Perfect time

Chapter 9

Hello, I hope you are still reading this story and here is new update :) Also I did had time to write few new chapters so I'll publish daily :D

Catherine kept her word. 30 minutes after Mark went to do his chores she went to Elizabeth's bedroom and knocked

''What is it mother? It's 6. 30 am''

''I need you to get ready and go in town. It's very important. Do you understand me Elizabeth?'' asked Catherine with her sternest look

''Yes mother. I'll be down in 20 minutes, we'll leave immediately.''

Catherine and Elizabeth were gone by 7am. Maura was very surprised to find only her dad at breakfast table in the morning. Today she even maneged to sleep whole night and she didn't get up before 7 am.

''Good morning father.'' Maura politely greeted

''Good morning Maura. How did you sleep?''

''Very well, thank you for asking.''

''Your grandmother dragged your mother away this morning. Do you know by any chance where are they going?''

''No, I must admit that I wasn't aware of any plans for today.''

''Oh, well. Would you like to go with me to the country club? I'm meeting Garrett and his father there.'' said Henry with small but visibly fake smile

''No father, I would rather stay in.'' Maura dismissed her father

''I understand. I really do. Have fun, sweetheart.'' he said, kissed her temple and went out of the dinning room

Maura felt bad for the way she dismissed her dad, she loved him very much but seeing that he never stopped her mother's rampage, she had decided long time ago to punish him this way. She often wondered if her biological father would stop her mother.

She stopped thinking about that the moment she heard the front door closing. She ran to Jane's room. She didn't even knock she just barged in and hugged Jane tightly. Jane hugged her back and Maura slightly backed away to kiss Jane. After a long kiss, they parted and then Maura saw suitcase on the bed.

''Where are you going?'' asked Maura in only a whisper

''I have to go. The trial is tomorrow morning, I'm going tonight, I'll probably speak to some lawyer and police officers.''

''Don't go. Please don't go. I have a terrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.''

''Nothing will happen, I promise.'' said Jane with reassuring smile

''You don't even know who you stand against.''

''Maura, they don't know who I am and I will only appear in some kind of box so my identity would be hidden. No one will ever know it's me. Well except you and Mark and detectives.''

''I don't want you to go. I need you here, even this last week I saw you every day on that tree. And you, only you made my week bearable.'' said Maura, tears rolling down her face.

''Maura I'm not leaving forever. I'll come back, I promise. I would never leave you. I...I love you. I really do. And I don't want to be without you.'' Jane wiped her tears

''I love you too. And I need you to come back to me.''

''I will. But you know what? I'm still here and we need to use this day at least. So what would you like to do?''

''I'd like you to teach me how to play basketball. You said you will.''

''Okay, let's go.''

An hour and lot of tips later, Maura and Jane were ready to eat and shower.

Rose welcomed them with big smile on her face.

''Hello girls.''

''Hey Rose.'' they both greeted

''You hungry? I have a great breakfast for you.'' said Rose and just smelling this cuisine, Jane's and Maura's stomachs growled

''I'll take that as a yes.'' Rose laughed

After finishing breakfast Jane and Maura decided to take shower.

''Maura, where are we going? I thought we decided to shower?''

''Oh we're going to shower. But we're going together, unless of course you don't want to shower with me.'' said Maura walking into her room and loosing her shirt. Jane's mouth dropped and quickly followed Maura in, locking the door behind them.

Well, they decided to stay in that afternoon. But at 5 pm knock on the door put an end to their peaceful time.

''Jane we have to go. I put your things in car, say goodbye to everyone and I'll wait in car.'' Mark said from the other side of the door and walked away

''Stay. Please stay.'' Maura pleaded hugging Jane's naked body closer to her

''You know I can't. Maura I'll be back. One way or the other, but I'll be back.'' Jane said and kissed her forehead. Jane got up and dressed and Maura did the same. They walked down stairs where they found Henry, Rose and Charlie.

''Oh little sweety pie, you be good and take care of yourself, okay?'' said Rose

''Yeah, I'll do my best.'' said Jane hugging Rose and then whispering to her ''You and Charlie need to take care of my Maura. Please.'' Rose nodded.

''Jane it was a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you in future.'' said Charlie

''I hope so.''

''Jane,'' said Henry and pulled her in hug ''thank you. I've never seen more beautiful smile on my daughter's face.''

''Believe me sir, I was never happier than with your daughter.'' said Jane and then Henry released her from hug

''I'll walk you out.'' said Maura and they walked out of the door

''Maura, I do love you. And whatever happens you need to know that I love you more than anything on the world. And when I'll get back, I promise I'll be here forever.''

''Jane, I love you too. And know this, I'll wait for you. How long it takes.''

Jane and Maura kissed for the last time and Jane went to the car. Maura was still looking at the same road after the car was long gone.

Was it any good? :) And yes, these few chapthers are little sad but hey there needs to be a twist somewhere in the story, right?

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