Perfect time

Chapter 17

This part of a story follows tv show, with AU of course. So it's In medias res

Any sane person would sleep or go to the movies on their free day. But there was this challenge of beating Drugs departments ass in baseball so of course Jane and Maura were on baseball court. Jane was pissed off because a) Maura showed up wearing some second skin thing (like she explained, but Jane couldn't hear it really cause her brain was way to focused on the body inside of that 'second skin'). It wasn't her outfit that pissed Jane off, it was the fact that stupid guys were guys and the were looking at Maura like she was Christmas present waiting them to open her . And b) Crowe and Grant were pissing her off, but that wasn't something new. And then there was this moron flirting with Maura and of course where would be the fun if the dead body haven't fell from the bridge highway?

''It looks like I do owe you dinner.'' said that moron

''I would really like that, but I'm afraid I'm in relationship.'' said Maura

''You're flirting over dead body. Move away.'' said Jane to moron

''When else I'm gonna do it?'' asked Maura thinking Jane's statement was forwarded to her

''I'm gonna call it in.'' said Grant

''No! We're homicide, we're gonna handle it. You're drugs.'' Jane cut in

''Fine, just trying to be helpful.'' said Grant and left

Maura mumbled something on her doctor language and explained on English, Frost and Frankie brought some wheel covers and Jane scolded Frankie for jumping to conclusions.

''He looks up to you.'' Maura stated

''Get yourself a little brother and we'll talk.'' said Jane turning away asking for a radio. Maura and Korsak exchanged looks. Jane catches looks between Maura and Korsak and said:

''Yeah, alright. I'd love to help him become homicide detective one day. But he's not ready.''

''You're deceptively complex. I do not understand you.'' Maura responded

''Well you would if I was a dead body.'' Jane said sarcastically

''You think?'' Maura asked

Few hours later Jane huffed into the morgue.

''Okay, what happened?'' asked Maura

''What happened? That ass hole Grant is new lieutenant.'' Jane said visibly furious

''Why do you hate him so much?'' asked Maura

''I don't hate him, I don't like him there is a difference. What is the cause of death?'' Jane asked

''Stragulation. You can see marks here.'' Maura showed

''So she was struggling for her life. He didn't do it whit his hands.''

''It takes 30 seconds to person to loose it's conscious. That is one postmortem trauma, two post...''

''I got it.'' said Jane

Angry Korsak came in the morgue, Frost few minutes after him. Frost still had problems with seeing dead body and Korsak intentionally blabbed about his first case and cutting fingers for fingerprint and of course poor Frost ran to bathroom, followed by Korsak to make sure he's gonna lose his lunch.

''I think you and Grant like each other.'' said Maura simply

''What? No Maura. I don't like him, he used to call me frog face. That's not funny! I'm not frog face.''

''No, you're not. You have very beautiful and symmetrical face.'' smiled Maura

''Oh my God! I have gnocchi night with my parents tonight.'' said Jane in hurry

''I told you that like 15 minutes ago, you already forgot I remained you?''

''Oh, be quiet. Bye.'' said Jane kissing Maura quick and running away

''I'll see you later.'' said Maura and Jane answered already in front of glass doors

''You know you will.''

Maura was helping Frost to get over his fear and disgust of dead body. She was behind him, holding hand in which he held a scalpel. Jane came in the morgue

''Hey! What are you?'' asked Jane

''Ummm...thank you'' said Frost to Maura giving her the scalpel ''I'll be upstairs.'' and start going away. Maura chuckled

''No, no, no. I don't want to interrupt.'' said Jane and Maura was still chuckling thinking how Jane must be intimidating to Frost

''It's okay. I don't wanna get in your way.'' said Frost and left the morgue

''What?'' asked Jane seeing Maura's face

''He's afraid of you.'' Maura said

''He should be.'' smiled Jane and went to the box she brought

''Korsak thinks we have Boston strangler on our hands.'' said Jane putting box on examine table

''What do you think?'' Maura asked

''I think there is lots of similarities.''

''Jane, you would know if you had Thomas syndrome?''

''You did it again? On who?''

''My neighbour.''

''My God Maura...'' said Jane shacking her head ''Here take few cuts of this, it will make you feel better.''

Maura took the baseball bat and got in position and looked at Jane

''What?'' Maura asked

''What are you doing?''

''This is optimal batting position.''

''Well, it's optimal position for something else, not baseball.''

''I'm telling you, it's...''

''Says who? Pewee Herman?''

''It classic rigid collision body theory, not Pewee Herman.''

''You're ruing it.'' said Jane taking bat from Maura's hands

''Don't take my bat.'' pouted Maura

''We'll stick to basketball, okay? Look I got a present for you.'' said Jane pointing at box

Maura understood her logic, she followed her logic. But she did not understand in what kind of danger she was putting herself when she had decided to confront detective Leahy. She found out when the man drew her gun and then when Jane came in morgue grabbed her and pressed the gun to her head. Two minutes later Jane's gun was on the floor few feet away from here. Maura grabbed scalpel and stabbed her captor in his leg, Jane kicked him with baseball bat.

Jane cuffed the guy and called officer to take him to hospital.

''You okay?''

''Yeah, I'm fine.'' answered Maura


''No. But I'll be fine Jane don't worry.''

''Not to worry? Maura of course I'll worry. Thank God for your brain and solutions.'' Jane pulled Maura in hug

''Yeah, well let's hope we'll always have solution.''

''I could have lost you.'' said Jane

''But you didn't.''

''I should have protected you.''

''You already did.''

''You almost got killed.''

''It wasn't your fault and you came on time. And I know you'll always make it.'' Maura said with smile

''I hope you're right. I really don't wanna live without you.''

''You won't I promise.''

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