Perfect time

Chapter 25

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''Please Jane! Breathe, stay with me my love. Please...'' Maura pleaded holding Jane as she bleed out on sidewalk in front of Police department. Then she bent over and whispered to half conscious Jane ''Stay with us. Stay with me and our child Jane.''

''Stay with me and our child Jane.'' was the last thing Jane heard as she slipped unconscious

Maura's POV

The day started so promising. We went to gym and I deliberately commented on some guy's gluteus maximus and his biceps brachii to punish Jane for making me late to work. I mean honestly, what a nerve- tricking me into having sex in the shower- she had it coming. She was annoyed and jealous, payback is a bitch. I also took Bass on work with me, he didn't eat for 2 days now and I felt much more at ease with my little tortoise with me. I had an appointment at doctor's office so I left the gym earlier.

I was just entering the doctor's office when Jane called me

''Hey, where are you?'' asked Jane

''I'm just doing some errands, why? What happened?'' I said wanting the topic to change

''I'm on my way to Dirty robber with Frankie. It seems that my parents are insisting on throwing a 'welcome back' party for Tommy.'' Jane sighed. That was never a good sign- when you combine family and Jane's sigh. It means she'll get headache or she'll get angry with her parents and have another fight with her mother.

''Honey, don't make any assumptions. Maybe you misheard it or maybe it won't be that big of celebration as you think.'' I offered

''Maura, they rented Dirty robber.''

''Well, maybe they rented only a part of it, not whole of it. Listen sweety I need to go, okay? I'll give you a call in half an hour.''

''Okay, sure. I'll talk to you soon, we're in front of Dirty robber anyway. Love you, bye.''

''Love you too. See you later.'' I said and I hung up

''Maura Isles?'' a nurse asked


''Dr. Barker will see you now.''

After 20 minutes I sat shocked in front of Dr. Barker. I couldn't hear this right, could I?

''If I understood correctely'' I took deep breath and continue ''I'm pregnant?'' at Dr. Barkers nod'' Jane and I were here two weeks ago and you said that it didn't worked. Which is common because the fertilisation rarely worked on first try.''

''Yes, Dr. Isles that is true. But when you came here two days ago and we drew you blood, I ordered few more tests. All tests confirmed- you are pregnant. Which means that rarely occurred in your situation, you got pregnant on first try.''

''There is logic in that.'' I admitted ''I am rarely sick and I was nauseous every morning in last week and Jane's been complaining that I'm more nervous. So, you're certain?''

''Yes, Dr. Isles this is 100% confirmation.'' he said as he gave me a paper ''Congratitulations.'' he smiled and I couldn't help but to start laughing

''Thank you Dr. Barker.'' I said as I was walking out of his office

''It was my pleasure, Dr. Isles. I'll see you next week.''

I put papers in my bag and made my way to police department with big smile on my face. Halfway to police station I got a page. New victim. At the time I had no idea how this victim will change my day. When I got there I saw a lot of police, much more then on other crime scenes, which meant it was either a big shot or a cop. It was a cop. A cop who worked in Drug unit, but he was undercover for Homicide unit. Which was a shock for everyone in Homicide, except lieutenant. Korsak was pissed and Jane was pissed. And I can't really blame them, the man worked for their unit and they hadn't even know it. If I'll be honest it wasn't easy for me to see a cop killed either, I mean I'm married to a detective. After lieutenant's speech about how he wants everyone on this case, Jane and I made our way to the department.

''I think we should grab a cop of coffee.'' Jane said and moved in direction of break room. I wanted to tell her about the baby, but I wasn't sure how to start. Deeply in my thoughts I took the coffee and took a bill from my wallet when Jane stopped me

''Maura, we've been through this. You don't leave 20$ for a coffee.'' Jane said, took some bill from her pocket and put it in the little box next to coffee

''Right, I know.'' I said

''I mean why there isn't coffee upstairs, anyway? I don't get it.'' Jane said

''I tried everything. I took tea, medication, even few plants but it didn't worked.'' I sighed, my stomach still upsetting me. Maybe that's why Bass is upset also, there have been studies on connection between the pets and their owners..., I noticed Jane's stare

''What? Sorry?''

''Are you okay? I said that I doubt we're on the same topic. Where are you honey?'' Jane asked with a smile. I'm annoyed with this little bugger in my stomach. Our kid isn't allowing me to eat and function properly.

''Sorry, I'm thinking on my stomach. It's still troubling me.''

''Well that goes on for a few days now. Did you call Dr. Barker?'' she asked me. And I wanted to tell her in that moment, but then I noticed that she pouring salt in her coffee

''Honey, is there any particular reason for pouring salt in your coffee?'' I asked. She looked in her hands and sighed putting the salt down

''God damn it!''

''Here, have mine. I don't want it anyway, it's not good for my stomach.'' and the baby ''People do different things, forget their keys, sprain their ankles or loose their nerve when there is something bothering them.''

''The cop was killed.'' was Jane's reply

''You can say what you want, but that's not the reason why you're salting your coffee.''

Jane sighed ''It's Tommy, it's confirmed. My parents are throwing him welcome party, with booze too. And I can already see it, he'll hurt them again. And then Frankie and I will again have to pick up their pieces. Like the last time.''

''Jane, you never told me what happened with Tommy.''

''Well, Frankie and I are in police and he's in jail. He's alcoholic and in his last escapade, he ran over a priest. He survived, but it was Tommy's third strike and he ended up in jail.''

