Perfect time

Chapter 19

Note: There is a week, sometimes few weeks between the cases we saw on TV. So you know all the things are going like they should- not too fast or too 's all I wanted to say. And of course I want to thank you for reviews and subscribing, thanks a lot

Jane had thought about her relationship with Maura while she was looking at some old case. She didn't know exactly how she got so lucky, she's been dating Maura for almost 5 months and she's never been happier in her life.

''Hey daydreamer!'' Korsak yelled

''Hm? What?'' Jane asked

''I called your name 4 times. Where were you?''

''I was thinking about the case. What? It's truth.'' said Jane seeing Korsak's look

''Yeah, right. Anyway, let's go, the cast of the shoe is waiting for us.'' Korsak said and got up

20 minutes later Jane was talking with CSU investigator about the case when Maura walked in with group of kids

''Oh crap, I forgot today is her annual carrier day Dog and pony show.'' Jane muttered to CSU guy

''This is detective Rizzoli everyone.'' Maura said to group

Jane and Maura said few things to the kids when alarm went off.

''What does that mean?'' asked a girl

''It means that someone shot out of a gun and in...''Jane said waiting for computer to show an address '' Boston Cambridge University.''

''What?'' asked Maura and then said to Jane ''Wait Jane I'm going with you. BCU was my college. C'mon kid let's find your parents.''

5 minutes later Jane and Maura were in the car and in search for Jane's mom

''Where is she?''

''She's waiting for us in front of one store. I can't believe it, I mean she knows I'm working and she still calls me. Like she doesn't have a car.'' Jane grunted

''Oh Jane, I'm sure she had no choice.''

''Yeah right, but let's move on. How did you managed to find their parents so quick? I mean, didn't you have to talk to them and all the crap teachers do?''

''Not really, it was actually my mistake when I said 'let's find your parents.' I feel kinda bad for it, I forgot like it was.'' Maura said looking out the window

''What are you talking about?'' Jane asked confused

''Jane, there weren't any parents. Only nannies, butlers or maids.''

''Oh...your parents never picked you up?'' Jane asked

''My dad did once. My first day of school, when I was 6. After there was Charlie, you remember him.'' Maura said

''I do, he's a good man and his wife too. How are they by the way?''

''I saw them once in last well, 8 years. But I talked with grandma and she said they are fine. I promised to them I'll go and visit them. I have to go one of these days.''

''Well, if you'd like company I'd love to see them.''

''Yeah, I'd love that.''

''So those kids were pretty spoilt.'' Jane commented

''Yes, I must say they are. My mother always said it was difference between rich people and rich people with aristocracy blood. In some cases that is true, I'm afraid. Even though I feel that money and class has nothing to do with a person. You are who you are and if you're a bastard, no amount of money will ever change that.''

''I agree on bastard thing, but what did your mother mean?'' asked Jane

''My mother had thought that when so called poor people got the money, they acted very arrogant and like they owned the world. I don't thing that is the rule, that's all. But the main thing is that simply rich families indeed buy their children's love with money and in aristocrat families that would never happen. Because their goal isn't that their children love them, it's that they must continue family line. Even today, only my family and Fairfields know that I'm adopted.''

''Oh, I didn't know that. But honestly, do they really tell you that you're born to continue the blood line?'' Jane asked

''Yes, you know that from the start. Because you must know why you're here.''

''Here's my mom.'' said Jane and pulled over

''Your father left me stranded on the side of the road.'' Angela said and got in the car

''Mom, I'm sure he got stuck in a job or something.'' Jane said to Angela

''Why do you always took his side?'' Angela asked

''Here we go.'' said Jane looking at Maura before turning to her mom on back seat ''I'm not taking his side mom.''

