Hyperdimension Neptunia's LC

Chapter 3: A Potent Power

“Well Chapter 3. You must be beginning to like what you read if you’re still here. Well moving on I plan on keep the narrations somewhat short throughout the story. The only time I will talk is for Story exposition. Any names that have video game reference will be explained at the end of the chapter”

“Now then, when we last left off the Hero named Terra was shown around the town of Planeptune by his friends Nepgear and Uni. Only them to be greeted by the CPU of Planeptune Purple Heart. Purple Heart expressed her opinion on Terra joining forces with her”

“But as Terra was about to reply…monsters on the behalf of an organization called ASIC began attacking the town. We join Terra and Uni as they combat the strongest of the monsters…Argon the Dragon”

Terra drew his sword against Argon as Uni drew her gun. The dragon stood on its hind legs and spread itself out letting off a loud roar. The roar was like a strong wind, which pushed the two slightly backwards. Uni looked up at her “this dragon sure looks strong”

“It’s more the actual monster which worries me” said Terra “Dragons are one of the three strongest family of monsters. Along with dolphins and Fenrirs. They boost great defence and power”

“How should we start? Any recommendations”

“just fight as normal. We have to work out how it fights first. Alright then…let’s go”

Terra ran forward at the dragon and slashed as it’s leg which just bounced off his scales. Argon then started stomping the ground, shaking the ground and causing Terra to lose his footing and fall backwards to which Argon went to stamp on him. As Terra flinched from its foot, he saw several shots striking the sole of its foot making it stagger backwards.

Terra rolled backwards and looked at Uni “thanks for that. The feet are a no go, I’ll try upper body” Terra jumped up and began striking at it’s good but once again his sword just bounced off. Argon swiped at him but Terra flipped and landed on its claw “that only leaves the face”

Terra jumped and landed on its mouth with his sword pointed down “now for this” as he thrust his sword down...the tip of the sword however broke “what!?” Argon then shook it’s head, making Terra fall off and then with a closed claw struck Terra towards the ground. Terra landed with a loud crash “note to self…swords don’t work” several bullet shots then hit the dragon.

Uni was taking shots at the dragon, which flinched to every shot she made at it. The dragon however appeared not to be hurting, as it span round whipping with its tail. Terra quickly jumped and landed on its tail, Terra ran up the tail and struck the back of its head with his fist. The dragon lurched forward from this “huh? I wonder…if it’s weak to that”

The dragon quickly looked round and chomped at Terra “oh boy” Terra used his hands to leap-frog over its bite. Terra then landed on its head and jumped off towards Uni. Uni took several more shots at the dragon each one causing it to mildly flinch, giving Terra enough time to land beside her.

Terra was minorly tired “Terra…are you alright?” said Uni

“umm…not really” said Terra showing Uni his broken sword “he…kind off broke my sword. Which is my main weapon really” Terra sheathed his sword

“my shots aren’t hurting it either” said Uni sounding a little worried “he’s reacting but…not hurting”

“yeah about that. I might have an idea” fire began to seep from Argon’s lips “but more on that later!”

Uni quickly took shots at its head but it was resisting these ones as it moved its head backwards “he’s getting ready to fire…”

“Uni!” she turned to Terra who held a ball of fire “I need you to shoot this when I say so!” Terra then threw the fire ball at the dragon as it brought its head back and began to open its mouth “now!”

“firing!” Uni shot at the fireball. She scored a direct hit, making the fireball exploded…directly inside the dragon’s mouth. The explosion knocked it backward, to which it landed with a loud thud.

Terra turned to Uni “nice shot Uni You did it” Terra held his hand up which Uni high fived

“Thanks. We managed to beat it ourselves” said Uni happily but the dragon was already stirring

“no…unfortunately not…but your shot definitely hurt. Now then well we’ve got a few seconds. The dragon is weak to strong blunt force”

“Strong blunt force?”

“didn’t you find it weird that my sword broke but you could make him flinch with your shots?”

Uni then noticed this “Yeah I know noticed that. But I’m not doing any damage to him. I could charge up my shots…but they are considerably slower. You wouldn’t happen to know spell-casting”

“I only learnt enough to get by” said Terra admittedly “so we’re in a pickle here” the dragon was now almost stood “Uni fire your charged shot…I mean it’s not like we have much else left”

“Fine…I’ll give it go”

Uni went to one knee and aimed down the scope at the dragon. Terra could see yellow light begin to come up through the barrel and her gun begin to shake. The dragon then got to its feet and Uni pressed the trigger “charged shot…fire!” a strong yellow blast came out from her gun, leaving a tail behind it, like a comet.

