Remembering Noel

Chapter 6

Noel opened to door to Hope's house, sulking to his bedroom. When he got there, he laid on his bed, reaching into his pocket.

Wait a second, that was odd, there wasn't anything in his pocket. He checked his other pocket. Nothing there either. He got up, getting more frantic as he went, searching his room for the necklace. He looked in his pile of clothes and checked all the pockets. He looked under his pillow, everywhere. Just when he sat down on the bed in despair, there was a voice from the hall.

"What are you looking for?" Asked Hope, peeking his head in the door. Noel disregarded him and started to remember the last time he'd seen the necklace. If he lost it, what would he do?

"You couldn't possibly be looking for.....this?" He said, holding out his hand. There lay the necklace, the chain hanging off like water dripping through his fingers. Noel reached out, trying to grab it, but Hope snatched it away from him, turning around.

"I'm not going to give it to you until you convince me that your reasoning for not showing it to Serah is adequate." he walked to the window.

Noel gritted his teeth. "I own it, is that enough?" He countered.

"This isn't yours! Maybe I should give it back to its rightful owner..." Hope trailed off, glancing over his shoulder at Noel, who was in a rage.

"Do you WANT to hurt her?? What if she remembers getting engaged to Snow and nothing else? And then we tell her he's dead?" Noel snapped.

Hope turned around, reaching out to pat Noel's shoulder reassuringly. "You have to think positively. If that happens, it's for the best. If it doesn't, and she remembers everything? Well then it was meant to be. Besides, you'd have to give her some space before she accepted Snow's death and would be willing to be with you. Either way, it's a 50/50 chance you get the girl."

"It's not about that." Noel said, pushing Hope's hand off his shoulder and walking to the window. "Isn't it better if she forgot everything that I caused that hurt her? Isn't it better that she forgot about how this," he said, gesturing out the window, "became our home?"

He turned to face Hope, his eyes full of remorse, and pleading for his words to be heard.

Hope hesitated a moment, and then nodded. He waited a little bit before walking reluctantly up to Noel and pooling the necklace in his cupped hand. Noel put it safely in his pocket as Hope walked out of the room.

"We can't give her the necklace." Noel said determinedly to himself.


"We can't give her the necklace."

Maqui came out of the closet (actual physical closet, not the metaphorical one.....yet) near Noel's room in Hope's house after checking to see if anyone was there. He had overheard only the last part of Hope and Noel's conversation, but it had been enough. They weren't going to give Serah the necklace, and he was going to do something about it.


Serah's POV

There was a spider on the ceiling. It's name was Winifred. Yes, I was bored enough to notice a spider on the ceiling and name it Winifred. I even started to sing a song about it.

"Winni, imma take you out to dinny, Winni..." Then I got bored and my voice didn't sound good, so I stopped. About a month after the incident with Goggles, whose name I've now learned (or re-learned I suppose) is Maqui, and Noel, I was about to be released from the hospital. There was just one problem. Where would I go?

So the doctors had left me in a room with nothing to do so they could discuss it with my 'responsible caretakers', AKA Hope, Maqui, and Noel. If Lightning were here, she would be my caretaker. I'd asked everybody where she was, and every time I asked, it was always, 'She went away.' Or 'she'll be back soon'. Where was she? Did she even know about my memory loss? Well, it does no good to worry. Anyway, Lightning can take care of herself just fine.

But where would they put me? Honestly, I kind of hoped I'd be with Noel, wherever he went. He seemed to care about me a lot, and he was the one the most worried while I was comatose, and I could tell we were close. I hoped he'd tell me what happened, and I know he would protect me. Plus...he was pretty cute.


"She's coming with me." Hope laid on the table. Noel and Maqui nodded.

"You're not gonna argue? I thought this was gonna turn into a long-winded argument and take up a long time!" Hope raised his eyebrow. He'd had lots of points to sway Noel's argument to letting him 'keep' Serah.

"Well, where else would she go?" Noel pointed out.

Hope raised his eyebrow. "NORA house? Especially with Vanille staying with Fang there, Vanille and her were good friends."

"Vanille's going through some stuff. Izzabel will have been missing for technically 1400 years this week." Maqui interjected. So Vanille wouldn't be a very good friend to stay with at the moment.

Noel glared at Hope. "Right. Not NORA house." He withdrew his suggestion. "So, it's settled? She'll be staying at my house with me and Noel. Unless Maqui knows anywhere else?"

Maqui shook his head.

Noel nodded. They all signed the paperwork stating that they had come to a general consensus that Serah would be staying at Hope's house.

Noel walked out before Maqui and Hope. He had some suspicions about those two, so he tried to not be around them as much as he could. If anyone's relationship was going to work out, it would be theirs.

Hope looked at Maqui, waiting until Noel was out of hearing range before whispering "I hope this works."

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