''I'm sorry Jane. I really am.'' I said kissing her cheek

''I am too. But we have more work to do today, then to worry about Tommy. There's a shooter loose.'' in that moment I decided that baby will be in my uterus for next 8 months and that I'll tell her when this case is over. She didn't need to worry about this too.

She went to her office and I went to the morgue, autopsy was waiting to be done. Just as I wrote down the victims body mass and height the power went out. I couldn't do an autopsy with light's out. So I went to see Bass, who was behind tables. I'm not sure what force was it that made me kneel next to Bass trying to get him to eat but it saved my life. I heard footsteps and then a gunshot went off. I crawled under the table, grabbing my stomach like that would do any good to the baby if I was shot, but I still did it. I didn't move and I didn't make a sound terrified that they would discover I was there. There was another shot, this one making me jump a little and then they went away. I tried to call for help, but they cut the phone. The station was weak link in that moment, all police officers, detectives on the field trying to find the murderer. Whoever they were, this was the best shot for them to attack. After 20 minutes of hiding I heard Jane's voice calling for me. Frankie was shot, after we lay him down I took my stethoscope and listen to his breathing. And then when I touched his stomach where he was hurt, I could feel internal bleeding. I looked at Jane, her eyes filled with tears and fear. I explained her that he's bleeding and before she could reply Frankie cried out again.

''It could be pneumothorax.'' I told her, but I was sure it was

''Well, do something about it Maura.'' she said,

''Jane...what are you doing.''

''Pneumothorax results in death if not treated immediately. Maura! Do something.''

''Jane, I'm guessing here. I could kill him if I'm wrong.''

''You're guess is better then ours and probably half the doctors anyway. C'mon Maura this is my little brother.'' Jane said and I nodded. I stuck needle inside his chests and his condition was a little better, but I knew he needed to go to a hospital if we wanted him to survive. After Jane and Bobby exchanged few words about weapon, it was clear to me that we're not moving out that soon. Frankie started to cough blood and Jane was pleading me to save him and I wasn't sure if I'll be able. But I decided to try and I managed to drain the blood from his chest in order to help him breathing. It helped. 10 minutes later Korsak was on the police radio calling for us and that was the first piece of hope I had in last couple of hours. That hope was gone as soon as we discovered that Bobby was a dirty cop and we were held in front of a shotgun by his friend. But then Bobby killed his 'friend' and started to speak about his plan. I don't even know what I was thinking in that moment, but I pressed the walkie and Korsak heard Bobby's ranting about killing the three of us and walking out as a hero. So he took Jane as a hostage and dragged her to doors

''No! No! Jane!'' I screamed, crazy knowing that there is nothing I can do and then when Jane started to squirm, he pressed the gun harder against her and whispered something that made her stop all her movements. I looked as they disappeared out of my line of sight and I turned to Frankie.

''Frankie, listen to me, I'll be right back okay?''

''Yeah, I'll be fine. Go after Jane.'' I ran out of the building and saw Jane struggling with Bobby. And the gun went off. Jane and Bobby fell on the ground.

''Janeeee'' I screamed and ran to her.

''Jane, Jane. Everything will be okay. Everything will be okay.'' I said as I held her ''Korsak put some pressure on that wound. Call the ambulance.''

''We already did.'' said lieutenant and I wanted to strangle him, but remain focused on my wife. Why haven't I told her about the baby? What if I'll never get the chance, now?

''Please Jane! Breathe, stay with me my love. Please...'' I begged and then whispered on her ear, knowing that there is a possibility that this will be the last chance to tell her ''Stay with us. Stay with me and our child Jane.''

On the way to the hospital she died, but they managed to revive her. When we climbed out of the ambulance I felt sharp pain in my stomach and I knew it was the baby and just when my brain started to think about what could be wrong, I felt the ground under my feet move and everything went black.

I awoke in hospital bed, my grandma, Alex and dad by my side.

''Grandma?'' I called

''We're here Maura.'' said grandma taking my hand

''I'll go get the doctor.'' my father jumped and left

''How are you baby girl?'' she asked me

''Okay, where is Jane? Is she okay?''

''She's out of surgery.'' she said

''But is she okay?'' I asked again

''She's still in risk.'' she said

''I need to see her.'' I said

''That won't be happening now, Dr. Isles.'' I heard Dr. Barker's voice

''Catherine, maybe we should wait outside.''

''No. Please stay with me.'' I said afraid of what he'll say

''Maura, you been through enough today and it took it's tool on you.'' he said ''We made some tests and the baby is fine.''

''Baby?'' my father asked surprised

''Henry.'' Catherine said, surprised but wanting for the doctor to continue

''I must say, that you got second miracle today, Dr. Isles. I was very surprised when all the test were normal, I expected miscarriage, but what I got was a little more hormones and adrenaline in your blood due to today's events. You and the baby will be fine, but you need to rest for few days, here in the hospital.''

''Thank you doctor.''

''I'll be outside if you need me.'' he said and went away

After explaining everything to my grandma and dad they left for a day and I fell in dreamless sleep when the medications worked. When I woke up it was 5.30 am and I found someone sleeping on the couch, it was the last person I ever expected- my mother. And then I remembered the way Jane took care for Frankie when he was shot, she will be a great mother. If she survives, that is. On that thought tears escaped my eyes and my quiet sobbing awoke my mother, who for the first time in 20 something years hold me as I cried.

The day started so promising. How in hell did it end up like this?

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