Perfect time

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is here. This chapter has a little M rated scene.

Jane and Maura enjoyed their friendship for whole 3 weeks. They watched movies, listened to music, danced, read books, thought and talked about life. And every night they slept together on couch in living room, I know people would have bad back usually but this was couch of rich people-it was sleeping on cloud.

Morning came and Maura woke up, but Jane was nowhere to be found. It was 5.30 am and house was deserted, everybody were still sleeping. Maura walked in back yard and saw a pile of clothes and a towel on one of the deck chairs next to a pool. And then she saw Jane and gasped, Jane was swimming in her pool, very much naked. She couldn't see her, but Maura certainly saw Jane- her deltoid, trapezius, triceps, rhomboids and latissiums dorsi working in perfect harmony. Maura swallowed hard, what the hell is going through her mind?

'My, my, what would happen if your parents saw you looking at Jane like that?'

Oh, shut it. I'm not doing anything.

'I'm your brain, I know you don't DO anything, but you're thinking about it.'

Thinking and doing is completely different think. No harm in thinking about her.

'If you say so. But statistics show that 85% of our thinking is only prelude of doing that.'

''She's gonna be the death of me. How am I supposed to concentrate or sleep like that?''

What the hell is Jane talking about?

'Do the math, you did something while you were sleeping.'

I was asleep, how could I do anything?

'Oh please, just because you're asleep it doesn't mean you're dead and that you don't move or talk in your sleep. Why am I only one smart between the two of us?'

What two of us? You are me. I don't remember doing anything.

'Of course you don't, you were asleep. But I'm sure that if you think hard enough, you'll know what you dreamt.'

Jane's lips on her, Jane's hands touching, her heart hammering in her chest, throwing her head back in pleasure.

Oh, shit. What did I do or said?

'I love your moments of cognition'

''Maura?'' Jane asked


''How long did you stand here?''

''I just got here, I saw you weren't in bed so I decided to search for you.''

''Oh, okay. I mean, did you hear what I said?''

''No, I didn't.'' said Maura and then breathing got harder and she couldn't catch her breath. She grabbed the column next to her.

''Maura!'' yelled Jane and got out of a pool, grabbed the towel and out it around her body.

''I'm fine, I'll be fine. I just...''

''You're not fine, I'll call Rose.''

''Don't you dare. I'm fine, just shut up and let me catch my breath.''

After few moments, Maura's breathing got in normal so she looked up and finally saw Jane.

Jane only wearing a towel, her body and her hair wet and dripping from her.

''Maura? Are you alright?''


Yeah, yeah.

''I'm fine.''

''Why are you staring at me like that?''

'' I don't...'' air was again missing for her ''I mean I do, but I'm fine Jane. You're just, gorgeous.''

''Thanks? I'm sorry, but I didn't have bathing suit, so I just jumped in.''

''Why sudden urge to jump into a pool?''

''I...I needed to cool off.''

''Oh...It didn't seem that hot inside.''

''I see that you're perfectly fine and I'll go and continue swimming, ok?'' Jane got up and at the edge of pool threw towel and jumped in. And Maura decided that her brain is right. At half way through pool Jane heard another splash. Turning back she saw Maura, no correction- naked Maura surfacing. 'Oh God woman, don't you know what you're doing to me?' thought Jane

''What are you doing?'' asked Jane after seeing Maura swing towards the pool.

''I'm swimming Jane, what does it looks like?'' said Maura passing by Jane

Jane got a view of Maura's naked back and bottom and swallowed hard. Maura caught that when she turned and Jane quickly looked away. Maura thanked whoever there is on heaven for the fact that they were in shallow end of the pool and started walking toward Jane. Jane took few steps back until she found herself presses in wall behind her.

''Maura...what are you doing?'' but Maura didn't stop

''I'm not sure. I have this urge to press my body against yours. And to kiss you.''

''We shouldn't do this...'' Maura was only a step away


''Because we're too different. I'll go away as soon as they arrest the killers and what then?''

''When time for that comes..'' she took last step '' we'll think about it.''

Maura fully pressed her body into Jane and Jane moaned out loud

''You sure you want to take this step?''

''Positive.'' answered Maura.

Jane grabbed Maura and turned them around and pressed Maura against a wall. Her thigh between Maura's legs caused Maura's breath to hitch

''Do you know what you did to me every night?'' Jane asked Maura while she kissed her neck


''You moaned and pressed yourself against me. And all I was thinking was to wake you up and have my way with you.''

''And would you like to have your way with me now?'' moaned Maure when Jane started to fondle her breasts

''You say that like it's a possibility. I am having you.'' finished Jane and then kissed Maura.

Jane grabbed Maura's legs and put them around her waist. Her hand found Maura's slick folds and started to circle her clit.

''Ohh...God, yes'' Maura moaned, Jane kissed her

''Now now Maura, we need to be quiet. Do you really want Mark coming in and seeing us like this?''

''Oh God no, I don't...Jane, please?''

''What Maura? What do you need?'' Jane asked putting more pressure

''I need you...inside...Jane please.'' and Jane complied


Maura throw her head backwards in pleasure as Jane started going faster. It only took a minute or two for Maura to reach climax and scream Jane's name.

''You okay?'' asked Jane

''Yes, I am great. But I think it's my turn.'' smiled Maura

''Hey girls, where are you?'' came Mark's voice

''Shit.'' both said in union

''Girls, you already swimming?'' said Mark and then saw them ''Oh shit, sorry.'' he said turning away and then added ''I'll just wait inside.''

''Well that was...'' Jane started

''Emberassing.'' Maura finished

Maura and Jane walked in the house 20 minutes later. Mark just hang up the phone

''Maura, your parents are coming back tomorrow evening.''

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