Hyperdimension Neptunia's LC

Chapter 2: Now what to Call him?

“hey guys, it’s the narrator again and welcome to Chapter 2 of Neptunia’s Lost chapter. Now when we last left off, we were introduced to our amnesiac character. He saved a girl called Uni only to be ambushed by her older sister. A strange girl in a metal suit calling herself Black Heart”

“After a fierce battle it ended with a narrow victory to Black heart. After a girl in a purple suit called Neptune arrived Hero awoke unleashing a fierce burst of power. Neptune managed to deflect it away and carried the tired hero back to her home”

“And so we come to our hero who begins to stir from his sleep. Before we begin let me say this. Almost every name is a reference to video gaming. The land Planeptune for example is based on the Sega Game console. Let see if you can work any out. Now let Chapter 2…begin and like I said the boy will be called Hero until he gets a name”

Hero first becomes aware he is lying down on something warm and soft. Hero then awakes “ummm…ahhh…” he sits up “where…am I?” he see a rather large and mildly luxurious bedroom. The room was covered in light purple wallpaper with light blue carpet and a red oval rug. He could see a wardrobe directly in-front of him and a wide desk and swivel chair to his right against the wall. And he was on a king sized bed with plain-ish white bed sheets with his sword propped against it.

Hero looked up “this is a bedroom? How did I get here?” he tried recalling “I was fighting that girl Black Heart…but she beat me” just then the door opened. A girl came into the room carrying a tray with small basin and cloth

“now then…let’s see if mister Amnesia is up yet” her voice sounded very gentle and soft and as she looked at him…she smiled “oh…he is up”

The girl before him was a little tall with a notably large bust. She had, modestly long, light creamy pink hair that curled along the edges worn with a black headband with a C patched on the side to keep it in place. Her eyes are also a creamy pink as well.

She wears a tan-white wool styled tank top with big neck and un-attached sleeves with a red plaid skirt. She also wore matching styled boots but with small ribbons/fuzzy balls at the top, over black-brown knee-socks with light pink heart cut frills. She was also wearing a black choker with a small heart on it, along with a black belt around her waist with heart shaped buttons and a purse. Like her headband, both her purse and the heart, on the choker, has a C logo

The girl had a gentle air about her and a nice smile as she approached “oh…you’re all awake now Mister Amnesia. You’ve been out a good while”

“Where…am I?” asked Hero “the last thing I remember was…” the girl placed the basin and pan on the desk before sitting on the side of the bed

“You’re at Nep-Nep’s home. She brought you here to rest”

“Oh okay. So have you been looking after me then?”

“It’s all part of my training to be a nurse” she then leaned forward to him “I’d better check on one last thing” she then pressed her forehead against his.

Hero was blushing a bright red having the girl so close to him “ah…ah…what are you doing?”

“Your temperature feels normal” she said leaning back “you came in with a slight fever before”

“Oh…you were checking my temperature” Hero sounded relieved “right”

“You’re not hurting anyway are you?” Hero got up, out of bed and flexed his body. He did small jumps on the ground “well you appear okay. That’s a relief”

“Yeah, it appears so. Thanks for looking after me ummm what’s your name?”

“Oh I forgot to say. I’m Compa I’m pleased to meet you Mister Amnesia. Now then…you must be really hungry” Compa then started to leave “come on out, and I’ll fix you up something good” Hero nodded, picked up his sword and followed Compa out of the room.

Hero then came to a large living room. Hero saw Compa go to the left to see a kitchen area where she started getting food out from. Straight in-front of was a large circular area, sort of, cut off by a cube-patterned cabinet. To the left were two, wide, lounge chairs around a table, to the right were several bean bags before a large TV. To the far right were glass doors leading out to a balcony.

Hero looked round “not a bad place. I haven’t seen many places this…erm…luxurious” Hero looked round the room “It looks…somewhat deserted. Where is everyone?”

“They all out on a job right now” this came from behind him

“oh okay” beckoning him to turn round “because it does like it’s home too….” he trailed off seeing a girl…a rather small one before him

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Histoire the Oracle here at Planeptune”

The girl calling herself Histoire was quite small, about the size of a doll. If she stood up she was as tall as your head, her feet below the chin.She had very light blond hair worn in curled pigtails and curled bangs going in both directions, along with long curled bangs that frame her face, reaching her chest. Her eyes were a clear blue. Histoire wears a big purple dress with spiked ruffle lining, along with gold along the sections.