''He's too busy to fix my car, he has so many better things to do.'' Angela commented

''Can we talk about this when I'm not working?'' asked Jane

When they got on crime scene, Maura started to examine the body and Jane talked to her shaken mom (who saw the poor girls body) and sent her home. After talking to victims best friend, Jane went to her dorm room and Maura went to morgue. After speaking to victims dad, Jane went to morgue. Maura stated all visible data's about the gun wound in girls chest.

''I bet we're looking for 9 mm.'' said Jane and Maura shoot her a glance ''I'll have ballistics confirm it. I just like to guess and I'm usually right.''

''BCU is one of the best universities in the country. I loved every minute there, except protein biochemistry.'' Maura said and continue to look at the wound and then the victims legs

''She was a soccer player.'' said Jane

''Yeah, I can see.'' Maura said

''Did you play sports?'' Jane asked

''Yes, ballet and fencing.'' Maura smiled

''Those aren't sports.''

''Yes they are, what did you play?'' Maura asked

''Field hockey, I was an attacker.'' Jane said with pride

''I'm sure you were very aggressive.'' said Maura

''Attacker is a position.'' Jane commented and then saw that Maura started to examine victims leg with x ray. ''Maura she died of gun shot and it is right here.'' and she pointed to girls chests

''Jane, this girl couldn't play anything. Her ligaments are ruptured, she was in pain by walking let alone playing soccer.''

''So she lied. Why?''

''I don't know, that's your job to find out.''

''Maura, you should have seen her dad. He's so broken, he had just her on this world.''

''That must have been hard for him, maybe he'll have little more peace when we find her killer.''

After spending her day investigating victims best friend and old boyfriend and after walking around BCU campus, Jane went to morgue.

''I'm tired and hungry.'' said Jane and sat on table

''I have a sandwich for you if you want.'' Maura said and gave her a sandwich

''Is this from good fridge or dead people fridge? You know what? Don't tell me, I don't wanna know.'' said Jane and sniffed the food ''How old is this? Don't tell me that either! I'm too hungry.''

Maura just chuckled at her girlfriend as Jane put the sandwich down and decided not to eat it anyway.

''I was at BCU today. And the girls were dressed in foil.'' Jane commented

''Ahh yes, the ABC party, it's such a Roseta beta thing.'' Maura smiled

''You take it for granted that you know all that.'' Jane commented dryly

''Oh c'mon, I didn't know that attacker was a position.''

''A gaping hole in your education.''

''You know, when I was on that campus I felt like I missed out.'' Jane said sipping her coffee

''Jane you are smart and accomplished woman.'' Maura said seriously

''I peaked in the library. All the things I could've known.''

''You know more about human beings than anyone I know...'' Maura said

''Bad human beings.'' Jane cut in

''We're all mixture of good and bad.'' before Jane could comment her cell phone rang

''Oh God not again. What is it mom?'' Jane said answering the phone ''I'll be up in a minute. My mom is here and something is wrong with her car.'' Jane sighed

''Want some company?'' Maura asked

''I'd love too.''

Her mother had traded her family car for a pimp car. Jane couldn't believe it and then Maura started to admire the engine of the car and naming the parts that weren't working. And then Angela mentioned that Jane should fix the situation for her and all and while they argued Maura observed them. Jane's word was final and they went to call a cab. Frost called Jane to see evidence he collected from victim's locker.

I'm at Dirty robber. Where are you anyway? Jane smiled as she read the text

Well I went to talk to some pimps in my mom's cool new car and now I got her Buick back from car dealer. I can be at Dirty robber in 15, gonna wait for me?

I'll always wait for you ;)

15 minutes later Jane indeed came in Dirty robber and tapped Maura on her shoulder. Maura turned but Jane was already sitting next to her. Maura smiled as she ate peanuts.

'' Isles knuckle deep in germy bar snacks. I'm shocked.'' Jane mocked

''I had representative samples tested. Number of bacteria is in acceptable limits.'' said Maura taking a peanut

''Must be very complicated to be you.''

