Hyperdimension Neptunia's LC


Introducing the Story inspire by the Video Game Series Hyperdimension Neptunia. Only it has a new Character...enjoy. Welcome one and all to the world of Gamindustry. A world of four nations each ruled by a CPU, a girl endowed with special power. The four CPU's compete for a universal energy source call Share energy. Thus maintaing a fine balance ensuring peace and harmony. However a Dark force is rising up, threatening to triumph over the CPU's and bring the world into ruin. The CPU's with their friends and siblings (All Girls) all join forces together to combat this new menace. Little do they know...they will receive help from a strange source...a boy A Young boy with a warm heart and strong optimism comes upon the girls, soon joining them in their journey. Suffering from severe Amnesia he travels with the girls in the hopes he may one day find out who he is. Will the boy cope with his new friends? And can everyone really work together? Theme and Characters Belong to Idea Factory and Compile Heart

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:


“Hi and welcome to this new chapter into my adorable life. I’m your lovable goddess Neptune and allow to introduce you to world of Gamingindustry. A place of fantasy, a place of adventure, a place where me…and my friends, fight monsters and keep the world of Gamingindustry a nice, safe place for the citizens. As I’m said I’m Neptune, the Main character of all Main characters. And now let us begin my great adventure”

“HOLD IT (A door Slam opens) OBJECTION. Your Statement is full of flaws” a boy wearing a black polo shirt and pants with ginger hair steps in

“Whoa…what’s in the name of Phoenix Wright is wrong with you? What’s the problem Theody”

A loud sigh came “Neptune, you can’t just introduce the story like this. And for the last time it’s Theodore! Not Theody!”

“Whoa…what’s got into your underwear? Chillax. I’ve had three video games with meeee, the heroine Neptune, as the starrrr”

“Technically two Neptune. Your sister was the, starrr, for the second game. Anyway I’ve told you, I’ll be the one narrating this story”

“but…where will the reader be without loveable me?”

“I think they can manage Neptune, now get. The story will be starting soon, and the other girls are getting impatient. Now go get cleaned up and get”

Theodore pulls on Neptune but she remains childish and clings to her chair “No…I don’t wanna go!”

“Neptune…comeeee ooooonnnnn” Theodore lost grip and fell backwards “fine, stay if you want” just then Theodore’s phone ran “hello Noire…yes I failed I know but on the plus side you get to have all the treats”

“Treats!? They have treats!?”

“Well, how else was I going to tide some of them over? Yes Noire…alright I’ll try it. Neptune…Return!!” Neptune’s eyes lit up and she ran straight over Theodore

“Save those treats for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Theodore picked himself up “Noire…she’s…on her way. I never knew…to poke her on…would be so painful. Well either way, she’s on her way back. Yes don’t worry you’re in the first chapter like we agreed, and yes you’ll have a fight scene. I’ll see you later” Theodore hangs up “Sorry about that folks just give me a minute to…recover from the foot to my…you know downstairs…ahhh”

Theodore sat on a chair, behind a script and microphone “well…that settles that. I’m back in the drivers seat” Theodore sighs “Well let’s begin. Welcome to Hyperdimension Neptunia LC, Neptunia’s Lost Chapter. This is a story based on the game Hyperdimension Neptunia. Hyperdimension Neptunia is a role-playing video game that parodie’s…video gaming”

Theodore turned a page “Yes a video game that parodies a video gaming. For a start the universe is called Gamingindustry. (I’m not explaining the reference. This one should be simple). A world split up into four lands, that you should recognise. Lastation, Lowee, Leanbox and Planeptune. And this only the beginning of the video game references…there’s a lot more in store”

Theodore cleared his throat “I’m trailing off a bit here so let’s get back on track. Hyperdimension Neptunia follows the guardians, rulers, or brats depending on perspective, of the four lands or nations of the world. Using powerful weapons, like those in a video game, they beat up their enemies in the same old over-the-top fashion. And at the forefront of these characters is” Theodore looks round anxiously “Nep-” the door bursts open and Theodore is kicked off his chair to the floor

“Neptune! Good old me”

“Nep…tune” Neptune looks nervous Theodore stands up and put his hands to the side charging a sphere of electrical energy “Hado-Ken!” Neptunia is blasted off her feet and through the doorway.

