Perfect time

Chapter 6

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''You snitched on us?'' yelled Jane

''No! Of course not, while I was waiting for you Charlie came in saying that Mr. and Mrs. Rizzoli are coming back. Just now, they called me telling me that they want me to pick them up tomorrow from the airport.'' Mark defended

''You're security, not a driver.'' said Jane

''Yes, true. But when they say I have to come and pick them up, I ask at what time. I need this job, Jane.''

''Yeah, I'm sorry.'' Jane apologised

''When are they arriving?'' asked Maura

''The plane lands at 4 pm. They'll be here by 5 pm.'' Mark stated

''Alright, did they mentioned something about going somewhere else?'' asked Maura

''No, nothing. Sorry kid. And Jane, you remember our talk your first day?'' Mark questioned

''Yes, stay away from rich people. I know.'' answered Jane

''What?'' Maura yelled

''It's okay Maur, we'll have to little subtle, that's it.'' Jane assured her

The day ended too quickly. Maura and Jane were sitting on the couch at their usual spot.

''I want to go to bed.'' Maura stated

''Oh...well I guess. That's alright, I'll be going to my room then.'' said Jane with sorrow in her voice

''I don't want you going in your room Jane. I want you in mine.''


Jane and Maura felt like it was their last night of freedom and they used it very, very well.

Jane woke up first and saw Maura's head resting on her shoulder, her brown curls tickling her. She kissed her on forehead and Maura stirred and then awoke

''Good morning beautiful.'' Jane said

''Good morning''

''What time is it?'' Maura asked

''It's 11.30 am.''

''They're coming soon. Why did they decided to come back now?''

''I don't know Maur, but it's their house and they were gone for almost 4 weeks. Maybe they want to spend sometime with you, it's almost August, you'll soon leave for college.''

''Don't be silly, they don't care about me. They are too busy to remember me.''

''Maur, believe me, there is no way that anybody ,let alone your parents, could ever forget about you.''

Maura smiled and kissed Jane. 5 pm came too quickly, Jane went to her room, for the first time after 3 weeks, Maura went to back yard with a book in her hand. And Mr. and Mrs. Isles arrived.

''Hello sweetheart. How are you?'' asked Henry

''Hello father. I'm good. How was your trip?'' responded Maura

Her dad thought about hugging and kissing his daughter on a forehead, but dismissed it and just sat down at the chair in front of her.

''It was good. Fresh air, beautiful sea. And how was your time here?''

''It was great.'' said Maura with a smile but still looking at the book

''You met Garrett?'' asked Henry wanting to know who brought smile on her daughters face

''No, I haven't spoke to him in 4 weeks. Why?''

''Oh, I just thought...never mind. Forget it. What did you do while we were gone?''

''I read books and had few chats with Jane. That's about it.''

''Hello Maura.'' said Elizabeth coming to the table

''Mother.'' nodded Maura

''So you had chats with Jane?'' her mother questioned

''You're hearing good as always mother. Yes, I had few chats with Jane.''

''Maura we spoke about talking with... those people.''

''Elizabeth dear...'' Henry started

''I was aware that I'm forbidden to talk to house staff, but I wasn't aware that I can not talk with people.'' Maura cut in

''You can talk with people, but please do think about your reputation.''

''Reputation? In what way will my reputation be in danger if I'll speak with normal people.''

''You say that like we're not normal.'' Elizabeth attacked her

''I'm perfectly normal mother. For others I can not claim anything.''

''Maura Elizabeth Isles!'' her mother exclaimed ''How dare you? After all...'

''Elizabeth, that's enough.'' Henry cut her off

''I'll be in my room.'' Maura said, stood up and went to her room.

After an hour in her room she heard knock on her door.

''Yes?'' she called and the doors opened with Jane on other side

''You okay? Rebecca said you left your parents after an argument.''

''No, I'm not okay. But I will be if you come here. And please lock the doors.''

Jane locked the doors and lay behind Maura and hold her close. She felt Maura was tensed but when she kissed her shoulder Jane could see she started to relax. They drifted to sleep.

A knock on the door woke them up. They looked towards the door and saw know turning. Thank God for locks.

''Maura, let me in.'' Elizabeth Isles said from other side of the door

''Shit. Jane, hide.'' Maura said, Jane jumped of the bed and hide in the bathroom.

Maura unlocked the door and let her mother in.

''Why are you locking your doors?'' Elizabeth asked

''Because I wanted to rest and I didn't want to be disturbed. Now, I am sure you have a reason to be here. So what can I do for you?''

''We have quests over for dinner. Fairfields are arriving at 7 pm. Please do look nice, Garrett will be there. He is a very good match for you. Try to be nice to him.'' and with that she exited the room

''I'd better be going.'' said Jane

''Yeah, I don't want you to get in trouble.'' said Maura but stopped Jane when she went towards the door. In the next moment Jane found herself kissed and big smile appeared on her face.

Jane walked out Maura's room approximately 10 minutes after Elizabeth Isles and went silently down the stairs trying not to be noticed. It was too late, because Elizabeth Isles stood behind the doors of a guest room and awaited to see who was with Maura in her room. And then she saw Jane.

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