Perfect time

Chapter 23

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Jane again started to have those nightmares and she couldn't shake them off. She would get up in the middle of the night covered in sweat and she would see that there's no one there. Hoyt was in jail and only person next to her was her beautiful wife. Maura always woke up when Jane had a nightmare and this night was no exception.

''Baby? You okay?'' Maura asked

''Yeah I'm fine, just you know...''

''Yeah I know. C'mon.'' Maura said as she turned around and spooned her wife ''He's in jail. Where he belongs. And he'll stay there.''

Jane fell asleep again and haven't had a nightmare, as always when she slept in Maura's arms.

''Hey Frankie, what's up?'' Jane asked as she spotted her brother at the reception of the police station

''Hey, nothing I'm tired as hell. Someone threw a flare in front of my doors, one of those signal things you find in a car. I swear if I find those kids! To leave...''

''Wait! What did you say?'' Jane asked

''The flare was left burning in front of my doors.'' Frankie said ''Why?''

''Nothing, I gotta go.'' said Jane and ran away

''Wait, Jane!'' but Jane was already gone.

Jane had a bad feeling after the dreams and after this mornings news, but now she felt even worse. Their victim was found on a park bench with his throat slit.

''Your lack of sleep is showing.'' Maura commented

''Thank you dear, you like nice too.'' replied Jane sarcastically

Frost came with victim's wallet and ID. And then Frankie came demanding to talk with her in private. Jane left Frost in charge and went with Frankie in Dirty robber.

''Okay, so what the hell happened this morning?'' Frankie started

''Nothing, I was just reminded on something. Is this really all you wanted to talk to?'' asked Jane

''No. I think mom is leaving dad.'' Frankie sighed

''Frankie, she's a grown woman, she can work if she wants to and she can leave dad if she wants to. I hope she won't, but that's not up to us.''

Jane was just on her way home when Maura called her.

''Hey babe.'' Jane said

''Jane where are you''' asked Maura

''On my way home, why?'' Jane asked confused

''There are two officer coming there, don't go anywhere without them.''

''Maura what's going on?''

''How far are you from the house?''

''It's just around the corner. Maura, tell me what's going on.'' Jane demanded

''There is a possibility that the killer is Hoyt. I'm on my way and Berry is also coming. Please don't go anywhere alone.'' Maura was met with silence ''Jane, promise me!''

''I...I promise.'' Jane stuttered

When Maura arrived home, she saw a police car across the street. Thank God nothing happened. She went in the house but was met with silence and she started scanning the place looking for Jane. She could feel something heavy around her heart, but the feeling was gone as she saw her wife sitting at the kitchen counter.

''Jane'' she breathed and pulled Jane into bone crushing hug.

''Hey babe, I'm fine. I'm fine, nothing happened.'' said Jane

''Thank God.''

''Are you alright?'' asked Jane

''Not really. I can't even think what I would do if something happens to you.''

''Nothing will happened to me. He's still in jail and this...well I'm not sure what this is, but he's no treat at the moment. C'mon now, tell me what you found out.''

Jane and Maura sat on their couch looking at the autopsy results and the folder about the victim. He and his wife were missing for few years and out of the blue he ended up dead on a bench.

''It's Hoyt. He's doing it from behind the bars.''

''Jane I never confirmed that it's him. There is no evidence...''

''It's him, I know.'' Jane slumped against the couch and covered her face with her hands. '' I didn't want to get you worried, but Frankie found lit flare in front of his doors.''

''Jane, why haven't you tell me? I'll call Frost and tell Frankie to take that flare to CSI unit. And you are going to bed.''

''No, I'll stay up.''

''Jane...''Maura started

''No. There isn't only me anymore. It's us, both of us and if something happens to you...''

''How about this? I'll wait up for Frost and then he'll take care of the rest.''

''Maura what will you do? Hit him with your purse?'' Jane smiled, but Maura pouted

''Show me how to handle a gun and I'll stay up. Give it here.''

''No, it's loaded.''


''Maura you don't know how to shoot.'' Jane gently noticed

''Maximum capacity 15, trigger pull 2,5 kg, line of sight 153 mm...''Maura started

''Have you ever shot one?''


''No.'' Jane nodded

''I'm a fast learner, you know that Jane.''

''Okay.'' Jane said and emptied her gun. She should show Maura how to shoot, maybe one day she'll need it.

''Stand up.'' And Maura obliged immediately ''Here take the gun. Grip it with both hands. That's right and your posture...''

