Perfect time

Chapter 2

So, chapter two... : ) Kill me, but I do not exactly your school system works, so just go with the flow about that. It'll be minor mention of school.

13th of May 1993, Paris

Maura Isles was 17 year old and just graduated from her boarding school in France. She was what Americans called valedictorian and the fact that proves that is that she finished school a year earlier. A lot of parents were there to cheer their children, well in this class it's hardly cheering- more warm smile, proud look and pat on shoulder. But of course her parents didn't even do that. They were, as usual, on some tropical island after the conference they attended at Wien. But Maura was used to that, she was very close to her parents when she was little. But when Maura turned 8, her cousins said to her that she has been adopted. Her parents confirmed that statement and that was the moment their bond broke. And now they didn't even had dignity to come on her big day. But Charlie was there, as always. Charlie was an older man always in his tidy, butler uniform.

''Good day Miss Isles, congratulations. I'm very happy to see you again.'' greeted Charlie

''Good day Charlie, thank you very much. I must say that I'm looking forward to come back home.'' Maura greeted back.

She sat in the car and Charlie drove them to airport.

15th of May 1993, Boston

Jane and Angela were now seated in front of lieutenant Adams' office while he made few calls.

''How did you manage to get in this kind of trouble? I just don't understand. Do you hate me? Do you want to see me hurting? Because you do it rather well. Why do you do this to her own mother?'' asked Angela

''Oh God mother, it's not about you! Why can't you ask me how am I? I just saw a boy murdered, why would I do that on purpose, only to hurt you?'' Jane answered

Korsak watch scene in front of him and truth be told that woman is a pain in the ass. She never once asked her daughter how she is or does she need anything. But before Angela could say anything, lieutenant Adams walked out his office and asked Angela, Jane, Clark and Korsak in office.

''This is situation. Jane is in grave danger and during our investigation and court she must be hidden. I contacted my old friend who now works as a bodyguard for one wealthy family. He talked with them and they said it would be okay if Jane stayed there for some time. He's a ex-marine and he will be able to protect Jane. Jane has to leave immediately, Korsak you will escort Jane and to their home where Jane will pack her things and say goodbye to her family.'' Adams said

''How long will she be away?'' asked Angela

''I can not say that. It may only be a month and it could be couple of them, but I don't think it'll be longer than that.''

''Sir, I'm going with them too?'' asked Clark

''No George, I need you to do something for me, but we'll discuss that later.'' Adams said

Two hours later Jane Rizzoli was ready to go and was saying last goodbyes with her family.

''Janie, please take care of yourself. We need you back, okay?'' asked Frank Rizzoli Sr.

''Yes, dad. Don't worry, I'm going be fine and I'll be back before you'll know it. I love you daddy.'' Jane said hugging him

''Jane, do not forget to keep your place. Lieutenant said you will be in a house of a wealthy family. Just don't get in their way and please don't get in trouble.'' said her mother kissing her forehead

''Yes. mom. I'll be good.''

''Sis, don't do anything stupid, please. I want us to be able to play basketball and that won't be possible if some idiots will kill you. Just promise me you'll get back.'' Frankie said

''I'll be back, don't worry. I promise and you know what promise means to me.''

And Frankie knew, Jane never broke her promises.

''It's time to go. Good night Mr., Mrs. Rizzoli, Frankie. We'll keep in touch.''

With that Jane and Korsak went to his car and disappeared in the night. 45 minutes later they entered the big fence that surrounded even bigger house. In front of garage stood big and tall man in his black suit.

''Good evening Mark.'' greeted Korsak as the went outside of a car

''Hey Korsak, long time no see. How's the wife?'' Mark asked

''She's nagging. Anyway, this is Jane Rizzoli and she will be staying here with you.''

''Hello.'' for the first time Jane spoke

''Hey kid, I'm Mark. I hear you got yourself into a big mess.'' Mark said

''Yeah, that I did. Big mess.'' Jane confirmed

''Well, I should get her inside and let her rest. It was great seeing you again Korsak. We have to have a drink one of this days.'' said Mark

''Yeah, we'll definitely do that. I'll see you soon Jane.'' and with that Korsak went back to his car and drove away.

This house was too big, honestly, half of her block could easily live here. Mark lead her through the few big corridors and then finally opened the door. Light here was on and you could clearly hear voices. Few doors on their path were open and she could clearly see that this was a part of house reserved for staff. On the end of hall Mark stopped and opened the door.