The sounds of clattering, smashing, and mild chunters and whines echo in the sizable “owww…that hurt you meanie! Theodore closes the door and locks it

“yes I did a Street fighter reference sue me. You want to deal with about five or more needy girls” Theodore sits back down “To continue Hyperdimension Neptunia is known for its action, story…and plenty of comedy. In this story, I will feature a male hero (Although Males exist, sort of, it’s all girl team) while trying to stay true world and characters”

Theodore turns to the last page “And in the great spirit of video games…the character will be a teenage amnesia man. Who just wonders the world fighting monsters as he goes. I hope you enjoy the storey…and…huh?”

Theodore reads the script “Storey, Nep Jnr, Blanny and…Nepunia…(sighs) from now on…I padlock the door. Alright let the story begin with…Sonic the fame and sped is my game”

Theodore holds his face in shame “Could I have done that any worse? Just…Just begin the story…while I have some dignity please? Like I said…stress” fading to black “Thank you…Deep Café Latte please!?”

Some Time Later

"Hey...I'm back, sorry I really needed that break. Now onto the story itself the story takes place in a world known as gamindustry. A world split into four nations and each one ruled by a goddess. Black heart rules Lastastion. White heart for Lowee. Green Heart for Leanbox. And purple heart for Planeptune. I know I said different names last time, work with me here. And although I said Goddess…that’s stretching it a bit.”

“The goddess’, or CPU’s as they are widely known, are girls endowed with special power. Using their power as CPU’s they keep the world free and peaceful. However their power isn’t unlimited but instead determined by a peculiar source called “shares””

“Their power literally comes from the belief and hopes of the populace. The more the populace believes in a nation…the stronger a CPU is. They gain more shares by inventing new technology, keeping the citizens safe and happy or by helping out the citizens with quests. You know like hunting monsters, finding items and so on”

“The constant battles between the four nation keep the world in a strange perfect balance. Although no story is without its villains. But they’ll come later in the story. Now then, allow me to start. For the sake of the story, and the fact I have four pairs of angry daggers aimed at mw, I’ll start the story with the amnesia hero. Trust me, if I had said anyone else…I’d be dead by now. I mean these girls compete all the time, and last thing you wanna do…is get between them”

“As typical with Amnesia heroes, he’s a teen and remembers practically nothing. All he has the faint memory of an older girl who used to care for him. And for the most part of the chapter he’ll be referred to as Hero…until he’s given a name that is. So let the story of Neptunia’s lost chapter…begin”

The world of gamindustry began in the new day as per normal. It was a peaceful sunny day where the populace of the world lived in a relaxed and calm manner. The world of gamindustry is vast and wide as, aside from the four main cities, there are vast unexplored caves, fields and forest. There are monsters roaming the world…but they tend to keep to themselves. And should they cause trouble…the CPU’s of the world will fly in to eradicate the problem.

Among one of the many unexplored fields we join Hero on his travels. Hero is a lone warrior travelling the world far and wide. He fights purely for the sport, enjoying the rush of combat and the adrenaline of the fight.

Hero is an average built young man of fifteen. Hero has slightly spiky black hair and wearing a red hooded jumper, over a blue t-shirt with dark red jogging bottoms. Hero is a vagabond roaming from place to place, without a map or purpose. Why would he…he doesn’t have anyway to go in the first place.

Hero has amnesia and remembers almost nothing of his life. All he can remember is the faint image of an older girl who used to care for him. He doesn’t know who she is…just she used to be important to him. His memory is so bad, he doesn’t even know his own name. All he has on him…is his trusty sword. However he doesn’t let that get him down.

Hero is quite optimistic, hoping that if he keeps travelling he’ll one day find clues to his memory. Hero is quite confident, and good hearted often saving a troubled citizen. His only real downfalls is loneliness can often get the best of him and his worry of letting people down. He also has a crippling fear…closely tied to nightmare he occasionally has. His optimism is his only driving force…and today is like no other.

