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Levy Wright is your typical teenager but a twist to his personality. Hot, flirty, a playboy. Always has to make his presence known. The type that will do it now and ask questions later kind of guy. Ezekiel Donavan just can’t be bothered with anything or anyone and it’s a first for Levy to be ignored and he can’t have it. He has made it his mission to capture the attention of the blue eyed man no matter the cost.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It feels like just yesterday when Levy and his sister Megan had to leave their home and move in with their grandparents in another country. Levy threw a tantrum back then but they didn’t have much of a choice. Rogues have invaded the peaceful town and his parents happened to be victims.

But the time has finally come for him to move back home and as much as he missed his childhood friends, He has no idea what to expect. He has personally grown and changed so much over the years.

Welcome to Wealdstone. Levy reads from the backseat of the car as he looks up at the huge sign board with the picture of a smiling lady with a basket on her hand. Levy sighs as the trees and the sign fades from his eyes as the car speeds into the town.

“Finally!” The driver cheered.

“Are you two excited to be back home? It must bring back lots of memories.” A sweet voice in the passenger sit asks with a smile in her voice.

“Yeah whatever.” Megan offers nonchalantly without looking up from her phone.

“Everything looks the same...” Levy mumbles to himself as he stares out the window.

“We haven’t been here in years. I can’t believe how much still the same.” The driver chuckles.

“That’s what I just said, Grandpa.” Levy laughs lightly sitting back in his seat.

“Are we there yet? Am like super tired.” Megan types frantically on her phone.

“How about you look out the window for a moment sweetie?” The sweet voice advices.

“It looks the same, grandma. Remind me again, why did we have to come back here? I have my whole life back there. My friends!” Megan speaks frustrated as she drops her phone on the seat and crosses her arms over her chest with frustration.

“You are just 18, Megan. Your life is just getting started and am sure you will soon make new friends here and let’s not forget you need to be with your pack. When the alpha calls, you answer.” Grandpa speaks calmly as he drives trough the familiar town as few folks halt on their activities to stare at the visitors.

“Can you just stop complaining? It’s really annoying.” Levy frowns putting his earphones on as he turns his attention back to the window to stare out.

Few more detours and grandpa turns into an alley and parks in front of a house that looks clearly abandoned for a while.

“Finally here. It looks...okay.” The old man laughs lightly.

“Need a little work but it should be fine. Come on kids.” Grandma adds as she steps out of the car.

Levy steps out of the mini van and looks up at the bright sky and closes his eyes inhaling the fresh air of clean nature and smiles slowly.

“Are you going to help!? Or you just going to stand here looking ugly?” Megan shoots as he struggles to pull a heavy suitcase from the trunk while their grandparents opens up the door to the little house.

“Actually, am good.” Levy grins walking away from her right as she goes flying and lands on her ass with the suitcase causing her to let out a squeak and Levy to laugh proudly.

“Come on buddy. Be the bigger man and help your sister.” Grandpa laughs as he walks into the house.

Levy follows into the room only to get engulfed in a fog of dust that immediately causes him to start coughing and run out of there.

Megan laughs getting off of the ground as she drags the suitcase with her to the patio.

“You know what, I think am liking it here already.” She mocks as Levy flips her the finger and uses his shirt to cover his nose and once again walk into the stuffy house.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent packing and taking out trash out the abandoned house.

Grandma made do of the few ingredients she plucked from her garden all the way from home to make a home cooked meal for the family.

Levy was up in his room as he stares at the walls covered with old posters of his favorite bands. He groans tearing them off the walls into the trash bag and peels off the old bedsheets off the bed.

It was around 10pm that Level finally took a rest from rearranging his old room to his liking. He picks up the pack of cigarettes from the nightstand and walks out of the room and out of the house unto the patio.

Levy walks around the house to the backyard and smiles when his eyes lands on the old swing. He would spend hours on that thing with his dad. It’s sure bringing back some memories.

Levy snaps his neck towards a creaking sound coming from behind him. He sniffles the air and his nostrils flares at the familiar scent. His eyes darts to the wall where he could make out a figure climbing off of it.

“You could just use the front door you know.” Levy puts his hands in his pockets as he shakes his head with amusement.

“I thought I smelled something funny.” Came a voice with a smile in it as the person jumps landing on his feet right in front of Levy.

“It’s good to see you, Sam.” Levy smiles as the other boy pulls him into a hug.

“Man! It’s been years. You look good.” Sam remarks as he pats Levy on the back and pulls away from the hug.

“And you haven’t changed. Still climbing off walls I see.” Levy laughs.

“Am grounded again as always.” Sam laughs looking at his window, “but there’s a party tonight that I can’t miss. It’s happening in the woods.”

“Makes sense.” Levy chuckles lightening up his cigarette.

“Wow so much has changed. You smoke now?” Sam takes the sight of his childhood friend.

“Only when am stressed. You know, I thought it was going to be awkward when we meet again but am happy to see you, man.” Levy offers a sincere smile.

“I know right. Maybe probably because we kept in touch over the years. So... are you coming to the party with me or what?” Sam grins.

“Why not. Might be good to meet everyone and get the awkwardness over with.” Levy chuckles, “by the way why do you still sneak out? Aren’t you like 20 now?” Levy asks with sarcasm.

“19 dude. And age means nothing when it comes to my mom. You remember how she used to pull on Matt’s ears? And he was like 22 or something.” Sam and Levy chuckles at the memory.

“Where is he now?”

“In the next town with his mate.”

“That’s great. Let’s get out of here before my grandma hears us. It’s like she never sleeps.” Levy takes the lead walking around the house into the dark streets.

“So...how old is Megan now? She found her mate yet?” Sam smirks as he catches up to Levy that shoots him a hard look causing Sam to burst into laughter, “chill bro. I see you are still as protective as ever.”
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