Perfect time

Chapter 24

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Day was not going as they planed it. The victim wasn't supposed to be Maura's half brother. Maura was truly out of her mind, Jane considered to hide away from her wife but knowing that maybe she'll need her put her off that. Maura took the whole situation calm, too calm for Jane's liking. That means she's not ready to talk or to face the situation like she should, but Jane didn't want to pressure her. Jane decided to light Maura's mood.

''Hey,'' Jane greeted as she entered the morgue. Maura was sitting next to her dead brother

''We have similar bone structure.'' Maura simply said

''I can see that, baby I brought you something'' said Jane and gave the sketchbook to Maura

''Jane that's evidence.'' Maura started to argue

''Lab is done with it and if I need it, I'll know where to find it.''

Looking through the sketchbook, Maura and Jane noticed the pattern of drawings. Same building, well that was a big start-and when they actually found the building he was drawing, they found the 'friend' who lived with Maura's brother.

Maura's brother was a con, he had stolen identities and took money from people and he did so with a help of a friend and device he maneged to invent (well upgrade is more appropriate word). That was until his 'friend' found out who he truly was. Doyle's son. Jane have heard of him, everybody did. He was a living legend of Irish mafia, but no one officially saw him for over 20 years. As the screen showed his picture, Jane froze. That man...she saw him. She sat next to him few months ago in a park, he helped her make up her mind and decide what to buy Maura. He asked her to sit next to her, the mafia boss, no the murderer, no Maura's father asked her to sit next to her. And then it fell into a place, he still followed Maura around, he followed her...she's in danger Jane brain concluded and she jumped of her chair and ran to morgue leaving behind herself confused Korsak and Frost.

''Dr. Isles'' said the officer ''This man has came to see his son.''

''Thank you Josh.'' said Maura stepping in hallway of morgue. She had seen this man before, but she just couldn't pick-point the situation where she'd met him.

''Mr...'' started Maura

''Selsi.'' man said

''Mr. Selsi, I'm very sorry for your loss. We are looking for his killer.''

''How was he killed?''

''In his car, two nights ago.''

''That's not what I meant.'' said Mr. Selsi as he looked sternly to Maura

''He was killed by an icepick. Mr. Selsi, would you like some water? We have it here...''

''I'll make it easier for you.'' said the man, took knife and cut his hand. He took handkerchief out of his pocket, wipe off some blood and gave it to Maura.

Flashback started for Maura and when she looked up, he was already gone.

''Maura!'' Jane came in running

''What? What?'' Maura asked coming back from her deep thoughts

''Are you alright?'' asked Jane walking to her wife

''Yeah, sweety I'm fine. I...I met my father actually. I was just about to call you, Jim took his blood to lab.''

''What? When did this happen?'' yelled Jane

''What the hell Jane? Stop yelling at me and tell what's going on.'' Maura said with her voice raised

''Your you have any idea who he is?''

''No, Jane. What did he do?''

''Come with me.''

''I can't believe my father is a murderer and Irish mafia boss.'' Maura said as she slumped on couch

''It doesn't change anything.'' said Jane

''Of course it does. I'm a child of a murderer, maybe Hoyt was right and I am meant to be a coldblooded murderer. It's in my DNA apparently.''

''Stop it.'' said Jane grabbing Maura's hands ''Listen to me. Hoyt is a monster and he's wrong. You're nothing like him, you're smart and compassion woman. Are you really let the...the sperm donor shake you up?''

''I don't know Jane.'' Maura sighed

''I know sweety'' Jane said pulling Maura in hug and kissing her head ''I need to call Korsak and Frost, we need to work out the plan how to protect you.''

''Jane, he's a murderer, but I don't think he'll kill me.''

''No Maura he won't, but the people who killed Colin won't hesitate to kill you.''

After the secret meeting between Jane, Maura, Korsak and Frost, Jane went with boys up to try and find some clues while Maura went back to the morgue. In the middle of work, computer's alarm went off- someone found out who Maura is. Jane, Korsak and Frost ran to morgue but Maura was gone.

''We need to find her.'' Jane said ''Will you hurry up?'' she yelled at nerd boy who worked in crime lab

''Jane he's doing his best.'' Korsak said

''It's not enough! My wife is God knows where and she is possibly hurt and he's slow.'' Jane growled at the boy sitting at the computer

''Detective, I'm sorry but whoever did this disconnected all the cameras in the garage.''