He journeys through a fantasy grassland, enjoying the day in the sun “it seems today is a good day. The sun is shining and the breeze is nice. It feels like a good day for hunting monsters” as he looked onwards he saw his targets “I’m in the mood for a warm-up…so these’ll do nicely” he encountered monsters called doggos. Sort out like blue slimes, with dog like ears and face. “Well here we go”

There were about ten in number and drawing his sword he got to work. He sliced through the first two with ease. Monsters in the world don’t shed blood but instead just vanish into virtual dust. As the doggo’s vanished he began tensing his hand, then he thrust it forward hitting two more slimes with fire balls wiping them out. For the fifth one he took in a deep breath and blew out a chilly wind. It froze the doggo solid before shattering “There we go…five more” the remaining five doggo began bouncing up and down, and got closer.

The five then collided and with a puff of smoke a giant doggo was formed. It towered over Hero at least twice his height “finally…a little challenge” Hero took out his sword and sliced at the giant doggo with two crosses “now for a little fire” Hero launched two fire balls but it simply bounced off “immune to fire…great. Stick to the sword” as Hero charged forward, the doggo suddenly bounced forward smashing into Hero.

The hero was, somewhat, smashed backward by the giant doggo’s attack landing against the ground rather hard. The hero winced from the blow “dam…that hurt” then he saw darkness cover him and looked up “ahhh….” Hero quickly rolled out of the way, as the giant dogoo landed with a heavy slam, the shockwave of the impact knocking hero in a backwards roll. Hero, used his feet as he went to back roll, to stop himself from skidding.

Hero got up “dam…too close. I do not want to go through a month of washing. That slime doesn’t go away. Right time for the finisher” Hero clapped his hands together and rubbed them together. Then as he separated them, a stream of lightning flowing between his palm. Hero then thrust his hand forward, shooting the giant doggo with a strong stream of lightning.

The giant doggo jerked and shook and then after a moment it simply turned into data dust, vanishing from sight. Hero’s body glowed briefly blue, filling with new strength “there we go…and I levelled up nice” Hero put his sword away in his scabbard “well…that’s enough fighting for now. Time for a bit of exploring” this was Hero’s daily routine. He’d go around, hunt monsters and save the odd person however today…his life would change.

Elsewhere in the same field, a youngish girl with long dark hair and in black dress was walking alone down a dirt road. She had in her hands a basket and some paper “now…where is it? The quest giver said the monster would be in this area. She said…something about a ferocious beast with a red tail” just then she heard growling sounds close by “what was that?” she put the basket down and prepared herself producing a big long range rifle gun in her hands.

Then before her…a monster appeared. It looked to be a long, giant wingless dragon. It was mostly green but the tail was bright red. The girl prepared her rifle “time for a little hunting” and with that she took a shot. Hero heard this shot echo in the air

“A gunshot?” said Hero “where did that come from?” Hero heard several more shots “from…that way” he ran towards the sounds, coming from over the hill. As Hero stood at the top “it’s a girl…shooting at…redtail?” he could see a girl trying to shoot the redtail but her bullets were just bouncing off “that’s only going to get him madder! I’d better help out”

The girl was starting to panic “my bullets aren’t making a dent in this thing” the dragon drew closer “if only my sister were here…” the dragon the lashed out with its claw “ahhh…” she closed her eyes in fear…but then heard metal clash with metal “huh…what?” she saw Hero blocking the dragon’s claw with his sword.

Hero looked back “are…you okay?” the girl simply nodded as Hero shrugged it off “listen, redtail can’t be beat with a firearm. His scales are too thick…leave this to me” Hero jumped at the dragon’s head, slicing twice at its head. The dragon flinched from the hits, staggering backwards.

The dragon however then spun round lashing out with its tail. Hero, rubbed the blade with his spare hand making it turn yellow. Then with a vertical slice, he simply cleaved through the tail. The lopped off part simply disappeared and the dragon cried out. It then turned round, as fire began poking out his lips. Hero ran forward towards the dragon “hey…” called the girl “look out” as the dragon then spewed out vicious flames at Hero.