''You have no idea.'' Maura confirmed ''I had to get out of the office.''

''Me too. But I feel guilty taking a break when we don't have solid lead.'' Jane said

''We might.'' Maura said and Jane looked at her hopefully

''Hairs I found on Danielle's body is synthetic. From a toupee.''

''Danielle was selling her body to a guy with plastic rug?Oghh...yuck'' said Jane as she shocked her shoulders trying to get away from that goose bumps on her skin

''Well, maybe he took it of, you know during...'' Maura offered

''Oh God, kid in a college of her dreams and she's turning tricks...''Jane started

''To stay. She lost her scholarship, she tried to pay for school.'' Maura interrupted

''How about a loan? Hell, some people even flip burgers.'' Jane argued

''Not possible.'' Maura stated

''Why?'' asked Jane

''Because there are only 8760 hours in a year and to pay for school she needed to work 9500 hours.'' Maura said

''You're defending her. Your fancy french boarding school whooped your young mind.''

''In Europe women make all kinds of arrangements with man and both parties get what they need. No shame, no pimps and no victims. I'm sure that it was terrible to Danielle to resort to that.'' Maura finished

''She had other choices.'' Jane still argued

''Well apparently she didn't think so. She couldn't go to her father.''


'' Mr. Williams this is Jane Rizzoli speaking.''

''Ms. Rizzoli what can I do for you?'' asked a voice on other side of a receiver

''I'm afraid I'll have to decline scholarship. I'm very sorry sir.''

and seeing Jane in deep thoughts Maura asked ''Jane what is it?''

''You're right, her father was very upset that he couldn't keep her in that school without the scholarship.'' Maura's phone ringed and she said to Jane that plastic Jane found on crime scene was for a computer. Jane decided to went to campus and find a laptop in their repair shop. And in the morning they indeed found a laptop containing her work schedule. And after getting tapes of a hotel, they decided to visit one professor with whom Danielle slept for money. But he was already dead when they got there and it looked like a suicide. But it wasn't and it was obvious really, no blood on gun or victims sleeve. In lab later, Korsak said he'll look for a serial number on a gun that they had and which was used to kill Danielle and professor. Jane, Maura and Frost went to pay their respect to Danielle on campus. When they got there, hundred candles were burning along with flowers and teddy bears. Jane's phone rang and Korsak reported that the gun was register to Danielle's college supervisor's stepfather. So Jane and Frost started to advance supervisor that was standing on stairs, above Danielle's best friend who was holding a speech about Danielle. The man saw them and grabbed friend and shot the poor girl. Maura jumped to the girl and Jane and Frost went after the murderer, Jane shot him after he started to shoot at them.

Jane had to report event and Maura went with girl to a hospital. Night turned in the day and Jane went to hospital after hearing that the girl will be released because her wound was nothing more then a flesh wound. After talking to a girl and giving her some good news, she picked up her phone and said to Maura to come to her place and that she'll pick up the dinner.

She was forced to do something like this to go to school and I willingly passed my scholarship. I wonder would my kid told me that he/she was in this kind of trouble. She didn't mean to harm anybody, she just wanted to have a better future. I wonder if I'll have kids. I'm 29 already and I'm not sure that Maura wants to be a mom. What if she doesn't want to have kids? Jane mused as she parked in front of her building.

''Honey, I'm home.'' Jane announced as she came in her apartment. Jo Friday jumping at her

''Yeah, I can hear.'' laughed Maura as she walked out of Jane's bedroom

''I got the dinner.'' smiled Jane as she put bags down and patted Jo

''My hero.'' smiled Maura and pulled Jane into a kiss

''I'll just go and change.'' said Jane

''Okay, I'll take the food and plates.'' Maura smiled

In 5 minutes Jane was back to kitchen and Maura was taking a vine from the fridge, seeing that the plates and food are ready Jane took vine glasses from the cupboard and looked at Maura

''So how was working at live victim?''

