Perfect time

Chapter 21

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Why did I get myself into this? Yoga is not a sport or anything fun. But here I am stretching my legs to the limits. How does she do that? Just one pout or pleading look and I'm done. I'm supposed to be tough and here she is turning me to mush with one smile. And that guy is here again improving her position and all I want to do is pull my gun out of my bag and shoot him, but Maura sends me that 'behave' look and I behave. God I'm pathetic.

Jane's musing were stopped when her cell went off. She apologised and gave Maura 'we have to go-now!' look. Maura bowed to yoga teacher and hurried out of the room and followed Jane to Jane's car.

''I don't like him.'' Jane said as the drove towards the crime scene.

''Who?'' Maura asked confused

''That yoga teacher, he's way too friendly and touchy. I don't like it.'' answered Jane

''Jane you have nothing to worry about and honestly I think that he's gay. I mean he's very good friend with Jorge.'' Maura shrugged

''You think they're gay? Well they could be, they're always coming and leaving together.''

''See, and I don't care if George Clooney was there asking me to marry him, I'd rather go home with you.'' smiled Maura

''You'd rather marry me, then Clooney?'' Jane asked 'Please say yes'

''Yes Jane, I'd rather marry you then Clooney anyday. C'mon, we have job to do.'' Maura smiled, got out of the car and joined Frost

She would marry me. Thank God.

After questioning victim's wife, Jane made her way to Korsak's table.

''I need to talk to you.'' Jane said

''Okay, just let me watch this first.'' said Korsak pointing at puppies on his screen

''Not okay, I need to talk to you. Now Korsak.'' Jane said through gritted teeth

''I'm going, geez.''Korsak said and followed Jane in the hallway

''Look, you know that me and Maura are...''Jane gestured with her hand

''Togather? Yes I do know that Jane. Stop acting like 5 year old, you can say the words out loud.'' Korsak said

''Fine! I just...God... I wanttoaskMauratomarryme andIneedaringtodoso. '' Jane said out of breath

''What? Did you just uttered whole sentence in one second?'' Korsak asked confused

''God!''said Jane pulling Korsak towards the wall so they couldn't be heard ''I want to propose Maura''

''Wow Jane, that is great.'' said Korsak smiling genuinely

''But I need a ring. And I need you to help me with that.''

''Okay, but honestly you should ask Frost to come with us too. He knows more about this fancy things more then me.'' Korsak said

''You've been married 5 times Korsak!'' Korsak gave her a look ''Yeah, I get it. You suck at marriage things.'' Jane sighed

''Hey! I don't suck at them. I'm just not very good.'' it was time for Jane to give Korsak the look

''I have to go down to the morgue, I'll see you soon.'' Jane said

Jane walked in the morgue while Maura was finishing autopsy. They discussed the case and then it came like a boom

''I'm not going on a double date with that touchy yoga teacher and Jorge.'' Jane said

''Why not?''

''Because I don't want to go out. I want to go home, watch a movie and go to bed. ''

''Don't be such a party ass.'' Maura said

''Party pooper. Not ass...'' Jane said

''I don't see the difference.''Maura stated

''Of course you don't, but Maura I really don't want to go.'' whined Jane

''I'll put it this way- if you don't go out with me tonight I'll be sad. And then I'll be angry and then you won't get any for a month.'' Maura said

''What? A month? You're blackmailing me with sex?'' asked Jane

''I am not blackmailing you! I'm just stating that there is the connection between my emotions and between my emotions and body respond.'' Maura said serious

''So you're blackmailing me with sex.'' stated Jane

''Pretty much, yes. I've ran out of options.'' Maura smiled sheeplesy

''I'll have to wear something pretty?'' Jane asked

''If you mean lady like, yes.'' Maura smiled

''Fine. I'll see you later.'' Jane said ''I have a club I must go in.''

After talking with club owner, very flirting club owner she went back to station. There she had to talk to a moron about his group which wanted to clean whole planet of gay people. Even though he assured her that he did not killed their victim and he did gave all names of the people inside the group, Jane didn't like him.

And cherry on the top the double date was tonight. Maura picked her up at 7 pm and ware they in for a surprise when they met boys in front of the restaurant.