At first it looked like Hero was caught in the blast “hey redtail!” Hero was in-fact above them “you missed!” the dragon growled “now…to end it!” Hero dived down to the dragon. The dragon breathed out more flames but hero swerved his body, avoiding them.

The hero then landed on the dragon’s head, stabbing his sword into its heads. Then he ran along the dragon’s spine, the sword cutting through the dragon like butter. Then as Hero jumped off, the dragon simply turned into virtual dust. Hero breathed in and out minorly tired “well…that was close” Hero put away his sword as he heard footsteps approach “It’s good thing I arrived here. You could’ve got hurt”

“i…didn’t know that my gun wouldn’t work” said the girl sounding somewhat ashamed

“Hey its okay” Hero turned round “I’m just glad your o…” he was cut off at the girl before him.

The girl was light skinned with long black, almost light blue coloured, hair with most of it worn down reaching her chest. Some of her hair was worn in pigtails held with light blue and black ribbons. Her eyes were dark red but gentle in appearance. She was wearing a black dress with milky blue lining. Around her waist was an odd belt like piece with a bow behind it. A big circle with white lining seemed connect her dress to her collar. She also wore long fingerless black gloves with milky blue colouring at the top and similar short boots. On lastly, attached to her dress was a cellphone like device.

Hero blushed a little before this girl “she’s rather cute looking” The girl looked somewhat ashamed, with a slightly red face

“I must…thank you. If you didn’t turn up today…I would’ve been in trouble”

“It’s no big deal”

“Still how did you know how to beat him so easily?”

“The only reason I knew about him, was because I helped other hunters before beat redtails. And no need to sound ashamed, as least you didn’t scream and hide”

Hero’s comment appeared to brighten her up a bit “well…thank you anyway” she said now with smile “My name is Uni, it’s nice to meet you” Hero then looked a little weak and stumbled backwards “hey…hey are you okay?” she then heard a loud growl “wait…what was that?” Hero then rubbed his stomach

“That would be me” said Hero embarrassed “I haven’t eaten in a while”

“then wait here one moment” said Uni going to her basket and bringing it back “I made a packed lunch in-case I got hungry” she then turned a little away, red in the face “but I’ve made too much you see. So…you can have my spares if you like”

What Uni had packed was several home-made sandwiches, riceballs and a flask of tea. Hero was tucking into the riceballs “what are these things called again? Riceballs? These are great” Uni appeared to smile from the comment

“then I’ll show you the place where you buy them. They make the best at this particular shop. So you know my name” Hero was about to put another to his mouth “but…I don’t know yours” Hero than stopped…and his expression changed

“I don’t know my name either” Hero than took a bite while Uni looked puzzled

“So…you don’t remember your own name?”

“truth be told Uni…I don’t remember anything”

Uni turned to him “So…you don’t remember anything? Where you come from? Or about your Family, friends or even your home?” Hero shook his head looking depressed

“Nope. Not a thing” said Hero a little sadly “I’ve been wandering for a long time now. Just exploring and fighting monsters, hoping I might remember something one day”

“So…you’ve been wandering alone all this time? And you haven’t found a single clue?” Hero shook his head “hey…maybe then I could help you” Hero turned to Uni who had, almost a snooty look “well it’s obvious you’re not getting anywhere. And I know, with my help, we’ll be able to find some clue to who you are”

“You…think so?”

Hero thought for a moment “Well…it’s true I have trying alone for a while. Then I’d like to take you up on your offer” Uni nodded

“Then it’s settled. But first you’d better finish off your meal” Hero nodded but to Uni’s surprise Hero handed her a riceball

“Come on it’s only fair we share. I mean you must be hungry too” almost in response Uni’s stomach growled making her blush

“Fine. But not because I’m hungry…but because you insisted so much”

After a few minutes the two finished “so where do we go from here?” asked Hero

“We can start with my home town Lastastion” said Uni pointing in a general direction “I have to report my quest is over and everything”

“alright then…lead the way” Uni seemed to somewhat enjoy the role she was given as leader

“Of course…you leave it to me” little did she know that in the skies…someone was looking for her.