The comet was fast but considerable slower being actually visible. The dragon thrust out his hand to block the blast which sent it skidding back a little. Uni then looked a little depressed “I knew that wouldn’t work”

“Uni…fire that shot again” said Terra surprising “but this time…aim for its right ankle just above its foot”

“Wait…are you sure?”

“Trust me on this Uni” Terra pumped his fist “trust me…this shot will work”

“oh…okay if you say so”

Uni crouched back down and prepared another blast of energy. The dragon looked almost as if ready to defend itself. Uni then pulled the trigger “Alright Charged shot…fire” once she shot another comet like yellow blast aiming at the top of Argon’s foot

“Away we go!” Terra suddenly sprinted forward chasing after the energy blast. Then as he caught up he kicked at the blast,and diverted it upwards at the dragon’s neck surrounding it with a gust of wind. With the added force of Terra’s kick, the blast hit the surprised Dragon hard, sending it clear of its feet causing it to ski along the town.

Terra breathed out “well…that worked as planned” Terra turned to Uni who ran up to him “what did you think of that?”

“You made my shot even stronger” said Uni surprised “how did you know you could do that?”

“beats me really. It was more…spur of the moment” said Terra admittedly “all I thought it your shots had an extra kick…they’d work. It’s lucky you were here” Uni then looked quite proud of herself

“So it seems me staying with you was a good idea after all” the dragon began to get up once again “now while I don’t normally need help…I’ll let it slide this once. It seems you won’t slow me down”

“Why do I feel somehow…honoured from that comment?”

The dragon was back up again and looking quite angry. Argon then reared its head back producing a large ball of fire which it then fired on the two. Terra reacted “oh boy, Uni get behind me!” she quickly did so as Terra put his hand in the air. As he did a large red thick hand appeared “let’s hope this is strong enough” Terra then thrust his hand forward, using the red hand to block the fire ball.

Terra was having great difficulty holding back the fire ball which sent him scraping backwards “It’s…not…strong enough”

“hang on” Uni pushed on Terra’s back “I’ll help too” Terra then felt a second pair of hands on his back “Nepgear!” Terra turned to his left to see Nepgear pushing against him

“I’ll help you too” said Nepgear determined and with all three together they stopped the fireball progression until simply exploded in harmless smoke.

Terra still had the red hand out before falling forwards from exertion “ahhh…ahhh”

“are you alright Terra?” said Nepgear a little worried

“Just…a bit…tired…is all” Terra then looked up “oh no” the dragon had already prepared another ball of fire “girls…get out of here!” without warning another ball of fire was launched. The three closed their eyes from fear but then the brandishing sound of a sword could be heard. Three looked up to see Purple Heart had arrived and cleaved the fire ball into two making it exploded harmless into smoke.

Purple heart brought back her sword and breathed out in relief “that was close” she turned round and looked at Terra “Thanks for holding him off. We were able to clean up the rest of the monsters”

“and we got everyone to safety too” said Nepgear before turning to her right “thanks for the ride I.F”

“So…this is the so-called Terra you’ve been talking about?”

Terra turned to see a girl on a motorcycle with waist length brunette hair with a little bit pulled to the side in a ponytail held with a fashionable green leaf-like ribbon. She was wearing a very big blue coat, sort of like a trench coat. She was riding an rather streamline motorcycle “So you’re Terra? I’ll introduce myself later but right now I have to make sure there aren’t any innocents. I’ll leave things to you here” she revved her bike and sped away into the city.

Purple Heart was preparing herself “Terra, Uni…Nepgear…leave this ugly guy to me. You get some rest”

“Purple Heart one moment” said Terra “don’t try to stab it…that won’t work on this thing. Its armour is too thick. Blunt force works” Terra then went to his hands and knees breathing in and out tiredly

“Nepgear…I’ll leave him with you” Purple Heart said she than flew off. Nepgear held out her hand

“hold still Terra” Nepgear began surrounding Terra in a column of green light.

