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eh just an book i wanted to come up with..

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it was the first day of ua, your mom was way to happy , like she woke you up 5 hours befor school happy your mom was on of the pro heros (mirko)
y/n:your name l/n:last name
quirk:fire,water,wind,speed,flying and blood bending shifuku(all the quirks came from you family)
height: 5,2
info abt you: you like to play games alot you wear baggy clothes and you really,reallyneed to clean your room ( nah i m just playin)

RING,RING the alarm on your phone went of for the 10000th time tthe you fully got up''ugh shut up'' as you turned off the alarm then your mom fully bust thru the door as if you were smoking you just sat there''...srry child of mine im just proud if you!'' she said which lead to you waking up all the way you sighed as she handed you your uniform''thanks mom but can you get out so i can get ready?'' you said sounding a little mad''ok!'' she responed very loudly again you had change brushed your teeth and hair since you did not feel like doing your hair you just puffed it out and made it look cute enough''ok'' as you sighed you walked down stairs with you skate bord in your hand ready to go'' ill drive you!'' your mom said way to loud that it had echoed thru the house you did not mind until you saw hawks walking from your moms room (at this point he is your dad)
''hey kiddo'' he said as he softly pated your head he knew if he messed it up you would kill him

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