She was also wearing a small green tie and whiteish hat. The hat was round and sort of curled round her head, with white with purple like bows, with gold lining, on each side. Histoire had also, over the knee, socks and white shoes. From her back was blue and purple butterfly like wings. And over her ears were white headphones looking to be connected to her hat.

Histoire gave a polite bow and spoke, her sounding quiet and young but carrying a sense of knowledge and wisdom “It’s nice to meet you. I welcome you to our home” Hero was sort of staring “what’s…what’s the matter?”

“You’re floating…on a book?” said Hero noticing she was sitting on a book hovering in the air but shook it off “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude by staring” he gave a small bow “sorry”

Histoire shook her head “raise your head. You’re a polite one aren’t you? It’s okay really, no offence was made. From what I’ve been told you have extreme Amnesia. So you must be pretty confused. So don’t worry”

“oh okay...” Hero gestured his hand forward “well…nice to meet you” Histoire grabbed his middle finger, to which the two gave an awkward hand shake “oh sorry. I did that on instinct” Histoire had a nice smile

“if only we had your kind of manners in this home” she said with a sigh “oh well, make yourself at home. Neptune and Nepgear will be home shortly” just then a door slammed

“Hisssstyyy….I’mmmm hooommmmeeee” Histoire then sighed

“and that’s one of them now”

Hero turned to see a smallish girl enter the room looking rather droopy and bored “this would be Neptune” said Histoire gesturing to her “The representative here at Planeptune” Neptune was a rather short girl, about chest high, with a flat body. She had light purple hair, her hair being shoulder length with messy bangs, side parts of hair and many strands sticking up, all framing around her face. In her hair she wears two gamepad-shaped hairclips.

She was wearing a deep purple dress with lilac lining along the bottom, center, top, and pockets, along with white spiked edging at the hem. Over her dress she wears a white, short-jacket with a big N button. The jumper purple plug-like strings, and purple lining and buckles on each shoulder sleeve.

On her neck was a plain white choker and on her wrists she had white bracelets with a soft spiked material and small powder blue spots in the center. And lastly plain knee length, white and blue striped stockings with lilac with blue and white accent shoes.

The girl Neptune let off a quite loud sigh “I wish Noire wasn’t so hard to carry by myself. She practically flopped, half-way there. And I’m hungrryyy. Hisssttyyy…can you get the chocolate chips readddyyy?” Histoire looked a little annoyed

“ahem…Neptune” said Histoire “could you try and be a little more dignified? We do have a guest” Neptune looked at Hero who looked a bit bewildered

“oh my gosh, oh my gosh…he’s finally upppp”

Neptune poked her head round the door “Nep Juniorrr…the hero has awakened”

“he has?” Hero heard a second voice and then fast footsteps to which a similar looking girl to Neptune arrived “he is awake…the Amnesia warrior” the girl called Nep Jnr looked to somewhat older and a little taller than Neptune. About the same height as Hero.

Her hair was the same colour as Neptune’s a lilac purple, although notably longer. It was almost waist-length with a few loose strands of long hair curling down. Her bangs of hair, going down her forehead or face, looked to be neatly brushed. In her hair was a single-direction button gamepad hair clip.

She was wearing a white jacket-dress with purple lining consisting of thin double white stripes. At her chest, of her dress, was a small pink marking while the pockets and buttons are purple. Around her neck is a pale yellow ribbon/ascot like piece with a N in the centre. On her right leg is a white belt like purse object and like Neptune she too wore stripy socks, although pink and white, with white and purple shoes. And just like Neptune she had a white choker.

Nep Jnr looked at Hero with her hands together and a twinkle in her eyes “oh you’re finally up” Nep Jnr ran right up to Hero “I’ve been so excited to meet you since my sister told me all about you”

“you…have?” said Hero a bit caught off guard

“of course I have” her tone now switched to determined “Neptune told you almost beat the CPU Black heart. And I’ve got so much to ask you. Who are you? Where d’you come from? What’s your favourite food? Who trained you?”

