Perfect time

Chapter 8

I know the meaning of 'sleep tight' but I tried to make a little joke out of it :) And grandma is totally a copy of my grandma ;)

Maura Isles was sad and depressed. She missed Jane, she wanted to hold tall, beautiful girl in her arms,but her mother never let her out of her sight. The last time she saw Jane was 5 days ago, she wanted to see her, but she knew her mother would do as she promised. And then those criminals would kill her Jane.

'We're calling her our Jane now?'

Yes, she's mine.

'Watch what you're talking about. It would be best not to have that daydreaming look in your eyes when mother comes around.'

Oh, that woman. I can't stand her, every time I see her I want to strangle her.

'Well I always thought we are above strangling.'

What are you talking about?

'Well, maybe we should do what she thought us. She did pretty well in that area, you have to give her that.'

What did she thought us? How to be a coldblooded bitch?How to defeat...

'Ahh...there we are. Defeat. Marvellous word. Revenge is best served cold, isn't it?'

Yes, yes it is. So if she troubles me much, maybe I should find somebody to distract her from me. Like...

'Grandma. This will be interesting.'

''Hey grandma'' greeted Maura over the phone

''Maura sweetheart, I'm so glad you called.'' said the voice on the other side of a receiver

''Grandma, I would wish to see you. Mom is driving me mad and she did something I never thought she would. And I need you here.''

''I'll arrive tonight. Don't say your mother a word, maybe she'll have a fit.''

''I'll see you tonight grandma.''

Charlie had a free night and he decided to surprise his wife. Even after 30 years of marriage he always finds a way to surprise his wife. Today he went to this little coffee shop who had the best Schwarzwald cake. As he waited for the cake, he sipped his coffee and read latest National Geographic.

''Good evening Charlie.'' said the men and sat opposite Charlie

''Good evening Patrick.'' responded Charlie

''I'm glad you left the house. Tell me, how is she.''

''She eats enough not to pass out, she can't sleep and when she finally sleeps it's after hour of crying. She is sad and depressed and she wears a perfect mask to hide it.''

''Why is she acting like that?''

''I'm sure you're aware that Jane is in the house.''

''Yes, Jane Rizzoli. What did she do to my daughter?''

''She didn't do anything. Your daughter is very close to Jane, but when Henry and Elizabeth came back Elizabeth confronted Maura and forbidden her to talk to Jane.''

''I can't protect her from Elizabeth. And Jane?''

''She's in the same mess. She doesn't leave the room, except when Rose tells her that Maura is on the back terrace. Then she jumps and climbs tree to see Maura.''

''I hope this will end soon. I'll see you soon Charlie.'' and with that Doyle walked away from coffee shop.

At 11 pm arrived Elizabeth Isles' worst nightmare- her mother. Catherine York was standing in main hall.

''Mother, what are you doing here?''

''A mother can't see her own child and grandchild?''

''No, no, of course you can. I didn't mean it like that. Charlie please put my mothers suitcase to guest room.'' Charlie took suitcases and smiled to Catherine

''Grandma, what are you doing here?'' asked fake surprised Maura and hugged her

''Well I came to see my genius granddaughter, of course.'' said Catherine and hugged back her small granddaughter

''Well, mother are you hungry?'' asked Elizabeth

''No, I ate on the plane. I'm going to bed. Maura, c'mon walk your old grandma in her room.''


''Good night, Elizabeth. I'd tell you to sleep tight, but I know you wrap sheets around yourself too tight like all good stuck-up ladies. So, good night- let some air between those sheets.''

''Good night mother.'' practical growled Elizabeth

Walking upstairs Catherine asked her little Maura:

''So tell me what is going on?''

''Mom is acting like a moron.''

''Hey, what's new about that?''

''Ahaha, grandma!'' laughed Maura relief coming over her, seeing the only member of her family, other than her dad, that she liked

''C'mon, inside.'' rushed Catherine ''Now seriously, I can see dark circles around your eyes, even if your make-up is doing excellent job hiding it, I can see your eyes are irritated- probably from crying, and you had definitely lost a few pounds. So tell me.''

Maura sat on the bed and started

''You see, almost 5 weeks ago girl named Jane came to stay with us for a while.''

''Who's Jane? From which family?''

''We didn't know her before. She was in trouble and Mark received a call and a cop asked him if she could stay here where she would be very protected. You know as well as I that almost no one can enter the estate. Mark talked with mother and father and they said yes. The only reason for doing so was because the murderers don't know Jane saw them.''