Jorge kissed Jane's cheek and yoga guy Maura's and lead them towards their table. Jane looked at Maura and saw the same look that was in her eyes- aren't they gay? Fuck, Jane felt sorry for the guys so when they got to the table she sat next to Jorge and Maura next to the yoga guy. Few looks between them and they knew what to do- do not let them touch, play along and get the hell out of it. Their dinner was pretty much like that and only dangerous moment was when yoga guy kissed Maura on the cheek, but Jane was civil enough not to jump and kill the guy. After the dinner Maura and Jane went to Jane's place and Maura sensed that Jane will snap as soon as they are in the apartment.

''You were right, I had so much fun.''Jane replayed sarcastically

''I know, I know. I really toughed they were gay.'' Maura said feeling bad

''Maura sweetheart, for the future, if we're gonna go on a double date we're gonna go with people we know.'' Jane said and yes she would rub it in if it was anybody else but Maura, but since Maura screw up and was feeling bad Jane did not want to say anything that would make smaller woman worse.

''I can agree on that.'' Maura smiled feeling better

''C'mon, I'm tired. Let's go to bed.'' Jane added

Case was getting annoying- the insulin pump was clean, the victims wife had a solid alibi and on top of that Jorge didn't want to leave Jane alone. She blamed Maura for this, but she knew that smaller woman felt bad about it so she kept quiet. She asked only that Maura come up with solution for this problem. And since Jorge's calls haven't stopped Jane figured out that Maura haven't found the solution for this yet. Maura on other hand wanted to walk up to Jorge and slap him, but she had her reputation and she wasn't sure how would Jane react if she said anything about their relationship. Jane never walked in her parents house with Maura and said to them 'This is my girlfriend.', but then again Maura spent a lot of time in Rizzoli household. Maura was lost because of all those opposite meanings. Maura wanted to have more of Jane in her life, they were dating for almost 7 months but she wasn't sure how to ask Jane if she wanted the same. She had hoped that Jane would make a move soon.

On other side of the city

''Where the hell were you?'' asked angry Jane Rizzoli ''And what the hell you are doing here?''

3 man in front of her stood frozen

''We were collecting evidence, that's why we're late.'' Frost said ''And what are we doing here?''

''We're going to help Jane find a ring.''Korsak said ''And I don't know what he's doing here.''

''When I asked where they were going, they said help Jane. So I wanted to help you too.'' Frankie said ''So buying ring for Maura?'' he grinned

''A ring for Maura? You're together?'' asked Frost and got 3 set of eyes looking at him in saying- 'are you really that blind?'

''Right, let's go, but if anyone and I do mean anyone'' said Jane looking at Frankie '' says anything to Maura, I'll personally make his life hell.'' All three man swallowed hard and nodded.

''I still say that one.'' Korsak said pointing at big golden diamond ring

''No, no. Maura is classy lady and she would want something like this.'' said Frost taking silver diamond ring is his hand

''Why won't she take both and let Maura choose.'' said Frankie and the new argument started as Jane and kind old salesman watched them

''Why did you bring them along anyway?'' asked man behind the counter

''Well he was married 5 times, he should have some level of expiriance'' said Jane pointing at Korsak ''he knows his way around the people of higher class,'' Jane pointed at Frost ''and that is my little brother and I haven't invited him, but since he's already here there is no point at shooing him out.''

''Poor woman.'' said man and offered her with chocolate and Jane took a piece ''I was also very nervous when I asked my wife to marry me. Everything will be alright I assure you.''

''You're crazy! Maura would never wear anything like it on her finger. The woman is other name for class Korsak!'' Frost yelled

''I think this will take a while.'' Jane said to man with apologetic look

Maura called her in because of evidence report. They were on their way in the lab.

''Where were you anyway?'' asked Maura

''I was looking for something with Korsak and Frost.'' Jane answered

''What did you look for?''

''A motive for the murder.''

''Did you found what you were looking for?'' Maura asked smiling

''Not yet, but we're getting there.''

''So why are we going in the lab if I still have to finish questioning that bouncer?'' Jane asked

''Frost can do that and I extracted murder's DNA from the murder weapon. It's a female DNA'' said Maura

''We already know that, woman killed her and then the male accomplice raped her.''