Meanwhile girl flying through the skies, with what looked like metal like wings, was scanning the ground “Jeez where is she? She should have made it back by now. I hope she’s okay” then below her she saw Uni with Hero “there she is…and with a boy?” she flexed out her hand producing a long black blade-like weapon “not on his life he doesn’t!” and with that she flew towards them.

Back on the ground Uni and Hero were happily conversing when Hero stopped “hey…hey what’s wrong?” asked Uni

“Someone’s…coming” said Hero trying to feel it out “someone…extremely strong” just then he looked up “whoa!” and he jumped backwards just as someone landed in-front of him “what the heck?” Hero drew his sword “who the heck are you?”

Before him was mature looking girl wearing a strange metallic like body-suit. She was a little taller and older looking than Uni with a moderate bustline. Her hair was pure white and worn down to her waist, while her bangs were chin-length and looked somewhat messy. Her eyes were glowing green-blue, with a strange symbol replacing her pupils (Picture a power button symbol from a games console).

Her outfit consists of a black bathing suit like part, a strip of the stomach silver, with the top of the breast area and directly below her neck cut out. The suit connected round, and covered, her neck. She wore long black sleeves, the inner of her upper arm silver, covering her arms nearly at her shoulder and her hands as well. There were cuffs at the wrists and where the sleeves start. And lastly She wore black metal like leggings, reaching her thigh, that formed shoes at her feet.

Hero saw her standing in-front of Uni, as if safeguarding her “who are the heck are you!?” demanded Hero with his sword drawn

“So…you don’t know who I am?” said the girl in a mocking tone “Fine…I can answer your curiosity. I am Black Heart…the CPU of Lastastion” to Hero her declaration was just confusing

“Black heart? CPU? What the heck?” Hero also briefly scanned Black Heart “and what’s with the metal jump suit?”

“Now that I’ve answered your curiosity, how about you answer mine? What’s a runt like you doing with my sister? And since you’re nowhere near her level, you must’ve been trying to kidnap her”

Hero looked a bit puzzled by her remarks “wait…this is your sister?” Hero looked between them “Uni…you know this…girl?” Uni sighed

“Big sis…you’ve got the wrong idea” Uni said this as if Black Heart has done this before “He wasn’t kidnapping me…and we weren’t dating”

“Then pray tell why he’s with you?” said Black heart

“I was…hunting the monster I was told to. But the monster proved to be stronger that I thought. He was just around and just so happened to kill it for me”

Black Heart looked a bit stunned “really? This runt managed to kill the red-tail dragon? Ha-ha-ha don’t me laugh. He couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag” Hero was getting annoyed at her tone

“Then why don’t I prove it?” said Hero drawing his sword

“And why should I waste my time with the likes of you?”

“Don’t belittle him big sis” said Uni “he’s stronger than he looks. He beat that monster with one stroke”

“oh…he did he?” said Black heart “well…since my little sister acknowledges your strength. It’s only fair I see it too”

Black heart strode forward a little to Hero. As Black Heart readied herself, metal objects spawned round her hovering a little off her body. From her feet triangle like boosters, her hips simply black quadrant like domes, from her shoulders a semi-circle which three blue wing tips extended outwards, and her head two, three-quilled, antenna. Black heart held her weapon as if it was a two handed sword, however it more built for built force. It was almost square and the end was flat.

Black heart then snickered “I’ll give you a little credit for challenging me” she then hovered a little off the ground

“what the?” said Hero a little surprised “she can fly?” he looked at the blue wing tips and metal objects “I wonder if they’re the reason she can fly” Black heart then zipped forward

“Now…prepare yourself!”

Black swung downwards with her block like sword but Hero then twirled around, dodging the blade and drew closer to Black heart. Then he delivered a sharp elbow to her gut. Then he put his hands on her shoulders and threw her over him.

Hero then jumped over Black Heart and prepped his sword to which it glowed blue. Then with a swish of his sword, a blue sidewards arc was produced out of it hitting Black with good effect. Hero looked satisfied “how’s that for weak?” but then Black heart simply stopped before the ground “whoa…” Hero landed as Black Heart gently landed on the ground.