As the light shone around him he felt all his exhaustion begin to leave his body. After only a few seconds Terra felt refreshed and re-energised “there you go” said Nepgear “You’re all better now” Terra stood up and flexed his body

“Gealing magic” said Terra stretching his arms “I didn’t expect that. So that means you can fight too?”

“well…” said Nepgear said nervously “I can use a sword…but I’m not quite as good as Neptune or Purple Heart”

“Speaking of Purple Heart…we should sit and watch her fight”

Purple Heart was flying towards Argon with her sword drawn. As she sliced at the dragon with sword seemed to sliced through it causing it to cry out. The dragon tried striking her with its arms but Purple Heart just avoided it’s strikes and sliced at its arms. Purple Heart then flew to its front “so blunt force strikes work the best. Then let’s try this, Crazy Combination”

Purple Heart flew to the dragon slicing at the dragon with wind-mill slices. Then she struck the Dragon into the air with an upwards slice before slicing it back down smashing it into the floor. Terra noticed her move “hey…wait a minute. That looked like…what I did yesterday”

“I thought it was the same” Said Uni

“wait…you know Purple Hearts special attack?” asked Nepgear

“Know it…I used it” said Terra “I might have seen it once. Oh well…back to the fight”

The dragon was getting up…albeit somewhat slowly while Purple Heart looked somewhat confident “I think I’ve got this fight pretty much done. It helped that Terra had worn it down” the dragon then leaned back producing a large ball of fire “That won’t work on me. I’ve already sliced it once” however then the fireball suddenly went out “huh…” the dragon then thrust its head forward and blew out a strange red smoke.

Purple heart was caught by the surprise and began coughing and choking from the smoke. Oblivious she was then struck by a headbutt from the dragon sending her into the floor. Purple Heart didn’t look to badly injured…but appeared to be struggling. Her movements looked slowed and almost jerky “What’s…wrong with…me?” she was only just able to fly up to avoid a smash from the dragon’s tail.

Purple Heart looked much slower now only barely avoiding the dragon’s attack. The dragon was constantly striking out and Purple Heart was now defending its strikes…with each one nearly deflecting her away. Then it clenched its claw, like a fist, and struck out at Purple Heart. Purple Heart held her sword “I’ve got to hit it head on” as she went to strike…she suddenly stopped “ahhh” and before she could move she was smashed by the dragon’s fist and sent on a collision course with the ground.

Terra and Uni and Nepgear looked worried “something’s wrong with purple heart” said Nepgear worried “she looks really weak all the sudden”

“I wonder if she’s hurt” said Uni “she seems not able to even defend herself. Did she get tired from saving everyone?”

“no…that’s not it” said Terra folding his arms “it’s not injury…” Terra then straightened up “it was the smoke”

Terra looked at Purple Heart who struggled to stand “The smoke that the dragon breathed out earlier has paralysed her. Paralysis slows you right down and often interrupts your attacks”

“Nepgear, you can heal this status condition right?” said Uni

“yes of course” said Nepgear determined “I can heal her right up”

“Then me and Uni will back you up” said Terra before noticing the Dragon rearing its head back producing another large ball of fire “hey Uni, how about a replay of our co-op attack” Uni nodded

“what should I aim for?” asked Uni to which Terra stepped forward and Nepgear looked a bit confused

“just a little to the right of my waist. Nepgear you run for Purple Heart when Uni fires”

The dragon had finished it’s attack and was ready to strike. Purple Heart looked a bit helpless “my body…won’t respond” Uni was ready and squeezed the trigger

“Charged shot…fire!” Uni shot the charged blast a little to Terra’s right and Terra sped off. Nepgear also ran as well watching Terra

“that looks…strangely familiar” said Nepgear as Terra caught up with the blast. Then with a strong kick he diverted the strengthen blast into the Dragon’s chest sending it backwards through the air “that was…the Mach Wind!” said Nepgear recognising it.

Nepgear had made it to Purple Heart “Ne-Purple heart!”

“Nep…Nepgear” replied Purple Heart weakly

“just hold still…” Nepgear held out her hand “I’ll heal you” a column of orange light surrounded Purple Heart. Terra then ran over

“how are you holding up? Sorry to butt in like that”

“No…it’s okay” said Purple Heart gratefully “I thank you again for saving me”

“Terra…that attack you used was the Mach Wind shot” said Nepgear sounding excited

Terra turned to her “the mach wind shot?”

