you are so damn stubborn.'' Maura murmured

''I am not.'' pouted Jane

''God forbidden. So you go to dinner, I go home an feed Bass.''

''You have a dog?''

''No, I have a tortoise.''

''Okay. But I don't want you to go.''

''How about I leave you my address and you come to my place after dinner with your parents?''

''Now you're talking.''

''Hey mom.'' Jane Rizzoli greeted

''Hello Jane. I'm glad you could make it.''

''Finally. Hey sis, wanna play basketball?''

''Oh, you have no idea how much.'' grinned Jane

25 minutes later Jane's nose was bleeding, having flashbacks about last game she played were not the best for concentration.

''How many times did I tell you not to...again that damn phone of yours.'' mobile phone inerrupted Angela

''Why didn't you tell me?''asked Jane going to a living room

''Because you were having so much fun...'' Jane's hand in the air stopped her

''Rizzoli. I'll be right there.''

''Your father will be here any moment.''

''I told you I was on call.''

''Here, you won't be attractive if your nose swells up.'' said Angela giving her some ice ''You never know who you'll run into.''

''Ma!'' Frankie said

''They are all dead or on a way to jail, mom. Love ya'' she kissed her mom on a cheek and smacked her brother ''See ya later jackass.''

30 minutes later and after bickering with Crowe she was on her crime scene. A crime scene that awfully looked like ones that Hoyt left behind. But her thoughts were interrupted by . 'It should be a sin to look like this. She's asking me something using that bla bla term.'

''I can assume you're talking about my nose, can you fix it?'' Jane asked

''I can, but it'll hurt a little.'' Jane nodded ''Why can't you do something safe? Like yoga?'' Maura suggested.

''Ouch, aaa, a little? Really?'' asked Jane lightly touching her nose after Maura fixed it

''Put some ice on it, or you'll look like Mike Tyson.''

''Remember me to kill Frankie.'' she said looking at Korsak

''Why would Frankie do that?'' asked Maura

''He didn't do it intentionally. I go distracted and he turned in that moment and his elbow made a contact with my nose.''

''You got a distracted by what?'' asked Korsak confused

''Well, you know basketball and stuff.'' Jane smiled

''You played basketball?'' Maura grinned

''Yep.'' Jane smirked and then got back to the victim.

''We didn't release this detail.'' Jane said pointing at teaser mark

''He is in jail. I checked 20 minutes ago.''

''Who is in jail?'' asked Maura

''Hoyt.'' Korsak said looking at her with the look Maura recognised- warning look

And then came that FBI detective and Maura invited him on autopsy in the morning.

''Why did you invite him on autopsy?'' asked Jane sitting next to Maura

''Jane, you have to work with him on this case. It's his case too.''

''His case my ass.''

''Language Jane.''

''Maura c'mon. The guy came here meddling in my investigation. No way.''

''Don't think about it. Forget it for the time being.''

''I can't forget about it.''

''Then let me help you.'' said Maura straddling Jane's waist.

After autopsy, Jane went to jail with Frost and visited Hoyt. He admitted that he had a protegee outside. Jane went to get herself a coffee while Frost went to office.

''What happened?'' asked Korsak

''He had taught someone how to do his job. And he's after Jane. He said nothing can save her this time.'' said Frost. And then a file dropped on a floor, both detectives turned around to see standing with her mouth hanging in the air.

''What did you just say?'' asked Maura

''It's nothing to worry about. He's in jail and will be there for a very long time.'' said Korsak

''Why do I have a bad feeling again?''

They found the victim's wife, lying in the forest. She had been raped after death, necrophilia was not common procedure, but agent Dean said to run it and he was right.

''He's hiding something.''

''Well maybe had the a feeling and went on it.''

''Would you thought of necrophilia so fast?''

''I probably would if I would be into it.''

''Yuck! Maura! Goddd...''

''Did you bring me tuna salad?''

''Yes, I have. Here you go.'' said Jane giving Maura the tuna

''Thank you. Oh, sweety, speaking of the Seton.'' Maura said showing Jane towards Dean with her eyes

''Maura, it's devil.''

