Perfect time

Chapter 20

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''Let's go running.'' Maura smiled

''Do we have to?'' Jane looked up from her breakfast

''Yes. We need to stay in shape Jane. Little run before work. And we have to be at work at 10 am, so we have time.'' Maura smiled and went to Jane's bedroom

20 minutes later they were in park just a block from Jane's building.

''Do you believe in love at first sight?'' Jane asked stretching her legs against the bench and looking at some man and woman who were few feet's apart

''Amediate attraction is pure narcissism.'' Maura commented looking at the them too

''Well, I don't agree.'' Jane said frowning ''Look, they're talking about his t-shirt.''

''It's quite effort to try and attract the mate.'' Maura commented

''Excuse me? Does that mean that you wouldn't do any effort to attract me?'' Jane asked with obvious fake surprise look

''I do not need to try to do that. You're already mine and besides the only thing I need to do to get your attention is to look at you in certain way or to sway my hips little more.'' smirked Maura

''That is not true. And you know what- that'' Jane pointed at man and woman ''is the beginning of true love.''

''Honey, people are attracted to people who are attracted to them.'' said Maura

In next moment some man runs to man talking with woman and kisses him. Maura starts to laugh at Jane pointing at her

''Well that goes that theory.'' Jane said weakly

''So are those long legs prepared for our run?'' Maura asked smiling

''Yep they are.'' Jane smirked and then their phones rang

''I guess our run is off.'' Maura said as she picked her phone up.

Half an hour latter Maura and Jane arrived at the scene of the crime. Body was found in the sea and was now laying at the mole. Maura went to examine body as Jane went to talk to officer

''I couldn't find ID'' commented officer

''We won't need an ID.'' commented Maura and Jane just looked at her with shocked expression

''Maura you know him?'' asked Jane putting her hand on Maura's shoulder. Maura nodded and Jane added ''Oh my God, I'm so sorry.''

''It's Adam Fairfield.'' said Maura. Jane looked at the body ''He's Garrett's brother.'' Maura added. Jane nodded

''Look at the back of the head.''said Jane

''Yeah, happens with drowning, most likely by getting struck against the rocks.'' Maura commented seeing the traces of blood behind Adam's head

''Do you to want go with me when I notify the family?'' Jane asked Please say no

''No, but I will. I owe them that.''

Jane just nodded and decided to drop Maura at her place and go at her apartment and get change too.

2 hours later Jane, Maura and Frost pulled over at Fairfield's driveway. After going through the house Jane felt the same feeling she had almost 13 years ago when she walked into Maura's house. The feeling that clearly said 'you do not belong here.' Maura walked towards man- Sumner, Adam's and Garrett's brother, and he met her with Jocelyn- Adam's wife.

''I'm very sorry for your loss.'' Maura said

''At least he died doing what he loved the most.''Jocelyn commented

''And what was that?'' asked Jane

''Sailing.'' answered Sumner and added ''I can't believe he drowned.''

''We can't be sure that that happened. We're going to need a description of the boat.'' said Jane and told to Frost ''We should notify the Coast guard.''

''Who are you?'' asked Jocelyn

''Jane, can this wait?'' asked Maura. Jane looked surprised and answered ''No.''

''I'm detective Rizzoli, this is detective Frost, Boston homicide.'' Jane said to Jocelyn and Sumner

''Homicide? Why?'' asked Jocelyn

''We look into all unintended deaths.'' Frost said

''When was the last time you saw your husband?'' Jane asked

''They are just being thorough .'' Maura added

''Last night, he left very early.''

''Do you know if he was wearing a life jacket?''Jane asked

''No, he never did. He had learnt how to sail before he learnt how to ride a bike.''

''Maura..'' said the male voice behind them

They all turned around. Jane could recognise him everywhere. He looked older but still he was tall and had dark brown hair with athletic body. Maura walked towards him and hugged him, Jane wanted to kill him seeing how he looked at her girlfriend. But before she could do that a short man approached them

''Detectives'' he greeted ''I'm Robert Coldbern, legal council for Fairfield's family. Thank you for coming this quickly. The family would like to cooperate in any way they can.'' said the man and started to lead them in directions of the hall ''You sent me all your questions in writing and I'll respond in 24 hours.''

''That's not really how we operate.'' Jane said

''Well I am sure you can understand how the family is...'' started short man

''Excuse me.'' said Jane and went to Maura

''Maura?'' said Jane and Maura looked to her ''This must be Garrett.''