Hero stood ready “it looks like I might actually get a challenge for once” black heart rubbed her stomach

“It looks you’re not as weak as I thought” said Black Heart “but don’t let that go to your head. All It means is I have to try a little”

“Do you rehearse these lines or something?” Uni snickered a little from this “well…you certainly brim with confidence”

“A good reason for that. And I’ll prove it” Uni looked a little stunned

“Big sis has never had to try against another human except the other CPU’s. Still even I don’t think too highly of his chances”

Black Heart once again struck first, slashing at Hero. Hero dodged her attack and slashed at her but she simply turned away “sorry…but I was playing before” she then swing out a backwards punch striking Hero in the back. Hero staggered forwards while Black Heart swung her sword at him. Hero turned round only to be struck by her sword sending him flying into the air.

Hero landed with mild thump already getting up “she’s a lot better than she looks” Black heart was already above him with her sword aimed high

“I think it’s time you knew your place” Hero just managed to back-roll as Black Heart slammed down with her sword

“Alright my turn!” Hero slashed at Black Heart who casually blocked and deflecting his attacks

“You’re a bit mediocre compared to me” Black Heart slashed at Hero. Hero parried her attack but was sent flying in the air, to which she then hovered off the ground and flew up towards him.

Hero saw her coming, as he right himself in the air “It really doesn’t help she can fly” Hero tensed his arm and thrust it forward launching several balls of flame. Black heart swerved and slashed through them, flying to his level. Hero smiled nervously as she was over him “Why have I got the feeling I’m in over in head”

“what gave you that impression?” said Black heart readying herself “now…I’m afraid flight Black heart” Black heart raised up her sword “is to make a scheduled stop!” she struck down at him. Hero tried to parry but his sword was deflected away. Black Heart then spun round “going down!” she then struck Hero hard sending him smashing him into the ground.

Uni covered herself from the impact and looked to Hero within a small crater “jeez…and they wonder why I don’t have many male friends” Black Heart landed resting the sword on her shoulder

“He lasted a little longer than most” said Black Heart unimpressed “I got a little carried away I think. I should’ve gone a little easier on him” then to her surprise

“Why? And ruin the fun?” Black Heart saw Hero climbing out the hole “I finally get a real challenge” Hero climbed out of the hole, looking a little dazed, but willing “so come…let’s keep going” Black heart at a small smirk

“A glutton for punishment are you? Just don’t regret it”

“Then I’ll start this time”

Hero took the initiative and ran forward. Hero slashed at Black Heart who parried his attack. Hero then slashed several more times. Black Heart parried his attacks but found Hero to pushing her back. Black Heart deflected his sword and slashed at him. Hero was blocking her attacks much easier this time and went under one slash, thrust his palm into her gut “Brutal…Blast!” from Hero’s palm a powerful burst of power emitted, sending Black Heart backwards.

Black Heart scraped her feet to stop herself “what…kind of guy is he? I haven’t seen a human give me this much trouble before” I’ve gotta to say kid, you’re not as much as a pushover as I thought. I think it’s time you earned a special” Black heart then zipped forward.

Black Heart went over, looking to strike with her blade which Hero prepared himself for however it was a feint allowing Black Heart to get close “Get lost in my ribbon dance” she spun round kicking him twice off the ground. Black Heart then jumped and kicked him twice again, before hitting him with her sword, before she then landed and spread her arm to which Hero suddenly smashed into the ground.

Black Heart turned round and jumped, somersaulted twice attemtpuing to smash her sword into Hero. Hero however then reacted, and rolled backwards avoiding attack before using his arms spring board to his feet. Just as his feet touched ground Hero sprung back headbutting Black-heart in her chest sending her backwards “Alright my turn” Hero then jumped after her. As Uni watched him

“wait…that looks like” Hero then began swinging his sword in a windmill motion “her special move” what she saw was Hero slicing several times at Black heart, making windmill swings. Then to finish he struck her with an uppercut sending her upwards, following her with a jump before sending her down to her earth with a downwards slice of his sword. Uni looked somewhat stunned “that was…the cross combination. How did he…know that?”