''Not really, the wounds were consisted with non biological phallus shaped object.''

''A dildo?''

''Yes, I believe that is popular term for it.'' smiled Maura ''Did you know that 28 000 years old phallus was recently found in German cave? The ice age man had created sparks with it.''

''Yeah, ice age women too, I bet.'' Jane grinned

''This has to stop.'' said Jane as she spotted the basket full of chocolates on her table

''Give it some time, I'm sure he'll stop.'' Maura said

''I just want him to stop calling.''

''Well then talk with him and let him see all sides of you and I'm sure he'll stop calling.'' Maura said looking like she's deep in her thought

''Excuse me?'' Jane asked

''I just heard what that sounded like and what I wanted to say was- that we all have our bad sides and yours are...little...handful.''

''Well then why do you put up with me?'' asked Jane fully aware that there are only Korsak and Frost in the office. Maura looked around and said

''I don't think we should talk here.''

''Why not? They know we are together, did you think I'd keep it hidden?'' Jane asked

''Well honestly, I thought you didn't want them to know because...''Maura started

''Because of what?'' asked Jane wanting to know

''Well Jane, let's be honest I'm not really socially adapted for people who work outside of doctor profession and I would understand if you kept quiet about us because of it.''

''You think I'd be able to be ashamed of you?'' Jane asked

''I'm not saying it's anything bad, it wouldn't be the first time really.'' And then it hit Jane, she remembered Maura's mother and how she never let her speak a lot. Jane took Maura's hands in hers and said

''I'm not your mother or your father. Nor I'm Garrett and Maura I would never ever be ashamed of you. Ever. You're smart, funny and good hearted girl and I'd be a nut job if I'd be ashamed of you.''

Maura smiled at Jane and said: ''Thank you. And I do not put up with anything. I love you, which means whole of you, bad side and got it?''

''Yes, ma'am.'' Jane joked and Maura playfully slapped her arm

Maura was paged by Frost and Korsak and all three of them filed out Jane's dating profile in need of catching a murderer.

Jane was driving to jewelry store when her mother called

''You're going to propose and you don't tell your mother anything?''

''Hello mom. I see Frankie is keeping you updated.''

''Thank God someone is. Frankie said you weren't able to pick out the ring.''

''I swear I'll kill him. Yes mother I haven't decided what ring I'll buy yet. I'm on my way to the store as we speak.''

''Do you need help?''

''No mom. I'm good thanks. I'll see ya soon.''

''You better! I want to see that ring.''

''Bye mom.''

''Bye sweety.''

Jane decided to sit in a park opposite of the Jewelry store and think what would Maura like to wear on her finger.

''Hello.'' Jane's head snapped up and saw a man in his 50's with kind eyes

''Hello, sir. How can I help you?'' police side started to show

''Nothing much, I just wondered if I could sit here with you.''

''Yeah sure. Not a problem.''

''You look like you're in some heavy problem. I hope you'll figure it out.''

''Thank you, I hope as well.''

After few minutes of silence Jane decided to ask

''Are you by any chance married?'' asked Jane

''I was married, she was the love of my life. I lost her because of some unfortunate events.''

''I'm very sorry.'' Jane said

''Why do you want to know?'' asked the man. Jane could see wisdom, kindness, but also danger in his eyes.

''I want to propose my girlfriend. But I'm not sure if I'm good enough for her and I do not know which ring to buy.''

''Well dig a little bit and show her that you care. Make her realise that you know her.''

''Yeah, I understand what you're saying. Thank you sir, that was what I needed. Goodbye sir.'' said Jane and left

''Goodbye Jane. I know you're worthy of my daughter.''

''Hello again Miss.'' said man behind the counter

''Hello, I know what I need. But it'll be unique so we'll need a computer simulations or somebody who knows how to draw.'' Jane smiled

''I have somebody for that, Jack come here.'' said the man and the boy from the back rooms showed up

Jane came to her apartment with satisfied grin on her face

''Hello beautiful.'' Jane greeted Maura

''Well you're in a good mood.'' Maura smiled as she turned around now facing Jane

''That I am.''

''Can I know why?''

''It's a surprise.'' Jane grinned as she kissed Maura

''When I'll get to see that surprise?''

''Very soon.''