''What?'' Jane screamed and boy gulped ''I can...I...I'll try and hack in Boston's security cameras. They're on almost every crossroad in town. But I'll need some time.''

''Fine, go.'' said Jane and walked out of lab followed by Korsak and Frost

''We need to find her.''

''Jane every police officer in the city is looking for her. We'll find her.'' in that moment Jane's phone went off. The caller ID was blocked

''Whatever you want, I can get.''

''Jane it's me. I'm fine.'' said the voice

''Maura? Where are you? I'll be right there.'' and with that Jane ran off.

When the door opened Maura wasn't sure what to expect, but when she saw her father on other side she was a little relieved.

''What is the meaning of this?'' she demanded

''I'm sorry, but this was only way we could talk.'' said Doyle as he untied Maura

''Ever heard of phone? Or mail?'' Maura asked

''Just like her mother.'' said a man next to Doyle, but Doyle just gave him a look and he went away

''I'm sorry for that. Now let's talk.''

''He wants me to tell him when we find a murderer''

''Maybe we should.'' Jane said

''What? Jane, you of all people.''

''Don't give me that look Maura, if that means you'll be alive...''

''Don't. We'll catch the murderer and put him behind the bars. Promise me we will do it the right way.''

''I'm sorry Maura, but I can't promise you that. I can try but I can't promise.'' with that Jane stood up and went out of their living room

Jane sat in a bar looking at her father and brother trying to fix the pipes.

''Will please say something?'' Frankie asked

''Did you and Maura had a fight?'' her father asked next. Jane explained everything

''What should I do? Try and protect her or let him protect her?''

''We'll protect her.'' Frankie said ''It's our job.''

''Jane, sometimes you need to make choices to protect your family. She's your family now, you do whatever it takes to protect her. She may not like it...''

''Dad! We are police, we're protect her.'' Frankie cut in only to receive a look from his father

''Do what you need to do. We'll be on your side.''

''Thanks dad.'' Jane said and left the bar

They got a call. Victim was found in a garage downtown, Maura knew the address. She was there two days ago when her father kidnapped her there. Man was sitting with icepick in his chest. Icepick not only that pierced man's chest but also a photograph of Doyle holding a baby Maura.

''Never mess with family'' Korsak said

''You got that right.'' Jane added only to receive a look from Maura

Maura haven't spoken a word to Jane whole day. She distanced herself for the police department and morgue. Her path took her to her parents.

''Maura?'' asked Rose surprised

''Hello Rose.'' Maura weakly smiled

''Come on in, sweety. You'll catch cold in this weather.''

''I really need a parents advice so I wondered if you and Charlie are free for a talk?'' Maura asked

''Of course we are love. Come on, there is a cup of hot tea in the kitchen with your name on it.''

Maura explained everything to them.

''Well she shouldn't have done it without you knowing it.'' Rose said

''She was right.'' Charlie said

''What?'' Rosie and Maura asked at the same time

''Charlie, he has no right to do this. He never cared for me, why would he want to protect me now?'' Maura asked

''That's not true. He was always here.''

''What?'' again Rose and Maura asked surprised

''Charlie! You've known of this and never told me anything?'' Rose yelled

''Darling please, let me explain. When Maura was 3 a man approached me and said that he was Maura's biological father. He said she might be in danger and that he'll always keep an eye on her, he also asked me to watch over her inside the walls of this house. I guessed he wasn't a man with great past, but he wanted to protect Maura and I for sure would never stand in a way.''

''He was here all the time?'' Maura asked

''Since the day you were born. Listen Maura, she only wanted to protect you. She did that by letting him protect you.'' Charlie said

Maura arrived home late that evening. Jane was watching TV in living room.

''You okay?'' Jane asked as she got up and went to Maura

''I'm still mad, but I'm okay.'' Maura said

''Listen Maura...'' started Jane

''I understand Jane. You wanted to protect me and even though I don't agree with what you have done, I can only imagine how hard it was for you. A detective letting mafia boss free. I'm sorry I didn't answer your calls, but I just needed to think.''

''Does that mean I'm forgiven?''

''Yes, that means your forgiven.'' said Maura and hugged her wife

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