Hero landed on the ground, breathing on a moderate speed looking a bit limp “there…how’s that?” Black Heart began to stir getting up of the ground also looking tired “jeez…ah, ah…you certainly…can take a punch”

“just…who the heck are you?” asked Black Heart “apart from the other CPU’s…no-one else is any near this strong”

“hey come on let’s keep going” said Hero readying himself “I finally get strong opponent to fight…and I’m not wasting it” Black Heart now had a smile

“You’re pretty talented you know. Not many can appreciate the depths of my power like you can. So as a reward…I’ll continue sparring with you” and with that the two resumed.

Uni was just watching in disbelief “She’s…actually enjoying herself. I haven’t see big sister smile much before” she then heard a ring tone “oh…a phone call?” her picked up the device from her dress and answered “hello…Nepgear hi”

“Uni…” it sounded like a girl of her own age “what’s going on? You’re taking a long time. And why can I hear fighting?”

“yeah about that…” a mild explosion had occurred from Black Heart deflecting away a large fireball Hero had produced “I need you to send your Big Sister here quickly. Things are getting explosive here. Make it quick”

“alright, alright I’ll send her, just hang on” with that Uni hung up.

Black Heart was quite out of breath, hovering in the air “I wonder…how much you can keep up?” Hero looked a bit worse, leaning on his sword

“not much longer I’ll admit” said Hero panting “but…you don’t look so good yourself” Black chuckled a little

“Why do I find myself actually liking you…as an opponent?” Black Heart than stuck out her sword which seemed to stun Uni “so…it’s only fair…I serve you…one of my best” at the end of her sword was a light glowing a rainbow of colours

“She’s…using the tornaraid sword” said Uni startled “she must really think highly of this boy”

Hero looked at Black-Hearts sword, in particular the light “whatever she’s doing…it can’t be good” said Hero putting his sword away “I’d better get ready” Hero began rubbing his hands together, producing electric sparks

“Alright…here it is” said Black heart “Tornaraid Sword!!” she slashed through the air with her sword producing a wide arc of energy. Hero then thrust his hands forward launching a fierce stream of lightning. The two attacks appeared to be fighting for a moment but then exploded with great effect clouding the whole area with smoke.

Hero was blown away a little backwards from the explosion. However then Black Heart appeared surprising him “this fight is over” she then swung with her weapon hitting Hero cleanly. Hero was sent hard through the air, at a moderate speed, but then he felt something catch him

“Got you” he heard a mature voice and looked up to see a girl with dark lilac hair, and dark purple, symbol, eyes and a gentle smile “hey…are you alright?” Hero didn’t reply and just fainted.

The girl who had caught Hero appeared to be wearing a similar suit to Black Heart. She was a smidge taller that Black Heart and had a slightly larger bustline. Her suit, covering her whole torso except the top of her breast area, resembled a black skin suit with purple segments, mainly along her sleeves and belly, with silver pieces along it.

She too also wore leg like armour but hers only reaching her knee. Her Hair was very long and worn in twintail braids while her bangs went round her face past her chin. She also had two circular hair clips with blue X’s in them. And just like Black heart, metal like apparatus floated around her too, just a dark purple.

This new girl put down Hero gently breathing out in relief “phew…it looks I got here in time” she then turned to Black Heart “aren’t you overdoing things a little? You sent him flying like a meteor” Black Heart however than fell forward to her hands and knees panting heavily “whoa…” she ran over to Black Heart “what the heck happened to you?”

“Why are you…here Neptune?” replied Black Heart “I…didn’t ask you to interfere”

“I was asked to come” replied Neptune turning to Uni who was approaching them “Uni told my sister things were getting explosive” Neptune saw evidence of the battle around her “and it looks like she was right. Just what the heck happened?” Uni then sighed

“It was basically one big misunderstanding” said Uni sounding almost embarrassed “I was merely helping this boy out, and…” Neptune then sighed herself

“you got the wrong idea basically”

Black Heart then frowned “well…she was taking a while. And when I saw her with this boy…you’d think the same thing”

“was he holding her hostage?” asked Neptune to which Black Heart turned silent “then you got the wrong idea and challenged the boy to a fight” Neptune looked at Black Heart tired condition “but why are you so beat up?”