''Okay, so I've made dinner.''

''Which smells delicious.''

''Thank you.''

30 minutes later

''You put my picture and profile on a gay dating web site?''

''Jane that is your best shot at this case. We get the DNA and catch the killer.''

''No it's our best shot. You're going.''

''No.'' Maura said

''Ohh yes you are.I don't have the time to train some female officer how to collect evidence.''

''You're right and besides I need to keep an eye on what's mine.''Maura winked

''Uhhhh, possessive.''Jane grinned

After checking few mails the couple began to talk and Maura said

''You know you are my soul mate Jane. I strongly believe so, because if I'd meet a woman or a man with your characteristics I'd never look at them. Too much of a risk to be brokenhearted. But I can't live without you, like you're my oxygen or something.''

''I'm glad you're in love with me because I've always been in love with you. And I agree, any male or female version of you would never be able to get to my heart like you have.''

''Hello?'' Jane answered the phone

''Miss Rizzoli?''


''This is Jack from Hures and sons- your order is done.''

''Really? Wow, only 2 days. You're fast. I'll be there in a hour to collect it.''

''In that case I'll see you soon Miss Rizzoli.''

Jane grinned as cheshire cat when she hung up.

''Why are you so happy?'' asked Frankie

''My order is done. So now, I can propose to Maura.''

''Nice sis. But you know what? I think you should call mom and tell her that. She really felt left behind when I've told her we went on ring hunt.''

''Oh, alright.''

As she got in her car Jane took her cell and dial her mom

''Hey mom''

''Hey sweety.''

''Mom are you free for a ride? It'll only take an hour or so.''

''You know I am.''

''Okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes.''

True to her words Jane picked her mom up 15 minutes later. During 25 minute drive Angela had managed to annoy Jane beyond the words.

''Well tell me where we're going anyway.''

''You wanted to see the rings and you wanted to be a part of my life. That's why you're here and we're going to pick up rings.'' Jane said

''I can't wait to see them. Did you buy her diamond ring?'' Angela asked

''No, no I didn't.''

They walked in the shop.

''Good day Miss Rizzoli.''

''Good day William. This is my mother Angela.''

''Pleasure to meet you ma'am.'' said William as he offer his hand

''Nice to meet you too.'' Angela took his hand

''Jack, please get order here.''

Jack walked in with small jewelry box and bigger one.

''Here you go Miss Rizzoli.''

Jane opened the bigger box to reveal beautiful necklace. It was unusually form for Angela so she asked ''It's beautiful, but what is it?''

''That's the shape of North star ma'am. This was made by white gold and black diamond.''

''But don't diamonds have more...well...sides?'' asked Angela

''Well, that's what makes this necklace very special. It's made of very big diamond, specially cut diamond. That's why is so expensive.'' William said

''And the rings mom.'' said Jane opening the box and smiling

''Wow and these are made of what?''

''Those rings are made of 100% pure titanium, which is very rare by it self cause we make the rings that usually have only 60 % of Titanium. So, after we made 100% titanium rings we embossed them and in those carves we put white gold. And the curves were made by Miss Rizzoli's design.''

''They are beautiful. I mean it, you really put big afford into this.'' Angela said

''Yeah I did. Well Maura deserve the best. William you did splendid job, thank you very much. Can you please get the bill?''

''Not a problem.'' old man said, opened the drawer and pulled out the paper. ''Here you go.''

''Okay, thank you.'' said Jane as she looked at the bill and pulled out her wallet. ''Here you go'' Jane said and gave her card to William

''15 000$?'' Angela yelled

''Mom! Leave it.''

''This is your card'' William said giving Jane a card ''and this is your bag, bill is inside.''

''Thank you very much William. I'll be seeing you.''

''I hope so Miss Rizzoli.''

On drive back Angela whined

''Why did you give 15 000$ for rings and necklace?''

''Because I wanted to do so.''

''Just because you have the money doesn't mean you need to show off.''

''I'm not showing off, I'm buying something I want. That's it, mom it's my money. Let me spend it, the way I want to.''

''Rizzoli'' Jane answered the phone

''Hey, tomorrow you have dates at Merch. You coming in today?'' Frost asked

''No, I've told Korsak already that I'm out today.''