“Yeah” said Nepgear excitedly “it was from one of the anime’s I used to watch. And that golden hand before was the Heaven’s palm!” Nepgear had finished “there you go. It’ll take a little while before it wears off” the dragon was getting back up

“Just how much can this overgrown lizard take?” said Purple heart looking at it “It’s got to be on its last legs” they then almost noticed the ball of fire was still present to which the Dragon noticed it too

“this can’t be good” said Terra “my last move barely stopped up. I’ll have to go up a gear!” the dragon then punched it sending the large ball of fire towards them.

Terra crossed his arms, and began generating a yellow aura. The aura began rising above forming a transparent human shape with spiky orange hair, it too with his arms cross. Both then then un-crossed their arms and thrust a hand forward. Terra blocked the fireball looked to be fiercely struggling…but more from the exertion.

Terra then with a strong push Terra deflected the fireball away before going to his hands and knees badly panting. Nepgear looked out “That was…the devil’s…hand” Terra then fell from his hands and knees to the ground

“Terra…” Nepgear stepped over and put his arm around her neck “are you okay?” she helped him up

“That technique…I haven’t had the chance…to practise” said Terra between breaths “it took…a lot of me” the dragon was now running towards them “Purple Heart…are you ready yet?”

“Just about” said Purple Heart standing up readying her sword but then

“I’ll take it from here” Terra turned to see Black Heart flying past them and thrust forward a strong kick. The dragon stopped and crossed his arms, blocking her kick which sent him skidding along the floor.

Black Heart then turned round “huh…it’s a good thing I turned up after all. It just shows how useless you are without my help”

“Black Heart…” said Terra bearing a little grudge “why are you here? Come to… kill off the dragon you doubt”

“No…this isn’t my problem. As far as I’m concerned this is Planeptune’s CPU’s problem. Plus why should I lower myself to help a different nation. I mean we are enemies after all”

“Black Heart…come on…we could really use some help here” said Purple Heart

“oh leave her…be” said Terra still mildly breathless “she’s obviously…too afraid to…face this dragon head on”

Black Heart looked annoyed and hovered down to Terra “I am not afraid of this winged lizard. I am Lastastion’s CPU the strongest in Gamindustry”

“Then it’s such a shame…we don’t get to see this strength” said Terra “I mean if I were in your position, I take this opportunity with both hands to gain one up over Purple Heart”

“What do you mean Terra?” said Nepgear“Well think about, who are the populace going to route for. I’d say the one who beats the dragon. The victor will therefore gain more praise from the people and more share energy”

“it’s a good thing I thought of that plan then” said Black Heart “since she” pointing at purple heart “...the current CPU can’t defeat this beast. Then I will triumph and prove my superiority. And claim victory” Black Heart then drew out her long, blunt, sword “then just sit back and enjoy”

Terra watched her go while Nepgear looked quite mystified “I haven’t seen anyone able to persuade her like that before

“Terra…” said Purple heart with a grin “I never knew you could as conniving as that”

“Black Heart…” said Terra “is more of the show-off type. All I did…was put the idea into her head. But truth be told…we could do with a minute or so. So I just appeased to her nature…and let her take it from there”

“Hey Terra…” said Uni a little worriedly “I don’t think she’s fully recovered from your fight. Before I left for Planeptune…she was still quite exhausted”

“The dragon is on its last legs” said Terra “all Black Heart has to do is finish it off…or hold out long enough for Purple heart to recover”

“Like I said…” said Purple Heart “that was almost devious. Whenever I need a favour out of her…I’ll come to you” Terra laughed a little

Black Heart swooped in as the dragon got up “all right…its time to play” she struck at the dragon which flinched and growled at her strike “you don’t like that huh” Black was swinging her sword at the dragon that seemed to react and mildly moan from every hit that she used “now it’s time for a little dance” Black Heart kicked the dragon twice lifting into the air. Then as Black Heart landed she jumped up kicking it twice again before landing, to which the dragon smashed into the ground.

Black Heart stabbed her sword and flexed her hands “I think it’s time I debuted my new special” Black Heart took out her sword and with a strong backflip sent the dragon upwards into the air high above the buildings of Planeptune. Black heart then flew up and raised her sword high “Now…for the Drop Crush!” she hit the dragon with a hard vertical swipe. Black Heart then landed…as the dragon landed, well crashed, into the ground shortly behind her.