“Jnr, Jnr slow down” said Neptune “I know you’re all starstruck and stuff from meeting your idol…but try to remember what was established back in the previous episode. You know the reason we don’t call him by name”

Nep Jnr then looked a bit depressed “Oh right. He can’t remember anything” she then stepped and bowed a little to Hero “please forgive me. I’m Nepgear, Neptune’s younger sister” Hero looked a bit puzzled by her comment

“wait…you’re the younger sister?” said Hero looking between them “if you ask me you look like the older one”

“She does look more mature doesn’t she?” said Neptune stepping to the side of Nepgear “but nope I’m the eldest…and therefore the strongest” she said with pride

“more like the lazy-est” added Histoire “all you do is lounge around all day playing video games”

“jeez Histy, your such a party-pooper”

Hero made a light chuckle while Nepgear spoke “Uni said she’ll be coming to check on you later”

“oh…you know Uni then?” asked Tema

“Nep Jnr and Uni get along like peas in a pod” said Neptune “Uni’s a lot more agreeable than her big sister. She’s all snooty and likes to think she’s better than everyone else”

“yeah…you can say that again” just then Compa called out

“The food is now ready everyone”

“hurray! Compa’s food is the best”

“come on then” said Nepgear to Hero “join us for lunch” Hero nodded.

Compa had prepared a spread of food, including sweets, biscuits and juice or tea. Neptune was rather stuffing her face, eating while rubbing her cheek “Neptune really likes the food doesn’t she?” said Hero eating a sandwich “then again I don’t blame her”

“So…mister Amnesia” said Compa “don’t you remember anything?” Hero shook his head


“So…what have you been doing all this time?” asked Histoire

“Just going around, travelling and hunting monsters. Hoping I see something that might jog my memory, but no luck. I’d have least hoped I would’ve remembered my name by now” he sounded a bit depressed

“Then why don’t we give you one?” suggested Nepgear.

Hero turned to Nepgear “until you can remember, we could give you a name for the time being”

“Well…it would make things easier when talking to people” said Hero admittedly

“Oh, oh I have an idea” said Neptune sticking her arm in the air “we could call him…red?”

“isn’t a bit…plain Nep-Nep?” said Compa “Couldn’t we give him an actual name?”

Neptune thought for a moment with her finger on her cheek “oh okay…how about…Ash Ketchum?”

That’s taken Neptune” said Nepgear

“Oh, alright then. Erm…Cloud Strife?” Nepgear shook her head “Tidus? Professor Layton? Gohan? Kratos?”

“Neptune…” said Histoire a little frustrated “you’re just pulling these names out of video games aren’t you?” Neptune gave a nervous chuckle

“Can you think of any Histoire?” asked Nepgear. Histoire crossed her arms

“I have a few, Aqua…Ventus…Terra…Belial”

“wait…” said Hero “go back to the second-to-last one please”

“Terra” Hero then pondered “do you like that name?”

Hero said the name over, and over “Terra…Terra. Yeah…I quite the sound of that, yeah…Terra. Could I take that one?”

“I don’t see why not” said Histoire smiling “from now on…you’ll be called Terra”

“Well…nice to meet you mister Terra” said Compa happily

“Terra is actually a good name” said Nepgear

“Well…I’m a little sore you didn’t go for my names. But a name is better than none at all” said Neptune while Terra found a deep sense of happiness

“Yeah…it is”

Histoire then spoke “well Terra, do you have any questions you’d like to ask”

“Well…the basic one” said Terra “where am I…please? Besides Neptune’s house I mean” Histoire looked somewhat grateful

“It’s going to take some getting useful having manners in this house” she turned to Neptune who was literally stuffing her mouth “well…you are in the city of Planeptune. One of the four nations in Gamindustry”


“No…gamindustry” corrected Histoire “would you like to give you a lesson on the world”

“could you keep it basic Histoire?” asked Nepgear “the readers will have heard most of this already”

“okay…very well”

Histoire took a drink of tea before starting “The world you live in called Gamindustry. A world split into four nations called Lowee, Leanbox, Lastation and one we’re in called Planeptune”

“So that’s the name of the town I’m in…Planeptune” said Terra

“that’s correct. And each land is ruled, or governed, by a CPU. A powered-up being to protect and ensure the happiness of their people”

Tema folded his arms and nodded his head “Then…no wonder that girl was so strong. I mean to protect a nation means you need to strength to do it”

“You mean Black Heart right?” asked Nepgear to which Terra nodded “she’s the CPU of Lastastion”

“and she’s the one you almost beat too” said Neptune “I’ve got to say you must be crazy strong. When you were sawing logs, she was just flopping all over the place.”