''I'm sorry Mr. Fairfield, I was just explaining to the detectives...'' short man said again

''That it's critical we get the statement as quickly as possible, isn't that right Maura?'' Jane cut in

''Well I'm sure that the family will be more then happy to answer all your questions when they're ready. I don't even have the cause of death, we should just give them their space.'' Maura said

Jane looked at her, then at Garrett and then nodded.

''Well then if you think that's the best course of action, very well. Just don't bitch around after asking why we can't find the murderer.'' Jane said turning around and left along with Frost

3 hours later Jane had 6 unanswered calls from Maura and then she finally decided to go to the Morgue. She was angry, no she was furious. Her girlfriend was doing autopsy on Adam in the morgue. She walked in and tried to be calm but she knew she wouldn't be able to pull it through without major fight.

''Why are you doing an autopsy on Sunday? Don't you have kundalini,pilau,rigoo yoga classes?'' asked Jane. Maura jumped at sudden voice behind her and turn towards Jane

''Kundalini is secret energy work, pilau is a rice dish and I'm pretty sure you made up that last word.'' said Maura examining the body

''I'm sorry I'm not as educated as you and your deluxe for the support with them by the way.'' said Jane bitterly

''Their brother had just died, I'm sorry I couldn't stand and watch you bagger that family.'' Maura said also angry

''Bagger? Is that how you describe how I do my job? And since when do you rush the science?'' asked Jane

''I'm not rushing anything.'' Maura defended

''No? You're scrambling to finish the autopsy.'' Jane said

''The Governor called and he wants reports right away.''

''Of course he did. Did you had a nice chat, maybe tonight you can attend the opera with some senators and afterwords go out and smoke big rolled up bills of hundreds.'' Jane said angry

''This people are not the enemy Jane.'' Maura tried to say calmly

''Neither was Columbus, tell that to Native Americans he killed with smallpox.''

''The Fairfields had help built the city Jane.'' Maura said with her voice raised slightly

''My grandpa was an iron worker. He helped to built the city.'' said Jane with her voice raised a little too

''Okay, so, what are we arguing about here? The history? About your anger towards my friends? Or about Garrett?''

''This is about work. I never saw you hugging suspects before.''

''We don't even know what happened here. If this was accidental drowning, there are no suspects.''

''So you're hoping it's an accident?'' Jane asked

''Are you hoping it was a murder?'' Maura retored

''I'm doing my job like I always do. Why don't you do yours?''

''I am and as a medical examiner it is my job to determine the cause of death. So I'll tell you whether there is a case here or not.'' Maura said dismissively

''Well, maybe I'll just figure for myself.'' said Jane and turned to leave

''Jane...what is wrong with you?'' Maura asked

'' I thought about this like million times already. We're so different, different background and friends. Not to mention our families, my mom silently told me not to get involve with someone of your class 12 years ago, before I went to your family. And your mom is the reason we haven't seen each other for 12 years. But then I thought, she's not like that, we could change this. We'll be good together and make compromises that would allow us to stay together with obstacles that are bound to show on the way. And here we are and you do this to me.'' Jane said and left

''Jane...'' Maura tried but Jane didn't stop

Few hours later Korsak was in the morgue talking about the autopsy with Maura.

''Doc, why am I here? And I mean really, not crap about sailing. And remember, I've been cop for very long time, I know when somebody lies to me.''

''Jane and I got in the fight.'' Maura said

''Oh boy..''Korasak said

''She thinks I'm being subjective because I'm acquaintance with the family.''

''Acquaintance? I heard it was little more then that.''

''It was.'' Maura admitted

''That's not it. Doc, you know that Jane didn't grow up like you. When you grow up in neighbourhood like me or Jane then you know you don't have a lot. But what you have is the word, when you give your word to someone then that person have everything you can offer. It's like that down here. And more because you are her girlfriend and she loves you more then she loved anybody.'' Korsak finished

''Well then, I must do something to make this right.'' Maura muttered

And then Jane decided to do something out of pure anger. She bought Maura a chocolate with gold flex in it.

''It has 24 carat gold flex in it.'' Jane said as she put the chocolate on the table next to Maura while Maura was busy with scaling the livers of the victim

''Are you making fun of me?''

''No, I thought it would be fun to try.'' Jane said and then after Maura just looked at her added ''Can you make some tests on this?'' Jane asked giving Maura the bottle with red juice?