The dragon this time wasn’t moving “and…there we go…all done” said Black Heart sort of leaning on her sword “there you have it folks. The dragon is all done and beaten by yours truly” Purple Heart made a small smile

“I guess Black Heart wasn’t as strong as she said” said Purple Heart “she’s ready to fall over. Oh well at least she beat it”

“And we managed to save Planeptune” said Nepgear happily but Terra looked worried

Why hasn’t the dragon disappeared? When you beat a monster it vanishes. Unless…” Terra then noticed something worrying “oh no” he then broke away from Nepgear and ran as fast to go to Black Heart

“Terra…Terra!” called Nepgear but then she noticed too “what’s…what’s that?”

Black Heart oblivious behind didn’t notice the faint dark purple glow the dragon had emitted and as it vanished the dragon got back to its feet. The dragon’s skin was now a dark purple, almost black, with horns grown out it’s elbows and knees. Then within mere moments with its mouth it created a fireball, this time of a bright blue and rippling with almost malicious red wisps of flame. Then it fired it

Black Heart didn’t notice this…just Terra running towards her “Are you coming to praise me?” but to her surprise Terra grabbed her arm “hey what are you doing?” Terra then jumped, lifting Black Heart up the air. Then with a wide swing he threw Black Heart towards the others “just what is the bright…” Black Heart was cut off as she saw the blue flame behind Terra…followed by an explosion of fierce strength, with Terra being shot like a meteor smashing into the ground.

Black Heart was lost for words…and could only turn round…to see only a trail of smoke rising up from within the ground. Purple Heart was the first to respond “Terra!” she immediately flew off the ground and went to Terra who laid still…and covered in burns, in a mild crater made in the road.

Purple Heart got down and picked Terra up “Terra…Terra come on!” he showed no signs of movement “come on…wake up!” Black Heart looked almost frozen “Nepgear!”

“hang on I’m coming!” said Nepgear rushing over with Uni “oh my gosh. He looks really bad. Leave him with me” Purple Heart nodded and put Terra reluctantly down

“Why…why did he…do that?” said Black Heart

“Noire!” said Purple Heart in an angry tone “We’re finishing this guy off now” to which looked to agree

“Neptune…Neptune!” called Nepgear “something is happening to Terra”

All turned round to see a purple light begin rising around Terra. His hair even took on a purple colour. Then Terra began to stir and slowly get up. Terra looked a bit unsteady as he stepped out the crater “Terra…?” said Uni slowly “are you…okay?”

“You’ll…pay for that…” said Terra in an angry “firing on a friend…while her back is turned” Black Heart heard his words


“I won’t…give in!” Terra looked at the Dragon with fierce purple eyes as the his glow intensified all round in

“It’s like…from before” said Purple Heart remembering from his fight with Black heart “but…it was white before. However I think the effect will be the same

“I won’t…give up” Terra clenched his hands “I won’t give up!” Terra then set off at amazing speed, on a one way route to the dragon.

Terra went straight past Purple and Black Heart, jumped and punched at the dragon. His fist landed with smashing force actually going through the scales of his body. The CPU’s looked shocked “he…went right through its armour?” said Black Heart surprised. Then Terra called out and began sending out a flurry of punches and kicks.

Every blow Terra sent hit the dragon hard, bits of it scales peppering the area around them. Terra then thrust his palms out sending the dragon off its feet. Terra then ran under the dragon and with a strong uppercut to its back sent it into the air. Terra jumped up in the air, following the dragon, spinning quickly forward followed with a downward swing of his leg, drop-kicked the dragon hard into the ground.

As Terra landed the dragon got up again. Terra was panting and ready to fight, as the dragon spread its wings and hovered off the ground “is it looking for an aerial battle?” said Uni looking at the dragon

“No…” said Black Heart “It’s trying to get away” the dragon had spun round and was beginning to escape “Neptune…let’s go after him”

“hold on Noire” said Purple Heart “Look at Terra” Terra was running…but towards a nearby building

“What he’s doing?” Terra then jumped and began running straight up the building “whoa!” Terra landed on the roof watching the dragon nearly away from the city. Terra thrust his hands together and forward before bringing to his side.A pulsing sphere of blue formed between his hands, pushing against his finger

“I’ll blow you away. This ends NOW!!!” Terra in a strong effort, thrust his hands forward letting loose a large beam of blue.