“ahem, as I was saying…” interjected Histoire “each nation is protected by a CPU. A Console Patron Unit. Black Heart for Lastastion, White Heart for Lowee, Green heart for Leanbox and Purple Heart for Planeptune”

“So a CPU for each one” said Terra

“That’s right” said Nepgear “and each CPU is powered by share energy”

Terra tilted his head “Share…energy?”

“Share energy…is the universal energy source” said Histoire “when a citizen believes in a nation, that nation acquires share energy. And as a result the representative CPU gains more power”

“So…one CPU could be stronger than all of them?”

“not…exactly” said Nepgear “they only need a certain amount to grow to full power. Even should they gain more share energy, they won’t get any stronger”

“The CPU’s fight for supremacy over one-another for the energy, mainly through keeping the citizens happy but also through video gaming technology” said Histoire “they are always trying to release the next best game or console for the people. Although these days it’s more of a rivalry and that’s a basic lesson”

Terra went over everything in his head “so Gamindustry, each one ruled by a CPU. Okay I’ve…mostly got it”

“Now we’ve filled up your head to cramming point” said Neptune “we need to start getting your memory back”

“wait…what do you mean?”

“We want to help you get your memory back” said Nepgear “My sister has experienced the same thing before” Neptune nodded

“That’s right. I only knew my name, but other than that I had no idea who I was. And it took a while, and several headaches to remember. Soooo…I want to see what’s it on the giving end”

“I agree with Nep-Nep” said Compa “with some help, we’ll be able to find your memory”

Terra had a surprised look before then a smile “thanks everyone. It’ll be different…I’ve spent quite a while on my own”

“Well first Terra” said Histoire “are you sure you don’t recall anything?”

“well…there is one thing. But it’s more of a dream than a memory. I can…vaguely recall an older girl you used to look after me”

“Like an older sister?” suggested Nepgear

“I…guess. I can’t remember much but this thick tail of flowing hair. And her well-endowed figure”

“So she had pretty big assets than did she?” asked Neptune to which Arion went a tad shy and nodded “oh he’s blushing, how adorable”

Arion went a red tinge but continued “well…the dream is always the same. The girl would say Thank You for something I’ve done. And whenever she did, he’d always pull me into a hug. It always…felt nice”

“so she pulled you into her nice soft pillows then did she?” teased Neptune to Arion went red again “oh…I can tell I’m going to have fun with you” this earned her a chop from Compa

“now, now Nep-Nep be nice” scolded Compa “don’t be mean to Mister Terra”

“ow, ow I was just teasing…ow”

Neptune frantically rubbed her head which made Terra chuckle “so…what should we do first?”

“well…how we start with giving you a tour of Planeptune?” suggested Nepgear “having a look around the town might jog your memory”

“That would be a good idea” said Histoire “I’ll make some calls to the other nations. And hopefully someone will know you. Neptune you should go with them”

“but Histy I’m tiiirrreeed” said Neptune flopping on the table “I just spent the day carrying three people between different nations. And I need rest, play…and of course food” Neptune than sat up and ate another sandwich

“Doesn’t being the older one…normally mean you’re supposed to be the mature one?” joked Terra to which Nepgear sighed

“I do wonder sometimes myself. Well…it’s okay. I can show you around myself Shall we go?” with a nod Terra followed Nepgear out of the room.

Neptune watched as the two left the room “oh…are they gone?” she then got up and poked her head round the corner “nice…now then I’d better get myself all energized” Neptune returned to eating the food

“Why have I got the feeling you didn’t go with them on purpose?” said Histoire to which Neptune chuckled

“Well…it’s like this. The CPU’s are all the strongest in the world.We, they, whatever fight plenty of bad guys like monsters, villains and the occasion fan club. As well as often each other”

“Well you are competing and everything” said Compa “and you don’t always agree with each other”

Neptune then had an oddly serious face “when I-Purple Heart was carrying Black Heart back…she was really out of it. She couldn’t even fly back” Histoire looked a little stunned

“And…Terra was the one who reduced her to that state?”

