Perfect time

Chapter 18

I'm sorry for being very late. I had to go on seminar- I was stuck with 20 people who think that their brains were made by God himself. So arrogant and full of I don't know what! And then my laptop died. Don't worry, I got a new one :D

Notice- there is a little talk about religion, if anyone is offended by this topic or the way it was presented, do not read. It's not my idea to offend anyone

Jane and Maura decided to go on a drink after their hard day. Maura was still little shaken up and Jane sensed it, but didn't know how exactly approach her.

''Jane, during this 12 years we were apart you had boyfriends and I'm little curious about what they were like.'' Maura stated

''Maura please don't go there.'' Jane pleaded

''I want to go there. I want, no I need to know who they were.''

''I dated two kind. One who hated I was a cop, other who wanted to use handcuffs.''

''Really? And what type was Mark?'' Maura asked

''He hated I was a cop. And I think I can prove my theory about only two kind of guys for me.'' said Jane pulling her badge out. Maura turned around and saw a man approaching them, man turned around the moment when he saw Jane's badge and went to his table. A man at that table smiled and waved to Jane.

''Man at the table loves handcuffs.'' Jane stated

''And what type am I?'' asked Maura turning to Jane again

''You're my type.''

''Jane, I'm serious.''

''So am I. You are my type, you accept me for who I am and I know you hate the fact that I risk my life, but yet you accept it because I love my job. You hate the fact that I drink beer and not wine and that I don't want to try it, but you still buy a beer for me when you know I'll come over. And I know that you hate that I leave my socks on my sneakers, but you don't make me wear them or put them where ever.''

''I do hate that you leave socks on your snickers. You should put them in hamper.'' Maura said

''They are fine, a little air and their like new.''

''Yeah they are, but the air isn't.'' Maura said raising her eyebrow and added ''Jane I love you, no scratch that, I adore you. And the little things in which we are so different make us better couple. We both know what we want in future and in that way we're compatible. The things like our background, friends, family or places we deposit our socks are differences that make us dynamic.''

''I agree. We're so alike and so different at the same time. So let's hope that this time, we'll be enough.'' Jane said squeezing Maura's arm

Young kid died. Jane hated cases like these. What she hated more was the fact that they had little evidence.

''I'm going to morgue, autopsy is over.'' Jane said to Korsak. Korsak just nodded

''Maura.'' Jane greeted

''Jane.'' Maura smiled back ''The cause of death is at the moment undetermined. I send blood to lab and the results are to be seen. However, there is a sign of small damage on lungs.''

''So, he was suffocated?''


''He was poisoned? You sent blood, right?''

''I didn't say that. It's unlikely that he was poisoned.''

''So he wasn't poisoned?''

''I don't know. ''

''You just said...''

''I said it was unlikely, not impossible. That's why I sent blood on analyse.''

''Maura'' Jane greeted through her teeth.

''What?'' Maura asked confused ''Jim, you can take all those samples to lab.''

''Yes, .'' said rookie doctor and went his way

''There, now you can stop being Switzerland. And as I was saying, the damage on his lungs. He has burnt feathers in his lungs.'' Maura showed on x-ray image

''He had what?'' Jane asked

''He had burnt..'' Maura started

''I heard you. I was just in shock. That is the cause of death, right?''

''I didn't say that.''

''God, woman.'' Jane shook her head ''So what the feathers have to do with this?''

''This kind of damage to the lungs I would expect to find if the victim went through exorcism.''

Maura insisted to go with Jane when she said she was going to visit the preacher of deceased.

''Why do they even call it a church? It's nothing but a scam, I mean their preacher has a very thick record.''

''You can't really tell people what they should believe in. I mean let's be honest, you were born into your religion. Your parents baptised you and that was it, no question asked. It is tradition in our world, for a member of certain group to embrace their religion.''

''You say it like we don't have any choice.'' Jane frowned

''I didn't say that. But it's extremely rare that individual will step away from certain religion if their whole family is a part of it. It's our defence mechanism, don't leap out or you will face the consequences, which can be various from kicking out of a group to becoming complete subordinate.''

''That doesn't sound much better. If I don't want to believe in God or Jesus, I can always walk away from my religion.''

''True, but think of your family. What would your mom say?''

''You got a point there. But Maura, don't you believe in something? Anything?'' Jane asked

''I'm not a religious person. I'm scientist Jane, I like to think that we can find all the answers ,in time of course. Do I think we'll find all answers? No, some things need to stay a mystery. Do I think there is a God, like the one religion teaches us about? No. Do I think there is a Higher power? I hope so.''

''You believe in Higher power- like what? Universe? Universe i s not really something to believe in Maura.''

''You believe in a masochist.''


''Oh c'mon. Man let them crucify him and He was the son of God.''


''That was out of line, I apologise.''

''It's okay. You were right about being different. It's not easy and a lot of people wouldn't be nice to a person if they saw they are different. About Jesus...don't mention something like that in my family, please.''

