Perfect time

Chapter 22

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Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles have announced their wedding a month ago. Angela Rizzoli and Catherine York went crazy in preparations, they wanted big,white wedding. Frank Rizzoli, Alex Newton and Henry Isles have been avoiding their wife/girlfriend/mother-in-law. Jane and Maura hide from them also, two woman were killing each other in one moment and in the next one they were best friends.

''I really hate that they do that.'' Jane commented

''Me too. It's our wedding and they are making a playground out of it. Honestly I'm tired of it.'' agreed Maura. The couple had been watching TV on their couch.

''Well then, maybe we shouldn't do this.'' Jane said

''What?'' Maura asked moving away from her fiancee

''No, no! I didn't mean it like that. God woman, I just meant that we should plan this and organise everything and tell them.''Jane said

''They'll kill us. They want to do this for us.''

''Sweety, it's our wedding day, not theirs. I mean c'mon, we're talking about this wedding and having family of our own for a quite some time now. I know we made it officially only a month ago, but we've been on same page for a while now, don't you think?''

''I'm not sure Jane.'' Maura said standing up and walking to the window

''Think about it Maura, we could be married in a week. One week baby and they would stop calling and coming in here interrupting us in our...activities.'' grinned Jane as she walked behind Maura and put her arms around Maura's waist

''What did you had in mind?'' Maura smiled and turned away.

Thank goodness that week was slow. Jane and Maura made almost everything regarding the wedding. Maura was pleased with herself and in the same time was little sad in disappointing both her grandmother and Angela. But she decided to leave those thoughts to this weekend. There was only one thing Jane and Maura had to do- marathon. Jane of course didn't want to run, she hated running, but with few words and something involving kitchen counter Maura convinced her to join her in marathon.

They met at Dirty robber and everything was in order for a first mile and then of course-they found a body lying in the street. Some boy tried to help him and called for help over his radio, but as Maura and Jane turned him around and tried CPR they saw that man was dead. Jane decided to keep everything under the control and asked lieutenant of her PD to cover her ass in that. Maura was really pissed off, Jane was risking both their lives and everybody else's. But in the hell of the afternoon they managed to catch and finish their race, even though the race was over hours ago. Maura said it's stupid idea, running when there's no race, but Jane being Jane perused her into running till end. At the end they were greeted by Angela and Frank Sr. while Frankie was riding his police bike behind them watching over them.

''Mom I need to tell you something.'' said Jane as they were riding to Jane and Maura's place

''You two are breaking up!'' Angela squeaked

''No! No! We don't want to have big wedding. We planned our wedding and we will do it that way.'' Jane said

''What!''yelled Angela

''Mrs. Rizzoli...'' Maura started

''Don't want to talk about it.'' said Angela and looked through the window pouting

''Maura she'll get over it. And your grandmother knows already I'm sure.'' said Jane

Maura's response was cut off by door bell. She opened front door to be greeted by Catherine and Angela, very angry Catherine and Angela.

''Good day my little granddaughter, who I love as my own daughter and to who I always gave everything.'' said Catherine

''Hi grandma'' Maura said quietly

''Mom! What are you doing here?'' asked Jane who walked in hallway

''Well we came to you two. Now can we come in or you have planned us walking in through back door perhaps?'' Angela said

''Oh goody, sarcasm is already here. Lucky me, but do please come through back door. I like it much better that way.''

''Jane! Angela, grandma please come on in.'' Maura said

''I can't believe you did other plans for the wedding! I mean honestly, why?'' asked Catherine as they reached living room

''We just wanted to be simple wedding and you were making big plans...'' Maura started

''You don't think my granddaughter doesn't deserve big wedding?'' asked Catherine looking at Jane

''What? No! She deserves to get a chance at organising her own wedding. I'll do everything she asks of me and what, what we both want is simple, tasteful ceremony not a circus.'' answered Jane

''Grandma, Angela at least look at our plans.'' Maura cut in ''And we'll make compromise if we'll have to.''

Angela and Catherine liked Jane and Maura's plans and apologised to them at least 100 times for making the scene. The group was currently on the plane to New York- both Jane and Maura wanted to get married there. Jane because of some tv show she had watched when she was 10 and Maura because New York was always the sign of a new chapter in her life.

Private garden was already set up when guests arrived. Wedding was small and private with their closest friends and family. Garden was all in white and dark blue, combination set well among blossoming trees and flowers. After exchanging their wows and rings, both girls went to change out of their dresses.

And the party was in full swing, people were dancing and laughing.

''She's hot, that Jane of yours.'' said voice behind Maura

''Angela'' she smiled ''I'm glad you could make it.'' said Maura and hugged her

''I get why I wasn't enough. I mean I didn't before but now, I really do. She makes you glow.'' said Angela smiling

''Well my dear, I have to congratulate you on your beautiful Michael. He's such a pretty little boy. And I told you so- I knew you'll end up with Bug guy in the end.'' Maura smiled

''Yeah, yeah. You and Bones are hilarious-always right. But honey I have to notice your affection to Michael and I'll just ask- Maura do you want to have kids?''

'' mean...yes. Jane and I haven't discussed it yet.''

''Well then you must, I mean if it's your wish then you really should let her know. She's crazy about you and I think the kid is in her plans somewhere.'' said Angela

''I'm not sure if I'm made to be a mom.'' admitted Maura

''Honey- look at Bones.'' Maura turned to see Bones ''She's having a kid and she is well...for not having a better word- exactly crazy ass scientist as you are.''

''You think I'll be okay?''

''I think you'll be awesome mom Maura.'' said Angela pulling her into the hug

Unknowing to the duo, Jane stood close and overheard the conversation.

Jane and Maura flew to Rome on their honeymoon and after week and half of sex, dinners, sightseeing, sex, drinks, sex and sex Jane decided to bring up the 'kids conversation'


''Yeah honey?''

''I overheard your conversation with Angela on our wedding day.''

''Oh...I...look it is in nature of every living beings and Homo Sapiens are not excluded in wanting to make a...'' Jane silenced her with a kiss

''Maura, I want to have kids too.'' she said with smile

''Really?'' asked Maura with big smile on her face

''Yes, really.'' said Jane kissing her again

''Well, when would you like to have kids? I mean, in some cultures it is normal for wedding couples to have them right away, but in some...''

''How about soon? When we'll get to see and research on our options? We're not getting younger and I'd like to be able to catch my kid when he or she starts running around.''

''Jane, I'm not sure if that's even possible, but I think I love you even more then before.'' Maura said kissing Jane

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