Perfect time

Chapter 7

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After arriving in her room, Jane decided to take a shower but she was interrupted by knock on her door. She opened it and saw Mrs. Isles on other side of the door.

''Mrs. Isles, what can I do for you?'' asked Jane

''I was wondering if you'd like to join us this evening? Some friends of ours are coming to dinner and I'm sure you'd like to go out of this room. It's not easy to be all alone whole summer.'' Elizabeth stated

''I would be honoured Mrs. Isles.''

''Excellent. Dinner is at 7 pm, don't be late.''

''Don't worry, I won't. I'll see you at 7 pm.'' Jane said as Elizabeth started to walk away

Jane sensed that something was wrong but she couldn't place it. Why would Mrs. Isles called her on dinner? As far as she knows, all that woman ever wanted to do was to move Maura away from everybody who didn't fit in their standards.

It was 6. 45 when Jane came to the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Isles were sitting on the couch along with a man and a woman Jane didn't know. Maura and some guy were standing next to a window. Guy was talking about something and it was obvious that his mind wasn't focused on Maura so he didn't notice that Maura was looking at the window and was politely nodding.

''Jane, I'm glad you made it.'' said Mrs. Isles and Maura turned around surprised

''Like I said, I wouldn't miss it .'' politely said Jane. Maura grinned and walked towards Jane.

''Hey Jane.'' said Maura in normal voice and all of them could hear her while she was walking towards her, and then she added in lower voice ''What is going on?''

''Your mother said it would be nice to show up on dinner, so I'm here.'' said Jane with small smile

''Hello, I'm Garrett.'' said the guy who had stood next to Maura before

''Hi, I'm Jane.'' she said as she shook his hand

''Let's move this to dinning room.'' said and all 6 figures followed her

Jane saw that would be long, long dinner with too many forks and knifes which she didn't know how to use. She sat next to Maura and opposite to Garrett. The dinner began and she mimicked all moves Maura made while she was eating. During the main course the talk between grownups was targeted to Jane.

''Tell me Jane, where are you from?'' asked Henry

''I'm from downtown. I live with my parents and two brothers.''

''What does your family do?'' asked Elizabeth

''My dad is a plumber, my mom is a housewife.''

''Oh my, how do you survive?'' asked Garrett's mother

''I'm not sure what you're asking. We have everything we need.''

''I don't mean to offend you, but 5 mouths to feed with only one salary is quite difficult.'' responded Garrett's mother. Maura placed a hand on Jane's knee and squeezed her knowing that Jane could easily make a scene. She was bad tempered, Maura saw that few times during these 4 weeks. Jane understood warning and calmly replayed

''Well, I think that depends on what you expect, ma'am. We don't expect fancy cars or trips to Hawaii, but we have food and roof over our heads. All three of us are going to school, we all know how to drive and we have a car that Tommy and I share. We go out with friends and in cinema's if that was what you were asking. We live perfectly good.''

''Your dad must be very good plumber, bringing that much money.'' said Elizabeth

''My mom is very good with handling it.'' said Jane with smile, remembering Maura saying that it was her mom who was from richer family and that her dad always thought that they could spend money on some better things than reputation ( meaning all stupid and unnecessary dinners or party's to show off).

''True.'' Elizabeth said with fake smile trying to hide her angry, aristocratic face. Maura smiled seeing that

''How old are you Jane?'' asked Garrett's father with nice, warm voice. His voice was far from what Jane expected.

''I'm 17.''

''Ahh, like Maura there. Garrett is 18, they both are going on BCU this fall. How about you? I know that you're too young for college, but do you plan to go on one?''

''I'm not sure, if I'll keep my grades I can apply for scholarship and in that case I'll go.''

''What would you like to study?''

''Ballistics, I'd like to work as CSU.''

''Dealing with crime then?''

''Yeah, I believe that all people should have decent closure of their life.''

''I like the way you think.'' answered Garrett's dad

''Jane, have you ever been to New York?'' asked Maura's mother

''No, ma'am.''

''We were thinking taking Maura there for a week or two. To spend some time like a family there. We have apartment on Upper East Side you know.''

''That is very nice . I'm sure that you'll talk with Maura more about it and than decide.''

''Henry are you going to the charity event this weekend?'' asked Garrett's dad trying to change the subject from Jane

''Yes, yes we are.'' thankfully that was the last time conversation was about Jane

After the dinner and small chat in living room, The Garretts left. Maura, Jane, Henry and Elizabeth stayed in living room.

''I think it's time for me to take my rest.'' said Henry standing up and then added ''Good night, my dears.'' kissing Maura on the cheek and walking out of a room.

''I think I'll be going too. Maura I'll see you tomorrow.'' Jane said and placed her hand on Maura's shoulder and walk away.

''I know what you were doing.'' stated Maura's mom

''I don't know what you're talking about.'' Maura responded

''Oh, you don't? Let me refresh your memory then. She walked out of your room this afternoon. What was she doing in there?''

''You were spying on me?''

''No, I was expressing my concern. She is not somebody you should get involved.''

''I still don't know what you're talking about. It's not your concern with who I'm friends.''

''When you're not home I don't care who your friends are. But when you're under my roof, I care because you're bringing shame on this family.''

''I bring shame? With what?''

''With fucking with that little poor girl.''

''Excuse me? With who I sleep or don't sleep isn't your business.''

''Listen to me Maura. I don't want you go near that girl again. If you do, I'll throw her out and I'd like to see how will BPD be able to protect her.'' with that Elizabeth walked out of the room. Rose and Jane stood behind open door when Elizabeth Isles stormed out of the room.

''Please go to her Rose. Tell her that everything will be alright.'' Jane pleaded and Rose went to Maura. Maura cried in Rose's arms for an hour. Jane went to her room, tears faling down her cheeks and deciding not to bother Maura anymore.

Meanwhile at the BPD parking lot

Lieutenant Adams was ready to finally go home to his family after this long day. He walked to his car only to feel cold steel pressed below his ribs.

''Good evening Adams.'' man behind him said

''Good evening Patrick.''

''Why did you do that?''

''What exactly?'' asked Adams turning around

''You put Jane Rizzoli in the same house where my daughter is. She's in trouble, why did you put her there and not in program?''

''Because you always protect your daughter. And I was sure you wouldn't let Donegal family get near your daughter.''

''Donegal family?''

''Jane saw a murder and identified murderers. They were a part of Donegal family. They don't know there is a eyewitness but the case is going good and in short amount of time we'll get them.''

''Just hope they don't find out that Maura is my daughter Adams. If they do I'll kill you and that detective who put her there.'' said Doyle and walked away

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