''What case?'' Maura asked confused

''Is Jane's mother poisoning the neighbourhood?''

''Ouou. Not good.'' Maura said as she looked at the bottle. Korsak entered the morgue

''So are you going to try it?''Jane asked Maura and then looked at Korsak ''Why are you so dressed up?''

''Is this an apology?'' asked Maura smiling

''For what?'' Jane asked dead serious

''Oh boy.'' Korsak said and turned to leave

''Aaaa, no.'' Korsak stopped ''You ask her.'' Jane commanded Korsak

''Jane thought maybe Garrett would tell you the name of Adam's mistress.'' Korsak said

''So this is a bribe.'' Maura turned to Jane and then walked to Korsak ''Tell Jane that if she thinks that chocolate will make me use personal relationship with Garrett Fairfield she doesn't know me very well.''

''Tell Maura...'' Korsaks phone rang and he said ''I gotta take this'' and he flied the room

''You looked really at home in that world. And with him.'' Jane said

''It's where I'm from Jane. And that is a place I didn't choose to stay in.'' Maura said

''But what are you doing down here slumming with us?'' Jane asked showing around herself to prove her point (they were after all in basement)

''The same as you. I'm catching bad guys.'' Maura said

''I need this job'' that was a big lie ''You don't.'' well that was true

''Look, I want my life to have meaning and purpose, the same as you.''

''It sounds good Maura, but you know what? I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm not sure on which side you're on'' Jane said and walked away

''What side? Of justice or a crime? That side?'' Maura

''No Maur, I don't give a shit about that. I mean I do, but... I'm not sure are you on my side or Garretts.'' and with that Jane left

After this hell of a day and fighting with Maura today and yesterday the last thing Jane wanted was to make a short stop at her parents home. But her mom called her and said it was important. And of course it was all but important.

''I can't believe you drag me all the way across the town while I'm working for this.'' Jane said pointing at her mothers dish

''I need to know if recipe is alright.'' Jane just growled at her mom.

''What's up with you anyway? Trouble in paradise?'' Angela asked


''Want to tell me about it?'' Angela asked. Jane didn't want to, but saw advantage as a stress reliever. After she told her mother what happened Angela asked

''Aren't you just being a little hypocrite?''

''How is that possible?'' Jane asked angry

''You weren't born with money, but you sure have it now.'' Angela said

''Mom, that's different. I haven't touched that money.''

''No, you have invested it and tripled it.''

''But I haven't spent it.''

''Jane, the cause of death isn't clear so maybe you should wait until they find a boat and then starting to ask questions.'' Angela said and Jane knew she was right

''Maybe I went little over board. I'm not sure she'll be able to forgive me. The chocolate thing was very low blow.''

''I'm sure everything will work out.''

Maura decided to visit Garrett. She was mad as hell at Jane and at one point she thought of calling quits with her. And then she remembered everything, how they were separated and how much that had hurt them both, and how they fight to stay together both times.

Garrett agreed on giving Maura the name of his brothers mistress.

''You're not married?'' Garrett asked as he took her left hand

''No.'' Maura answered ''How about you, anyone special in your life?''

''No, nothing serious for a while now.''

''How long?'' Maura asked

''Since college.'' Garrett said and seeing the news had been surprise he added ''Hey, you promised me coffee.''

Garrett was out buying coffee and Maura was thinking in the car. Garrett was a nice man, gentile and kind. Jane was bad tempered, protective and territorial. Garrett was safe, Jane was a god damn roller coaster. But Jane had big heart, she was smart and she made her feel like most important person in the world. She would hold her and Maura would feel like nothing in this world can hurt her. Maura called Jane and told her the name.

Garrett came back and leaned to kiss her. She knew she shouldn't but she let him do it. And the kiss was confirmation, he was no Jane. Jane's kiss would make that butterfly feeling in her stomach, it would linger through her lips to rest of her body. His didn't do anything.

''Were should we go?'' Garrett asked

''Maybe to park, it's just the block away.''

10 minutes later

''So Maura, what is new in your life? You're not married...''Garrett started

''Yet.'' Maura said

''Yet? So looking for commitment hm...Hey Maura that woman detective with you, do I know her? She seems so familiar.''

''I think I gave you wrong impression Garrett. I'm not looking for commitment, I'm already committed to someone.''

''Oh...well that hurts. You finally got over Jane. But not with me.'' Garrett said now stopping

''I didn't get over her, I'm with her. The detective who was with me was Jane, that's why she looked so familiar.''