His beam lit up the town all around him, and could be seen all round. IF on her motorcycle saw the light and stopped to look herself. The beam reached the dragon engulfing it in its light. The dragon roared, a loud roar, before it became distorted vanishing into blue data dust. Terra stopped firing, badly panting from the exertion…but his glow just simply died and he fell down…off the roof of the building.

Terra was falling limply through the air however “hang on Terra” Purple Heart had caught him “gotcha” she flew down to the ground where Nepgear and Uni had run up to him

“Ms Neptune” said Uni “is he okay?” Terra was in bad state, his clothes tattered and covered in burns

“I think he is Uni. I’ll have Compa check him over”

“Neptune…” said Nepgear sounding almost starstruck “Did you see that? It was so amazing!”

“hey…Neptune” said Black Heart sounding a little quiet “I’m going to head on back home. Uni…let’s go”

Black Heart lifted up Uni in her arms “Neptune…I’ll see you later”

“Noire…you better have tea ready when we arrive” said Purple Heart “we’re planning on help Terra get his memory back. And Lastastion will be our first stop around Gamindustry”

“then we’ll get something ready for him” said Uni with a smile as Black Heart hovered in the air

“Neptune…” said Black Heart “Can you say…thank you for me?” Purple Heart nodded and with that Black Heart sped off

“come on Nepgear” said Purple Heart “I’ll need you at home” Purple Heart flew off with Nepgear flying behind her.

Meanwhile, oblivious on top of a building was a grown gothic like woman with greyish hair. She spoke into a walkie-talkie “The mission didn’t go as planned”

“That’s rather sad Arfy” this came from an odd, slightly high, sounding male voice “It took me several months to acquire all those monsters, and getting that dragon tamed and mutated”

“I know” she said annoyed “it didn’t help that Lastastion’s CPU interfered as well as someone else”

“Someone else? Explain darling Arfy”

“I didn’t see this person up close, only that it was male and launched a powerful beam of energy”

“A male!? Now that is a surprise. That makes a first in the Neptunia universe. I thought it was an all-girl team!? Oh well…it’s a merely a set-back. Report back Arfy” she hung up

“rest easy CPU’s…there’s more to come”

It wasn’t until a couple of days when Terra began to stir. Terra rose up in a familiar bedroom “I’m…back in Neptune’s house. When did I…” Terra stretched “get here?” just then the door opened

“I hope Terra is up today” it was Nepgear who saw Terra “Terra?...Terra you’re up” she then ran vaulted into Terra with a hug “thank goodness you’re okay” Terra was a bit caught off-guard and turned red

“hmmm…Nepgear?” Nepgear regained her composure

“oh…sorry” Nepgear let go with a red face “I was just so worried. You’ve been out for two days” Terra widened his eyes

“two days? I really over did it? Didn’t I?”

Terra’s stomach then growled “I think I’m now hungry”

“Then it’s good I prepared something just in-case you woke up” Nepgear tugged on his arm “come on…let’s go” as Nepgear pulled him out “Neptune, Histoire…I.F looks he’s okay” Neptune saw Terra

“You sure took your time waking up, and I thought I was lazy” said Neptune “you’ve been sleeping like a sack of potatoes”

“You had us rather worried” said Histoire sounding relieved while I.F approached him

“It’s nice to see you’re awake and now I can introduce myself. I’m I.F…it’s good to meet you”

I.F was slightly taller than him and looked quite confident in herself. Her long, slightly messy, brown hair hanging down her back. Terra looked at her blue coat more closely. Like he thought it resembled a trench coat but it was several sizes too big. There is a red logo with white trimming of what seems to be a lightning bolt on both sides of the sleeves. Her jacket was loose showing she wore a black and silver tank-top and shorts with a big belt.

I.F gestured out her hand “It’s good to meet you Terra”

“Likewise” Terra shook her hand

“I didn’t see the fight personally…but I wish I did. I saw that attack of yours from the other of the city…a beam of such energy it ripped through the sky” Terra looked a bit embarrassed

“Well Terra, are you all okily-dokely now?” asked Neptune

“Yeah sorry I had you worried” said Terra “And with that”

“Can we eat now please?” said Terra and Neptune in unison “I’m starving!” Neptune then turned to Terra surprised

“You are now my best friend for life!” Histoire just sighed

“Fine…let’s eat” Neptune jumped for joy while Nepgear laughed.