''Murderers? What did she saw?''

''She saw a murder of a boy from her school. She's 17, a senior in high school. Anyway when mother and father went to their vacation, I met Jane and I liked her. Actually when we first time met, it was so strange and I was nervous. But Mark really did a great job in relaxing us. On the first evening we fell asleep watching movie with Mark on couch. And she said she had nightmares about what happened and asked me if I would sleep with her on couch. She even said that she'll sleep on the floor next to the couch if that would help her. So for the next 4 weeks we slept together on that couch and spent all our days together. I lo...I like her.''

''And that's it? That's whole story? Tell me everything Maura, you and I both know you can't lie. And I'm to slow to get help if you start hyperventilate. Did you only sleep on couch or did you've been in bed and not getting any sleep?'' asked Catherine with grin

''Grandma! Oh God, this is embarrassing. Yes, I slept with her in a very not sleeping way. Happy now?''

''So do you love her?''

''I know it sounds stupid and childlike, but yes. I love her like I never loved anybody before. She's kind and has a good heart, she's fearless and brave- she's stunning and beautiful woman. And in the same time she's like a child in need of a protection.''

''I'm glad I lived to see my little Maura falling in love. I hope everything will work out.'' said Catherine

''Yeah grandma, me too. I'll see you in the morning.'' said Maura kissed her grandma on cheek and went to her room

Catherine was always early raiser and she wasn't surprised when she walked into empty kitchen at 5 am. However she was surprised to see a coffee pot with still hot coffee inside it. She took herself a cup and went to back yard. There was the other awoken person. Jane.

''Good morning.'' greeted Catharine

''Jesus...''exclamed Jane jumping off the stone she was sitting on ''I'm sorry, you caught me off guard. Good morning to you too Mrs...''

''York, Mrs. York but call me Catherine. I'm Maura's grandmother.''

''Oh, well, then I should probably go. Don't wanna get in trouble.''

''Oh please, sit down. I talked with Maura yesterday, she told me everything. I apologise for behaviour of my daughter. She can be a bitch.''

''I'm sure that deep inside...'' started Jane

''Oh please child. For any kindness in her you'd have to go in deepness that equals The Mariana Trench. Last time I saw any human qualities in her was when she was 11.'' interrupted Catherine

''Oh, well then. So Maura told you everything?''

''Yes, yes she did. I must say that she cares about you very much. I guess she got that from me.''

''Your love with your husband was forbidden?''

''No, but my relationship with Elizabeth's biological father was.''

''Ohh...I...I don't know what to say on that.''

''You don't have to say anything. I'm being honest, according to Maura you like that.''

''Yes, true. I don't like lies.''

''That is the reason why my daughter hates me so much. You know, Maura is very like me. Not by looks of course since we aren't biologically connected, but I think that all those years in her youth spent with me left a trace. She likes the life, she knows what she wants and she is determent not to become only someones wife with obligations to go on charity events.''

'Yeah I know. She's very smart and I'm sure she'll succeed in any plan that comes to her mind''

''Yeah, I think so too. You are much like her grandfather. You have bed temper and stunningly beautiful. You protect and let persons around you feel that they are loved and taken care of. But in the same time, only those who are closest to you get to see your weak side, the one that needs to be protected. Maura said that. And that is pretty much the description of her grandfather.''

''Tell me I'm stupid, or whatever but I love her. I was awoken with nightmares again but with her, I felt safe and I would give everything to know that she's safe too.''

''I'm not going to call you crazy, because she loves you too.''

Before Jane had a chance to respond to that, Mark , clearly awoken, came and said:

''Tonight you're leaving. The trial is the day after tomorrow. Jane take care of everything you need to here.'' and then walked away

''Well I suppose I'm going to drag Elizabeth somewhere so you girls could have proper goodbye.''

Okay, there is a reason why I published again this quickly. I'm kinda in month of 'not being home'. That means I'm home for a 4 days or a week and then I'm not home for 7-10 days. Tomorrow I'm traveling on countryside to visit my family. We're all gonna be together in our weekend house without internet yay :/ I actually looking forward to see my whole family, but I'm not very please to be without fresh informations from the wold. But there is a good side, when I'll get back you'll have few chapters to read. And if my grandma starts with her stories, I'll even write more because she talks for hours for younger cousins and I already know all the stories. Yaay for my grandma :D

I do hope you liked this chapter and I'll see you again in few days. R&R

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