''But she's dead.''

''Well due to some complications it has been declared that she's dead. However that was not the truth.''

''She'll never be able to give you the things I can. ''

''I don't need anything but her Garrett. Yes she can drive me on the wall but she's what I want Garrett. Forever.''

''Up the wall Maura.'' Garrett smiled ''Well if that is how you feel why did you kissed me?''

''To confirm.''

''Ahh, well do you need ride back?''

''No, thank you. I have to meet my grandma and the cafe is down the street.'' Maura smiled

''Good bye Maura. I still will love you, you know?'' Garrett whispered, kissed her cheek and left

Maura found herself in the cafe after short walk. Her grandma was already there, that woman was so predictable

''Hello Grandma.'' Maura greeted

''Oh my God, what are you doing here sweety?'' asked Catherine getting up and hugging her granddaughter

''I needed to talk to you and I knew you'd be here.''

''Okay sweety, c'mon sit here and tell me everything.''

After telling her everything and crying a little Maura felt like the weight of the world was taken of her shoulder.

''Sweety, listen to your old grandma. She isn't the same girl she was 12 years ago. She grew up and she was through lot of things on her life as you say. And you love her more then anything, right?''

''I do and she haven't change that much, she evolved in beautiful young woman I never want to leave.''

''Well then my dear, don't leave her. Work with her, compromise. You never wanted to be on every expensive and important dinner anyway, so now you go on the ones you must go. You have everything Maura and don't let some snobby comment stand in a way of that. And let Jane know you are on her side not on the side of society.''

They found the yacht and Maura confirmed it was homicide after all. Jane was in the lab with Maura and they were talking about the case. Both of them felt bad for what they did but they were both very pigheaded and they were quiet until Jane asked

''Wanna get a drink?''

''Will it have gold flex in it?'' Maura asked with a smile

''No.'' Jane said smiling

''The Cabernet here is chockey.'' said Maura

''Have a bear, it's cold and taste good.''

''I don't drink bear.''

''Yeah I know. Just thought to give it a try.''

''Jane I need to tell you something.''

''Okay...'' said Jane closing the file in front of her

''I was with Garrett this afternoon. We went to grab a coffee and to walk in the park.'' Maura said

''Yeah I figured as much when you called and told me the name.'' Jane said starting to look sad

''He kissed me and I didn't stop him. Before I was pondering about you and me and him and me, so I let him. I need a confirmation.'' Maura said

''What kind of confirmation?'' Jane asked with brokenhearted expression

''That I love you more then anything and that even though he's nice and safe he would never be you.''

''I'm sorry for being an ass.'' said Jane with small smile, but it was visible that what Maura said made her day

''And I'm sorry for not standing on your side immediately.'' Maura said and squeezed Jane's hand on the table

''Well I guess we have a lot of things to learn.'' Jane stated

''I'm happy to learn it with you.'' Maura smiled

''Jane I was invited to a dinner with Fairfields. You know memorial for Adam and I want you to come with me, that is the best shoot you'll get in getting close to them.''

''I have to wear a dress, don't I?''


2 hours later they were indeed in Fairfields house.

''Maura, stand here. I have a wedgie.''

''Oh God..'' Maura growled

After they took little champagne they were greeted by Garrett. Maura was really afraid of this

''Hello ladies, you look beautiful.''

''Thank you Garrett, you remember Jane.''

''I do, I'm afraid. Please join us.''

Yes Jane did embarrassed Maura, but they found out for Sumner and Jocelyn had an affair and a alibi for the day of the murder.

And then the evidence pointed to Garrett. Maura was upset and Jane followed her to the morgue. Maura started saying how she should have seen it and all that and started talking about syndromes and Jane was lost until Maura said

''He's not a Fairlfield. Adam's a half brother, that's why Garrett could kill him.''

''Maybe he didn't...''

''He killed him and I know with what.'' Maura cut in

They went to Fairfields house and arrested Garrett. On the way to the police car Garrett told Jane

''You really have to take everything from me?''

''I never took anything Garrett, you done all this by yourself.''

30 minutes later girls were at the Dirty robber. Jane brought herself and Maura two champagne glasses with what looked like champagne.

''I'm not in the mood for champagne.''

''Good, this is bear.'' said Jane

''Can we at least drink it from the bottle?''

''That we can.'' Jane smiled

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