''Here you go kid, this is your room. Take rest, after your day, you need it.''

''Thank you. Good night.'' said Jane and Mark disappeared

Room was simple, it had bed, nightstand, wardrobe, desk and bathroom. It was nice, everything was made of good wood. Jane unpacked and put her things in wardrobe, took a quick shower and went to sleep. Sleep that night was full of nightmares.

Next morning, Jane woke up at 10 am. After a trip to bathroom and changing her clothes she went outside her room. The hall, yesterday fulfilled with voices and laughter was now quiet and abandoned. She went in search of Mark. She managed to come in main lobby and had perfect view of the staircase. At the moment she decided to go across the lobby, the door opened and in came three figures. Man and woman in their 40s and young girl, she was maybe her age. Jane hid behind a wall and observe them. She noticed good shoes, proper posture, their movements as they gave their things to the butler. It was clearly that they were family, but she never seen parents to act so cold to their child. All three figures went on opposite side of where Jane was standing.

''You would make a good cop.'' said voice behind her

''Jesus Christ, don't do that.''

''Sorry kid. Didn't mean to scare ya. C'mon, let's take a walk. That way you'll be able to orient in this house.''

After a tour in the house, Mark took Jane to back yard. This isn't a back yard, this is a goddamn park, thought Jane.

''And now, after we finished with tour of the house, it would be smart to tell you about the family. Isles family is very rich family, '' started Mark

''Really, who would have thought? I thought all normal people have houses like this one.'' cut in Jane

''Yeah, well...anyway, you saw family today. Henry and Elizabeth Isles and their daughter Maura. She is 17, like you. She just graduated from some boarding school in France. Henry and Elizabeth came to see her and gave her a present for her hard work. She is going to start BCU on the fall.''

''Wow, I knew money got you on college, but I've never known it gets you in earlier.'' commented Jane

''Well, you are wrong. Maura accomplished this on her own. She's very,very smart. Charlie says she's a genius. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that her parents will be leaving tomorrow for a vacation, so you'll be free to functional normal, but today I need you to keep low profile. They can not be disturbed.'' Mark said

Maura got home few hours after her parents. They congratulated her and told her that they had made arrangements for breakfast tomorrow. She went to her room and finally relaxed in her own bed. Morning came to quickly and she again went to see her parents. Around 9 o'clock in the morning they went to restaurant where they met Fairfields. After nice breakfast they went home and went into a living room. Her parents were talking about something while she was watching out through a window. There she spotted Mark and a girl. Girl was probably her age, maybe older, very tall, with athletic body and black hair.

''Mother, who is that girl?'' asked Maura interrupting her parents

''What girl, Maura?'' her mother asked getting up and coming by Maura's side ''Ahh, that must be the girl in trouble.'' said her mother going back to her seat

''Excuse me? What trouble?'' asked Maura again

''Yesterday Mark came to your father and me and asked if we could take in a girl in trouble. House is very big and protected and Mark is also keeping her safe here, so we decided to let her stay. Don't worry sweetheart, I'm sure she won't bother you. But we should probably meet her.'' her mother stood and started walking towards the door and Maura quickly followed. Her father just looked at his daughter and his wife with smile on his face.

Just as Mark and Jane were finishing their walk, two women approached them. Jane recognised Mrs. and Miss Isles.

''Good day Mark'' greeted Mrs. Isles

''Good day Mrs., Miss Isles'' Mark greeted back nodding

''And you must be the girl in the trouble.'' said

''Yes, that would be me. I'm Jane Rizzoli.'' said Jane nodding quietly remembering her mothers words

''I'm glad to meet you Jane. This is my daughter Maura.'' said and for the first time Jane looked up and looked into green eyes of Maura Isles

''Hello.'' said Maura and extended her hand

''Hi'' Jane said back and shook hands with Maura

''Well, Miss Rizzoli, I hope you will have everything you need. And I hope you will be out of your trouble soon. If you need to ask something, do not hesitate to ask me or Maura.''

''Thank you very much , but I'm sure that I'll have everything I need.'' responded Jane

''Well then, Mark, Miss Rizzoli have a nice day. Maura let's go, I need you help with something.'' said and Maura nodded and went after her mother.

So did you like it? What do you think will happen next? : )

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