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I like being an omega she - wolf


Malia was part of a car crash. She is an omega she - wolf. She isn’t weak as people think she is.

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Chapter 1

I was running through the forest. This isn’t how my life will end. I don’t like being the only omega in a pack. anyone who hears there is an omega she wolf I’ll be dead before I can hunt again.
I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Malia Tate i think I am now 17 years old, my mother and sister died in a car crash. It was a full moon that night and well I turned into a wolf. I was only 10 years old. It still haunts me the loss of them; my family. Now so many packs have caught word that there is an omega she - wolf. Pack elders would always say that being alone is more vulnerable than being in a pack. Most children who are born with no werewolf gene aren’t usually in packs. Omegas are the ones who don’t get any respect from others in a pack. Beta is the one who is second in charge and then there is the alpha he or she are the ones who lead the pack some of them are intimidating or others are more chilled out.
I love beacon hills, the supernatural, the woods. There is an alpha here his name is Derek hale. 10 years ago the hale mansion was set on fire not by something but some people. I knew who they were. They come on the full moon and try and kill werewolves Mainly omegas.

It’s nearly midnight. I’m running to my wolf den hopefully no one has invaded. On my way to my den I see the crash. The car flipped up side down. The morning it happened, I fled the sight but returned in my wolf form. I heard to police officers and the doctors talking about theories of what could’ve happened here last night. I knew better. This is all my fault. They are dead because of me. I would give anything to get them back. My sister had her entire life ahead of her. I instantly stop. I sense that someone is in my den. I realize what it is. Not an ordinary werewolf, an alpha wolf. I saw Derek Hale looking around my den I didn’t dare to interfere. An alpha is way more stronger than me. I kept starring at the alpha poking his snout in my private life. He was in human form. I was walking back when a twig was snapped. I got my running position ready. I started to doge up coming trees. I thought positive I don’t want to go back to school, have my freedom taken away from me. If I go I will only turn into a wolf on the eve of a full moon. I saw a shadow running after me. I thought I’ll lose him at the old beacon hills creek. I started to run at full pace.

He eventually gave up. I lost him at the creek. It has now been 5 days since I saw an alpha. I am now enjoying a little run to the water fall. I saw hunters, another man stood out though, his scent kept confusing me I didn’t know why. Then the thought struck me. It was my dad I didn’t know my father survived the crash. Now he is hunting a wolf, a wolf who he doesn’t know that is his daughter.

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