“I’ve never known a normal person bring any of one of them down that much. And for added strange…she actually liked Terra. So…I want him to be part of the action”

“So you’re sending her to fight him?” asked Compa

“No…more to invite him. I mean after all, it’s always good to have an extra party member. Especially with this ASIC business getting badder”

Histoire crossed her arms “I’ve heard notions…that ASIC are now on the rise. They’ve been gaining support as of late and soon we’ll have to take action. As of now only the CPU’s have the sufficient strength to fight. The CPU candidates have yet to awaken to their powers”

“so I’m thinking Terra should join the team” said Neptune

“but should we really involve Terra in this?” said Histoire worried “I mean he appears good hearted enough but…”

“Calm down Histy, don’t blow your little top. I plan on Purple Heart…giving him a golden invitation. I mean which kind of boy can’t resist a cute face”

Terra was now outside and saw the town around him. He was in awe “whoaaa”

“Terra” said Nepgear gesturing outwards “welcome to our town Planeptune” Terra looked the white-ish town all around him. The buildings were all tall, towering far over his head. Several Skyscrapers and large buildings made up the town of Planeptune all having a white futuristic look to them

Nepgear saw Terra gazing at everything “Planeptune is considered the most advanced of the four nations of the world”

“And from what Histoire said” said Terra “the other CPU’s can’t be too happy about that fact then. So where should we go first?”

“umm…I don’t know. We could just walk around the city but first I have to show you the arcade here” just then a familiar voice spoke

“Hey…Nepgear, Mister” they both turned to see Uni running towards them.

Uni panted a little “that was close…I nearly missed you”

“hey Uni” said Nepgear in a friendly manner “what are you doing here?”

“I came to check on him” said Uni gesturing to Terra “It’s not because I was worried or anything but because I need to say” she then turned a little red and away “I’m…sorry about my sister”

“Oh its okay” said Terra “I get the feeling…she often does that” Uni sighed “I’ll take that as a yes. Besides I got a great fight out of it…”

Terra then sighed “it’s a shame I lost though”

“you came very close though” said Uni “so what are you two doing then?”

“I was showing Terra here around the town” said Nepgear “you want to come with us?”

“Terra?” Uni said a little confused to which Terra smiled “did you remember your name?”

“Unfortunately no. It’s a name Histoire gave me. It’s better than no name at all. So do you want to join us Uni? That is going round Planeptune?”

“Well…” she then tried to sound snooty “since I have some spare time, I don’t see the problem with coming with you”

“Then let’s go” and with that the three set off.

Terra was shown the town of Planeptune by Uni and Nepgear. It was a vast metropolis with plenty of the citizens living in harmony and peace. There were plenty of gaming arcades to which the threesome would play and enjoy. There were also several stores which sold vast amounts of video games and consoles, And also a few places of work where Terra, through the window, saw new technology being tested including a VR machine.

After a couple of hours meandering around the threesome had stopped for ice cream. Terra looked slightly depressed “well…we looked around the whole place. And nothing seemed vaguely familiar at all” Nepgear put a hand on his shoulder

“Hey don’t give up Terra” said Nepgear encouragingly “There’s still three nations for us to look around. I’m sure we’ll find a clue to who you are”

“Yeah…I hope so. So Uni you said you’re Black Heart’s sister? So you come from Lastation right? What’s that town like?”

Uni looked round the buildings “well…not much different from this place. It’s bit more industrialised but other than that not much different. Although it’s mainly black in colour”

“oh okay” said Terra picturing it in his head “I wonder if that should be my next spot to look round” just then two boys walked by

“hey, hey look…I just got this new free console. And it comes with cheat codes”

“As did I. It’s a bit flimsy though, the quality is notably less than normal”

“But we got loads of free games on it” Nepgear and Uni had depressed faces

“It seems as though ASIC are still going just as strong” said Nepgear a little sadly.

