Perfect time

Chapter 4

First of all, I want to thank you for all reviews and thank you for ignoring my grammar mistakes :D Here is 4th chapter, I hope you'll like it : )

Maura never slept late. Being at boarding school she had rules and she stick to them. And after seven years getting up at 7 am, she woke this morning , something was very different about this particular morning. Instead of waking up in her own bed, she was awaken by sun shining through living room windows.

Why I'm sleeping in living room?...Oh my God, I'm sleeping on Jane. Why on earth am I sleeping on top of her?

Maura stiffen and Jane murmured something. She peaked under a blanket and she saw they both were fully clothed. Then she noticed how they were sleeping-it appeared that right side of her body was on top of Jane as well as her head which was resting on her shoulder.

What should I do now? She could easily wake up when I move and that would be weird. 'Weirder than finding you sleeping on top of her?' My stupid rational brain is again right. 'I know, God, I'm good.' Shut up, I need to get up without waking her up.

Maura slowly lift herself up, put her hands on both sides of Jane's head and moved her right leg so that she had Jane's waist between her legs. And that was the moment Jane woke up.

''I'm sorry for waking you, it appears we fell asleep on the couch.'' Maura offered

''Yeah, I can see that. So, Maura- trying to take advantage of me?'' Jane said with smirk

''No! I mean...I would never do without other persons permission.''

''So that's why you're above me with my body trapped between your legs and your face so close to mine?'' Jane asked and wiggled her eyebrows. Well two can play that game.

''Yes Jane, I had really colourful dreams and I decided to make them reality this morning. So, tell me- top or bottom?'' Maura said and got that closer to Jane only thing between their lips was thin,thin layer of air.

''I, hmm...I...bottom?'' she croaked

''Hmm...I've always thought you'd be top girl.'' Maura said with a wink and lifted herself from Jane. She was in sitting position on Jane with Jane's body still between her legs.

''Oh you little...'' said Jane and jumped up grabbing hold of Maura's hands and knocking her down on her back. Now she was on top of Maura and hold her hands pinned above her head.

''Fate is a little tricky thing isn't it? '' asked Jane

''Yes it is. The wheel of fortune turns, and it never stops, who was up now has fallen, and who was down now is up.* You never know what tomorrow brings.''

''Girls, you up?'' asked Mark

Jane jumped of Maura and quickly stood up.

''Yeah, we're up.''

''How did you sleep?'' Mark asked

''Very well. So what are our plans for today?'' asked Maura

''Well, today's weather is fine so I decided to ask John to join us. Jane, you play basketball?''

''Yeah, of course I do.''

''Good then, since Maura doesn't know how to play it, you'll be with her. And since I don't play well I'll be with my son. That will give us right proportion.''

''You don't know how to play basketball?'' asked Jane

''Yeah, I don't know why all people presume that if you're afro-american and tall that you can play basketball. Stereotypes.'' Mark said playfuly

''Sorry, geez man relax. I was just asking.'' smiled Jane

After afternoon full of basketball, sweat and falling down, they decided it was time to stop. At 6 o'clock they were all showered and changed their clothes. Jane first went to kitchen

''Hello.'' she said to chief

''Hello, sweety. You must be Jane.'' said smiling woman in front of her.

''Yes, that would be me. And you must be Rose.''

''That I am, dear. Now, what can I do for you?''

''Can I please have a glass of juice?''

''Of course you can. And don't give me that polite thing around here. Mrs. and Mr. Isles aren't home, and during their absence we're all one big family.'' said Rose

''Okay, I'm glad we are, because I'm not that good in this environment.''

''I'd bet, but don't worry we're all here only 'normal' people.''

''Except Elizabeth and Henry Isles, right?''

''Yeah, that would be correct.''

After delicious dinner, Kate, John and Mark went home. Maura had help Rose and Rebecca to clean after dinner. And Jane went in living room to set movie. After she did she went to couch and waited for Maura. After 10 minutes she dozed off and then nightmares started again.

Maura and Rose were done with all cleaning up. Rebecca went out with her boyfriend, Rose decided to watch her movie with her husband Charlie and Maura went to living room to find Jane. When she got there, Jane was tossing and turning in her sleep, her body covered with sweat and small words like : 'No and stop' were falling of her lips.

''Jane wake up. Jane, Jane wake up!'' Maura shook her

''What? What?'' Jane woke with start

''Are you okay?'' asked Maura

''I'm fine, just bad dream. Only that. You're here, so let's watch that movie.'' Jane said and grabbed the remote and pressed play. Maura took remote from her hands and stopped the movie, sat on coffee table in front of Jane and took Jane's hands in hers.

''Tell me what happened. I want to help you. Just tell me, it'll be easier for you.''

''I don't want to talk about it.'' tried Jane,

''I need you to tell me.''


''Because I can't help myself, I have this urge to help you. I need to help you.''

Jane thought about it for a second and then told her whole story. After finishing Maura hugged her and said:

''I'm here now, and Mark is here, and Rose is here and we're all gonna be here for you. And nothing bad is going to happen, I promise.''


''Yeah Jane?''

''I don't want to have nightmares. And I didn't have them last night, would you stay here with me? I mean, just sleeping on the couch?''

''I'll stay with you Jane. As long as you want me.''

* Ivan Gundulić also known by name- Gianfrancesco Gondola (same name only on Italian) is the most celebrated Croatian Baroque poet. This is from his greatest work-Osman. Also notice, that this was my translation of his words, not from official book translated on English. There are differences between my translation and library one because this is written on archaic Croatian. :D

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