''Soton is the devil.'' said Maura

''Yes, but expression is speaking of devil. Never mind.'' said Jane

''Why are you eating cat food?'' asked Dean

''You want some?'' asked Jane and put the conserve under Dean's nose

''No thanks.''

''Well, I guess it's chick thing.'' Jane commented and Maura grinned

''So what's up?''

''Sit down. Gonna need it.'' said Dean

''I'm fine.''

''Few hours ago Hoyt escaped custody.'' Dean announced

''Oh my God.'' said Jane and looked at Maura. Jane had a flashback in that moment

They were in front of Maura's house, Jane was ready to go in police station

''Maura, I do love you. And whatever happens you need to know that I love you more than anything on the world. And when I'll get back, I promise I'll be here forever.''

''Jane, I love you too. And know this, I'll wait for you. How long it takes.''


''Shhh, no, no more crying. I'm sorry I made you cry. I promise I will never do it again.''

''Jane?'' asked Maura, that look still in her eyes. The same one, same broken 'what the hell I'm gonna do' look

''Sorry, I was thinking. I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch this time.'' Jane said

''Ahem'' Dean tried to say he was still here ''I got a tape.''

Jane watched the tape and she could clearly read the message that he had left for her. She went back to Maura and explained how he escaped

''I want you to stay with me.'' Maura said

''No. Maura, I'll have a police officer or two in front of my apartment. You said that you want things to go slowly. How slowly would they go if entire station would find out about us tomorrow when those blabber mouths tell them?''

''You're right, but still...''

''How about a deal?'' cut in Jane

''What deal?''

''If in any moment I'll need you, I'll come to you.''

''You promise?''

''Yes, I promise.''

After a fight with her brother and Frost Jane kicked them out of her apartment. Marissa came to see if she's okay and then of course her mother came. And the whole 3 hours she was home, she wanted to be in Maura's arms. There she was safe and nobody could harm her- yes totally kid thing to say, but what you feel you can't really change. She was scared that she'll endanger Maura, but she still went to her. She could see Frost and Frankie tailing her.

''You came.'' Maura greeted her with a smile

''Yes, yes I have.''

''C'mon in. You look terrible.''

''Thank you sweety, I love you too.'' said Jane walking into Maura's home

''Here you go'' said Maura giving her glass of water.

''Thanks.'' said Jane and took a sip ''What the hell is that?''


''Ahh, the turtle. Where was he last time I was here?''

''He's a tortoise and he hide himself every time you were here. But since he saw you'll be here often he decided to show himself to you.''

''I never asked. Bass? Over an old boyfriend?'' Jane felt jealous

''No. William Bass, forensic anthropologist who discovered the famous body farm.''

''Ahhh, that one.'' Jane rolled her eyes

''Let's go to bed.'' Maura smiled

They were halfway through making the bed when someone knocked on Maura's front door.

''I'll be right back. Someone is just dropping something of.'' Maura said and exited the room

Jane wanted to see who is coming to her girlfriends house in the middle of the night. Agent Dean, he was dropping of some papers. But he wanted to stay, Jane could feel it. Maura dealt with that in short procedure. Jane consider to go to bed, but she decided against that. Her girlfriend! How could anyone dare to come close to Maura? Jealousy was running through her veins and then Maura was in the room. Jane wasn't sure what happened to her in that moment, only thing she knew was that she had to show Maura that she's hers!

Maura closed the door but before she was completely turned to Jane, she found herself slammed against the doors. Her back ached, the air forcefully left her lungs, every part of her body could feel Jane's body against hers. Jane pinned her both wrists against the door, Jane's thigh between her legs.

''Why was he here?'' asked Jane, her mouth only inch away from hers

''He wanted my opinion on some case.''

''He couldn't give you file tomorrow?''

''He had called and said it was important so I said that he can drop it of. Jane, he didn't mean it like that. Let me go.''

