Perfect time

Chapter 3

Chapter three. Thank you for all reviews :*

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Men always want to be a woman's first love. That is their clumsy vanity. We woman have a more subtle instinct about things.- Oscar Wilde.

Maura followed her mother to help her organise vacation. Her parents decided to go on Hawaii and thankfully they were leaving the next day. She was thrilled to be alone at house, yes it was big house, but with her parents gone she could be little more 'normal'. Charlie, Mark and 4 maids lived with them in the house. And Maura liked to talk with them, but her mother would always scolded her about it, her father on other hand never did but he never did anything to stop her mother nagging her. New day quickly arrived and she was waving her parents as they were driving away. And now, little freedom. she thought

Not only freedom, but I can finally meet Jane. I wonder how old she is and what she likes and... and I'm going to kill her with all those questions. Play cool, Maura. You can't be cool. said little voice that belonged to her rational side of a brain. Shut up. I can be cool in my own way. I'm sure that if I'd researched a little... Bla, blabla. You're already boring.

But before Maura could mentally talk back to her brain she bumped into someone and finished on her bottom.

''Oh my God, I'm sorry. Are you alright?'' asked Jane

''Oh, yeah, yeah I'm fine. I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going.'' Maura stood up with Jane's help

''It's okay, I wasn't looking either. So you're Maura?''

''Yes. And you are Jane.''


''Okay then, hmm...Did you maybe see Mark somewhere?'' Maura asked

''I'm going to see him, so just come with me.'' said Jane

''Sure, let's go.''

After few corridors of silence they finally noticed Mark.

''Hey, girls. What's up?'' asked Mark smiling

''Nothing's up. We just wanted to see what you're doing.'' answered Maura

''Okay, I decided to go for a walk. Will you two join me?''

Maura and Jane both nodded and followed Mark outside. Mark noticed that situation was little awkward so he decided to make things better.

''So Maura finally free?'' Mark started

''Yep, finally I can be in peace. So how's John and Kate?'' asked Maura

''They are both fine, Kate was promoted and now she works less, thank God. And John just turned 14. He's in puberty, he's arrogant and cocky.''

''Like father, like son.'' said Maura with smile. That earned her small punch on the shoulder

''Ouch. That's no way to treat a lady.'' Maura responded with grin

''Jane, you should meet my wife and son.'' added Mark

''Yeah, Jane. You should John always makes everybody laugh. Maybe they should come to the dinner tomorrow?'' offered Maura

''Yeah, that would be great. They'll be here.''

''Okay, wait a minute. You two talk like you're old buddy's and yesterday were at Miss Isles and Mr. Mark. What did I miss?'' asked Jane

''You didn't miss anything. Yesterday we were Miss Isles and Mr. Mark. And today we aren't. You're observation is correct.'' Maura answered. Jane looked her confused, seeing that Mark offered:

''Maura is very good with me and all the staff, but with her parents on the grounds she must keep at bay. When they saw her talking with Rose, the chief, they ordered her not to spend too much time with us. But every time they go away...''

''I can not talk and be myself around them.'' finished Maura

''Okay, so you're okay with talking normal with me?'' Jane asked

''Yes, that is correct. I would like to have verbal and non-verbal communication with you.'' said Maura. What does she mean by non-verbal communication? thought Jane

''I just heard what that sounded like and what I meant to say was...that people talk with their bodies too.''

At that Mark laughed at loud, and with a force that brought tears to his eyes. Jane grinned and Maura blushed and punched Mark.

''That wasn't what I wanted to say. I meant body language and nothing more...''

''Yeah, yeah. I believe you.'' said Mark.

''Nothing more? Well, I'll have to deal with that.''

''And what would you like Jane?'' asked Maura intrigued

''Well, a hug here and there, not more...I mean...'' Jane mumbled fast and Mark again burst into laughter again

''You know, for a man in his 30s you are still on level of freshman.'' commented Maura

''You say that like I'm 38 or something. I'm only 34 and if I won't laugh now when will I?'' Mark said

''Whatever. Now, what will we do this afternoon?'' asked Jane

The trio decided to watch movies since the weather wasn't good enough for swimming or just being outside. Everyone had their pick; Maura picked Casablanca, Jane picked new movie with Harrison Ford -The Fugitive and Mark choose his favourite-Groundhog Day.

It was around 8 o'clock when third movie finished and Mark got up and just when he wanted to say something he noticed that both girls were asleep. Mark was sure that Jane didn't sleep good previous night because of her case. And he knew that Elizabeth Isles probably butchered her daughter enough because of that vacation. He retrieved the blanket and for the first time really looked at them. Jane was leaning on couch side, pillow beneath her head, Maura somehow moved so she was lying on top of Jane. Her head was resting on Jane's shoulder, her right arm and leg were on Jane and holding her near, like she was afraid that Jane would run. He covered them and decided to tell Rose and the girls not to come in the living room next day.

Some psychologists say that our subconsciousness is always trying to show us something...being that, oh I don't know...when you say something you didn't mean to say and you have no idea where it came from. Or wanting to be close to someone, but you don't know really why...

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