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Agony; A Prince's Tale

By Zach Halteman (epic146)

Adventure / Fantasy


You all know the story of Into the Woods; the Baker has to go into the woods to find items to lift a curse that has been placed on his house, right? Correct. But there's a different story. There lives a kingdom, outside of massive woods, in which there are two sons, Alexander, and Caspian. The story will follow Alexander and Caspians' journeys to find a maiden to wed.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there lay a small village at the edge of the woods...

It was a quaint day, in this far away kingdom. It was an ordinary day for all in the palace. Alexander awoke from his bed, greeted by his servants.

"Good morning, my liege," they would softly speak as he came to. On the other end of the hallway, lay the room of Caspian, Alexander's younger brother. He woke up as well, slightly more energized than his brother.

"Ah, good morning, Prince Caspian," his servants would say.

The young men swiftly lingered into the throne room, in which the King and Queen sat.

"Good morning, father," Alexander would cry, "Good morning mother."

"Good day, my dear," the Queen would answer back.

"Caspian!" the King shouted, "Come and say hello to your parents!"

"Oh, right. I'm sorry, father," Caspian would apologize, Alexander knew he meant it, but why was he so fixated on his surroundings. "Good morning, Mother," Caspian mumbled, "Good day, father."

"Very well then... Alexander, come here. Caspian, Ferdinand is going to get your outfit ready for the ball that is to commence," the King demanded. The King turned his head to Alexander. "Alexander, my fine young man. You've grown so much," the King began to explain, "as you know, my time as king is slowly coming to an end. Since you are the eldest of my sons, you will be the King," Alexander's father exclaimed.

"Father," Alexander began, "I know this. You've told me too many times to count. I will find a bride. I promise."

"Hm..." the King began to think, "Very good, very good. The ball is to commence in two days. You've until then to prepare your outfits and get some fresh air outdoors."

"Alright," Alexander agreed. It was time for him to get some fresh air and enjoy life outside of the palace. He mounted on his horse, who is named Silver, thanks to the silver luster on the horse's mane and tail. Alex rode off, down the cobblestone pathways, and down to where the villages began.

Clop, clop, clop, clop, clop.

Those sounds clouded Alex's mind as he passed the estates of a family called Tremaine. He could see a young maiden, who looked around his age, cleaning cinders and picking up after her family. The poor girl. He saw two wicked women, beautiful of face but obviously vile and black-at-heart kicking around the servant girl. All Alex could think of was how terrible it must be to be a servant to a horrible family. He rode on. It was when he reached the outskirts of the kingdom, that he decided to turn back. As he passed the Tremaine Estate once again, he couldn't bare to witness the suffering that poor girl had to ensue.

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