''Terrifying. And exhilarating.'' said Maura as she opened the vine '' Natalie confirms your theory tough. Lukas had about half dozen girls working of a tuition.''

''Lukas was a bastard.'' Jane said as she sat down

''Maybe she found out that he was blackmailing the professor and he killed her.'' Maura said sitting down

''Yeah, she probably thought she could get away if she threaten to go public. Poor father, what he must've been going through.'' Jane said putting her food on the table


''I want to have someone who'd love me on my best and on my worst .Who'll be honest to me.'' said Maura as they laid in bed

''I'll never lie to you, I promise. Unless it would keep you safe. '' Jane smiled to Maura and wondered how is it that she found the love of her life at only 17

''I applied on BCU.'' Jane stated

''It's very hard to get into.'' Maura simply said

''Oh, I got in.'' smiled Jane

''Why didn't you go? '' Maura asked

''I wanted to be a cop.''

''And what is the real reason?''

''My dad would spent everything to sent me there and I couldn't do that to him.'' Well it was a truth, part of it anyway. 20 000 dollars for 4 years were nothing comparing to full costs but Rizzoli's business was bad at the time and Jane really lost her biggest motivation so she never brought it up.

''Did you ever tell him that?'' Maura asked

''No. It would break his heart'' said Jane taking a bite

''I wonder what will happen with Natalie.'' Maura stated

''Oh she's going back to school, I made little deal with the dean. We keep quiet about details and she goes back to school.''

''On University expense.''

''Yep.'' Jane smiled and Maura laughed

''So what will you tell Danielle's father?'' Maura questioned

''Only thing he needs to know is that his daughter loved him very much.''

''Oh Jane, that's...'' Maura started


''That's really sweet.''

''Oh...gross...give me the wine!'' said Jane

''It is sweet.'' said Maura pouring them wine

''It's truth. Nothing sweet about it.''

''Jane, during this case, I couldn't help but wonder if I could have dealt with situation like this with my child.''

''I know, I was thinking the same thing. You want to protect them, but you never seem to do enough. She tried not to let down her dad and she got herself killed. And if I'd knew that as a parent, I'm not sure how I'd continue to live.'' Jane said deeply in thoughts

''So you do want to have kids?'' asked Maura

''Yes Maura, I want to have kids.'' Jane smiled

''Yeah, me too.'' Maura smiled

They were cleaning after dinner when suddenly pieces came together to Maura. Frankie's words, Korsak's words and Jane's

'She had a plan she was working on for 9 months after she got back.'

'She came to me and asked for my help to becoming a cop 9 months after the case was closed.'

'I never saw her like that, like she lost the meaning. That was the nigh I taped her singing this, the night she said she'll become a cop.'

'My dad didn't had enough money...'

''Why didn't you go on BCU? Tell me and tell me the truth, please.'' Maura pleaded looking at Jane's eyes

''Don't go there Maura, please.''

''Jane, please, answer me.'' Maura said with firm voice

''The day I found out I got a scholarship and that my dad only had to pay 5000 dollars a year was also a day I found out you were with Garrett. So I lost my motivation and then I remembered how selfish I was trying to go on college. My dad's business was slow that year, he had 5 mouths to feed and I wanted to go to college. So I went to Korsak and joined the force.''

''I'm sorry, it's my fault...''

''No! Don't even say it. It wasn't your fault, it was a combination of a destiny and luck. And look at it like this- we're here now. I have you here.'' Jane smiled and kissed Maura

''I love you Jane.''

''I love you too Maura.''

''C'mon you must be tired you've been up for 36 's go to bed.''

''Well, I agree on going to bed, but I don't think I'm that tired.'' grinned Jane

''Oh, well then we must help you with that.'' smiled Maura and pulled Jane towards bedroom

That night for the first time Jane dreamt about family. She dreamt about Maura by her side and two Rizzoli-Isles running around the house.

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