''I won't. It slipped, I didn't mean to say anything bad about your religion.''

''I know you didn't.''

After a talk with the preacher and mother of the victim, Jane and Maura made their way to their cars.

''I wasn't disrespectful. The cuckoo is my number one suspect.'' Jane said

''It's not cuckoo...'' Maura started

''I know, I know. Making a point.'' Jane cut in

''It's very intriguing culture.''

''Desendens of Portuguese explorers and slaves from Carvery islands.''

''I'm impressed.'' Maura smiled

''Yeah, I can google too. And that father whatever his name is, is a foney. Did you check that poncho he was wearing?''

''A grand boobo.''

''I said I knew.'' Jane growled

''You knew what it's called?'' Maura asked

''A boobo?'' Jane asked grinning

''It's very popular among Christians in west Africa, even though the Swahili in east Africa also like...''

''Their boobos?'' smiled Jane.

''Yes.'' smiled Maura ''That's not funny.'' said Maura getting serious

''Yes dear.'' grinned Jane and then her phone ringed

''I gotta go.'' Jane said and gave Maura quick kiss

''I'll get you a boobo.'' smiled Maura

''Janie?'' said familiar voice

''Mom?'' asked Jane turning away from computer

''Look who I found in the lobby.'' said Maura gesturing on Jane's mom. Jane knew that her mother never met Maura 12 years ago and she hoped to God her mother forgot about her lost love and that she won't connect the dots.

''Well you weren't answering your phone and new officer downstairs wouldn't let me up.'' said Angela

''I'll talk to him.'' said Jane ''Hey, do you have Matt's autopsy reports?'' Jane asked pointing at Maura

''I do. I'm still waiting on some results, but I can tell you it wasn't natural death.'' Said Maura

''Really? You could knocked me over with a chicken feather.'' Jane commented. Maura looked very confused. ''And what are you doing here?'' Jane asked her mother

''I brought you a dress that you're going to wear tomorrow when you come to dinner.'' said Angela

Maura looked at Jane raised her eyebrows and gave her the look.

''Ma! '' said Jane, but Angela already showed the dress to Maura. Maura played along, admiring the dress which was beautiful and she could easily imagine Jane in it.

''Jane!'' Frost called her

''Yeah, mom I gotta go.''

''Okay, I know you always forget to eat.'' said Angela and gave a box to Jane

''Thank you. Love you.'' Jane said to her mom who was leaving out of her office.

''Want one?'' asked Jane

''Okay, wow, look at these. What is that white substance?'' asked Maura looking at sandwich

''Fluf.'' answered Jane looking at her like she was crazy

''Like the particles of cotton?''

''It's marshmallow and the brown substance is peanut butter. It's ground up, heavy, oily particles of peanut. They didn't have that in your fancy boarding school?''

''This is really good.'' commented Maura

Jane slumped down in chair at Maura's work desk in morgue. She looked towards Matt, lying there, only two tables away.

''You okay?'' Maura came out of her office

''No. I have no evidence, I don't know cause of death and if I don't have that I can't arrest anybody.''

''I know, sweety. It'll be fine, evidence will come up I'm sure. And then you can arrest the person who did this.'' said Maura putting her hand on Jane's shoulder

''Wanna go home?''

''Yes. I have to feed Bass, so my place?''

''Sure, Joe's with Frankie.''

''Did you check for poisons plants used in exorcism?'' Jane asked Maura as the walked to their cars

''Already on it. I'll have report by tomorrow.''

''It's so frustrating.''

''I know sweety.'' Maura said and then she was stopped by Jane. That awful sound. ''Stay here.'' Jane said. She slowly approached the car and opened the door. Snakes in her car. '' I hate snakes.''

Maura stayed away when Jane argued with Grant. And then Jane talked with Frost and came to Maura. Maura could see she was so tired and helpless.

''Let's go on dinner. It'll be easier that to cook. And then we go to your place.'' Jane said with weak smile

''Jane, if you're tired...''

''Nonsense. We'll eat and then we'll go home and take a bath and go to bed.''

''I could live with that.'' smiled Maura

They arrived in restaurant and of course started talking about the case.

''Give me your reason. Hypothetically.'' Jane said

''I found few cases in which people were hexed to death.'' Maura said

''Murder by hex? Enough guessing.'' Jane said

''Documented cases in which victims suffered a heart attack.''

''My kid didn't die of fear.''

''Well haven't you been afraid of anything?''

''Witches. Trip to Salem when I was a kid. I had to sleep with light on. Why? What were you afraid of?''

'' Chromobacterium violaceum,'' Maura answered

''What is that?''

''Flesh eating bacteria, it crawls in your ear or nose and starts eating you...''

''Okay, I got it.'' Jane stopped her

''Every culture has a exorcism ceremony. It's not crime to be a charismatic religious leader.''