Terra turned to her “ASIC? What is that, a type of illness?”

“Ih…yeah you won’t know about them” said Nepgear “well do you remember Histoire talking about share energy?”

“That’s the…energy source that comes from the beliefs of people right?”

“That’s roughly correct” said Uni “this energy ensures the nation, and CPU, are fine and well. But…there was one CPU which was unlike the rest”

“She’s called Arfoire…the deity of sin” said Nepgear

Nepgear looked a little timid as she spoke “Arfoire tried to destroy gamindusty spreading chaos and destruction. The four CPU’s beat her a long time ago. But they couldn’t quite defeat her…just seal her away”

“Despite her…evil actions” said Uni “a religion rose up in her name. They called themselves The Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime, ASIC”

“they try and steal shares from other nations to try and revive their fallen deity. They sell cheap products and give out free video games or cheat devices for the children”

Uni then continued “in Gamindustry we all compete in video game technology trying to outdo everyone else”

“Yeah…Histoire mentioned that” said Terra

“For example Leanbox are working on a device allowing motion to control their video games. Something called…the Kinetic I think”

“So having cheat devices or free video games…is very tempting to say the least” said Nepgear a little depressed

“I can understand why some might be swayed” said Terra “but I don’t think you have anything to worry about”

Terra looked round “from what I’ve gathered a nation’s strength comes from its shares, and this town looks good enough to me. And Black heart definitely wasn’t a pushover” this seemed to reassure them a little

“Yeah…your right” said Nepgear “thanks Terra”

“Oh out of curiosity. It’s Purple Heart who looks after Planeptune right? What she like?”

“Well…she looks similar to black heart. Expect she has long purple hair in two long braided plaits” said Nepgear “she’s quite confident and mature”

“she was also the one who brought back yesterday?” said Uni which had Terra puzzled

“Really? That was Purple heart? But I remember…Black Heart call Purple Heart, Neptune”

Both girls reacted a little and looked nervous “well…hmm about that” said Nepgear nervously “it just so happens…that”

“do they have the same name or something?” asked Terra

“You…could say that” said Uni semi-truthfully “The CPUs in truth are like…” Uni thought and stuck her finger up “super heroes you see? So they have secret identities. Purple Heart uses Neptune’s name as hers”

“Oh okay…I get it. Because otherwise they’ll get targeted by villains…and fans at their home” Terra then had a funny thought “I just had the image of Black Heart signing autographs…and liking it” Uni and Nepgear laughed

“that does sound like something she’d like” Nepgear said but she then turned upward “hey…look…it’s her”

Tema turned upwards to see Purple Heart flying towards them. The citizens all looked up as well as Purple Heart landed before Terra. Terra looked at her “oh…now I remember you. The girl from the fight”

“I’m glad to see your memory hasn’t completely being ruined” said Purple Heart in a mature tone

“Sorry…I was kind of out of it at the time. Oh erm…” Terra bowed a little “thank you for carrying me back”

“It was no big deal…really”

“Big S-Purple Heart” said Nepgear “what are you doing here?”

“I came to meet with Terra that’s all”

Purple Heart folded her arms “I didn’t see your fight yesterday…but one look at Black Heart told me you were strong. The only time I’ve seen her that tired was against White Heart. They argued over who would be player one…and let’s say a small village went missing”

“O…kay” said Terra a bit bewildered “but where are you going with this?”

“I came to ask for your help…Terra. No doubt Nepgear and Uni told you about ASIC”

“A little. ASIC is cult religion trying to revive a fallen goddess, is that about right?” Purple Heart nodded “but why do you need me? I need I’m sure you and the others are plenty strong enough” Purple Heart then nervously laughed

“You make it sound easy that we’ll just team up”

Purple Heart crossed her arms “Me, White, Green and Black Heart are rivals in Gamindustry. And…we don’t see eye-eye all the time”

“That’s an understatement” said Nepgear sighing a little

“We will eventually team up, but I’d feel much more reassured, If you were to help me” Purple Heart then extended a hand “so how about it?”