''No. He meant it like that, I could sense it so I think you should know to who you belong to.'' whispered Jane next to Maura's ear and then licked her ear and neck. Maura's breath hitched, Jane thrust her thigh hard against Maura

''Ohhh...God...''' moaned Maura

''You still want me to let you go?'' asked Jane still moving her thigh

''No! oh...don't stop Jane...yeesss.'' hissed Maura

''You sure? What do you want then Maura?''

''Oh...yes...Jane...fuck me.'' Jane grinned at the sight of her girlfriend, grabbed her and throw her on bed in every intention to fuck her whole night.

Their found another female body and Jane decided to left it there and surveillance it. When they got back to morgue, Maura started

''That was completely unprofessional!''

''Maura we had to leave her there. It's our only shot.''

''I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the way you treated me! I shouldn't have done it, but I still did. Not because I thought it was a good plan but because I trusted you.''

''I don't see why trusting me is a problem'' Jane said raising her voice

''That is not a problem! The problem is I was unprofessional because I gave advantage to you and not to a case.''

''I have to go and surveillance the body.'' and with that Jane left

Korsak introduced Jane with Joe, a female dog he had found that morning. He went to take a piss and left her with smelly dog. After 5 minutes Jane went after Korsak and tackled down man who was running through a creek- agent Dean. And then she found wounded Korsak.

''You told agent Dean that he should keep his eye on me?''

''I asked him if he could be nearby while you, Korsak and Frost were on watch out, yes.''

''What were you thinking?''

''I was trying to make sure you have more backup.'' Maura sighed

''I didn't need more back up!''

''There is a fine line between a courage and stupidity Jane!'' Maura raised her voice

''Yes,fine blue like Maura!'' and the dog in Jane's arms barked

''What is that?'' asked Maura

''My new dog. What? You have turtle.''

''Tortuise. And give her a bath.'' Maura said pointing at the sink

''Maura I tackled down a senior FBI agent! In creek!'' Jane said washing Joe

''You really tackled him down?'' grinned Maura

''It felt so gooood. That was God's way of giving me a chance to pay him back for hitting on my girlfriend.''

''Jane! He was not...''

''Yes he was.'' Jane cut in ''But you're mine.''

''Savage. Your behaviour is psychologically like the...'' Jane silenced her with a kiss

''I'm tired as hell. Can we please go home?''

''Your place or mine?''

''Mine.'' smiled Jane

That evening Jane had a visitor and this time Maura stayed in the room.

''So, you see, like I said- I'm not the one he's chasing. So Jane should I now do the same thing you did to me yesterday?'' asked Maura coming towards Jane

''I...'' tried Jane, but somehow seeing Maura's hips move made her forget what she was trying to say

''So Jane, should I slam you into nearest wall and fuck you for 2 hours without any serious break?'' Jane was speechless and Maura continued ''Nah, I won't do that exactly. I'll do something that will be much worse to you. I'll tease you without the release, I'll bring you to the edge and I'll leave you there and I will not give you the release you'll crave for, for a long time.'' grinned Maura and Jane swallowed hard


''Jane.'' Maura greeted coming in the office

''Good morning.'' grinned Jane

''How are you this fine morning?'' teased Maura

''Sore, and you? Your ego big as Russia?''

''Getting there.'' Maura smiled and added ''Jane, I'll be leaving to Quantico for 2 days.''

''What? Why? Why can't I know about this case?''

''Jane, this morning I got a call from a very important person and I was order to come in Quantico and not to tell you anything.''

''Well then, I'll found out for myself.''said Jane and stormed out

Jane got a call while she was in FBI office from Maura telling her that her apartment was trashed and then she believed some guy telling her that Marissa, her neighbour is dead. She was tricked by Hoyt and his protegee. And she was ready to die, but then Hoyt said something that made her fight again

''Your doctor is very hot one. It will be a pleasure to rape her.'' smiled Hoyt

And then Jane snapped, saw a chance and grabbed emergency kit from the van. When he got inside the van, she kicked him in the eye with flaming torch and took his gun, killed his protegee and shot Hoyt. And called back up. Dean offered her a dinner, but Jane could only thing of one person with who she wanted to be with. So she went to Maura.

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