Jane stood behind Maura and gently guided her arms in right position for shooting. Maura had a potential.

''There you go. That's it, now give it back.'' Jane said and took the gun, loading it again.

''Here you go Maura, this time it's loaded. You've won, but I want you in bed when Frost gets here. Okay?''

''Yeah, I'll be up when he comes.'' Maura smiled taking the gun

''And baby, don't shoot Frost. I'm not in the mood of hiding a corpse.'' said Jane and kissed Maura

''Hey Jane?'' Maura called and Jane turned around ''Do I look badass?''

''Yeah baby, you look badass.'' smiled Jane

''Night babe, see you soon.'' Maura said

Frost came and after she made him coffee, Maura decided to go to bed, but she was stopped by Korsak. He came to see if Jane was fine, which turned into a fight between Frost and Korsak. And it ended by Maura smacking them over the head and making them shake hands. After that she went to bedroom and fell asleep next to her exhausted wife.

CSI unit hadn't found anything on the flare and agent Dean was sent by FBI to monitor the case. Maura was not happy to see him, she knew he had a thing for her wife.

The trio found themselves in the morgue.

''We need to take that little control he has.'' said Maura

''You're right. I'll go talk to him.'' Jane said

''No, you won't.'' Maura said

''What? You're not telling me how to run my cases.''

''No, I am.'' said the voice from the door ''Rizzoli, Isles in my office now.'' said lieutenant

''You're off the case Rizzoli.'' he said

''What? No, I'm not.'' Jane said

''Yes, you are.'' Maura said

''Please stay out of this.'' Jane said to Maura and then she turned to lieutenant ''I can't be off this case, I know him the best.''

''You're a victim. You're a victim in front of the eyes of a law and you can not be on this case.''

''Oh that's bull...''

''Jane Angela Rizzoli!'' Maura yelled ''Listen here, you're acting like a child and that will stop this instant. Make your peace with it- you are his victim and you're by some luck still alive. And you better keep it that way! I haven't got married only to be a widow 2 months later. You're a victim in this case and you'll testify against him in 4 cases and therefore you can not be a lead on this case.'' Maura said

Just when Jane wanted to tell something Maura added ''And don't even try to do something stupid as 'that is my right' speech because if you do, you'll sleep on the couch for a week.'' Jane shut her mouth and Maura said ''That's what I tought'' and left the room

''Listen to your wife Rizzoli.''

Hoyt was brought to the station and Maura interrogated him. After all that Jane, Maura and agent Dean were looking at the tape of interrogation.

''He's telling the truth. He'll harm you as soon he'll get a chance.'' Maura said

''You think?'' Jane said ''What gave him away? That he tried twice already?'' Maura winced at the words. Jane saw that and immediately regretted her words. She gave a signal to agent Dean and he left the room.

''Baby, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have say it like that, I'm just tired and angry and I took it on you.''

''I understand Jane, I do. I was just trying to help.''

''I know babe.'' Jane said and kissed Maura

''Do you think I'm like him?''

''What? Of course not. Why would you even think that?''

''Our backgrounds are similar, we were both neglected by our parents and we're both very efficient with scalpels.''

''Do you have a body farm somewhere in your back yard?'' Jane asked

''Of course not Jane. Don't be silly.''

''Well then, you're not the same. Maura you're objective and unemotional on the job, but he's always like that. He doesn't love anybody, he's a shell of a human being. You are everything but unemotional outside the work. You love, you cry, you enjoy the life.''

''Thanks Jane. I needed that.'' said Maura as she nested her head under Jane's chin

After finding a building where the couple was hold and Jane's little scene with Hoyt, Frankie dragged her sister to meet his new girlfriend. A girlfriend who, as they found out, was actually the other victim they were looking for. But she wasn't the victim, she helped Hoyt after he practically drove her mad. And at the end of the day, Jane found herself in her kitchen with her wife by her side. As they made dinner Jane couldn't believe how lucky she was- after three times Hoyt tried to kill her, she was still alive and she had the most beautiful wife on the whole planet.

''Jane, are you there?''


''You zoned out on me, are you okay?''

''I'm fine my love, just thinking how lucky I am.'' Jane said wrapping her arms around Maura's waist ''Hey babe, I think we should made that doctor appointment.''

''You serious?'' Maura asked turning around

''Deadly, like I said. I want to be able to catch them.'' Jane said with a wink and Maura pulled her into passionate kiss

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