Laid out was a vast spread of food with a larger variety of food. There were sausage rolls, shish-kababs, donuts, biscuits, chicken legs and ham trimmings, as well juice, pop and sweets. Neptune was busy stuffing her face, enjoying her food with casual moans. Histoire took a sip of tea, from a small cup, “Terra...I’d like to thank you for keeping Planeptune safe”

“Oh…it was…nothing” said Terra a bit embarrassed

“Don’t be so modest” said I.F “Neptune told me of your plan for her to help the populace” Terra was a tad confused “That was quite smart”

“The guards were having a bit of trouble” said Nepgear “they won’t doing too well”

“I told…Neptune to do that?” said Terra bit confused

Terra then thought “but…I only told Purple Heart to do that. And speaking of Purple Heart where is she anyway” I.F then sighed

“You haven’t told him yet have you?” said I.F to which Neptune nervously chuckled

“Sorry…my bad” Neptune got up from her seat “Terra keep your eyes on me okay?” Terra looked at Neptune as she closed her eyes. Then a white column surrounding her, with what looked like binary code numbers revolving round her. Then as the light vanished Purple Heart stood in Neptune’s place “ta-dah!”

Terra looked a bit lost for words “whoa…so…Neptune…and Purple Heart...ar”

“Are the same person?” said I.F “Yes they are. Neptune is the CPU of Planeptune. And as the CPU she can transform in her HDD form which you see here”

“Sorry to keep it from you” said Neptune in her mature voice

“So the short Lazy Neptune” said Terra still a bit lost “becomes the serious, busty young woman?”

“yes…I still find it somewhat hard to believe myself” said Nepgear admittedly

Neptune walked over to Terra, noticeably a bit taller than in him in her HDD form, “I have to thank you for all you did today. You didn’t have to…but you helped saved Planeptune” Neptune, to Terra’s surprise, hugged him against her moderate chest.

Terra could feel the warmth, and softness, of her chest around him. Terra felt very embarrassed but yet…happy. This reminds me…of her

“Neptune…aren’t you being a bit personal?” said I.F a little annoyed

“I don’t hear him complaining” Neptune then let go and saw Terra red in the face and smiling “I think he rather enjoyed it if you ask me”

“You…reminded me…of her” said Terra happily “thank you” Neptune smiled “well Neptune…about that offer, before the whole dragon thing. I’d like to join you”

Neptune had to think for a minute “oh…you mean…you want join us? To join our party?”

“Well…I’ve been on my own for ages” said Terra “so it would be nice to spend some…” Terra then looked a bit shy “time with friends. And I like to help against these ASIC people”

“And then we can also help you find your memory” added Nepgear

“but Terra are you sure?” said Histoire

“well…I don’t have anything better to do”

Terra gestured out his hand “so…can I?” Neptune grabbed his hand and shook, as she reverted back to her shorter human state

“And with that we have a new party member…and it’s a boy” said Neptune “this’ll be a first”

“For the time being Terra, you may stay here” said Nepgear “you can rest in the spare bedroom. Tomorrow we can head to Lastastion”

“Thank you” said Terra “now can we keep eating please” with Neptune tugging at his arm he said down happy with his new friends.

“And that is the end of Chapter 3. The only reference to be explained is the girl named I.F. I.F is named from Idea Factory another developer of the Hyperdimension series. Now then this is where the story will start moving along. More of the heroines will be steadily introduced as well as the villains. I plan on mixing the villains from both Hyperdimension Mk2 and Victory but not all of them. I’ll explain later. Now this time I’m letting Compa do the intro. It was going to be Neptune…but she crashed and burned from a sugar overdose. Over to you Compa”

Compa nodded and cleared her throat “greetings to you everyone. I apologize for Neptune’s absence. Please put up with me. Next time on Neptunia’s Lost Chapter. Terra is taken to the town of Lastation hoping to rekindle his lost memories. However he gets lost. As he searches he hears he call…a call of justice. A girl calling herself Nisa. Tune in next time to Chapter 4: The Heroine of Gamindustry. See you there”

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