Terra looked up at her smiling face, and then to Uni and Nepgear who smiled themselves. Terra then relaxed “well…I need something to do while I get my memory back. So yeah sure” Terra was extending his hand

“you won’t regret it” said Purple Heart but then Tema flinched and turned left.Tema then jumped in-front of her and clenched his extended hand, which glowed a fiery orange, and punched outwards…into a moderate sized fireball.

All three turned to see Terra punch against the fireball before sending it upwards. Terra breathed out “that was close. Are you alright Purple Heart?”

“I am…thank you” said Purple Heart “but where did that come from?” just then Uni looked up

“there…up there” said Uni pointing.

Coming down towards them was a large 15ft winged dragon. It was brown in appearance with horns on his head and arms. Its wings were somewhat bat-like in appearance. With the dragon were winged wyverns that carried skunk like creature wearing knight helmets.

Nepgear looked up and looked worried “there’s…so many of them. Where did they all come from? And who sent them?” just then a female voice echoed throughout the town

“listen to me citizens of Planeptune” it was of a female, sounding middle-aged “as of today, this city is now under ASIC rule” Terra looked round for the source

“ASIC?” said Terra “they’re…attacking!?”

“if you wish your lives to be spared, then simply believe in only Arfoire and I promise you won’t be harmed”

The citizens all began murmuring, but then began crying out “we won’t listen you” “Arfoire is evil” “Purple heart will save us” a loud sigh could be hear from the speaker

“Oh well…I tried. All right boys…you’re on. Argon the Dragon…you go after the CPU and anyone stood in your way” a loud roar in the distance signalled the monsters to attack.

Within moments the city was filled with the screams of citizens and the roaring of monsters as they began to destroy the town. The dragon, Argon, landed near the group letting off a loud roar. Purple Heart looked at the Dragon “you dare to attack my town” she then materialised her long katana sword and was hovering up towards him “I’ll make you regret it”

Terra looked round at the city and the scared people running from the smaller monsters “Purple Heart!” said Terra “you leave lizard breath to me. You, Uni and Nepgear need to save the citizens. You all know the town much better than me, and can find your way round. I can hold him off until you’re done”

“Wait…you can’t fight that thing” said Nepgear “that dragon looks pretty strong”

“Are you sure about this?” said Purple Heart

Tema looked up at the dragon looking a tad nervous “as long as you don’t drag your feet” said Terra jokingly “I should be able to last long enough till then”

“I don’t like the idea of letting you fighting by yourself” said Nepgear

“he won’t” said Uni materialising her long blaster like sniper rifle “I’ll stay here and back him up” Uni turned to Terra “I mean with me, victory is assure” Terra smiled and nodded

“alright then. Me and Uni will fend off tall and scaly” said Terra “you two…go help the citizens”

Purple Heart found herself to trust his words “alright. I’ll leave him to you” she then hovered down and pressed a hand on his shoulder “stay alive…you hear me” Terra nodded “alright Nepgear let’s go” Purple Heart flew off into the town

“be careful Terra” said Nepgear running after her. Terra then drew his sword

“Uni…I’m counting on you here. I won’t lie when I say…the assistance is appreciated” Uni nodded and became serious

“you can shower me with praise when we beat him” the dragon then roared signalling the fight to begin.

End of Chapter 2

“Hey guys welcome back to the Studio. I hope you enjoyed today’s chapters. I’m keeping it short today but allow me say a few things. I said that most names you’d here are references. In case you didn’t get them I’ll explain”

“the nations are all based on a particular game console. You can guess what Lean-box, Lowee and Lastastion represent. The three main consoles of real life. Planeptune is based off the sega console. Neptune is the name of a cancelled Sega console, while Nepgear is representing the Sega GameGear the handheld sibling”

“As for Uni, if Black Heart represents the Playstation, then her sibling Uni represents the PSP. Her name comes from the name of the discs used in the PSP, UNIversal media discs. And lastly Compa is from Compile Heart, one of the developers of the series. With that out of the way. That concludes Chapter two. Over to Nepgear for Chapter three’s preview”

Nepgear makes a small cough before speaking into a microphone “Terra and Uni, fight together against the dragon…but it proves to be very strong. Terra is soon joined by Purple Heart and together they fight against Argon. Will they prove strong enough? Tune in Chapter 3 of Neptunia’s LC A Potent power. Yes I named it this time. See you soon”

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