''Like Jim Jones and others, what could go wrong?'' said Jane and then looked at Maura ''How tired are you?''

''What do you have in mind?''

''I want to go to church, you?'' Maura grinned and nodded

''Well then we better go to bed because we need to get up very early if we want to catch one ceremony.'' grinned Jane

''Ahh, it seems there won't be any funny business tonight.'' sighed Maura

''I didn't say that.'' grinned Jane

Frost waited them street away from the church. Then the trio went to the preacher, Jane flashed him a false warrant and they were in. The exorcism ceremony was very interesting to Maura and very weird to Jane. And there were snakes, Jane HATED snakes. Maura just grabbed her arm and silenced her with a look. Molotov cocktail flew through the window, people started screaming and heading out. Frost jumped out of the door and chased the kid who threw the cocktail. Jane and Frost spoke to him before, he was a friend of the victim. Jane spent her day with papers and investigating a kid who threw the cocktail. And then she saw what time it was.

''My mother will kill me.'' and with that she ran out of the office

''I just parked in front of their house. Yeah, well you know I'll make it up to you babe.'' Jane said

''You will. You're not coming tonight?'' asked Maura on the other side of a receiver

''No, I'm not sure when this will be over so I'll just go to my apartment.''

''Okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning.''

''Yes, you will. With two cups of hot coffee.''

''You better, see you tomorrow. Bye.''

''Bye sweety.'' said Jane and hung up

''Sorry I'm late,.'' she apologised to her mom

''It's okay. Don't worry about it. But help me out, go entertain.'' Angela said

''Okay, I will.'' said Jane and went to dinning room

And Grant was in her dinning room. She was so angry she could strangle her mother.

''Wow, you look amazing.'' commented Grant

''Thank you'' Jane said and turned around and went to kitchen

''What the hell mom? Where are dad and Frankie?''

''They went to pick up ice cream.'' Angela lied

''No they didn't! You made me wear this dress for Joe Grant?''

''No!'' Angela said ''Jane, I need to know you're taken care off.''

''I am mom!''

''You sure?''

''Yes, I'm sure mother. I'm going there and be polite but that's it. I'm taken care of.''

''I don't want to see you broken again.'' that made Jane freeze. ''I didn't know until month ago I came in the station looking for you. They said you were in the morgue so I went there. Dr. Maura Isles is your Maura. I knew it the moment I saw you two. I saw you broken only once in my life and that was when that girl broke your heart.''

''It wasn't her fault. The circumstances were...''

''And who is to say they won't be an obstacle again.''

''I gotta go mom. I'm going to apologise to Grant and then I'll go.''

''Jane..'' Angela started but Jane was already gone

Jane went to morgue knowing Maura is still there.

''Don't laugh, do I look ridiculous?'' Jane asked

''You don't look ridiculous.'' Maura assured her

''Why are you laughing then?''

''Don't you know Jane?'' asked Maura putting her glass down and walking to Jane

''You are gorgeous Jane. Stunningly beautiful.'' said Maura wrapping her arms around her and kissing her

''She knows, my mother.''

''She knows what Jane?'' asked Maura

''She knows that you are the girl I fell in love with 12 years ago. She said she saw it few months ago.''


''And she knew that and still she arranged a blind date for me and Grant.''

''She's your mother Jane. She wants to see you happy, and I was someone who made you sad and not happy. So it's in her instinct to defend you.''

''I don't want to be defend against you.''

''I know, but your mother could be right. I could bring you heartache.''

''Do you plan on doing so?''

''Of course not. If I can do anything about it, I'll stop it. I can't see you hurt.''

Jane stayed late to work on a case and then she went to her apartment and worked some more. She was woken up by terrible nightmare. She called Maura, told her about her dream and Maura said she's on her way over.

''There is almost always explanation for these kind of things.'' said Maura walking in with her silk, golden pj on.

''Almost?'' Jane said guiding Maura to her kitchen to see flowers on the floor

''Maybe the dog knock the flowers down?''

''4 feet of floor. Maybe I'm loosing my mind.''

''I can do the PET scan if you want.'' smiled Maura

''You're too kind.'' smiled Jane ''Maura, could you test the kids blood for purple poisonous plant?''

''I can and I have one on mind.'' smiled Maura

The purple,poison plant murder the poor kid and victims stepmother killed him. It was tough and complicated case.

''So that's why you had problem breathing.'' Jane stated coming in the kitchen

''What?'' Maura asked confused

''12 years ago, at your parents pool- you know before we had sex for the first time, you had problem breathing. Remember?''

''I do. I lied about hearing your statment.'' Maura confirmed

''Yeah, and I came running out of the pool.''

''Naked and only in towel.'' added Maura

''Yes and even then I have seen your arousal.'' grinned Jane

''I never hid it, Jane.'' Maura smiled ''Far from it, if I recall.''

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