Perfect time

Chapter 26

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Jane was in a come for a week and Maura was realised in three days. She came to Jane everyday, but she would always just stand next to her a moment before going out and crying her eyes out. Everyday the same- she couldn't imagine her life, well her and their child's life if Jane died.

''I miss you Jane.'' she whispered to the body on the hospital bed ''I love you more then life and I want nothing more then to be with you, but if it'll always be like this...I'm not sure I can.'' she started to cry and went outside-again.

When she went back in she heard the voice ''You're already giving up on me?'' Jane croaked

''Jane? Oh my God, you're...awake.'' Maura said going to Jane's bed and pushed the button next to Jane's bed

''You gonna leave me?''

''Well, if you continue to do stupid things like this one, I'll just have to take our postman on that offer.'' Maura joked

''I'm gonna kill him.'' Jane mumbled

''You need something...'' the nurse stopped seeing Jane awake ''I'll get the doctor.''

After 20 minutes of talking to the doctor, Maura and Jane were once again alone.

''Jane, I need to tell you something.'' Maura started

''Is it true?'' Jane asked ''The last thing I heard you say was ''stay with me and our child''. Are we going to be parents Maura?'' asked Jane seriously

''Yes, it worked.'' Maura said little bit shocked at Jane's serious face

''We're going to be parents.'' smiled Jane

''Yes, we will.'' Maura said and relax seeing the smile on her wife's face

1 month later

Jane returned to work after physical therapy and was happy about it. At first it was very difficult for her because she felt so helpless, but after her mother screaming about how Maura is pregnant, she put herself together again. Maura returned 2 weeks before her not mentioning the baby to the guys. Their families only knew and Jane was certain that Korsak and Frost will be happy for them. They needed to tell them because Maura's state will soon start to show.

''Jane.'' greeted Frost as she walked in the office ''It's good to have you back.''

''Well, it's good to be back.'' Jane smiled

''Well, well, well, look who decided to come to work.'' Korsak laughed walking in

''Very funny Korsak.'' Jane commented smiling

''So you okay?'' asked Korsak seriously

''I'm perfect, actually better then perfect.'' smiled Jane

''And why is that?'' Frost asked

''Because...'' Jane looked around the office and there was no one in sight ''Maura is pregnant.'' Jane smiled with a 10000 volt smile

''Wow, congratulations mom.'' Korsak said and pulled her in hug

''Thank you.''

''Jane, that's really...awesome. I'm happy for both of you. Congratulations.'' Frost hugged her after Korsak realised her

''Gee guys. Thank you, I'm glad you're okay with this.'' Jane smiled

''Hey, we're getting a kid. We'll be uncles Frost.'' Korsak smiled

6 months later

Maura Isles finally went on a maternity leave. She was in 8th month of pregnancy and she couldn't stand the most of the things on the job. Ohhh yess...Maura Isles was one of those-very,very difficult pregnant women. The only solace for Jane was-only one more month.

Jane arrived home at 5 pm and heard Maura cry in the living room.

''Sweety what's wrong?'' Jane asked worried as she ran towards Maura

''Everything. I mean look at me- I'm a whale, fricking whale Jane.'' she sobbed ''Now I'll never fit in those Jimmy Choo shoes I bought before pregnancy and I'll be stuck with snickers my whole life.''

''Honey, you're not big. You have our daughter inside you and only your tummy is little bigger. That's it, honey you're beautiful, even more beautiful then before. This pregnancy is giving you that special glow and that sparkle of hope is evident in your eyes.'' Maura looked at her and seeing those eyes, she knew Jane was being honest

2 weeks later- little Catherine Angela Rizzoli Isles was born in Boston Medical Center.

''She's perfect, just like her mom.'' said Jane

''Yeah, she is.'' Maura smiled at the baby in her arms

''Famos Isles modesty'' Jane grinned

''Oh shut up.'' Maura laughed

''Hello'' Angela Rizzoli opened the door a little ''We're here to see our granddaughter.''

Angela, Frank, Catherine, Henry and Elizabeth came in.

''She looks just like you when you were a baby.'' Catherine smiled

''Oh my God, Frank look at her. She's so beautiful.'' Angela cried

''I've told you that it'll be worth a while.'' Elizabeth said

''Yeah, yeah you did.'' Maura said

''And I told you'' Henry said looking at Jane ''It'll be worth of putting up with her.''

''Yeah it was most defiantly worth it.'' Jane smiled

''I wasn't that bad.''Maura said. Whole room growled

''Yeah, sure thing sweetheart.'' Jane said sarcastically

''Well, I'll see you in a while.'' Maura said smiling

After all the visitors left left Jane asked

''Do you remember what you said the day I awoke from the coma?''

''Yes, I wasn't sure if I'll be able to live this way.'' Maura said

''I'll forever love you Maura. Hell, I love you my whole life practically. I swear to you I'll never intentionally put myself in danger like that.''

''Yes, you will.'' Maura simply said ''You're just like that- the hero. That's a big part of who you are and I fell in love with you, including that side of you. I love you the way you are Jane. And so far, you always survived- so let's just stick to that recipe. You do your job and get out of it alive.''

''I think you have yourself a deal Dr. Isles.'' Jane smiled and kissed her wife

''So I was that difficult?'' Maura asked

''I'll be worse, don't worry.'' smiled Jane

''Oh, I have no doubt.'' Maura grinned

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