''Okay, have fun.''

Jane dial Maura

''Where are you whole day Jane? I'm lonely''

''Well hello to you too sweety'' Jane chuckled ''Well I've been working on something and it involves you.''

''Really?'' asked Maura

''Yep, it's about that surprise I promised. Tonight I'll pick you up at 7 pm. Be ready.''

''Okay, but how should I dress?'

''Ussually Maura. It's nothing that special.'' Jane had lot of planing to do.

As promised Jane knocked on Maura's door in 8 pm. Maura wore beautiful black dress that left Jane breathless.

''You are beautiful Maura. The most beautiful lady in the world.''

''Well thank you Jane, you're looking very beautiful as well.'' Jane wore black slacks with black shirt

''Thank you. Shall we?''

They drove for 10 minutes when they stopped in front one of the buildings in the centre of Boston. They went in and in the elevator

''Jane where are we going?'' Maura asked

''You'll see Maur. Trust me.'' smiled Jane. They went out on the top floor and Jane took Maura's hand and lead her to the stairs that lead on the roof. Jane opened the door and went to the roof. Maura behind her. And then Maura looked up and gasped.

''Oh my God Jane. This is...beautiful..'' Roof was beautiful garden with roses, 2 Japanese cherry blossom, filled with small lanterns.

''Yeah well, this is for you and it has to be special.'' Jane smiled ''Let's go, the dinner is waiting.''

Jane lead them to the table. Dinner was delicious while they talked about lot of things. And then Jane took Maura's hand and they found themselves under the cherry tree.

''Maura, I wanted to ask you something.''

''You know you can ask me anything Jane.''

''I know sweety.'' smiled Jane ''Maura you made my life happy again. I have met you almost 13 years ago and for 13 years you never left my mind. My life without you had no meaning in my eyes. But you make me feel complete and loved. I can't imagine my life without you, I want to settle down with you and have the one thing I never thought about before you-family. So Maura Isles would you marry me?''

''Yes'' Maura said ''Yes, I will marry you.'' and kissed Jane

''Good.'' smiled Jane and pulled out the box with necklace ''It's not very traditional proposing gift, but I hope it'll do'' said Jane and handed the box to Maura

''Jane, you shouldn't have.'' Maura said and then opened the box ''Oh my God, this is beautiful. The most beautiful necklace I've seen.''

''Here, let me help you with that.'' Jane said and put necklace around Maura's neck

''Jane I love you so much. And I have confession- I wanted to ask you to move in with me, so now that I see you want to commit. Jane would you like to move in with me?'' asked Maura

''Yes Maur, I'd love that.'' Jane said and kissed Maura

The day was long for them and the night at Merch was even longer. Jane was exhausted when Maura and she came to Jane's place.

''How much have you earned on tips?'' Jane asked from the couch

''190$.'' Maura grinned coming in the living room with glass of wine

''190$ in 2 hours? You should think of changing your career.'' smiled Jane

''Ha ha.'' said Maura and smacked Jane's shoulder

''Every woman in there looked after you when you passed.''

''As much as they looked after you.''

''You know what I think Dr. Isles?''

''No, detective Rizzoli.''

''I think I should mark you.'' and with that Jane jumped on Maura and started to suck and bite lightly on Maura's neck

''Jane! You'll leave hickeys!''

''I leave much more, trust me.'' Jane grinned

''I'm doomed.''

They wrapped the case in two days, so the wife indeed killed her. Marriages, gay or straight, can be deadly.

''Don't kill me okay?'' said Jane as she loaded her car with boxes

''What? Why would I do that? What did you do?'' Maura asked

''Nothing, I didn't do anything. Just for the future.'' Jane smiled

''If you're referring on the case, I assure you that I would never do anything like that.'' Maura smiled ''Unless you piss me off.'' she added with playful grin letting Jane know that she's kidding.

''C'mon Jo! In the car.'' said Jane and little dog jumped on back seat.

''Did we take everything?'' asked Maura

''Yeah, that was the last box.'' Jane said getting in the car

''So when is Frankie moving in the flat?'' asked Maura getting in the car

''Tomorrow, he's happy to move away from mom and dad.'' Jane stated as she turned the engine one

''Let's go home.'' Maura smiled

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