“it was…him” said Black heart somewhat stunning Neptune “he’s...a load stronger than he looks”

“it’s true Ms Neptune” said Uni “I’ve never seen a human so strong before”

“I find myself in a bit of disbelief” said Neptune “not many can wear you down” little did they know Hero began to stir

“still…I won…” said Black Heart back to her snooty tone “he stood no chance against me” just then a mild wind began to blow along with a familiar voice

“this fight…is not over yet”

All three turned to Hero as he slowly got up…but his body was being bathed in a white light. Hero did get to his feet…but it looked he could knocked over with a single finger “I’m…not giving up” Hero’s hair began to flutter and take on a platinum white shade “I’m not giving up!” Neptune looked somewhat surprise

“it looks…almost like he’s transforming” the Hero then put his hands together “and he’s about to do something” at the wrists vertically putting them to one side. Then within his hands a ball of blue light formed. Then with cry of effort, he thrust his hands forward to which a beam of bright blue burst forth from his hands.

Neptune immediately reacted, ran forward and materialised her weapon. It was a long katana, sharp and pointed. Using her sword she blocked the beam head-on. Neptune appeared to be struggling against the beam “Now I see…she wasn’t lying about his strength…” she was being pushed a little back “ngh…ngh…ahhhhhh!” with a strong push, she deflected the beam into the sky, where it continued into the blue sky. Neptune panted a little as she watched the beam fly into the distance “boy…now that was a strike” as she looked at Hero his glow dimmed. Hero then fell to his knees, collapsing on the ground.

Neptune relinquished her weapon and breathed out in relief “I can see why he gave you so much difficulty. So who is he then?” she stepped over to him and rolled him onto his back “I don’t recognise him at all. And his clothes are bright enough”

“Same here” said Black Heart as she tried to stand. However she had to use Uni as support “you think someone that strong would be easily recognisable”

“Even if you ask him. He doesn’t know” said Uni making them both turn to her he has amnesia and doesn’t remember a thing…not even his own name. He’s been wondering for ages hoping to find to clue to who he is…but he’s had no luck.”

“So…when you said you were helping him?” said Black heart understanding what Uni meant

“I was going to help him find his memory. He’s a good person. He saved me from the red-tail and everything”

Neptune then smiled “An Amnesia hero” said Neptune chuckling “Nep Jnr is going to love this” Neptune then picked him up “I’m going to take this little hero home. Uni you look after your tired sister” Black Heart appeared to frown as Neptune hovered in the air “well…adios” and with she flew off

“See you later Ms Neptune” said Uni waving after them. Neptune was in thought with a serious expression

“to think…an actual Amnesia hero. Never seen one in real life before” she looked down at the sleeping Hero “rest easy”

Hero became barely conscious a little later. He felt himself resting on something soft and became aware to voices “…so he doesn’t remember anything?” this came from a sweet sounding girl “the poor dear” he opened his eyes slightly to see a girl in a pink cardigan

“but Neptune says he’s also very strong Compa” this came from an excited sounding girl “he said he even brought Noire down to her knees” he shifted his vision to see a girl in a white sailor dress with lilac borders

“We have to help him” said Compa “we can’t let mister Amnesia be without his memory. It’s too sad” Hero began to fade out but he then felt a gentle touch to his forehead “don’t worry…we’ll look after you” with a sense of peace…he settled down to sleep.

End of Chapter one.

“And we’re back to the studio. Hey Theodore here again. How did you enjoy the first chapter? Any good? Now as I said there are plenty of video game references in this story. And every name you’ve just heard, except Black heart, is a reference. But I’ll start explaining them in the next chapter, it’ll make more sense then.”

“The Story will properly begin as Hero, gets a proper name and is introduced to some of more of the characters. Oh and before you complain, yes Hero is the only male protagonist. In Hyperdimension Neptunia the only males you can find are villains. So don’t go complaining, about the lack of men. Not then I’d like to finish with a word from our sponsor. Over to you Uni”

Uni is seen holding a rice-ball “this chapter was brought to you by Lastation riceballs. Known as the best in the world for flavour and quality. Well that’s it from me Tune in next time to Chapter 2: What should we call him?”

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